Undertale asks


1. Who’s your favourite character from UT?
2. Who’s your least favourite character from UT?
3. Your opinion about UT fandon:
4. What’s your favourite quote?
5. What’s your favourite soundtrack?
6. Pacifist, neutral or genocide?
7. Why did you decide to play UT?
8. Favourite battle?
9. Favourite scene?
10. Your first letter to Mettaton was:
11. Your reaction when you saw Omega Flowey for the first time:
12. Your headcanon about Frisk’s gender:
13. Which UT character reminds you of yourself?
14. Which UT character reminds you of your best friend?
15. Would you smooch a ghost?
16. Which UT character would be your best friend? Why?
17. Do you remember your first killed character? Who was that?
18. Did you do sth in game you regret?
19. Which ending was your first?
20. Your favourite land in UT and why: (Snowdin, Waterfall or Hotland)
21. Your favourite place in UT and why: (Undyne’s house for example)
22. Your headcanon about River person’s gender:
23. Your headcanon about one of the UT characters:
24. Butterscouch or cinnamon pie?
25. Your opinion/headcanon about six human souls:
26. With who would you go on a date?
27. Marry, fuck, kiss and kill:
28. Do you wanna have a bad time?
29. Your favourite UT au:
30. Your least favourite UT au:
31. Would you want to fall into underground?
32. Describe or draw your undersona:
33. One reason why you love UT:
34. One reasom why you hate UT:
35. If you could choose one type of food from UT, what would it be?
36. Your favourite amalgamate:
37. Your headcanon about Gaster: who do you think Gaster is to Sans and Papyrus? (Father, brother, uncle etc)
38. Your opinion about bad puns:
39. Do you draw fanarts from UT? If yes, then what do you like the most to draw?
40. Which of human souls fits you the most?
41. What would be the first thing you would to show to Sans, Papyrus or the rest of characters in human world? Why?
42. Which song reminds you of UT or one of the UT characters? Why?
43. Your opinion on underloid:
44. Do you forgive Asgore for what he’s done?
45. Did you pay for Tem’s college?
46. Have you seen any youtube letsplay of UT?
47. Do you listen to any fanmade songs? If so, then which are your favourite?
48. What are your favourite theories?
49. Who is your favourite enemy? (Not including boss monsters)
50. Do you have any headcanons about Chara’s past? (Why they hate humanity, why did they fell to the underground etc)
51. Who is your favourite dog?
52. What was your reaction to true lab?
53. Your fabourite voice acting:
54. At the end of pacifist run did you stay with your friends or did you come back to your family?
55. Who is older - Sans or Papyrus?
56. Your OTP(s):
57. Your NOTP(s):
58. Your BROTP(s):
59. Your favourite puzzle:
60. Which battle was the hardest for you?
61. Did you still hate Flowey after you discovered his true indentity?
62. The saddest moment:
63. Which ending is your favourite?
64. How old do you think Frisk is?
65. Any post pacifist run headcanons?
66. Your favourite NPC:
67. Humans or monsters?
68. The funniest situation:
69. Skeletonfucker, robotfucker, goatfucker or kinkshaming?
70. When playing for the first time how many candies did you take?
71. Did you kill or spare Flowey at the end of the game?
72. If you had to be one of the main characters, which would you choose?
73. If you had to kill one of the main characters which would you choose?
74. Which character(s) would you like to cosplay?
75. Your favourite Burgerpants’ quote?


On the topic of philosophy in Eva, I really enjoy how Evangelion uses the AT Field in the original show. You honestly think that with a name like AT Field, that its use is similar to (if not the same) as force fields in science fiction. The AT Field is a huge metaphor for boundaries, how people utilize said boundaries, + gives us insight to who the characters are in Evangelion.

The AT Field also goes under the Hedgehog’s Dilemma, if you think about it.

(More metaphorical nerding out under the cut)

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Dear minors shipping Otayuri,

If you’re a minor and you ship otayuri I just want to say say: I understand. When you’re 15/16 you do feel old. You feel like you could be in an adult relationship, you see yourself as being no different from adults, you don’t understand why people are making such a big deal about it because you feel like you are your own proof that 16 is old enough to be adult, to be sexual. I felt like this too when I was your age.

But trust me, please, I’m begging you. Between the ages of 18-21 you will change in ways that you can’t imagine yet. Once you leave school and start to have more adult responsibilities and experiences you WILL change. Living on your own, being independent, looking after yourself, being legally responsible for yourself and (most importantly) discovering that it’s your responsibility to protect other minors now, are all life shaping experiences.

The moment you hit 18 you have to constantly be looking at your behaviour and making sure you’re keeping the invisible line between yourself and children intact. If you don’t do that then you’ve failed in your responsibility as an adult. Yes, there’s a grey area if you’re 18 and dating someone who is 17 and in the same school/college year as you. But at this time in life the age gap between 15/16 and 18 is massive and it’s not the same as an age gap between 20 and 22, for example.

One of the most basic things that you find yourself doing as an adult that you didn’t really do or care about that much as a child is CHECKING HOW OLD SOMEONE IS. I do it all the time. It’s something that comes up casually in conversation between adults all the time. All responsible adults do it.

It’s not your responsibility to look after yourself online and to police the content you’re seeing, it’s the responsibility of the adults around you. Adults who ship Otayuri should know better, they should know that it’s wrong for them to be imagining and fantasizing about a 15/16 year old boy in sexual, adult situations (especially when they’re with an 18 year old). (TW FOR DEPICTIONS OF CHILD ABUSE TO THE END OF THIS PARAGRAPH DON’T READ THIS IF YOU ARE TRIGGERED BY ABUSE SCENARIOS - now edited to be less distressing for abuse survivors) Think about this. Imagine a 30 year old adult looking at a 15 year old’s body and wanting to have sex with them. It’s disgusting. It’s terrifying.

So if you’re a minor, just know that we’re not trying to fight you, we’re trying to protect you from being surrounded by irresponsible adults. When I make anti posts saying that I don’t give a fuck about otayuri shippers’ feelings, I’m not talking about you, I’m talking about the adults around you. You’ll always be safe from me.

So if you feel like any of this applies to you, or you feel upset, or confused, or you don’t know what to do, my inbox is always open and I have anon switched on. I don’t know many other people in this community but I can say that my friend @antiotayurgle is also safe and okay to talk to about this. Please try to stay safe.

Reblog and tag the age you THOUGHT Shiro was when you first watched the show as well as your age

I’m curious to see whether there’s a correlation between the two


sketch:  { $2 for extra characters }

  • head shot (chest up) [ $7 ]
  • waist up [ $9 ]
  • full body [ $10-$12 ] {prices vary!}


Lineart:  { $2 for extra characters }

  • head shot (chest up) [ $4 ]
  • waist up [ $5 ]
  • full body [ $7 - $8 ]


full color: { $4 for extra characters }

  • head shot [ $12 ]
  • waist up [ $16 ]
  • full body [ $20-$22 ]


Please Please message me if you’re interested!! 

The transaction will be done over paypal pretty please!

Amputation In The Civil War- Staphylococci, The Blood Stream And Death

Photograph shows portrait of Corporal Michael Dunn of Co. H, 46th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment, after the amputation of his legs in 1864, the result of injuries received in a battle near Dallas, Georgia, on May 25, 1864.

Photographed by Hope, successor to M.H. Kimball, 477 Broadway, New York.

After Antietam, for example, 22 percent of the 8,112 wounded treated in hospitals died; but after the Battle of Gettysburg one year later, only 9 percent of 10,569 died. Despite that, an editorial writer in the Cincinnati Lancet and Observer noted in September 1863 that ‘Our readers will not fail to have noticed that everybody connected with the army has been thanked, excepting the surgeons….’ Infection threatened the life of every wounded Civil War soldier, and the resulting pus produced the stench that characterized hospitals of the era. 

When the drainage was thick and creamy (probably due to staphylococci), the pus was called ‘laudable,’ because it was associated with a localized infection unlikely to spread far. Thin and bloody pus (probably due to streptococci), on the other hand, was called ‘malignant,’ because it was likely to spread and fatally poison the blood. Civil War medical data reveal that severe infections now recognized as streptococcal were common. 

One of the most devastating streptococcal infections during the war was known as ‘hospital gangrene.’ When a broken bone was exposed outside the skin, as it was when a projectile caused the wound, the break was termed a ‘compound fracture.’ If the bone was broken into multiple pieces, it was termed a ‘comminuted fracture’; bullets and artillery shells almost always caused bone to fragment. Compound, comminuted fractures almost always resulted in infection of the bone and its marrow (osteomyelitis). 

The infection might spread to the blood stream and cause death, but even if it did not, it usually caused persistent severe pain, with fever, foul drainage, and muscle deterioration. Amputation might save the soldier’s life, and a healed stump with a prosthetic limb was better than a painful, virtually useless limb, that chronically drained pus. Antisepsis and asepsis were adopted in the decades following the war, and when penicillin became available late in World War II, the outlook for patients with osteomyelitis improved.

arachnocornucopiathing-deactiva  asked:

(Hi I'm a little conflicted about Doctor Mechanic in your HP AU because Hogwarts students graduate when they're 17 so that means Raven is underage. Unless that's different in your universe?)

Hi hello, some of them in this AU are 18 and over. Lincoln for example, is 22. The times are troubled, and some magical children are discovered late, and some not at all (unregistered wizards are called Rogues, and most of them are wanted by the Ministry). Raven was 14 when they discovered her (she blew up something by accident, this is a story for another day), and no child is skipping any years, so she started up her first year at 14, and they are all in their seventh year in this AU. Raven is twenty.

You’ll never, ever see me promote any kind of romantic or sexual relationship between a minor and an adult.

[More of this AU]

anonymous asked:

are you sure about it being wrong to date someone that's like... 22 for example if I'm 17? Like is it always the case?

I mean, it’s less “You, teenage person, are doing a wrong thing by dating an older person” and more, “this relationship is very likely to have an unhealthy power dynamic that you, a teenage person, may not immediately be able to recognise.”

At this point in your life, you are learning and changing SO FAST. Remember what you were like two years ago? What about five years ago? You were a completely different person. This period of constant emotional growth is going to keep on for awhile.

So this 22-year-old person is really in a completely different life stage, and not just because they’re old enough to be graduated from university and starting a career while you still need your guardian’s permission to do basically anything. It’s also a matter of social awareness, and while I’m sure you FEEL pretty savvy, you in two years will look back and think now-you had a lot of things to learn.

Someone who’s 22 has a huge power advantage over you.
They’ve had five extra years to interact with people and learn things about relationships. Also, an adult has more resources at their disposal and more power in general.  This power imbalance can cause problems in a few differnet ways.

For one thing, they have more tools than you do when it comes to getting people to do what they want. They’re better at button-pressing. For another thing, them being older means you’re more likely to overvalue what they say. They’re better at seeming like they know what they’re talking about, so you might take their word for things even when they’re wrong.

Most 22-year-olds don’t want to date someone who’s still a teenager because you just don’t have much in common. Sure, the music you like might be the same, but the things that make up your daily lives are SO different, and your priorities are SO different… you’re in completely different realities. Now, as a younger person the appeal is obvious. Someone older is cooler, they validate you, they make you feel like you’re special for being mature enough for an adult. But no matter how awesome you are, the appeal for an adult of dating a teenager basically boils down to… you’re easier to manipulate.

I know that seems harsh, but I really think you should know this. It’s important.

You may be smart and gorgeous and super mature, but there are a lot of twenty-something people who are equally smart and gorgeous and super mature. An adult who chooses to date a teenager instead of someone their own age is doing it for a reason. It’s not because you’re special — you ARE, but for most adults, you being an amazing teenager isn’t enough to make them willing to date someone so much younger, in such a different life stage. It’s because you’re younger. You have less power, you have less knowledge, and that means the older person can do basically whatever they like.

Your partner may not even realise that’s why they chose you, but it is not normal or healthy for a 22-year-old to date a 17-year-old. It isn’t.

I really encourage you to end this relationship. Someone who honestly respected you would understand that as an adult, they have too much power over you to have a healthy relationship with you.

I’m sorry, I know this probably wasn’t the answer you were hoping for. I just want you to be okay. And it’s just not healthy or safe to date someone who has as much power over you as a 22-year-old adult does.


Some people just reblogged a post I made this summer about my love/hate relationship with my thighs now that I am weight restored. And I decided to write a sequel, because I realised I still have a lot to say about that subject.

Since I posted those pictures last year, I have gained some more weight. I picked up classes at college again and that’s when I discovered I had no clue what normal food portions are. And I am still struggling to find that balance. Until I compared these new pictures with the older ones of last summer, I thought my thighs had become huge, enormous. But now I see they didn’t really. They look healthy and finally I can appreciate that. I have a pretty butt with healthy thighs and I am loving them.

Yes, I got some more stretch marks and honestly I love them too. Because they show me how hard I’ve fought and conquered and how fast my progress went. You don’t get stretch marks because “you are fat”, you get them because your body grows faster than your skin can stretch. If you give an underfed person, who doesn’t mind eating, an endless amount of food, they will get stretch marks, even if their bmi doesn’t get higher than for example 22. They are a sign of growth. And man, how I have a grown these past two years, especially on the inside.

Thank you for your kind messages when I posted those pictures last summer. They helped me accept myself and I can’t thank you enough for that!

I'm sorry if this doesn't fit your example 😊

Matt. 22. Caregiving daddy. West Sussex in England but all my heritage on my father’s side comes from Caerphilly in Wales. My partner must be a submissive. Doing anything and everything I command. Obedience is key.

Knee high socks. Geek glasses. Freckles. Pale af people. Blondes. Gingers. Blue eyes. Short people. Pop punk. Hardcore. Drum and bass. Dubstep. Punk. House. Braces. Converse. No socks.

Wannabe father so happy playing the cg/dd role for now. Loves being dominant. Also loves to play with his little lots.

Tate looking for his Violet. Bob searching for his Louise. God, I’m so sick of this place. You can call me Daddy and Sir.

18-21 is the limit. I don’t want any sexual gratification to start with. I just want a nice, obedient little girl.

I have so many ideas as to what I can dress my little girl up as, she will be so cute! As a caregiver I am strict when needs be but also highly loving.

My kitten will get a bedtime of 11pm on weekdays and 1.30am on weekends. Having structure is key for growth and can help them by nurturing their development. She will go to sleep with a different bed time story every Sunday. As a reward she will get dessert 4 times a week, but only on nights when she’s been good. She can have a special dessert of her choosing every once a week but again, she must be a good girl…

I’d like my kitten to act small around me, we’d build forts and have pillow fights. But I’d also like my little girl to know when dada needs his alone time. He can’t be at her beckon call all the time, no matter how much he wants to be…

My Tumblr is the-few-that-remain (very NSFW) with a side blog called little-and-big-ddlg which does contain some nsfw content so overt your little eyes. Little safety is paramount. Respect that.

I’m aware this sounds a lot like a master/slave relationship but I can assure you that I am just a very caring person.

Rizzles Appreciation Week!

*Inspired by this and this. Gif by MissMaclay
I thought that doing an appreciation week to show our love for both Rizzles and other relationships/friendships on the show would be a good idea. It’s a chance for everyone to make new edits (gifs, caps, etc.) and come together and possibly make new friends. :) (if you have an idea of how to incorporate any of these into an original fic, go for it!)

  • Day 1 | August 18: favorite Rizzles moment
  • Day 2 | August 19: favorite friendship
  • Day 3 | August 20: favorite season
  • Day 4 | August 21: favorite fanfiction
  • Day 5 | August 22: favorite quote

For example, day 2 could be Jane/Frost, Maura/Susie, etc. This starts in two weeks and will last for five days. You don’t have to do everything according to the timeline if you don’t want to/can’t. Please tags your posts as “riaw” that way I can reblog all of the lovely posts everyone makes (or if someone needs to blacklist it). I will make a separate tag on the blog so that you can all follow it better. I hope people participate! Have fun!

anonymous asked:

Hey, what's your opinion on the new vs Old style of Berserk? The manga I mean. Comparing the traditional art, and the digital one, what do you think? Was it an improvement? Worse? Just, what's your general thought on it. Maybe it'll change since changing mediums can be hard, but still.

Hey Anon :)

Hm, well, I definitely prefer the old style: the backgrounds are just as beautiful as always, but for the characters ever since arriving on Elfhelm… Guts has been looking more lego-like than before (I used to see him as an attractive character but not so much in the latest chapters, his face is too squarish most of the time) and the girls’ features look too… round, sorry I don’t know how to explain it well…

Personally I don’t find it to be particularly an improvement, the art of the volumes 17 to 37 was the best for me: absolutely beautiful, realistic and flawless, while now it feels more… well, more manga-like (big round eyes, too geometric features…) and I’m not the biggest fan. :/ It still remains better than a lot of other art styles but I prefer the way it was before.

I didn’t know Miura-sensei had changed his way of drawing, maybe he just needs to adjust indeed :) An artist’s style changes over the years though, if you compare vol 22 (as a random example) to the first volumes, it looks very different, so maybe the recent chapters were because of a natural change in Miura’s drawing style? 

Well, we will see in 2017 :) Don’t worry though, from what I’ve seen this change of style was noticed by many. 

Thanks for passing by and have a nice weekend Anon!

Hi guys! It’s the summer holidays, so I have a wee bit more time on my hands for writing, and am in need of a little cash in my pocket. I’ve had a handful of people ask if I take commission work on request, so I figured what better way to please my parents make some money than to offer you guys what I think is a decent skill of mine.


I work on a GBP flat rate of £5 per 1000 words. (Which works out as £0.50 per 100 words.)

For example:

The maximum word count I will write is 10,000 words, but I will accept any word count beneath that limit. 

I will not charge for any word count I go over what is requested due to my tendency to overwrite. (For example, if you pay for 1000 words, but I love the idea and end up writing 5000 words, you will receive that extra for free.)

What I Will Write:

  • Fandoms: Shingeki no Kyojin, Fullmetal Alchemist, The 100, The Walking Dead, Sense8, Game of Thrones, Bleach, Hannibal, The Musketeers, Free! Iwatobi Swim Club, Naruto. Ask me about other fandoms, because I’m in a lot!
  • Ships: as long as I am familiar with the characters, I can give most things a shot! I will write for polyamorous scenarios also. I do not have to ship the ship to be able to write it. 
  • Almost any scenario or setting. I will also write crossovers! It doesn’t have to be shippy content either. 
  • Anything in the Droplets verse if you so desire it.
  • Original situations; it doesn’t have to be fanfic!
  • Rating: any rating, including explicit.
  • Gore or extreme violence; horror of most kinds. 
  • Sexual content (additional flat charge of £5 for heavy smut requests).

What I Won’t Write:

  • Ships: Jearmin, Eremarco (SNK); RoyEd, Elricest (FMA); any reader-insert pairings
  • Certain sexual kinks (as requested).
  • Underage characters in sexual situations with overage characters.
  • Non-con or dub-con sexual content.

Examples of Previous Work:

I am most well known for writing Droplets. Please check out the most recent chapters for up-to-date examples of how I write. (CH 20, 21, 22, 23.)

Other examples of my work include: Ripples, Sambuca, Zero Gravity, Salt and Snow, Hap

My writing tag on my blog can be found here

How It Works:

Please contact me through my Tumblr inbox or through fanmail, with as many details of your proposition as possible. If I can accept the commission, I will provide details of my PayPal.

I will only accept payment through PayPal at this time. 

Payment can be made at any time during the writing process, but I will need to payment before I reach the proofing stage, and hence, the writing will not be finished or posted.

I will post the piece on my Tumblr and contact you or tag you as appropriate. If applicable, I will also post the piece of AO3, and can gift it to you on there if you have a username with which I can link the writing. 

I have the right to post and claim credit for the work. 

Thank you very much! 💖 Sorry for the long post!

As a rape and covert incest victim, I would appreciate if people would stop trivializing pedophiles and sexual predators by accusing Parrish of being one...

Alright, here’s the thing. 

Pedophilia is a real and serious medical psychiatric disorder where teenagers over the age of 16 and adults are almost exclusively sexually attracted to PREPUBESCENT children.

Prepubescent as in “not yet having the physical sexual features of an adult”
This usually means children younger than 13 years old.

Now, a lot of teenage girls (and sometimes boys, or other genders) aged between 14 and 17 will physically look older than they are, and be fully sexually developed. Having an adult man, woman, or of any other gender experiencing sexual attraction or fantasizing about those teenagers who have the physical features of a fully grown adult is considered to be a normal and healthy sexual response.

This does not make someone a pervert, nor a sexual predator.

Because normal and healthy human beings have a sense of right or wrong, and are able to resist their physical urges.

Not to mention that if they are sexually attracted to the physical features of fully grown adults, then there is a fairly good chance that they can have satisfying and healthy sexual relationships with people within their own age group, or who are above the legal age of sexual consent in their country.

This is not classified as something sexually deviant from the norm.  This is not necessarily a cause for concern unless said adult has no control over their impulses, or suffers from another personality disorder where they enjoy controlling and abusing others in real life situations, and/or believe themselves to either be above the law or being able to escape consequence.

(Note: there is even a number of people who suffer from pedophilia that are able to manage their condition without acting upon their impulses. Their primary and/or exclusive interest in children as sexual partners can prevent them from having any satisfying real life sexual relationship with a fellow adult partner, but they will nevertheless manage their condition without abusing or harming any child, and would be horrified at the thought of their fantasies happening for real.  They would rather seek help and appropriate support than ever let anything like that happen.  So not even all pedophiles are sexual predators.)

People become sexual predators when they start actually targeting teenagers under the age of legal consent as sexual partners.  And/or when they begin stalking them, obsessing about them, making them feel uncomfortable, treating them like objects that should fulfill their needs and/or pressuring them to do such.

i.e. When they choose to act upon those desires and fantasies despite knowing that this teenager is not considered to have the ability to offer proper consent.

This is what is wrong.  Not experiencing sexual desire for a fully sexually developed boy, girl, or teenager of any other gender; but not caring about them actually having the ability to consent to a sexual relationship.

If the teenager is under the age of legal consent, then it doesn’t matter if they tell you that they want to have sex with you, it doesn’t matter that you believe that they MIGHT be mature enough to make that kind of choice (or they try to convince you that they are because they believe it themselves); as an adult it is your responsibility to refuse and avoid initiating any sexual contact with them because the law considers that they aren’t old enough to make that choice.

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Scorpion 30 Day Challenge ► 12/15/2015

moderators: @webuiltthepyramids​ & @a-beautiful-mind-wf001

Special Note: Although the 30 Day Challenge “starts” the first day of the Scorpion hiatus, feel free to update when you can. If you are swamped with finals or busy with work or have other obligations, don’t feel like you have to begin the challenge on the 15th. Start the challenge whenever you want and participate freely on your own time. :) 

  • Day 1 ► When did you know you were in love with Scorpion? (Why?)
  • Day 2 ► Favorite Episode(s)
  • Day 3 ► Favorite Scene(s)
  • Day 4 ► Favorite Mission(s)
  • Day 5 ► Walter O’Brien / Elyes Gabel Appreciation Day
  • Day 6 ► Paige Dineen / Katharine McPhee Appreciation Day
  • Day 7 ► Ralph Dineen / Riley B. Smith Appreciation Day
  • Day 8 ► Toby Curtis / Eddie Kaye Thomas Appreciation Day
  • Day 9 ► Happy Quinn / Jadyn Wong Appreciation Day
  • Day 10 ► Sylvester Dodd / Ari Stidham Appreciation Day
  • Day 11 ► Megan O’Brien / Camille Guaty Appreciation Day
  • Day 12 ► Cabe Gallo / Robert Patrick Appreciation Day
  • Day 13 ► Ray Spiewack / Kevin Weisman Appreciation Day
  • Day 14 ► Favorite Character
  • Day 15 ► Which character do you relate to the most?
  • Day 16 ► Favorite Ship (why?)
  • Day 17 ► Favorite Season 1 Ship Moments
  • Day 18 ► Favorite Season 2 Ship Moments
  • Day 19 ► Favorite Crazy Stunt
  • Day 20 ► Favorite Family Relationship (doesn’t have to be biological)
  • Day 21 ► Favorite Friendship
  • Day 22 ► Favorite Location 
    • Examples: garage, the roof, Paige’s apartment, the smart house, the beach, etc.
  • Day 23 ►  Favorite One-Off (single episode) Character
  • Day 24 ►  Favorite Parallel
  • Day 25 ►  Favorite Running Gag
  • Day 26 ►  Headcanon Day
  • Day 27 ► AU Day
  • Day 28 ► Favorite Fan Works 
    • fanfictions, fan videos, fan art, etc.
  • Day 29 ► Song Day
  • Day 30 ► Movie / Musical AU

Feel free to use these categories however you want. You are not required to include all of the characters in any of the challenges. Go as crazy as you want! If you have questions, just ask! :) 

Please include #scorpion30dc and #cbs scorpion in your first five tags so that we can see and reblog your posts! :D

In Zimbabwe, over 100 young women have been educated through TechWomen, a program under the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs Initiative. TechWomen aims to equip the next generation of women leaders with the technical skills they need to be successful in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields.

For example, 22-year-old computer science student Moselyn Muchena has created a mobile platform for people in the catering industry to use, to better connect with their customers and do business. The catering industry in Zimbabwe is largely dominated by women, so it is only fitting that a young woman comes up with a mobile app for that industry. Kudos!

Learn more via IPS News.