22 boots

look alive, sunshine

you offered us the best you could, mcr. you saved us, raised us and loved us. we won’t forget you. let’s raise our ray guns and toast the band that became our personal saviors. it’s my chemical romance day. two whole fucking years without them and so many of us have made it so far. revengers, killjoys, bullets, paraders, we’re all one emo army. none of us are ok, and thats ok. lets spend today thinking about the people who understood us and made our personal safe haven in a hellish world. we gave them bullets and they gave us love. make some fucking noise. this is what they would have wanted. kill some fucking dracs, attend some funerals, do it for mcr. 

keep your boots tight, keep your gun close and die with your masks on if you’ve go to


£120 Eye cream that wasn’t even tagged was the highlight of this trip lmao

BOOTS: £22
NEWLOOK: £31.96
H&M: £47.96
M&S: £224.50 (whoops?)

TOTAL: £370.42

     “Do I have regrets? I wish I’d never smoked a joint when I went to boot camp 22 years ago. I wouldn’t have gotten kicked out of the military, and I wouldn’t be out here right now sleeping in the woods. I would be making lots of money as an aviation technician, or I would be retired. Or maybe I would’ve gotten out after five years, and gone to college.
     “But then, let’s say I didn’t get kicked out of the military, and six months down the road I get shot, or I step on a roadside bomb. I never would’ve met this one lady, and I never would’ve had my daughter. I never would’ve had a chance to sit out here in the bushes and drink a beer. Or maybe if my biker parents hadn’t kept putting alcohol in my milk as a baby to make me fall asleep, I wouldn’t be drinking today. But I wouldn’t change anything. You change one thing in history, and everything changes. If I had taken a different street just now, I never would’ve met you. Is there anything in your life you would change? Because if you change anything in history, it affects the whole world.” 

Statesville, NC


You spoke, we listened…

We got A LOT of emails and chats about the GO! price being full price, and customers wishing there was a discount for customers who just want the GO! guide and no apparel. So here it is,

25% off the GO! Guides this weekend only. Head to our snapchat for the 25% off code. 🖖 @ CRUSHwithUS

Entire store still 50% off

Crush60 is $22.50

Crush at home $22.50

Booty Boot Camp $22.50

APPREL is on the site for half off as well. I think a crop top ends up being like $12.50 and ¾ length baseball tee is $14

Thanks so much for the support guys. We worked so hard on this guide and the feedback is amazing.

I was at a fundraiser all day COOKING SOME GOODIES but I am back and will get to all your emails and questions RIGHT NOW! Then GUESS WHAT?!? I start day one of GO! 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 #gonnagetsweaty