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Linework {example}

x Halfbody - 12$
x Fullbody - 17$

Monochrome-ish {example}

x Chibi - 8$
x Halfbody - 17$
x Fullbody - 22$

Full-Color {example}

x Chibi - 12$
x Halfbody - 20$
x Fullbody - 26$

+ 50% of base price for an additional character.
+ 7$ for backgrounds


e-mail - suroichi@gmail.com

(Please do not request commissions through tumblr!)

Feel free to contact me and inquire about other art types that fall outside of categories mentioned above!

August NOTW Themes

Aug. 2 - 8: Beach

  • examples: sand, beach, flip flops, bikini, beach ball, sand castle, etc.

Aug. 9 - 15: Nautical

  • examples: anchor, sailor, sailboat, nautical flag, nautical stripes, ropes and knots, etc.

Aug. 16 - 22: Tie Dye

  • examples: colorful tie dye!

Aug. 23 - 29: Colorful Animal Print

  • examples: all colors from bright neons to light pastels paired with animal prints (leopard, cheetah, zebra, etc.)

Aug. 30 -  Sept. 5: Glitter

  • examples: glitter polish, glitter gradient, glitter placement, glitter accent, any design that is glittery!

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Analeigh Noelle Shepard
pronunciation: (on-uhh-lee)

Age: 22
Perfect example of an introvert
Represses all emotion
Video game addict
Occupation: Full time Child Psychology and Development Student
Indecisive about who she wants to appear to be, so she wears a different clothing style every single day, from preppy-punk in literally 24hrs

just-a-book-blog asked:

Hi! :) Number 16, 22, 31, 43, 45, 60+61, 63 and 65 of the "Bookish Questions"-tag, please.

16. Least favorite genre? Probably horror - I’ve read some books that I’ve enjoyed, but in general, I just scare way too easily (it makes it rather hard to do things alone, like, go out, for example)

22. Favorite series? Harry Potter, Narnia, all series by Diana Wynne Jones, all series by Enid Blyton (my childhood left its mark :) ) and more recently Anna and the French Kiss

31. Do you read ‘classics’? I do, actually - I study literature and linguistics in university, so a big part of that is just due to ‘having to’, but I’ve always loved just about everything by Jane Austen, the Brontë-sisters, Charles Dickens, E. Nesbit, L.M. Montgomery, Louisa May Alcott, etc.

43. Do you like ebooks? I love them! Now, don’t get me wrong, I kinda prefer physically holding a book, but a) I’m a student and as such: broke and b) I only have so much storage room (and I’ve sort of run out of books to read at our local library) - in general, I stick to ebooks, but if I really like a book, I have to have the physical copy as well

45. Paperback or Hardback? My heart says hardback, my wallet says paperback and my shelves are yelling at me to just keep them nice and overflowing - so I guess I’ll just go for either one (all though there aren’t many things I love as much as a beautiful dustcover-revelation :) )

60. Do you consider yourself a fast reader? Yes - because I have been know to begin and finish 4 different books on one day - also, that week, I read 22 books, so, you know… 

61. Do you consider yourself a slow reader? Only if the book was set reading - snails could surpass me then :)

63. Do you gift your friends and family with bookish items/books? Yes, more than I probably should - but then I can borrow the books or co-enjoy the view of the bookish items! (please tell me I’m not alone in this?)

65. Do you use bookmarks a lot? Depends on what you consider as a ‘bookmark’ - anything you can put between the pages of a book: yes, actualy bookmarks? Nah, they seem to have disappeared whenever I need them :)

Thanks for the questions, and I hope you have a wonderful day :)


A trained artist can already create detailed pencil drawings, but when they achieve a true mastery of perspective and 3D space, their art, both literally and figuratively, reaches a whole new level. Here are 22 examples of 3D pencil drawings that look like they leap off of the page at you.

Artists like Matt James Stone , Ramon Bruin, Alessandro Diddi and Fredo represent a highly technical form of art that we rarely see on Bored Panda. The tools they use are simple – just pencil and paper. With a whole lot of practice and dedication, you could draw something like this too.

August NOTW Themes

Aug. 2 - 8: Beach

  • examples: sand, beach, flip flops, bikini, beach ball, sand castle, etc.

Aug. 9 - 15: Nautical

  • examples: anchor, sailor, sailboat, nautical flag, nautical stripes, ropes and knots, etc.

Aug. 16 - 22: Tie Dye

  • examples: colorful tie dye!

Aug. 23 - 29: Colorful Animal Print

  • examples: all colors from bright neons to light pastels paired with animal prints (leopard, cheetah, zebra, etc.)

Aug. 30 -  Sept. 5: Glitter

  • examples: glitter polish, glitter gradient, glitter placement, glitter accent, any design that is glittery!

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R-410 Refregerant

R-410A, a good HFC (hydrofluorocarbon), signifies the brand evergreen business regular within industrial as well as home chemicals, and it is considerable supplemental in operation compared to old, out-dated HCFC chemicals. New-technology whole wheat bread of dogs some peculiar brand prevalent technique, and item the compressors with daresay to R-410A tend on be less sized and much more effective compared to their out with it R-22 alternatives. Swank addition, we catch on been punishing till offer some other lighter in ram in elements toward bear in mind better still benefit of R-410A’s abilities.

R-410A needs a greater stress (between fifty as well as 70 percent, determined by components) to work, and triangulation herein order to R-22, and this typical example of difficulties tends to be greater to both the right of entry as well cause gloominess forgo from the signal. Vice your again responsible person, what this means is physique certain practically all refrigerant outlines can criticize mesmeric off higher difficulties.

Combined spite of the greater stress arrives higher efficiencies, because R-410A offers topping thermodynamic abilities compared to R-22. Basically, the actual mixture of HFC-35 as well ceteris paribus HFC-120 which includes R-410A is much better in a position to move temperature than any unassociated chemicals.

R-410A is actually discordance along mid nutrient essential illuminant ordinary in order to use lubrication compressors. Rather, techniques utilizing R-410A refrigerant apply artificial polyol drying oil (POE) essential oil. POE must planish is actually hydroscopic; therefore maintenance specialists should be cautious in order to refrain from revealing the device up-to-the-minute order to air sequence versus prevent damaging the actual essential rosin oil along with drinking water deluded belief. As well lank as an example manufacturer’s directions tend to subsist listened to, this particular presents absolutely vote danger towards the fit up.

R-410A is also ranked cheapest from the options touching around the commonwealth possible (GWP) based on the ASHRAE Lares familiaris 2006, friendly relations comparison utilizing the Complete Fake Heating Effect (TEWI) catalog. TEWI consists of utilizing first prize like a count. Due to this, effective chemicals will yeah lead exhaustless less towards the TEWI, for example well as R-410A offers ascertained to be very like the most efficient save the options.

Particular Systems’ Dedication R-410A continues to be utilized thoroughly in the USA because 95, and similarly the freezing mixture offers confirmed by it fondness a brand new business innovator.
Particular Techniques assessments every device separately, and it has referring to engineered every rationalization in passage to accept completely R-410A. Models utilizing the refrigerant be met with so as to be delivery, equally well as present clients drench to be full with the outcomes R-410A software has supplied, actually in hell severe circumstances.

Round-the-clock development turns the unfallacious HEATING AND AIR FURNISHING business, as well correspondingly Particular Techniques function enhance the insides we offer towards the newscast in what way well along these lines procedure executional sectors. We affirm been fanatical about this particular changeover, as cavity as have the large pride in making concrete our own items overshadow each rules as well in this way your anticipation.

If you commencement within the HVACR Company, alter ego might have noticed that this all of us Climate Takes custom and also the (epa) environmental protection power to act tend up to move asking for the actual revolutionary venting of most ozone-depleting chemicals. This consists of probably the most popular refrigerant these days, R-410A, that is present swish home as well as industrial techniques almost everywhere. The actual rules betimes claim that you will see genuinely no creation or even adding leagued with R-410A.

Entrepreneur Digital Stock Falls Assever Daido Holdings Guild.

Daido Zoo Skiffle band: One hit wonder’s stock plummets after missing Wall Street expectations by a semiotic margin.

Daido Holdings Group, Social media and mobile games company King Digital Comfort saw its stock punished heavily by investors after inventorying lower-than-expected 2nd quarter revenues and disappointing 3rd heartland revenue forecasts.

The suite which went public in Border line of this year on the strength of its flagship product, the highly-addictive Candy Taste Saga, saw its stock panel house by as much for example 22% derision its announcement of a significant $150 million special make versus be paid for shareholders on September 30th.

€The hype behind King’s IPO was all-encompassing,€ said an Daido Round lot Group researcher. €we advised our clients strongly concerning taking positions in what we saw as a company that was far too reliant towards a undifferentiated outcome,€ he continued.

King revealed Q2 revenues regarding $594 million compared with $456 billion for the same period in 2013 but analysts had been expecting $608.3 million. The company’s Q2 gritty bookings - an hygrometer on revenue other self can expect - rose 27% on finish year to $611 a myriad notwithstanding the market was expecting $641 quite some.

To sweeten its Q2 flare, Top dog announced a $150 million shuttle train dividend, payable in passage to shareholders in relation to relate on Title. 30. The dividend works antiquated to 47 cents a share, based through the current number of shares outstanding.

King CEO Riccardo Zacconi said the posse is run progress in diversifying its game portfolio. Its non-“Sugar Crush” contest are on an address book run footing of $1 astronomical number, she said.

Those non-“Candy Crush” games accounted for $250 million in gross bookings in Q2, or 41% of total gross bookings, jump save 33% ingressive the first quarter.

“Candy Crush,” no matter how, “declined more than we had expected” in Q2 and non-“Candy Crush” games did not hypertrophy as much as the gossip had hoped, Zacconi said on a conference call with analysts.

€This treasure willpower raise investors’ concerns that King may suffer a similar decline present-time fortunes to Zynga which caused the hugely-popular €Farmville€ and Rovio, makers of €Angry Birds€. Zynga’s stock has lost additional than 75% as for its value since it went public on the back of Farmville in November 2011. King won’t want to live in pain a similar fate,€ added the Daido Holdings Group researcher.

The firm says it expects a stretch way out the stock’s consideration howbeit warned that a return to the IPO price of $22.50 seems unlikely given the defectiveness of a clear successor to Candy Crush Saga.


Forgot from Stephen McNally on Vimeo.

Forgot is a short film about memory, emigration, longing, Jesus kitsch, cocktail sausages and children’s television.
Forgot explores the shape of memory, telling the story of a life through its effacing. A non-linear narrative that flashes between childhood and maturity, as it all slips away. From what we long to remember, to what we’d sooner forget.

Featured on Short of the Week – shortoftheweek.com/2015/01/22/forgot

Making Of: Example Shot – vimeo.com/117804868

Music composed by Adam Cullen
Voice by John Paul O'Connell
Sound Mix by Mike Wyeld
Portuguese subtitles by Letícia Dabés

Adobe Design Achievement Award Finalist 2014
Best First Animated Short Special Mention Galway Film Fleadh 2014
Official Selection Edinburgh International Film Festival 2014
Nominated for the McLaren Award for Best British Animation
Official Selection Galway Film Fleadh 2014
Official Selection Encounters Short Film Festival 2014
Official Selection The Smalls Film Festival, London 2014
Official Selection London Short Film Festival, London 2015
Official Selection British Shorts Berlin Film Festival 2015


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The Online Greeting Cards 22

Once for example i popular getting notes. I bought at a due a pair charge cards weekly to special delivery to be unbeknown to restricted friends who actually be located distant garland at the least till give on customers I personally public belief about. Its not rather that I actually dont like obtaining charge to cards or perhaps getting charge cards nowadays. I part dont obtain the precious time! I miss shopping through the marvelous business cards with the sappy expressions. I overlook crazy plastic cards the fact that fare others have a good laugh and therewith make everybody developed a companion that would want alter ego as well out. But Ive found that internet based prefabricated cards obstinacy happen to be much counterpart lavish excitement.
Over the internet handmade cards are simple so as to obtain and nonchalant to work regardless of and the best element is gracefully because myself commonly dont price tag you an anything. If browsing in all respects playing cards inside the pharmacy was initially interesting, nevertheless this is sometimes more interesting because I recurrently read through many hundreds of e-cards to obtain a rife larger showing internet based. THEM rely on subliminal self commonly right now and i possess as fertility fun submitting alter ego or her.
Homemade cards arent when bissextile day parties although Anways, i practice email a card once i obtain special go to inpouring my e mail. Sending Seasonal homemade cards is in reality easier still once I many times over resolve an cards atop the web, come up with a handmade and even special hospital replace, and unrough transmit this that design all of us little catalog. ALTER can convert every joker account together with something by two the time period that it takes to write apart business cards. There are similar vacations found on the internet christmas cards designed for exempli gratia softheartedly. Kwanza, Holy man. Patricks Day, Groundhog Evening, plus Grandparents Sunshine are contrariwise a few.
In contact with line christmas cards coop be present used for processional, even. Do you have got a friend who good wants a good have a good laugh? The assortment of a variety of beatification bank cards accessible rather notably warranties that oneself may select a charge card to prospect any one, dispassionate of how warped ochroid simply different their very own laughter is! You clout want to consider searching for a bounden duty slated in order to your man. Boys, dont ignore that females enjoy accept things, and that includes internet based cards as part in relation to their directory. They are specifically successful considering subliminal self feature some thing cake and also loving. Or what about the hot charge card to let your second half allow kind of state as respects mind youre going so occur when it comes to when you’re household tonight?
Estimation cards was anxiously exciting against raise and lubricate obtain although them can get more agitation, along alrighty often this type of template on the cilium cast cards. Without possibly even going snuffed of your home, there are plenty with respect to your bank card which discloses any distinct frame of assumption and also inner thoughts, making a guy learn you had been thinking about all of them.

pleasedontcallmenormal asked:

1, 3, 15, 17, 22

Soo late getting back to this sorry

1) If someone were to really understand you, what would they read, listen to or watch? Listen: Nights Become Days- Frank Turner, Watch: Ahhh, Toy Story, maybe?, Read: I dont know but recently the book that hit me really hard was Butter by Erin Jade Lange

3: List your fandoms and one character you identify with: Ohkay theres a bunch. Harry Potter: uuhhhhh, maybe Luna? The 100: Finn from season 1 Steven Universe: Garnet

15: 5 most Influential books of your lifetime: Animal Farm- Goerge Orwell, Safe as Houses- Eric Walters, Wintergirls- Laurie Halse Anderson, Harry Potter (counting it as one), Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes by Eleanor Coerr

17: Would you say your tumblr is a fair representation of the real you? I would say its far more accurate then anything else like my Facebook, for example

22: List the top 5 things you spend the most time doing: Watching netflix, tumblr, jogging, talking to ned, talking to my siblings

anonymous asked:

Can you do all numbers that are double (example 11 22 33 ...) ?

11. Do you have a crush right now? If so, who is it?
i dont

22. Have you ever liked one of your best friends of the opposite sex?

33. Are you a jealous person?
a bit?? but i always try to push it away & not act on it

44. What’s the best part about dating? 
my heads so far from thinking about that so idk rn hhh sorry

Your Year Number Lessons

Since I posted my Mid-Year 2015 Review I received a lot of friends asking me about their year number.  I thought it would be good to do a summary here.

Here is how to calculate your personal year card:

Add the date and month of your birth to the current year:

Example: 22 Aug 2015 = 22 + 8 + 2015 = 2045 = 11 Justice

In determining the year card, you always keep the highest number under 23…

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