22 children

23rd May 2017

Manchester, UK bombing at the Ariana concert with 22 dead including children and nearly 60 injured with countless missing.
Marawi, Phillipines has been taken over by the Mautegroup and people are being held, told they will be “taken care of” if they can’t prove they are Muslim.
Bangkok, Thailand had a bomb go off in a hospital injuring 24 people.
Homs, Syria had suicide car bombs which have killed 4 and hurt 2 dozen.
Today is another one of those days where the world just feels a little bit more heavier. To anyone whose in any of these places, stay safe and look after yourselves and one another, let us know if there’s anything we can possibly do. To everyone else, don’t allow this fear to take over, instead show that love can be the light in all that’s dark.
Sending love to everyone❤️

Anyone other than me noticed how thin Chuuya is, compared to the other three…

Some less often asked questions

1: Would you prefer a large home or a small home?

2: If you could convert a decommissioned missile silo / underground bunker into a home, would you?

3: If you had the money to buy a private island and build a custom castle on it, would you?

4: Have you ever attempted to start a micronation?

5: Would you ever wanna start a micronation?

6: Do you like to dress fancy?

7: Have you ever considered running for office? Either on a national or subnational level.

8: Do you have any famous family members? What are they famous for?

9: Favourite James Bond film?

10: Where’s the most “exotic” place you’ve been to?

11: Have you ever voted in a national election? What about local?

12: What do you identify as, politically speaking?

13: Would you move to another country if you fell in love with someone from that country? What about state (or other national subdivision)?

14: Do you wear hats often?

15: Would you ever enlist in your nation’s armed forces?

16: Would you ever consider mercenary work?

17: When you go to a sandwich shop (such as Subway), what do you normally get on your sandwich?

18: What would perfect date be for you?

19: What do you like in your coffee?

20: Have you ever been to a formal party, other than prom, a wedding, or homecoming?

21: Of the many obscure languages of the world, which would you most like to learn?

22: How many children do you wish to have?

23: Have you ever been arrested? If so, what for?

24: What is a show you love that not many people would know you love?

25: Have you ever jumped out of a window?

26: Do you like to dress fancily?

27: If you could bring back any style of fashion from history, what would you bring back?

28: Do you like to dance?

29: What is your favourite style of architecture?

30: Do you have a favourite flag?

31: What is something you like to eat that others might find odd or gross?

32: Have you ever fired a gun? If not, would you like to?

33: Do you like to cook?

34: Do you keep a journal?

35: Linux, Mac, or Windows?

36: What does your ideal house look like?

37: Do you prefer playing on a computer or a console?

38: If someone offered you a secluded cabin in the woods, with all modern conveniences (such as internet and running water), with no strings, would you accept the offer?

39: Have you ever accidentally left the house without an article of clothing?

40: Do you enjoy documentaries?

41: Do you have a favourite letter (of any alphabet)?

42: Where is a place you’d like to visit that people don’t generally think of as a big vacation destination?

43: Prefer you the City, Suburbs, or Country?

44: Do you collect anything?

45: What is the worst injury you have ever received?

46: Do you have a favourite coat of arms?

47: If you could have your own coat of arms, or flag, what would it look like?

48: What is one food that everyone loves, but you hate?

49: What sort of car do you drive?

50: Who is your favourite historical figure?

SUICIDE BOMBER kills 22 during Ariana Grande concert

Confirmed ISIS attack

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  • 22 CONFIRMED DEATHS, including children, around 120 injured


  • Attacker was UK-born Lybian Salman Abedi
  • Father was well-known in the local mosque, they lived in a good area, he studied busines and management at Salford University
  • Known to police
  • Traveled to Lybia and Syria before attack
  • Didn’t act alone, bomb was likely crafted by a skilled bomb-maker
  • THREE suspects have been arrested tied to the attack, Salman’s brother included
  • Was reported chanting Qu’ran verses on the street several weeks earlier

The Monster Study refers to an experiment conducted by Wendell Johnson at the University of Iowa in 1938. Johnson wanted to understand the cause of stuttering and for his experiment, he got 22 orphan children and would give half of them positive speech therapy and the other half negative speech therapy. Those with the positive speech therapy were praised for the fluency of their speech while the other half were berated and belittled.

The experiment was dubbed the Monster Study because the majority of people were absolutely horrified that somebody would use orphan children during a negative experiment. In fact, most of the children who received the negative speech therapy suffered psychological effects and retained speech problems for the rest of their lives. Some just completely refused to speak following the traumatic treatment they received.

In 2002, the University of Iowa publicly apologised for the grim experiment.

the death toll has been raised to 22. children are among those that were lost. the attacker died when he blew up the explosive. my heart aches and i hope peace is felt for everyone soon. 

London Antifascists - Statement On The Attack In Manchester

Last night at 10.30 PM at a pop concert in Manchester Arena, an explosion killed at least 22 including children and injured at least 59. Reports have been coming in during the early hours of the morning confirming the suspect to have been killed in the blast. This has been described as one of the deadliest attacks in the UK of the last decade.

There is still speculation as to the motives of the killer and an ongoing investigation to uncover whether they acted alone or part of a wider group.

What we do know is the misery following this horrific attack will be hijacked by the grief vultures of the far right. Already high profile racist Katie Hopkins is calling for a “final solution” on Twitter, while other fascist media personalities are scrambling for any information they can twist in order to fuel their anti-migrant, anti-Muslim agendas, and continue attacking the Left who dare challenge their blatant racism. There are two fascist demonstrations planned for Liverpool and Manchester in the coming weeks that will, no doubt, use last night’s tragedy in order to attract bigger numbers and use the deaths of dozens of ordinary people in order to grow their organisational capacity. They must be opposed.

What we also know is that black, Asian and Muslim communities in the UK will bear the brunt of the inevitable racist fall-out from this attack. The media will allude to the killer acting in the name of Islam, and people will be out for revenge fuelled by the hate-mongering far right. Of course, the irony being the ideology that incites such hatred and bloody violence, which is shared by extremists from ISIS to National Action, is fascism. Vilifying Muslims in the name of freedom only plays into the hands of the same forces of reaction that breeds terrorist organisations. The most under threat of terrorists in the Middle East are Muslims, Kurds, and other ethnic and religious minorities. This is not a race war and blind nationalism is not the answer.

This is the people’s war. Anti-fascist comrades from Manchester and London are fighting together on the frontlines in Rojava, in the name of class struggle, liberty, and international solidarity. This is the time to resist the far right’s cynical attempts to capitalise off of a grief stricken community once again. This is the time to come together and fight and not allow the bourgeois class to continue to sow division and suspicion amongst ordinary working people. This is the time to recognise that our liberation is tied up in the liberation of our working class siblings who struggle all around the world.

Our thoughts are with all of the victims, their friends and families in Manchester throughout this difficult time, and our Manchester comrades. Your struggle is our struggle.

50 Things I’m Convinced Harry Styles Does: A List

1. He requests exactly four kisses before bed.

2. He drums on your shins while you rest your legs in his lap.

3. He calls your mom and dad by Mr. and Mrs., no matter how many times they’ve told him not to.

4. He says, “I should’ve gotten what you got.” every time you go out to eat and then demands half of your plate in trade for half of his.

5. He gets drunk and orders things like a pound of unrefined shea butter through one-click AmazonPrime.

6. He uses your body wash in the shower because, “’t smells nice. Like a field of daisies.”

7. He swerves in the car because he gets distracted by a dog on a walk or a baby in a stroller.

8. He says, “You too!” and giggles knowingly when the ticket-taker at the cinema says, “Enjoy your show!”

9. He pinches your bum whenever he walks by, just to hear you squeal.

10. He asks you to pronounce “aluminium” over and over again because you say it so weird and it makes him smile.

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My Reactions to the Gotham Finale 3x22 ft 3x21
  • <p> <b>Barbara:</b> *touches Ed and calls him baby*<p/><b>Me:</b> *visibly trying not to gag* get the fuck away....Edward does not appreciate it!<p/><b>Lee:</b> *is once again a sexy badass, in an even sexier dress*<p/><b>Me:</b> Well, I guess I'm just dead now...I've lived a goo-well, mediocre life.<p/><b>Tabitha:</b> *is beautiful and badass, and does not deserve any of this abuse*<p/><b>Me:</b> Give Tabby an amazing girlfriend 2k17!<p/><b>Fish:</b> *is actually not going to hurt Oswald, but help him*<p/><b>Me:</b> Aww! What a wonderful mother and son dynamic-<p/><b>Jim:</b> *shows up and accidentally kills her, out of everything, that's what kills her*<p/><b>Me:</b> Are you fucking kidding me right now?<p/><b>Oswald:</b> *mirrors the scene in which his mother died in his arms*<p/><b>Me:</b> *literally forgetting about Fish's kinda ridiculous death as a whole* They keep killing his mother figures...whyyyy? *eyes slightly glaze over*<p/><b>Also me:</b> Get Oswald someone who doesn't die horribly in his arms 2k17!<p/><b>Edward:</b> *tells Oswald the reasons he would never love him, none of those reasons being that he's a man*<p/><b>Me:</b> Yes! My bisexual son!<p/><b>Also me, really thinking about what he just said about Oswald throwing tantrums:</b> Ooookay, Ed...but you just described yourself, so...<p/><b>Bruce:</b> *continues to wear offending turtleneck, also gearing up to stab Alfred through the heart*<p/><b>Me:</b> *having a literal heart attack* Oh, goddammit, Bruce...I swear to the jesus....oh my god, you bitch...I will never forgive you for this-*tears up*<p/><b>Bruce:</b> *stabs Alfred through the heart*<p/><b>Me:</b> *immediately starts to slightly hyperventilate* Oh, god fucking jesus...what the fucking-goddamit! I will never forgive you Bruce!<p/><b>Bruce:</b> *saves Alfred's life*<p/><b>Me:</b> Okay...*takes deep breaths* I'll give you a free pass<p/><b>Selina @ Bruce:</b> "I know who I am"<p/><b>Oswald @ Ed:</b> "at least I know who I am"<p/><b>Me:</b> wooooahhh! Wait a minute! Wait. A. Minute!!<p/><b>Oswald and Edward:</b> *end up back at the docks*<p/><b>Me:</b> This fucking show...*facepalms because feelings* goddammit!<p/><b>Edward:</b> *wants Oswald to so badly tell him that he still loves him*<p/><b>Me:</b> Okay...not at all slick, Ed!<p/><b>Oswald:</b> *outsmarts Ed*<p/><b>Me:</b> I'm proud of my son...yet also scared for my other son!<p/><b>Oswald @ Edward:</b> *freezes him to keep as a trophy husband*<p/><b>Me:</b> Well....but, he's definitely getting thawed out in season 4, right? *starts to panic a bit* That's definitely a thing that is going to happen, right?<p/><b>Ivy @ Oswald:</b> *is literally the the best sister ever*<p/><b>Oswald @ Ivy:</b> *actually accepts it*<p/><b>Me:</b> Yes! My children are finally getting along with one another!<p/><b>Selina:</b> *starts becoming the catwoman that we all deserve* Fuck yeeahhhh!<p/><b></b> I love you, you cat goddess!<p/><b>Bruce:</b> *starts becoming the Batman we need, not the Batman we deserve*<p/><b>Me:</b> Yes! Uuuughhhh! I'm 100% on board!<p/><b>Bonus:</b> <p/><b>Me:</b> *watches people complain about Bruce becoming Batman too soon*<p/><b>Also me:</b> Okay...but, stfu, because he's not actually Batman yet...he's just wearing a cape and a silly ski mask, calm down!<p/></p>
Manchester Arena bombing: Everything we know about the suicide attack that killed at least 22 people

Children are among at least 22 people have been killed and dozens more injured in a suicide bombing at Manchester Arena.

Families were leaving a concert by pop singer Ariana Grande when the blast ripped through the foyer leading to Victoria station at around 10.35pm on Monday.

Isis has claimed responsibility for the atrocity, which is being treated as a terrorist incident by police.

Follow the latest updates on our live blog here

What happened?

Police were called to reports of an explosion shortly after the end of Grande’s concert at 10.33pm, as thousands of fans streamed out of Manchester Arena.

Witnesses described being thrown through the air by a powerful blast that left nuts and bolts across the floor.

Chris Parker, a rough sleeper who was in the foyer at the time, said: “Everyone was piling out, all happy and everything else.

“As people were coming out of the glass doors I heard a bang and within a split second I saw a white flash, then smoke and then I heard screaming.

"It knocked me to the floor and then I got up and instead of running away my gut instinct was to run back and try and help.

"There was people lying on the floor everywhere.”

The 33-year-old saw one girl whose legs had been blown off, and attempted to comfort a woman in her 60s who died of severe injuries in his arms.

Concert goers still inside the arena described mass panic at the blast echoed through the venue.

"A huge bomb-like bang went off that hugely panicked everyone and we were all trying to flee the arena,” said Majid Khan, 22.

"It was one bang and essentially everyone from the other side of the arena where the bang was heard from suddenly came running towards us as they were trying to exit.”

Ian Hopkins, the Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police, said investigators believe the attack was carried out by a lone suicide bomber “carrying” a homemade device.

“The priority is to establish whether he was acting alone or as part of a network,” he added.

“The attacker, I can confirm, died at the arena. We believe the attacker was carrying an improvised explosive device which he detonated causing this atrocity.”

More than 240 calls were made to the emergency services, with responders including 60 ambulances flooding the area alongside more than 400 police officers.

Who was behind it?

Police have identified the perpetrator but said it was too early in the investigation to publicly release his name.

Isis claimed responsibility for the attack, hailing a "soldier of the caliphate” but suggesting he did not die in the blast.

The group has been periodically releasing detailed guidance on how to carry out terror attacks on “disbelievers” in countries targeting its militants in Syria and Iraq.

The most recent edition of its Rumiyah propaganda magazine listed concert halls among “ideal target locations” for attacks.

Analysts have warned that the group may increasingly turn to “soft targets” with large crowds, as seen in Westminster, Stockholm, Nice and Berlin, rather than protected areas with a high security presence.

Explosive devices using homemade triacetone triperoxide (TATP) have become a signature of the group’s largest European attacks in Paris and Brussels, and has been discovered in several foiled plots.

The Manchester attack took place on the fourth anniversary of the killing of Fusilier Lee Rigby in Woolwich, which was inspired by al-Qaeda propaganda on avenging civilian casualties in the Middle East.

How many people have been killed?

Police have confirmed at least 22 dead and 59 injured, including 12 children, although the toll could rise as victims remain in hospital and recovery work continues.

Officials have not yet publicly identified any of the victims, amid online appeals for information on dozens of missing people.

Among those killed is eight-year-old Saffie Rose Roussos, who was at the concert with her mother and sister, and 18-year-old Georgiana Callander from Manchester.

They were originally one of dozens of children and teenagers who had not been heard of since the explosion.

They include Laura MacIntyre, 15, and Eilidh MacLeod, 14, both from the Scottish island of Barra, Olivia Campbell, 15, Martyn Hett, 29, Chloe Rutherford, 17, Liam Curry, 19,Courtney Boyle, Philip Tron, Angelika and Marcin Klis and Wendy Falwell.

Facebook activated a safety check feature so that people can let their family and friends know they are safe, as the Twitter hashtag #MissingInManchester was used to track appeals.

Police have established a help centre at the Etihad Stadium, access Gate 11, for anyone who needs assistance in tracing loved ones.

Emergency numbers have been established for anyone who is concerned for loved ones on 0161 856 9400 or 0161 856 9900.

Police have also appealed for concert-goers and witnesses to provide them with any footage they have from the scene if they believe it can assist the probe.

To report any concerns about suspicious activity, call the anti-terrorist hotline on 0800 789 321.

What have police said?

Greater Manchester Police have urged people to stay away from a large cordon around Manchester Arena and Victoria station while investigations continue.

They are working with the National Counter Terrorist Policing Network and UK intelligence services to establish more details about the bomber.

Scotland Yard has put extra officers on duty in London in the wake of the Manchester bombing, including armed personnel.

It came exactly two months after the Westminster attack, by Isis-inspired extremist Khalid Masood.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick condemned the attack as “utterly appalling”, adding: “My thoughts are with the people of Manchester as they try to come to terms with the horrific events that took place in their city last night.

“Our colleagues from Greater Manchester Police and their emergency services showed huge bravery as they ran towards the confusion and danger.

"We are providing every possible support through the counter-terrorism network as investigators work tirelessly to understand what has happened.”

How have politicians reacted?

All general election campaigning has been suspended ahead of the 8 June vote as a mark of respect to the victims, with flags flying at half-mast across the UK.

Theresa May held a meeting of the Government’s emergency Cobra committee following the “callous terrorist attack” on Tuesday morning.

“While we experienced the worst of humanity in Manchester last night, we also saw the best,” she said, condemning the attacker’s “cowardice”.

The Prime Minister said it was among the "worst terrorist incidents we have ever experienced in the United Kingdom”, adding that police and security services were working to establish the full picture.

Andy Burnham, the Labour politician and mayor of Manchester, condemned the “evil act”.

“It is hard to believe what has happened here in the last few hours, and to put into words the shock, anger, and hurt that we feel today,” he added.

"These were children, young people and their families that those responsible chose to terrorise and kill.”

Mr Burnham urged Mancunians to “come together” following the atrocity, praising the actions of volunteers who have opened their homes to victims, flooded to blood banks and given families free rides around Manchester.

He announced a vigil to be held on Tuesday evening in Manchester’s Albert Square.

The Muslim Council of Britain described the attack as “horrific” and “criminal”.

“May the perpetrators face the full weight of justice both in this life and the next,” said secretary general Harun Khan.

Global politicians have been sending their condolences, including Vladimir Putin, Emmanuel Macron, Xi Jinping and Angela Merkel.

Speaking during a press conference in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Donald Trump called the perpetrators “evil losers”.

How have musicians reacted?

Ariana Grande, who had left the stage shortly before the explosion, tweeted that she was “broken”, adding: “From the bottom of my heart, I am so so sorry. I don’t have words.”

Musicians and celebrities across the globe voiced their shock.

Taylor Swift sent her “thoughts, prayers and tears”, while David Beckham said his thoughts were with all those affected.

Ellie Goulding, Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, Harry Styles, Nicki Minaj, Selena Gomez, Boy George and Lorde also sent their condolences, while Liam Gallagher tweeted that he is “in total shock and absolutely devastated”.

Peter Hook, of Manchester bands New Order and Joy Division, said that daughter “made it home safe” from concert, adding: “My heart goes out to all parents & those involved. Manchester stay strong.”

Things Which Have Made Me A Woman:

* Being born with a vagina
* Being told when I was 5 that I shouldn’t cut my hair because boys like long hair
* Learning about menstruation in girl
scouts when I was 7, and being told to “make it a game that no one knows you’re on your period” and being given hints on how to hide pads and tampons.
* Learning about fitness in Girl Scouts when I was 7 and being told that abdominal workouts were extra important because we would need the muscles to help us give birth
* Getting my period when I was 10 and not being allowed to carry a purse, being told “the boys would know anyway”
* Being taught brainsex when I was 12, and believing I was hard wired for empathy and communication instead of critical thinking and science for the next decade
* Being advised against femle condoms at 12 in sex ed because men thought ‘it felt like making love to a bread bag’
* Being told I was disgusting for not wearing a clearly not needed bra when I was 13.
* Being taught that, prior to the 60’s, women had contributed nothing to science or the military
* Being told by my father that my clothes were too revealing and I wore too much makeup at age 13
* Watching my best friend sob in the bathroom because her boyfriend had slammed her head into a locker as a ‘joke’ and had been told 'boys will be boys’ by the teacher at 14
* Hearing that the security guard of our high school had sex with a freshman and the general reaction being 'omg what a slut!’
* Being asked by random boys nearly every Thursday when I was 15 if I was wearing a thong for thong Thursday
* Beating the boys in an obstacle course in PE at 16 and being told I was gross because of it
* Being told I wasn’t dressing nicely enough or wearing enough makeup by my father
* Helping friends through pregnancy scares when I was 17
* Having my own pregnancy scares when I was 17
* Being stuck babysitting my friends infant at a party while my bf had fun, never swapping out with me as promised because he 'knew I liked it’ at 18.
* Having my first Pap smear at 18 and being in pain and scared
* Succeeding in work and being told that I was only recognized and promoted because I was female at 20
* Being convinced not to leave my cheating boyfriend because 'men need an adjustment period’ when I was 21
* My co workers and bosses joking about raping me at 21
* Winning an award and being told it was only because I was a woman, and that is never really earned it at 22
* Male co workers becoming irate when I mentioned I don’t want children at 22
* Being told it was wrong of me to know martial arts and be proud of it because 'no man likes that!’ By my boyfriend at 22
* My boyfriend complaining about doing housework and trying to push it off on me despite the fact that I work longer hours and already do most of it at 23

Things Which Have Not Made Me A Woman:

*Wearing makeup
*Wearing dresses
*Acting submissive
*Having long hair

Black history month day 26: Olympian Wilma Rudolph.

Wilma Glodean Rudolph was born prematurely at 4.5 pounds on June 23, 1940 in Saint Bethlehem, Tennessee. She was the 20th of 22 children. Rudolph suffered from infant paralysis as a result of the polio virus. She recovered, but had to wear a brace on her twisted left leg and foot until she was nine. She was required to wear an orthopedic shoe for support of her foot for another two years. For treatment of her twisted leg and frequent bouts of polio and scarlet fever, Rudolph spent much of her childhood in and out of hospitals.

Rudolph played basketball like her sister until her skills in running caught the attention of Tennessee State track and field coach Ed Temple. Under his training, she qualified for the US Olympic track team for the 1956 Melbourne Olympics when she was just 16 years old. She won a bronze medal in the 4 × 100 m relay. Four years later in the Rome Olympics, she won three gold medals in the 100 m, 200 m and 4 × 100 m relay. Her biggest inspiration was fellow black Olympian Jesse Owens, who had dominated in the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

Rudolph died of cancer at age 54 on November 12, 1994. She left behind four children and eight grandchildren. One of the dormitories at Tennessee State University was named in her honor.


Of my Goodreads goal of 150 books I have managed exactly seven. I tend to read multiple books at a time so it takes me a while to finish them all. My to be read shelf looks something like this. A day late Day 11 of the May challenge by @journaling-junkie

Last night in Manchester we saw the worst and best of humanity.
The terrorist attack in Manchester, reportedly carried out by a suicide bomber, was shocking and horrific, one that deliberately targeted the young and vulnerable enjoying an evening at a music concert. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and loved ones of those 22 people, including many children, and those dozens who were injured. Their lives have been changed forever and our hearts are broken.
The response of the police and Manchester community also showed us the best of humanity: those individuals who stopped to help; who opened their homes, hotels and shops to provide safe spaces for those fleeing the terror; who offered lifts in their cars to take frightened children and parents home.
Terrorists seek to strike fear into our world and divide us. But they underestimate our strength, as local communities, as nations and as a global society. They will fail, and despite the intense grief we feel this morning for the people of Manchester, we will survive and thrive.
—  Lord Rabbi Sacks