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I love Marichat so?? much?????

It’s like, both of them are the side of the mask that the other is not interested in?

Like, both of them feel discarded and invisible and ignored by the person they love and somehow they have that in common even though they’re literally being rejected by each other (but they don’t know that, so). 

So Chat is feeling pretty bummed out by Ladybug not seeing him, and there is also this girl Marinette who is crushing on his civilian self so hard, but she is unable to string two sentences together when he’s Adrien.

And then he finds out that he can talk to her and get to know her when he’s Chat because then she opens up and is not afraid of being herself and she’s just awesome and he’s drawn to her for some reason and it’s so different from talking to Ladybug, because Ladybug seems to be constantly on edge and it’s hard to figure out what will irritate her, whereas Marinette is just pure energy and some sarcasm (which is always good and welcome) and

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And Marinette is hopelessly in love with someone she doesn’t even know how to talk to, and he’s so popular and kind and gorgeous and she just feels so inadequate and keeps making a fool of herself in front of him like, all the time. She might as well be the Invisible Woman when it comes to Adrien. 

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But out of the blue there’s Chat in her civilian life too, and she knows how to talk to him because he’s her trusted partner, and he tones the flirting down a notch and he’s not nearly as annoying as when she’s Ladybug (even if she could do with a 70% pun reduction, thankyouverymuch), and she can see that there is a person behind the cat, she realizes he’s a human too and not just a fighting machine. She sees the hero from the perspective of a normal person and that is new and enthralling and

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And they’re basically the gateway ship to 

a) The Reveal™ (because the more they get to know each other, the more details will slip…) and 

b) A romantic relationship, since they really need to get their shit together and learn how to talk to each other for fuck’s sake

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In that gif you can already see that it’s starting to work. Adrien now sees Marinette, takes the time to drink in details about her life even when he’s in a mission with Ladybug. ^

This ship has given them the perfect clean slate that can help them come together and really get to know each other well and fall for each other at the same time in a way that will allow them to build a strong foundation for their future relationship, because it’s basically them?? learning to love the part of the mask they used to ignore and dismiss??? finally reaching some very much needed balance and appreciating every angle of the other’s life and personality??? and I just love it? so??? much?????