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Name: Veronica
Age: 22
Country: Argentina

Hello there!
Introvert girl here who loves photography, art (specially painting, architecture and sculpture), music and a lot of other things. Oh! And I’m also a vegetarian (transitioning to veganism)
Favourite places to be: my room, any museum you can think of in my city, also any green outdoor spaces. I am deeply in love with any small coffee shop and anywhere that has books.
I tend to love alone time but also I love human interaction! I love deep meaningful talks (mostly if they involve coffee and some sweet treats) and people who have a passion (whatever that is) I think there’s nothing more lovely than someone who cares about something with such drive and I would happily hear them rant about it for hours.
I speak both English and Spanish bilingually and I kind of speak un petit peu fraçais.

Preferences: +20

From The Inside of Amboy Crater, Winter 2017

Mojave Trails National Monument, California Desert

ID #56707

Name: Jazmine
Age: 22
Country: USA

I’m 22 years and live in California. I’m receiving my Associates in Psychology and will be transferring to UC Merced in August. I love taking photos, going to concerts, museums, and anywhere new. I hope to travel when I have the funds.
I would really like to get to know someone who is into photography so I can I learn things from them. My favorite movies are: toy story, heathers, it’s kind of a funny story, moonrise kingdom, American beauty, and Nick and norahs infinite playlist.
My favorite musicians/ bands are: letlive, la dispute, twenty one pilots, halsey, panic at the disco, tigers jaw, front bottoms, pvris, and Joyce manor.
I also like reading. Mainly young adult and psychological reading.

Preferences: Ages 18-28

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Name: Jakob
Age: 22
Country: England

So I’m looking for a pen pal. I’ve been meaning to get back into it for a while now. I enjoy reading, photography, comic books, model painting/building. I’m not fussy about where anybody is. I don’t mind what age, gender or country you are in.

Preferences: None :)


Bobigny, Paris, France 11 February 2017
Protesters against police violence have set a car on fire during a rally in the Paris suburb of Bobigny, which followed a police officer’s assault on a 22-year-old man.
Photography by: Cyril Zannettacci

M22,created using the same technique as for the other LRGB images, although I am not entirely happy with this image I though I would post it anyway. The problem I have is that the blue frame is far too prominent, evident by the blueish halo, something I will try to adjust at a later time.

Messier 22 (also known as M22 or NGC 6656) is an elliptical globular cluster in the constellation Sagittarius, near the Galactic bulge region. It is one of the brightest globulars that is visible in the night sky.