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Robazizo’s 22 Days Of Literati
Day 13 - A Scene That Made You Sad
The Bus Scene (3x20 Say Goodnight, Gracie)

This entire episode makes me sad (these two avoiding each other, Jess’ fight with Luke), and everything culminates in this scene. Look at Jess in the gif where Rory gets up! He knows it’s over, but doesn’t say anything. I can understand that he needed to go, if only to work out his relationship with Jimmy and find himself (and become worthy to Rory in his own eyes), but couldn’t he have said something, anything really, to her? Maybe he was afraid she would easily be able to convince him to stay. And what about the duffel bag? Does she really not notice it? Or maybe she does and she’s actively ignoring it and its implications…


Robazizo’s 22 Days Of Literati
Day 8 - Favorite Angsty Scene
Jess Visits Rory At Yale (4x21 Last Week Fights, This Week Tights)

OK, here it is: the gifset of doom. Keep your hankies ready. Oh god, I’m already a goner by Jess’ “I just wanted to see you, talk to you.”. It’s such an honest, emotional outburst.
I believe Jess was seriously spooked by Dean’s presence at Rory’s dorm. What would he have said to her, had Dean not been there? Probably something much more rational. Rory’s response was uncharacteristic for her as well, her being the girl who makes lists on every single decision and usually thinks things through. I guess the emotional onslaught was just too much. I would have hoped they would have been able to talk about their issues, had they not both been so emotional.
I also believe the events at the end of the next episode probably wouldn’t have happened had Jess not visited Rory (was it the night before?).


Robazizo’s 22 Days Of Literati
Day 22 - Favorite Alexis/Milo Pictures

Just like their TV-counterparts these two always seemed to be touching each other. I love the way they looked at each other in public. Looks that said that they may be out and about, but the other is still the most important person in the room.

This was the last day! Thanks to all who liked, reblogged and took part in discussions. It’s been a pleasure. I’ll put up an index post for all 22 days tonight. I’ll probably be back with 22 Days Of Luke And Jess at the end of July, so stay tuned!


22 Days of Literati | Day 21 - Favorite fanvid: anywhere but here | jess&rory

[other good fanvids: Shattered | Down | Anything on that list]

Because I’m super proud of myself for actually finishing this challenge. Many thanks to Ola who started it. I completed this 22 day challenge in about 6 months (lol at myself because I actually thought I could be done by october, haha) and made about 30 posts, not bad.

Here is the challenge if you want to do it:

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Robazizo’s 22 Days Of Luke And Jess
Day 1 - A Scene That Made You Fall In Love With Luke And Jess
Luke Pushes Jess Into The Lake (2x05 Nick & Nora, Sid & Nancy)

Hi, I’m back! While working on my 22 Days Of Literati, I stumbled upon so many great scenes that involved Luke and Jess, so I decided to adapt the 22 Days challenge and do one about our two favourite diner boys. So here’s Day 1!

Jess has been in town for only a couple of days, but he’s managed to stir up trouble already. Luke is trying so hard, but all he does is getting on Jess’ nerves, who believes he’s in hell and just wants to be left alone. I think the fact that Luke pushes him in actually earns him some respect from Jess. I love the juxtaposition of them walking on the bridge side by side. It’s obvious they’re related, a fact that will become even more apparent as the series progresses.

P.S. Those two languages would have to be extremely obscure for Jess not to have heard of them before!