sweet dreams – day 22

spoopy kinktober drabbles – NC17

Pairing: Min Yoongi x Jung Hoseok

Prompt: Somnophilia
    ↪ content: thigh fucking, blowjob, consensual somnophilia

Word Count: 2,801 words

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ask me stuff !!!🌞☁️🌈

1.) what’s a song you depict with your childhood?
2.) did you have a memorable childhood pet?
3.) have you ever been drunk?
4.) have you ever tried drugs?
5.) have you ever completely regretted what you’ve said?
6.) have you ever made someone cry?
7.) has someone ever made you cry?
8.) have you ever been in love? if so, describe the moment you knew it.
9.) which came first the chicken or the egg?
10.) are you part of the lgbtq+ community? do you support them?
11.) how many siblings do you have?
12.) have you ever been in love with someone you couldn’t love?
13.) are you a good cook?
14.) what is your favorite tv show?
15.) what is the last movie you cried during?
16.) what are songs you’ve cried to when you first heard them? (if any)
17.) do you have a middle name?
18.) have you been out of your country?
19.) are you a chocolate fan or not?
20.) how many people have you kissed?
21.) what is your favorite album?
22.) what is your dream car?
23.) what is your lucky/favorite number?
24.) what is your favorite flower?
25.) books or movies, why?
26.) have you ever been on a blind date?
27.) has one of your friends ever backstabbed you?
28.) have you ever backstabbed one of your friends?
29.) what thing do you symbolize love with?
30.) do you have neat handwriting?
31.) do you have a friend with benefits?
32.) do you want a friend with benefits?
33.) if you could be anything in the world, what would you be?
34.) have you ever been blackout drunk?
35.) have you ever met someone famous?
36.) how many concerts have you been to?
37.) which concerts have you been to?
38.) do you have a hidden talent?
39.) what do you do when you’re stressed?
40.) do you think money can buy love?
41.) how old would you date?
42.) have you ever done something illegal?
43.) what is your biggest fear?
44.) what is an unusual fear you have?
45.) can you drive?
46.) do you believe in supernatural creatures?
47.) do you believe in karma?
48.) what is one quality you need in your partner?
49.) do looks matter?
50.) does size matter?
51.) who is the last person you forgave?
52.) what is your favorite ice cream flavor?
53.) what languages can you speak besides english?
54.) ever been on a plane?
55.) ever been on a boat?
56.) is there anyone you’ve lost touch with that you wish you hadn’t?
57.) are there any friendships you regret?
58.) are there any friendships you wish you could make?
59.) have you ever stayed awake for 24 (+) hours?
60.) have you ever walked outside after 12 am?
61.) have you ever seen a sunrise completely through?
62.) are you scared of rollercoasters?
63.) on a scale of 1-10 how stressed are you usually?
64.) do you have any plans this weekend?
65.) do you miss anyone right now?
66.) who do you wish you were talking to right now?
67.) if you could have any superpower, what would it be?
68.) who is your favorite superhero?
69.) are you dirty minded?
70.) what is your favorite song from every decade starting at that 80’s?
71.) how many kids, if any, do you want?
72.) who is your biggest OTP?
73.) what is your favorite food?
74.) do you want to be married one day?
75.) dogs or cats?
76.) do you drink enough water daily?
77.) have you ever seen a shooting star?
78.) if you had the opportunity to go to the moon, would you?
79.) how many best friends do you have?
80.) when was the last time you cried?
81.) have you ever laughed so hard you peed yourself?
82.) have you ever made anyone laugh so hard they peed?
83.) if you could travel any where in the world, where would you go?
84.) what are 3 words you would use to describe yourself?
85.) do you consider yourself a loyal person?
86.) what is your favorite season and why?
87.) have you ever told anyone you loved them, and didn’t mean it?
88.) do you know how to play any instruments?
89.) do like like falling asleep to music or not?
90.) what are you allergic to?
91.) have you ever wanted to be someone else for a day just so you could see what there life is like?
92.) if you could be any character from your favorite tv show would you, and if so, who would you be?
93.) if you could be best friends with any celebrity who would it be and why?
94.) are you outgoing?
95.) have you ever wanted to kiss someone, but weren’t brave enough to?
96.) are you a good flirt?
97.) have you ever been turned down, or have you ever turned anyone down?
98.) which planet is your favorite?
99.) are you superstitious?
100.) are you a good listener?
101.) are you a good kisser
102.) would you kiss any of your friends?

♡ Adorable Asks♡

1) 🍰: What’s your favorite snack? 

2)🎶: Favorite genres of music/favorite musicians?

3) 📖: Do you write? If so, what?

4) 🍯: What do you do for fun? 

5) ⭐️: Favorite childhood memory? 

6) 🕯: Do you have any scary stories to share? If so, what? 

7) 🎀: Favorite color? 

8) 🏁: Favorite goal achieved?

9) 💝: Relationship Status? 

10) 🍿: Favorite movies? 

11) ✈️: Where would you like to travel to? 

12) 🔮: Witches or Psychics? 

13) 🎁: Best gift ever? 

14) 🎈: Something that fascinates you?

15) 💉: Want/have any tattoos or piercings? 

16) ⚔: Something/someone you’re protective of.

17) 🛁: Strangest worry?

18)  🐾: Favorite animal?

19) 🎉: Introvert or Extrovert?

20) 🕹: Favorite game?

21)💤: Best dream?

22) 🍭: Sweet or Savory? 

23) 🎲: do you take risks?

24) 🎪: Carnival or Concert?

25) 🎯: Goal you have in mind?

Send a number for question that muse will answer about mun!

(These should be answered as if muse is talking about mun and giving their opinion about them)
1. Name
2. Nickname (or how muse “calls” them)
3. Best character traits
4. Worst character traits
5. Hobby (and muses opinion about it)
6. Pets? (and muses opinion about it)
7. Spirit animal?
8. If mun was one of four elements which one they would be?
9. 3 things mun couldn’t live without
10. 3 things mun would love to dissapear
11. Music taste? (and muses opinion on it)
12. Best thing about the mun
13. Worst thing about the mun
14. What annoys mun
15. Fandoms? (and muses opinion about it)
16. Sexuality?
17. Favourite food
18. Favourite beverage
19. Books or magazines?
20. Shopping or gaming?
21. Optimist, pessimist or realist?
22. Dream country?
23. Opinion on muns singing voice
24. Opinion on muns dance moves
25. Why this current muse? (muse gives their thoughts about why mun picked them)
26. What muse are jealous of mun?
27. What mun is jealous of muse? (muses thoughts about it)
28. If muse was real what they think they would be to mun (e.g. mom, big brother, lover, soul mate, enemy.. and etc.)
29. Best way to make mun feel better
30. What better not say/do in front of mun

Have fun!

Send Me a Number To Sing~

Send me a number and I’ll sing (part of) a song that fits the ask!

1. An Underrated Musical - I’ll sing a song from a musical I think is underrated.
2. An Overrated Musical - I’ll pick a song from a musical I think is overrated.
3. A Happy Musical - I’ll sing a song from a musical that makes me happy.
4. A Sad Musical - I’ll pick a song from a musical that is hella sad.
5. A Musical Flop - I’ll pick a song from a musical that flopped.
6. A Long-Running Musical - I’ll pick a song from a musical on this list.
7. Favorite Composer or Lyricist - I’ll pick a song by my favorite composer/lyricist!
8. Off-Broadway Show - I’ll pick a song from a show that started off-broadway.
9. Love > Hate - I’ll pick a song from a musical I USED to love, but now hate.
10. Hate > Hate - I’ll pick a song from a musical I have always hated. Go ahead, torture me.
11. Guilty Pleasure - I’ll pick a musical theater song that is my guilty pleasure.
12. Leading Player - I’ll pick a song sung by the Lead in a musical.
13. Featured Player - I’ll pick a song sung by a Featured role in a musical.
14. Ensemble - I’ll pick a group song from a musical.
15. Disappointment - I’ll pick a song from a musical I thought would be awesome, but disappointed me.
16. From a Movie - I’ll pick a song from a musical movie.
17. Adaptation - I’ll pick a song from a musical that was adapted from a book, movie, or anything else.
18. Robbed! - I’ll pick a song from a musical I think was robbed of a Tony.
19. It Changed Me - I’ll pick a song from a musical that had a profound impact on my life.
20. Last I Listened To - I’ll sing whichever musical song I last listened to.
21. Starring… Me! - I’ll sing a song from a musical I’ve been IN.
22. Dream Role - I’ll sing a song from a dream role of mine.
23. Genderbend - I’ll sing a song originally done by the opposite sex.
24. Best… Book - I’ll sing a song from the musical I think has the best book.
25. Best… Choreography - I’ll sing a song from the musical I think has the best choreography.
26. Best… Set - I’ll sing a song from the musical I think has the best set design.
27. Best… Costumes - I’ll sing a song from the musical I think has the best costumes.
28. Best… Revival - I’ll sing a song from the musical I think has had the best revival.
29. Best… Musical - I’ll sing a song from MY favorite musical of all time.
30. Asker’s Choice - I’ll sing a song from a musical you choose.

So you’d like to stan ASTRO

A Little List of Performances for Baby AROHA!!


  1. [COVER] View - SHINee
  2. [COVER]  Dope - BTS
  3. [COVER] The Chaser - Infinite
  4. [COVER] Just A Feeling - SES
  5. [COVER] Boy In Luv - BTS & Good Boy - Taeyang and GD
  6. [COVER] Bang Bang Bang - Big Bang
  7. [VCR] Puss in Boots (Cat’s Eye)
  8. [MUSIC VIDEO] Puss in Boots (Cat’s Eye)

1ST MINI ALBUM - SPRING UP (February 23, 2016)

  1. [MUSIC VIDEO] Hide&Seek
  2. [PERFORMANCE] OK! Ready
  3. [PERFORMANCE]  Hide&Seek
  4. [DANCE PRACTICE] Hide&Seek
  5. [PERFORMANCE] Morning Call
  6. [PERFORMANCE] Innocent Love
  7. [PERFORMANCE] Puss in Boots
  8. [COVER] Cherry Blossom Ending
  9. [COVER] Baloons - TVXQ
  10. [COVER] Couple - Sechskies


  1. [MUSIC VIDEO] Breathless
  2. [DANCE PRACTICE] Breathless
  3. [PERFORMANCE] Fireworks
  4. [PERFORMANCE] Breathless
  5. [COVER] Goodbye Yesterday - Turbo
  6. [COVER] Hatenai Sora - Arashi (Japanese)
  7. [COVER] Kesempurnaan Cinta - Rizky Febian (Indonesian)

3RD MINI ALBUM - AUTUMN STORY (November 10, 2016)

  1. [MUSIC VIDEO] Confession
  2. [PERFORMANCE] Confession
  3. [COVER] Replay - Shinee
  4. [COVER] Don’t Look Back (Immortal Songs 2 Performance)
  5. [PERFORMANCE] ISAC Aerobic Gymnastics Gold Medal Routine 
  6. [VARIETY] Girl Group Medley 
  7. [PERFORMANCE] Polaris
  8. [DANCE PRACTICE] Unofficial - Confession 
  9. [COVER] The Night the Stars Filled the Sky - Pramote Wilepana (Thai)

SPECIAL ALBUM - WINTER DREAM (February 22, 2017)

  2. [PERFORMANCE] Again
  3. [PERFORMANCE] You & Me (Thanks AROHA)
  4. [COVER] Love Confession - Jay Chou (Mandarin)
  5. [COVER] Para Bailar La Bamba - (Spanish)

Can i just take a minute to talk about how much I love the NCT fandom?
Because yall are some of the sweetest most loving people i have ever encountered in fans. Not ONCE have i been made feel bad for being an “older” fan (22). Especially when NCT Dream came out.
I never see people fighting over biases, (which I find dumb in the first place) instead I see people happy others are loving their bias too.
Even though I’ve been a fan since the beginning during The 7th Sense, I’ve never had anyone make me feel less of a fan since I didnt know about them during rookie days.
We’ve had some stumbles as a fandom along the way, but generally, everyone I’ve met or seen has been nothing but nice. Way nicer than any other group of fans I’ve been apart of. I’ve never felt more at home in a group of fans. Thank you all for being a great NCT family!


(Had to post stuff with quotes since screenshots were too small)


So lots of the posts i’m seeing are missing out on a lot of shit. I went through it myself and read through it. 

“Nothing’s a coincidence, idiot. No town in America has such a concentration of eligible, willing Dads.            (    …I just thought it was a coincidence.                {$PlayerFirstName}, ever wonder where all the wives and husbands in town went? Why everyone’s an eligible single father?” &  “How many couples have I pushed to divorce? How many wives and husbands have I hunted in the dark?”

Fucking Joseph…   Joseph is talking about how much of a ‘coincidence’ it is that everybody is a single dad expect for Joseph. WHICH HE ALSO HAUNTED/DIVORCED/KILLED.

THIS right here is after the part where you have a dream I guess?? And the pictures that were leaked about the creepy ones… (I think and I hope this was just a dream) 

“AmandaDemon   neutral &  Cracks begin to form along the walls around me. I look down and see the floor collapsing in tiles. As the walls, crumble… I see where I truly am.         Amanda turns ash black, her clothes, hair and bracelets collapsing into concentric rings of pitch-dark smoke.” 

When you wake up.. you are greeted by Joseph and you have a knife! But who gave you the knife? It was Robert.

Robert knows about the stuff Joseph has done! He knows what probably is gonna happen! (Might do a whole post about Robert later)


“Mary   noblink  &  Joseph     pain & You stole so much of my life from me.             #   Honey, sweetie, you… stabbed me.   It’s over, Joseph.        Joseph’s eyes go wide. He releases his grip on me and I gasp in, Joseph backs away from Mary, clutching the wound on his shoulder.   “

Mary then stabs Joseph with your knife! which is these sprites…

(And the Joseph stabbed one which i’m lazy to find.)

So Mary basically saves your ass and this his cannibalistic god sent children eat him.  “Won’t you feed us, Father?    Father… we’re so hungry. “ 

So then you wake up and supposedly the ship had sank and such, and then we meet the detective. Which is Saul! (his name is hinted in the game files than stated)

I’ll link my new post with all the other small connections we made once I make it.
Thanks to my friends @bunnard and @yellow-osteospermum for helping me out.

Also thanks to http://shingeki-no-kuushu.tumblr.com/post/163274581166/some-more-textures-i-found-in-the-game-files   for finding the pictures.

Other theories: http://gengarpopsicles.tumblr.com/post/163308679040/cult-ending-connections-and-such-22

Happy Things

1. Long, hot showers on rainy school mornings
2. Waking up to hot chocolate at noon on Sundays
3. The beach view from my 7th grade classroom
4. Potato sack races on the beach
5. Fighting as though we were ninjas
6. Eating Chinese crispy burger
7. Hide and seek, remote control cars and Doraemon
8. Archie comics
9. Lying on the cold marble balcony floor and looking up at the stars while having 3 hour long phone conversations
10. The sweet smell during Ramzan on streets
11. Glee
12. Meg Cabot books
13. First Shakespeare play
14. Waiting at the bus station with you singing
15. Wattpad
16. Pretty Little Liars
17. Baking cakes
18. Meeting my favourite author
19. Sunsets at the beach
20. Worn out sneakers
21. Long aimless walks during summer
22. Promises kept
23. Dream college acceptance letter
24. The first kiss that actually meant something
25. Picking up your letter from the post office
26. Attending comic con for the first time
27. Buying myself a typewriter for my 19th birthday
28. Scented candles, dream catchers and green tea
29. Receiving, ‘normal people scare me’ pendant as a birthday gift and wearing it through out the first year of college
30. Chinese food
31. Spoken word poetry
32. Korean Drama
33. Tumblr

—  Nikki Kaur
BTS Ask Game

1. How long have you been stanning?
2. How did you get into BTS?
3. First impression?
4. Who is your bias?
5. Who is your bias wrecker?
6. Favorite reality show?
7. Which member caught your eye first?
8. How long did it take to memorize their names/faces?
9. First song you heard by them?
10. First MV seen of them?
11. Favorite Era?
12. What is your dream subunit?
13. Who is your favorite singer?
14. Who is your favorite dancer?
15. Who is your favorite rapper?
16. Which member would you want as a best friend?
17. Which member would you want as a brother?
18. Favorite song?
19. Favorite MV?
20. Favorite performance?
21. Favorite ship?
22. Dream collab with someone outside of BTS? 

Go ahead and send me some numbers! 

30 Day Know Yourself Challenge

This challenge is one that will help you think creatively about yourself. It’s important to understand yourself as a person and as a being in this world. Really think about your answers and how you want to answer these questions.

Here’s my set up. I kept it pretty simple for this challenge.

1. Write your highs and lows of the past year. 

2. Three things you are terrified of. 

3. Write one sentence describing yourself.

4. Your favorite quote. 

5. Three ways to win your heart. 

6. Write what you want to say to someone who hurt you.

7. Describe your perfect spouse in five words.

8. List two weird things you do when you’re alone.

9. Write about something you miss. 

10. List six things that make you smile. 

11. Five pet peeves. 

12. Name a fictional character that is most like you and why.

13. Write one sentence describing your favorite place. 

14. List your top five favorite songs. 

15. Write about the importance of education. 

16. Describe your favorite color without saying it within two sentences.

17. Write about your best friend. 

18. Write your views on religion.

19. List your favorite places to eat. 

20. Write about what makes you nervous. 

21. List your top five favorite fictional characters.

22. Describe your dream job. 

23. Write your views on a topic that you are passionate about. 

24. Write about your earliest memory. 

25. List six interesting facts about yourself. 

26. Describe your favorite vacation memory. 

27. Name your favorite movie and describe it in one sentence. 

28. List your top five favorite non-fictional characters. 

29. Doodle a flower to relax. 

30. Describe a place you’d love to live. 

Equestrian Questions

Reblog this and people will put a number in your ask box. That number= one of these questions. A fun way for your followers to get to know you!

1. Your horses name

2. Your favourite horse breed

3. Your discipline

4. Your favourite discipline 

5. Your first fall

6. Your worst fall

7. Fondest horse memory 

8. Your proudest equestrian moment

9. Your favourite celebrity equestrian 

10. Your favourite internet equestrian 

11. Your favourite horse

12. Your biggest riding pet peeve

13. Why you started riding

14. The last time you rode & what you did

15. Any riding injuries you have

16. A bit about your barn

17. Your dream horse

18. Your favourite tack brand

19. Your dream horse (dead or alive)

20. Your equestrian idol (dead or alive)

21. A discipline you’d like to try

22. Your dream barn (real or imaginary)

23. Your favourite equestrian film

24. Your favourite equestrian book

25. Your best equestrian friend

26. One horse that has influenced you (good or bad)

27. Your favourite item of tack

28. Your grooming routine 

29. An equestrian trend that you don’t like

30. Your equestrian future 

Feel free to add any if you think of some! :)

22 Things I Learned Before Turning 22:

1.) If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.

2.) Everything is as it should be now and only later in life may you find strength to connect the dots.

3.) Travel as much as you can, as far as you can, as often as you can.

4.) Remain loyal to your parents. They love you and deserve your attention.

5.) Use your money for experiences, not things.

5.) Hard work doesn’t always equal success right away. It takes time. A lot of time.

6.) Coffee first thing in the morning. ALWAYS.

7.) The relationship you have with your significant other mustn’t be half-assed. Love them with everything you’ve got. They should be your world.

8.) Shut the hell up and stay humble.

9.) You’re never going to “feel like it”.

10.) You could be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world and there will still be somebody out there that doesn’t like peaches.

11.) The people in your life are more important than anything else in the world. Make them your top priority.

12.) Complaining about your situation will only make the situation worse.

13.) Purchase with intention. Don’t crowd your closets with unnecessary, cheap goods.

14.) Quit spending so much time on social media. Your time and energy will be better served elsewhere.

15.) Drink a lot of water. A lot.

16.) Stop feeling sorry for yourself. It isn’t a good look on anyone.

17.) Stop ordering lavosh pizzas at restaurants. They’re never good.

18.) Continue to stride with a brilliant work ethic. It always pays off.

19.) Stay true to your word. All a man has is his word.

20.) Never, ever, ever, ever give up on your goals. If you believe in something so strongly, it will happen.

21.) Laugh at everything, smile at everyone.

22.) Appropriately responding to rejection and failure will bring peace. The importance of knowing how to handle negative situations will remain invaluable. Honor that.

Here comes May.

1. Du’a is a place where sadness echoes and disappears.

2. Wake up and walk forward even with uncertain future.

3. Have faith deeply to Him, have a great courage, and hope that this bad memory move away from our heart.

4. Everyone is somehow will fall to pieces while searching for their purpose and for chasing their dream. But don’t give up. Not now.

5. Don’t wound others just because you are hurt.

6. Don’t be afraid to change. Have courage and believe that miracle will happen to guide you to a good destiny.

7. The more we live, the more we lose. But don’t just throw away our hope for tomorrow.

8. Just because you don’t get what you want, don’t let yourself forget the important things in life.

9. Start walking, hand in hand with du’a and hope to Him, never letting go.

10. Even though your dream may be dissolving, just don’t abandon your du’a and hope ; it is the things that keep your heart glow and strong.

11. Surely we’ll be able to understand reason behind all of this sadness. Because there could be a meaning to all of this after all.

12. Even if our heart and this path changes, don’t let ourselves disappear.

13. Even if with a different dream and du’a, we have the same God. So swore on yourself, “I will not give up.”

14. We will leave our mistakes and pain the day we start to redha.

15. If you are going to cope with fate, stop saying that you are sad or lonely.

16. Hope for the good, du’a will light the way.

17. Leave behind the bad days, fight till the end of sorrow, because life goes on.

18. Send your prayers towards the sky, as long as you still alive.

19. Don’t embrace the reasons for your sadness.

20. If we are going to change, started with our dreams and hearts.

21. Loneliness will turns into strength when you think of Him.

22. People and dreams change, and we have to accept it.

23. The road still continues on and on endlessly, even if you choose to stay behind. So move on.

24. Even if you cannot see, there’s a meaning to everything. So don’t just throw away your life just like that.

25. Be strong. Be brave. Don’t look back to a things that hurt you. Keep on moving forward even if your heart bleeds.

26. Even if our heart’s direction will surely change tomorrow, find the way and we will be able to see the good and the beautiful side of everything.

27. As long as you remember Him, you’ll be okay.

- sederhanaindah

NJH-Written Mobile Masterlist

Update as of Augusted 8, 2017

Make Requests Here xx


Smuty- ☯

Au- ❤

Picture- ☻

Requested- ツ














#1 “Faster”

#2 Favorite Hugs

#3 He Wants Another Child

#4 His Voicemail After You Leave Him

#5 Your Favorite Picture of Him and Your Child

#6 “What If…”

#7 You Tell Him You’re A Virgin

#8 Condoms

#9 His Kink

#10 After Your First Time

#11 Matching Tattoos

#12 He Doesn’t Like The Way Your Boyfriend Treats You|| Part 2ツ❤

#13 You’re Both TeachersPart 2

#14 Cock Block

#15 House Hunters

#16 He Talks About Your Sex Life To Another Boy

#17 You Wear His Clothes

#18 “Five More Minutes”

#19 A Boy Sees You Making Out And Tweets About Itツ☻

#20 He Comes Back From Tour Early

#21 He Has A Wet Dream

#22 First I Love You

#23 Your Christmas Tree

#24 Snow

#25 He Can’t Get It Up☯ (kinda)

#26 Your Favorite Sex Position ☯☻

Song Preference

#1 Ashley- Big Sean ft. Miguel

#2 Wildest Dream- Taylor Swift

#3 I Want To Write You A Song- One Direction

Mini Series (What Does This Mean?)

Teacher Series

NJH- Where The Heart Is

Wedding Series


Who’s That Vans Girl?: @morganewaquez

Based on the breathtaking backdrops of her photos, you’d think Morgane Waquez has never thought twice about leaving her home in the South of France. But the 22 year old dreams of visiting none other than The Golden State as soon as possible. With her love of photography and lust for adventure, she craves to see a lot more of the world. We got to know Morgane a little better and found out all the plans this French beauty has for the future.

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