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Bound By Chains - The Final Chapter

Pairing: Eric/OC
Fandom: Divergent
Rating: M

She’s bound to a monster. And he has personality issues.

A/N will be at the bottom. 

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Just a reminder that these may be in Lord of Shadows, or Queen of Air and Darkness

Teaser #1

“Ty was sitting beside his sister, carefully tying several pieces of licorice together”

Teaser #2

Far below them the world spun by, a patchwork of summer-gold fields, green hills, and luminous, winding rivers of blue and green. It was beautiful, but Julian could not take his eyes off his brother. So this is the Wild Hunt, he thought. This freedom, this expanse, this ferocity of joy. For the first time, he understood how and why Mark’s choice to stay with his family might not be an easy one. For the first time he thought in wonder of how much his brother must love him after all, to consider giving up the sky for his sake.

Teaser #3

“You’re hurting her,” Ty said. “Don’t.”

Teaser #4

“Livvy would know,” Ty said. “She’ll know if I’m not here.”

Teaser #5

Cristina smiled. “I love you, too, Emma,” she said. “And maybe. Maybe I will.”

Teaser #6

“I’m used to people hiding and lying about their emotions,” said Cristina, “but you don’t.”

Teaser #7

This time the lightning that forked from Magnus’ hand snapped like a downed electrical wire between their feet.

Teaser #8

Julian still had that frighteningly blank expression on his face, as if his body was here but his mind was a million miles away.

Teaser #9

Emma nodded. “Good night, Jules,” she whispered, putting her head down on her jacket. He smiled faintly. “It’s morning, Emma.”

Teaser #10

I died inside. But I loved you so much, I could not stay dead. My heart beat because yours did. I breathed because you breathed. And across a thousand stars and through a million worlds, I found my way back to you.

Teaser #11

“You will ride with the Hunt again”

Teaser #12

Emma couldn’t live without them

Teaser #13

… since demons were once angels, their righteousness cannot have been completely overcome. Just covered up, hidden, buried so deep into their souls that they can ignore it.

Teaser #14

The clock chimed the hour

Teaser #15

“Wake up….wake up…”

Teaser #16

Cortana was like a live thing in Emma’s hands. Rage powered her.

Teaser #17

Kieran looked at him. He had what Mark thought of as his court face on, blank and superior as befitted a prince.

Teaser #18

The air exploded with a rustling, singing sound. Arrows.

Teaser #19

Kieran lifted up his mouth to Mark’s

Teaser #20

For your entertainment: A creature of the dark woods. Be careful, he may just want your soul

Teaser #21

Look in the scrying glass, she begged him

Teaser #22

“He was chained to a white oak tree”

Teaser #23

Heavenly fire changed me

Teaser #24

In the curve of her sleeping face, in the fall of her hair, in the shadows of her lashes against her cheeks, was a peace he had only rarely known.

Teaser #25

“they had hidden their relationship, exchanging messages with a raven as a carrier”

Hail to the King baby.

We start of with Klaw cuffed up and interrogated by Everett k. Ross. Behind the Glass is T’Challa and one of his Dora Milaje. During the interrogation T’Challa appears to leave a hover craft that drops him off to a waterfall area for some right of passage maybe. This could be a flash back.

We then see him in full garb taking out some bad guys. At 1:04 we get our first real look at Wakanda and it is gorgeous. Then at 1;08 our first look at Killmonger with a mask on. Freeing Klaw maybe for some reason. 1:19 to 1:20 we see T’challa before the UN and Killmonger unmasked and in chains.

1:22 we see what must be the Kings inner circle of advisors. then a whole lot of images that just make me want it to be February right damn now. This movie is going to be awesome.

what do you all think?


1:  Comptine d'Un Autre Été- Die fabelhafte Welt der Amélie Piano

2:  Amelie - J'y Suis Jamais Alle

3:  Amelie - La Valse D'Amelie (Piano)

4:  Arctic Monkeys - I Wanna Be Yours

5:  Arctic Monkeys - Snap Out Of It 

6:  Arctic Monkeys - Knee Socks

7:  Arctic Monkeys - Feels Like We Only Go Backwards

8:  Lana Del Rey - Bel Air

9: Lana Del Rey - Young and Beautiful

10: Conor Maynard - Don’t You Worry Child

11: The xx - Intro

12: The xx - Angels

13: The xx - Crystalised

14: The XX - Sunset

15: The XX- Infinity

16: The xx - Heart Skipped A Beat

17: The xx - Together

18: The xx - VCR

19: The xx - Basic Space

20: The xx - Fiction

21: The xx - Chained

22: The xx - Do You Mind?

23: Arctic Monkeys- Diamonds Are Forever  (studio version)

24: The 1975 - What Makes You Beautiful

25: Grouplove - Let Me In

26: Fiona Apple - Hot Knife

27: Grouplove-Colours

28: Grouplove - Slow

29: Blue Foundation - Eyes on Fire

30: Sky Ferreira - Everything Is Embarrassing

31: Iron & Wine - Flightless Bird American Mouth

32: Tom Odell - Another Love

33: American Horror Story: Freakshow - Angel Fallen  [Soundtrack]

34: The Neighbourhood - Honest

35: Passenger - Let Her Go

36: Dillon - Thirteen Thirtyfive

37: Lucia - Silence

38: Lucia - Me Over You

39: Ellie Goulding - Love Me Like You Do

40: Christina Perri - A Thousand Years

41: Christina Perri - Arms

42: Nirvana - Lithium

43: Lilly Allen - Somewhere only we know

Sunday chain #22

1. It’s me, says Bob as he comes in from the lock. And I can tell at once that there’s something wrong; he’s stumbling around, confused. It’s me!, he says again. His g-counter is silent. Dorit and I exchange looks. Mart on the door rushes to scan him and there it is: maybe his g-counter is broken or something but hers is beeping red within two metres of him. There’s no real protocol for what to do if someone makes it through the lock contaminated. Mart grabs the spare sheeting we were using for the lab extension and pushes him back with it, panicing. Lin opens the door and together they shove him backwards into the lock, where he falls over and starts vomiting. We shut the inner door. I send Mart and Lin for decontamination and we check the area. No-one wants to think about Bob.
2. We’ve lost three people so far, and so there is a kind of protocol in place for that. If you are contaminated beyond hope of recovery, you stay outside. The next survey mission, in the morning, collects the body and we take it home for the family. There’s not a lot you can see of the city outside through the protective glass. Just grey mist and the looming shadows of buildings. Normally when this happens they’re too far gone to struggle much. We’re pretty good at decontamination these days but you can only do so much.
3. Of course, the best way to come back safely is: don’t get haunted in the first place. Don’t provide a hook, a sense of familiarity that the ghosts can cling to. The city is so old, now, and so full of ghosts, that it can be hard to avoid triggering memories for one or another of them. Mart estimates that we have come at a time when the city had been inhabited more or less continuously for a period of approximately half a billion years. Even the time underwater, there were people here. This is why our suits have been designed with features that as far as we know humanity has never had. Those irritating inflatable skirts give us a silhouette proven in two years of field tests to minimise haunting potential. Sometimes the suits come in with g-count zero, even for a full ten-minute mission.
4. Bob is quiet, outside. I think that he must be dying, quietly, politely somewhere out of sight. Even if he were not haunted, we put him back out there without any oxygen. Quietly, politely, we eat dinner. We turn the lights out. Dorit, who is an interfaith minister, says a few words into the darkness. We try to sleep.
5. Why do this at all? The opportunity was there. We could come forwards, but only to the point when there were no people left. Maybe they were employing some blocking technology before that, maybe it’s nature’s way of avoiding too many paradoxes, I don’t know. We could come forwards in time but only to after the death of humanity. So we came. We came to find out more about the last people, to learn from them, to maybe avoid their fate. Because there were people here, not many people but some, until maybe a few years ago. The people must have been resistant to haunting, somehow. Lin thinks it was the plants that were the problem. At high g-concentrations the ghosts will latch onto anything familiar at all, even plants, and suck it dry of life. No plants, and give or take a thousand years, no oxygen. So the last people must have known they were doomed. There are ghosts up on the hill that gasp: are they the final inhabitants?
6. Anyhow, the next morning they bring Bob back in, and he’s stiff and cold but oddly peaceful-looking. And we put him in the box, the one that we have for these occasions, and I take him back in time, back to when we came from, and we inform the authorities. I phone the family. We arrange a handover.
7. We never expected the ghosts. The ghosts of a city a thousand years old are gentle whispers, almost invisible. I used to think that memories were laid thick in the streets I grew up in. I used to pass a building that had been built from the stones of another, older building that had fallen into ruins and feel a thrill at the weight of history. Where we went to, the streets have half a billion years of history. The ghosts are so thick in the air that almost nothing else matters. How many people in half a billion years? If you squint through the mist, sometimes you can see them. The gaspers on the hill. The grey ladies in the temple (we no longer go to the temple). The long man. The burrowers.
8. I pass the box over to the authorities, who will perform a final decontamination and pass the body on to the funeral directors appointed by Bob’s family. And only then do I realise. It’s me, he said. It’s me. In bringing his body back to our own time, we have let loose Bob’s own patient ghost. It has half a billion years to go until it can haunt him. But it knows where to find him when it’s time. And it will.

Gintama OST : 06 - Uchuu Senkan Otousei 

Gintama OST - Madao 

Gintama OST 2 : 17 Ah! Ore no Jump!!

Gintama OST 3 - Do you want to be a sugar doll too!

Gintama OST Banjiya Blues  

Gintama OST 3 - Night King Housen 

Gintama OST 3 - We’ll be together forever and ever 

Gintama OST 04 - 22. Chains of a Warrior

Gintama OST 04 - 24. ‘Tis an Honor!

Gintama OST 4 - 9. The Meeting with Shoyo-sensei -Gintoki’s Past-


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Finally! After six weeks of sculpting, painting, fine tuning and table flipping the first in my series of 80′s Nightmare Fuel Monsters is DONE.

Introducing The Red Bull!

He has a stout 22 inch antique copper chain that matches his nose ring; the chain uses a latch clasp. The chain can be shortened on request. True, he didn’t have a nose ring in neither the book or movie. I just thought it would be a cool touch. :) I think of it as a magic-infused ring that allows King Haggard to control the monster, much like a golden bridle for a unicorn.

His custom pine display stand is done in glossy black with a minimalist white unicorn symbol hand-painted on it; on request from the buyer I will add ‘The Red Bull’ in dramatic red script above the unicorn.

He can be worn as a massive elaborate pendant to go with any cosplay at an event *or* displayed on his stand as purely a collector’s item. I can only hope that one day someone waltzes up to Peter S. Beagle’s table with this around their neck….

His eyes are real polished moonstones. (Moon stones are a type of feldspar and have visual ‘inner fire’ qualities similar to opals.) The skullpture is 4 inches in length and 5 ½ inches wide, weighing in at 7.4 oz without the chain. The base is a naturally deceased American otter skull. All sculpting, painting and detail work done by me; I also processed the skull itself. This is by far my most detailed skullpture (or Skritter as I sometimes call them) to date!

The inner mouth, nostrils and eyes glow yellow-orange in the dark. (The glow comes through the moonstones!) See those cracked, gnarly scales? I etched those in with a needle. Thirteen layers of acrylic and a touch of oil paint were used to make him the ‘color of blood’ as per the book description - albeit with black highlights for a lovely charred look.

His teeth are a mix of raccoon, mink and otter. I recolored the teeth after processing to give them that minty fresh look you’re seeing. Demonic forked tongue? Check. Glossy slick slobber effects? Check. There’s even a few clear droplets of saliva hanging from his lower lip and teeth.

There’s a small round hole through one ear. Looks like one of those silly little unicorns tried to defend itself….

If you are interesting in owning this monster click the link below to have a look at him on my Etsy. A private sale outside Etsy can also be done; just PM me here.  USA  and UK sales only.

Silver Skull Creations Shop

an attempted chronology of the Gentleman Bastard Sequence

Okay so Fehrwight!Locke refers to the 559 cask as last year’s so that makes the year in Lies 560. And Barsavi has been in Camorr 22 years, and Chains tells little Locke Barsavi came 5 years ago, and with those three dates one can estimate almost everything. I’m assuming the Therin and Vadran years both start after midwinter.

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Layne blowing out the candles on his 31st birthday cake while playing around on Ron Welty’s electronic drum kit, August 22, 1998.

Layne and studio assistant, Élan Trujillo, who was assigned to help him.
Layne and Élan talked about video games and Trujillo showed Layne how to use the electronic drum kit belonging to drummer, Ron Welty (Offspring).

Photos: Annette Cisneros


Today in Music - December 22nd, 1990

Pearl Jam (as Mookie Blaylock) opens up for Alice in Chains at The Moore Theater in Seattle, WA.