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Anyone other than me noticed how thin Chuuya is, compared to the other three…

America is in such close proximity to many different languages. Spanish & French are huge, not to mention the many Chinese and Vietnamese languages that exist in abundance in so many regions of the U.S. There are also many Native American languages that can be embraced or at the very least mentioned in public education. (There is NO reason not to acknowledge Native American language given the US’s history)

Yet America is the one of the only countries that doesn’t actively promote multi-lingualism. If anything they look down on it as if speaking anything other than English is a sin on US soil. Like America has the potential to be a good mine for languages yet they ignore it for blind patriotism and conflate language with intentional diversion from the “American norm,” which God fordbid that ever happens


Collecting the harvest by Tony
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preparing for halloween. when I was a child a large turnip was carved to provide a casing for a lantern. today an exotic pumpkin is used. A jack-o’-lantern (or jack o'lantern) is a carved pumpkin or turnip lantern, associated with the holiday of Halloween and named after the phenomenon of a strange light flickering over peat bogs, called will-o’-the-wisp or jack-o’-lantern. In a jack-o’-lantern,

My Reactions to the Gotham Finale 3x22 ft 3x21
  • <p> <b>Barbara:</b> *touches Ed and calls him baby*<p/><b>Me:</b> *visibly trying not to gag* get the fuck away....Edward does not appreciate it!<p/><b>Lee:</b> *is once again a sexy badass, in an even sexier dress*<p/><b>Me:</b> Well, I guess I'm just dead now...I've lived a goo-well, mediocre life.<p/><b>Tabitha:</b> *is beautiful and badass, and does not deserve any of this abuse*<p/><b>Me:</b> Give Tabby an amazing girlfriend 2k17!<p/><b>Fish:</b> *is actually not going to hurt Oswald, but help him*<p/><b>Me:</b> Aww! What a wonderful mother and son dynamic-<p/><b>Jim:</b> *shows up and accidentally kills her, out of everything, that's what kills her*<p/><b>Me:</b> Are you fucking kidding me right now?<p/><b>Oswald:</b> *mirrors the scene in which his mother died in his arms*<p/><b>Me:</b> *literally forgetting about Fish's kinda ridiculous death as a whole* They keep killing his mother figures...whyyyy? *eyes slightly glaze over*<p/><b>Also me:</b> Get Oswald someone who doesn't die horribly in his arms 2k17!<p/><b>Edward:</b> *tells Oswald the reasons he would never love him, none of those reasons being that he's a man*<p/><b>Me:</b> Yes! My bisexual son!<p/><b>Also me, really thinking about what he just said about Oswald throwing tantrums:</b> Ooookay, Ed...but you just described yourself, so...<p/><b>Bruce:</b> *continues to wear offending turtleneck, also gearing up to stab Alfred through the heart*<p/><b>Me:</b> *having a literal heart attack* Oh, goddammit, Bruce...I swear to the jesus....oh my god, you bitch...I will never forgive you for this-*tears up*<p/><b>Bruce:</b> *stabs Alfred through the heart*<p/><b>Me:</b> *immediately starts to slightly hyperventilate* Oh, god fucking jesus...what the fucking-goddamit! I will never forgive you Bruce!<p/><b>Bruce:</b> *saves Alfred's life*<p/><b>Me:</b> Okay...*takes deep breaths* I'll give you a free pass<p/><b>Selina @ Bruce:</b> "I know who I am"<p/><b>Oswald @ Ed:</b> "at least I know who I am"<p/><b>Me:</b> wooooahhh! Wait a minute! Wait. A. Minute!!<p/><b>Oswald and Edward:</b> *end up back at the docks*<p/><b>Me:</b> This fucking show...*facepalms because feelings* goddammit!<p/><b>Edward:</b> *wants Oswald to so badly tell him that he still loves him*<p/><b>Me:</b> Okay...not at all slick, Ed!<p/><b>Oswald:</b> *outsmarts Ed*<p/><b>Me:</b> I'm proud of my son...yet also scared for my other son!<p/><b>Oswald @ Edward:</b> *freezes him to keep as a trophy husband*<p/><b>Me:</b> Well....but, he's definitely getting thawed out in season 4, right? *starts to panic a bit* That's definitely a thing that is going to happen, right?<p/><b>Ivy @ Oswald:</b> *is literally the the best sister ever*<p/><b>Oswald @ Ivy:</b> *actually accepts it*<p/><b>Me:</b> Yes! My children are finally getting along with one another!<p/><b>Selina:</b> *starts becoming the catwoman that we all deserve* Fuck yeeahhhh!<p/><b></b> I love you, you cat goddess!<p/><b>Bruce:</b> *starts becoming the Batman we need, not the Batman we deserve*<p/><b>Me:</b> Yes! Uuuughhhh! I'm 100% on board!<p/><b>Bonus:</b> <p/><b>Me:</b> *watches people complain about Bruce becoming Batman too soon*<p/><b>Also me:</b> Okay...but, stfu, because he's not actually Batman yet...he's just wearing a cape and a silly ski mask, calm down!<p/></p>

Comic book readers, 1947. by Michael Donovan

The photographer was Ruth Orkin.

Rohwer Relocation Center, McGehee, Arkansas. Miss Margaret Morrisy. Story hour in the first grade., 11/22/1942

Parker, Tom, Photographer.  Series: Central Photographic File of the War Relocation Authority, 1942 - 1945. Record Group 210: Records of the War Relocation Authority, 1941 - 1989

Professional photographers were commissioned by the War Relocation Authority to document the daily life and treatment of Japanese-Americans who were interned during World War II.  

Browse nearly 4,000 photos of Japanese American relocation and internment in the Central Photographic File of the War Relocation Authority in the @usnatarchives online catalog.

More Resources Commemorating the 75th Anniversary of Japanese American Internment at the National Archives

Things Which Have Made Me A Woman:

* Being born with a vagina
* Being told when I was 5 that I shouldn’t cut my hair because boys like long hair
* Learning about menstruation in girl
scouts when I was 7, and being told to “make it a game that no one knows you’re on your period” and being given hints on how to hide pads and tampons.
* Learning about fitness in Girl Scouts when I was 7 and being told that abdominal workouts were extra important because we would need the muscles to help us give birth
* Getting my period when I was 10 and not being allowed to carry a purse, being told “the boys would know anyway”
* Being taught brainsex when I was 12, and believing I was hard wired for empathy and communication instead of critical thinking and science for the next decade
* Being advised against femle condoms at 12 in sex ed because men thought ‘it felt like making love to a bread bag’
* Being told I was disgusting for not wearing a clearly not needed bra when I was 13.
* Being taught that, prior to the 60’s, women had contributed nothing to science or the military
* Being told by my father that my clothes were too revealing and I wore too much makeup at age 13
* Watching my best friend sob in the bathroom because her boyfriend had slammed her head into a locker as a ‘joke’ and had been told 'boys will be boys’ by the teacher at 14
* Hearing that the security guard of our high school had sex with a freshman and the general reaction being 'omg what a slut!’
* Being asked by random boys nearly every Thursday when I was 15 if I was wearing a thong for thong Thursday
* Beating the boys in an obstacle course in PE at 16 and being told I was gross because of it
* Being told I wasn’t dressing nicely enough or wearing enough makeup by my father
* Helping friends through pregnancy scares when I was 17
* Having my own pregnancy scares when I was 17
* Being stuck babysitting my friends infant at a party while my bf had fun, never swapping out with me as promised because he 'knew I liked it’ at 18.
* Having my first Pap smear at 18 and being in pain and scared
* Succeeding in work and being told that I was only recognized and promoted because I was female at 20
* Being convinced not to leave my cheating boyfriend because 'men need an adjustment period’ when I was 21
* My co workers and bosses joking about raping me at 21
* Winning an award and being told it was only because I was a woman, and that is never really earned it at 22
* Male co workers becoming irate when I mentioned I don’t want children at 22
* Being told it was wrong of me to know martial arts and be proud of it because 'no man likes that!’ By my boyfriend at 22
* My boyfriend complaining about doing housework and trying to push it off on me despite the fact that I work longer hours and already do most of it at 23

Things Which Have Not Made Me A Woman:

*Wearing makeup
*Wearing dresses
*Acting submissive
*Having long hair

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According to Rise of the Ogre, Noodle was one of 23 test subjects in a secret child super soldier program run by the Japanese government. When the project was shut down, the other 22 children were disposed of.

(I am not a character designer and I rarely make OCs, so this was quite the challenge. Also my first real all digital piece! I’m still getting the hang of it.)


Of my Goodreads goal of 150 books I have managed exactly seven. I tend to read multiple books at a time so it takes me a while to finish them all. My to be read shelf looks something like this. A day late Day 11 of the May challenge by @journaling-junkie


Duchessofostergotlands’ favourite royal moments of 2017: Part 2/4

  • Princess Charlene visits a school in her native South Africa and showed her softer side, holding hands and dancing with the children- 22/4/17
  • Proving she’s the coolest child in the world, Princess Estelle attends a Kiss concert rocking the band’s signature face paint- 6/5/17
  • Crown Prince Haakon shaves off his beard mid way through his parents’ birthday banquet to make them laugh!- 9/5/17
  • At her sister’s wedding, the Duchess of Cambridge had the difficult job of wrangling the children! When she told daughter Charlotte to shush the little cutie copied her mummy with a finger to her lips- 20/5/17
  • When Prince Oscar ran off during a reception with the ice hockey team, his big sister chased him and carried him back to finish the job- 22/5/17
  • As Crown Princess Victoria and Crown Princess Mary left a shop following an official engagement the alarms went off, prompting Victoria to assure the press that they “didn’t steal anything”- 30/5/17
  • Princess Madeleine celebrated her birthday in London without her extended family but her sweet daughter Leonore raised her spirits by presenting her with a flower as a gift-  10/6/17
  • Little Charlotte and George are the world’s most enthusiastic wavers at Trooping the Colour, much to their parents’ amusement- 17/6/17
  • The Swedish Princely family play together in the sea during a holiday in St Tropez, with Sofia pulling faces to make her baby boy giggle- 25/6/17

Queens consort of England: Catherine Parr

Catherine Parr was the eldest daughter of Sir Thomas Parr and his wife Maud Green, both of whom were at the court of Henry VIII in his early reign. Maud was a lady-in-waiting to Queen Catherine of Aragon and named her daughter, born in 1512, after her. So, Henry VIII’s last wife was named after his first. Thomas Parr died in November 1517, leaving his three children, William, Catherine and Anne in the care of their mother. Maud managed the children’s education and the family estates and must have left an impression on her daughter of the greater role an independent woman could have in society. The education that Maud arranged for the children was similar to that of other noble figures of the time and at least in the case of Katherine, it ignited a life-long passion for learning. She was fluent in French, Latin and Italian and began learning Spanish when she was Queen.

Catherine Parr’s first marriage was to Edward Borough, the son of Thomas, third Baron Borough of Gainsborough in 1529 when she was 17 years old. Edward died only a few years later, probably in early 1533. It was during this marriage that Catherine’s mother Maud died, in December 1531. Catherine’s second marriage was to John Neville, third Baron Latimer of Snape Castle in Yorkshire, whom she married in the summer of 1534 when he was 41 and she was 22. Latimer had two children from his previous marriages so Catherine also became a stepmother for the first time. During the Pilgrimage of Grace a rebel mob forced Latimer to join them and later took Catherine and her stepchildren hostage at the castle. Latimer was able to eventually secure their freedom and managed to escape arrest for his associations with the rebellion after it was finally put down.

Catherine’s ailing husband died in March 1543, leaving her a widow for the second time, now at the age of 31. It was around this time that Catherine was noticed by not only the King, but also Thomas Seymour, brother of the late Queen Jane Seymour. Catherine expressed her desire to marry Thomas Seymour after Latimer’s death, but the King’s request for her hand was one that Catherine felt it was her duty to accept. Catherine and Henry VIII were married on July 12th in the Queen’s closet at Hampton Court Palace in a small ceremony attended by about 20 people.

Catherine was interested in the reformed faith, making her enemies with the conservatives of Henry’s court. It was Catherine’s influence with the King and the Henry’s failing health that led to a plot against her in 1546 by the conservative faction. Katherine and her ladies were known to have had banned books which was grounds for arrest and execution on charges of heresy. To gain evidence against the Queen, Anne Askew, a well-known and active Protestant, was questioned and tortured, but refused to recant her faith or give evidence against Catherine and her ladies. However, there was enough other evidence against the Queen to issue a warrant for her arrest. The warrant was accidentally dropped and someone loyal to the Queen saw it and then quickly told her about it. This is a well-documented incident that has made its way into many historical fiction accounts. Sometimes the history itself is the best drama! After learning of the arrest warrant, Catherine was said to be very ill, either as a ruse to stall or from a genuine panic attack. Henry went to see her and chastised her for her outspokenness about the reformed religion and his feeling that she was forgetting her place by instructing him on such matters. Catherine’s response in her defense was that she was only arguing with him on these issues so she could be instructed by him, and to take his mind off other troubles. Playing to Henry’s ego no doubt helped and Catherine was forgiven.

Catherine was close with all three of her stepchildren as Henry’s wife and was personally involved in the educational program of the younger two, Elizabeth and Edward. She was also a patron of the arts and music. Catherine’s own learning and academic achievements, as alluded to previously, were impressive, and in 1545, her book “Prayers or Meditations” became the first work published by an English Queen under her own name. Another book, “The Lamentation of a Sinner”, was published after Henry VIII’s death.

Henry VIII died in January 1547 and Catherine had probably expected to play some role in the regency for the new nine-year-old king, Edward VI, but this was not to be. Only a few months after Henry’s death, Catherine secretly married Thomas Seymour, but the quickness and secret nature of the union caused a scandal. Catherine was still able to take guardianship of Princess Elizabeth and Seymour purchased the wardship of the king’s cousin, Lady Jane Grey. It was during this time that the rumors of a relationship between Elizabeth and Seymour  arose and Elizabeth was sent to another household in the spring of 1548.

After three previous marriages and at the age of 36, Catherine was pregnant for the first time and in June 1548, she moved to Sudeley Castle in Gloucestershire to await the birth of her child. On August 30th she gave birth to a daughter named Mary. Catherine soon fell ill with puerperal fever, which was to claim her life in the morning hours of September 5th.

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30 Day Spirit Learning Challenge

Some friends were discussing these challenge memes recently, and I decided I wanted one for my own purposes. So here it is in case anyone else finds it useful. This is catered towards learning the cultures of spirit civilizations more than learning about a general species, I have one I’m tweaking for the latter purpose. The questions were for my personal benefit, I kept them in case anyone appreciates the guidelines.

Please respect the boundaries of anyone who uses this and posts publicly!! Some people aren’t comfortable with others approaching races they’ve discovered and others might want to be given space for the time of the challenge. If you want to know something or approach the spirits, ask the person rather than butting in.

1) Introduction: How did you first meet? What are first impressions of them? Why do you want to learn about and/or work with them?

2) Biology: Describe their general appearance. What is unique about them compared to similar species? Do they have any mutations? What about natural weapons (venom, claws, etc)? What is the purpose of any special features? Does anything else about their biologies stand out?

3) Energy: Describe the general feel of their energy. How strong are their energies typically? Are they dark or light? Do they have any similarities with the energies of another type of spirit? What effect does their energy have on others?

4) Personality: What are common personality traits among them? Morals? Does their civilization encourage or discourage certain traits? What are their values?

5) Life Cycle: How do they reproduce? What are their life stages and how long does each last? How do they change as they age? What is the treatment of younger vs older? What is their lifespan?

6) Children: What is the relationship between parents and their children? Children and other adults? How are children generally treated? How long is a child considered a child? What is the development process of a child?

7) Family: What are their family structures? How are various members of the family treated, eg. is there a head of household? Who is considered family? How do they treat distant relations and family who is not seen often? Is there an inheritance system?

8) Friendship: Do they typically make friends? With who? How do they go about establishing a friendship? How are friends treated? How close do they become to friends? What activities are done together? Is blood thicker than water?

9) Intimate Relations: What is their view on sex: is it immoral, only to be shared between lovers, only for the purpose of reproduction, not related to romantic relationships at all…? How do they view various sexual orientations? How do their relationships form, what is their courtship like? Who do they choose for partners, or are partners chosen for them? Do they distinguish between types of lovers, eg. soulmates? At what stage do they consider children and where do children play into relationships? Is there any bonding ceremony similar to marriage? Divorce? Widowing? Is there any circumstance where they might change partners? What is the social treatment of various types of partners?

10) Sickness, Injuries, and Medicine: What are some diseases? How likely are they to become diseased? What is their view on mental illness? How do injuries usually occur? What is the social view on those with a disease, mental illness, injury, or disability? How are all of these treated? What are their favored treatments, eg. purely energetic, using herbs, therapy? Who are their healers? How are their healers trained? Are there different types of healers? How are healers treated socially and regarded in the social hierarchy? 

11) Death: What are common causes of death? How are the dead regarded, are some deaths considered honorable or others disgraceful? Are there funerary rites? What is the mourning process? Does anything special happen after death, eg. is there a risk of the dead rising in a baneful state? What is their view on the afterlife? How does this affect any funerary rites? Do they fear death or accept it as part of life?

12) Conflict: Is there often conflict between individuals? Between families? Other social groups? How does conflict play a role in relationships? Do they spar or play fight? When do they resort to conflict to resolve situations? How far will they take a fight? What are their fighting tactics? How do they view fighting, injuring another, and murder? Do they have other methods of conflict, such as arguments, shunning others, diplomatic insults, passive aggression, or anything else that doesn’t involve physical violence? What are some insults?

13) Communication: How do they communicate with one another? With other species? With physical humans? Do they practice any divination for communication purposes? Do they communicate their emotions well? Are they talkative? How do they introduce themselves?

14) Daily Life: What are their typical schedules? Do they stay within their own realm or travel elsewhere? What are their daily rituals, eg. mealtimes or a daily energetic cleanse? Who do they typically see on a day-to-day basis?

15) Social Structure: How is their society organized: a strict caste system, social classes, everyone is equal? Who makes up the bottom rungs of society? Can you move up in the social ladder? How is everyone treated? Do higher up members have more rights or benefits? Are there slaves?

16) Outsiders: How are other types of spirits treated? Are they allowed into cities? Are friendly relations ever formed? Can an outsider become a citizen or an honorary member of the race? Are they allowed to hold jobs? To form relationships?

17) Politics: What is the political structure: monarchy, democracy, etc? How are decisions made? Who is in charge? How are they chosen or how is the power passed down? What careers, individuals, etc hold the most power? How do they treat those under them? Is there political unrest?

18) Diplomacy: Do they form allies? With who? How are allies treated? Are they generally friendly? How do others regard them? What about enemies? What is the process for declaring war or an official enemy? Do they have enemies already? How do they interact with enemies? Do they fight large scale war, and if so how? What is the general opinion on war?

19) Laws: What are their rules? Are they concrete laws or merely social expectations? Do they expect outsiders to follow them? Do they enforce these rules outside their own lands? Are their laws related to morals or religion? How do their laws differ from common human laws? What are the punishments for breaking the law? Who enforces the law? Are they lawful in general? What is considered taboo?

20) Economy: Do they have a financial system? What do they use as currency if so? What is the gap between the rich and the poor? What items or services are regarded as valuable? Do they perform trades without currency? Do they trade with outsiders? What items or services do they produce for trade? Do they produce their own food? Are the poor cared for by the wealthy? Do they place large value on wealth?

21) Careers: What are some careers, eg. warriors, politicians, healers, magic users, scholars, educators, scientists, workers? What careers are considered elite? Can anyone choose any career?

22) Education: When are children educated and how long does it last? Does education continue into adulthood? Is everyone given education? What do parents teach their children? Are there school systems or mentorships? How are educators repaid? Who acts as educators and mentors? What areas of learning are standard in their education, and what is considered a specialization? Are they trained physically as part of their education or is it purely intellectual? 

23) Science and Technology: What is their view on science? What is considered science to them? Is it taboo or openly studied? How advanced is their science and technology compared to humans? What are their preferred areas of learning? How far will they take their science: are there controversial subjects, ethical codes, or a point of going too far? What type of technology do they use and how is it integrated into their lives? Do they have electronics? Vehicles? Do they share their technology with others?

24) Homeland: Where do they live? Describe their cities, architecture, and lands. Do they have a preferred environment? How do they interact with water? What other species live in their realm? How do they treat intruders/visitors? Is there a capital? Sacred lands? Monuments? Other things of interest? What is housing like? 

25) History: Record what you can of their history. Where did they originate from? How old are they? Are there any monumental wars, rulers, time periods, etc? Do they record time and ages? Are there any important figures in their history, heroes or villains? Do they care for the past or focus on the present? Do they have predictions for the future, such as prophecies?

26) Customs: What is social etiquette? Are there any rituals, such as marriage or a coming of age ceremony? Do they hold festivals? What is celebrated and how?

27) Social Issues: Whether by their standards or your own, what are some social issues? Are there any efforts to fix these issues? Do these issues create unrest? Is there bias against races, species, social groups, genders, or anything else?

28) Arts: How do they view the arts? Is great value placed upon them? Are artists, writers, musicians, etc considered valid or important careers? Describe some of their arts. Do others consider them to be masters in any of these areas? Is there censorship of the arts? What do their craftsmen produce? Do they prefer beauty or function?

29) Spirituality: What religions are present? What is their main religion? What are the morals and beliefs of this religion? What are their myths? Does religion play a role in their politics or social system? Are there fanatics or religious wars? What is worshiped or held in high regard? Are deities present, and what role do these deities play in peoples’ lives? How do they treat their deities? What are common offerings? Are there churches or shrines? Are there spirits associated with their deities, such as angels? How do they view the afterlife? How tolerant are they to other beliefs? Do they practice any other forms of spirituality? Do they practice divination? What is their view on fate? Past lives?

30) Magic: Do they practice magic, and what is their magic system like? What types of magic do they practice? Is their magic secular or religious? Is their magic used to heal, harm, learn, or something else? Does magic play a large role in their politics or social system? How are magic users treated? What types of energy do they work with, and do they distinguish between energy work and magic? Do they explore the astral?


In case you need a substitute day or want to do additional themes, here are some things I didn’t fit into the 30 days.

Holiday: Attend one of their festivities and describe it. This can only be done if one of their holidays falls within the time you’re working on the 30 questions, but you can also describe a birthday celebration, marriage ceremony, festivities related to childbirth, etc.

Literature: Describe some of their literature. If you can, record a short story such as a myth or folk tale. Good automatic writing practice.

Pets: If they have any pets, describe them. How do they treat their pets? Are their pets intelligent and thinking? Are they magical or technological constructs? Are there any illegal pets? How are pets tamed? Are creatures tamed for other purposes?

Fashion: What is their clothing like? Do they adorn themselves with anything, such as trophies or jewelry? Do they have body modifications? How does clothing differ between castes or social groups? How do they judge one another based on clothing? What do they wear as armor?

Gender: Do they have a concept of gender? Does their gender typically match their sex, and how do they view various gender identities? Does sex and gender play a role in their politics or social system?

Approaching: Are you comfortable with others approaching this species, if it’s something you discovered? If so, how would one approach them? What must you do and what are things to avoid? How do they expect to be treated? What are offerings to give them? How will they react to someone approaching them?


but… i don’t understand… why…when given the choice… why would you listen to Na Na Na … without the DJ Intro… like that shit … is gold … the future…is bulletproof… the aftermath…is secondary… its time…to do it now… and do it loud… killjoys…make some noise…i just…don’t get it… why… would you not… want that…what kind of monster….someone help….

Jaehwan — Christmas Duet

Wanna One X Mini Winter Series

Ha Sungwoon | Bae Jinyoung | Hwang Minhyun | Lee Daehwi | Park Jihoon | Kang Daniel | Ong Seongwu | Park Woojin

*Schedule for series has been adjusted and extended. 

December 22, 2017

Jaehwan X Reader

Word Count: 1028

It’s the holiday season, which meant volunteering at the Seoul Orphanage home once again! It was a tradition you started four years ago alone after volunteering at one when you were still in high school for community service hours. 

Why didn’t you do it on a consistent basis? It was hard to juggle college life, and the last thing you wanted to do was have a mutual attachment to the children there. 

December 22, 2017 — 12PM

“The children have been really excited since last week after your visit was announced.” Miss Yang was the main caretaker of the children ranging from 5-12-year-olds. “I hope that you enjoy your time with the children and hope you make wonderful memories with them again, Miss." 

You inhaled and exhaled slowly before placing your hand on the doorknob. As you opened the door, the faces of angels immediately turned to you and you were welcomed warmly with smiles and hugs. "Wow, you all have grown so much!” You began to ruffle each and every single child’s hair in that room and hugged them all tightly. 

“Hwan hyung, nuna is here!” Hwan hyung? You looked over to where the children shifted their eyes and there sat a man with a guitar next to him.

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