dear future girlfriend, i may not be the hottest girl or ill probably never turn you on or take your breath away or impress your friends but i can make you laugh, make you feel wanted and sometimes i can be really cute. get ready for my corniest jokes, and my random laughs. ill try my best to keep you happy and smiling and hopefully youll do the same. im not the type to give up easily and move on to the next girl once i start trying i wont give up until its hurting me to the point where i have no choice, we’ll match go on dates, cuddle, do what girlfriend and girlfriends should do. ill take cute pictures with you, sing to you, and give you forehead kisses. ill be myself. ill tell you if youre being annoying. ill tell you whats wrong if you ask, i wont be lovely dovely 24/7 ill tease you and call you names, we’ll make memories. if were dating ill let my guards down and when i start to love you, thats when ill tell you. ill always care and love you. youll never have to worry about that.


Megan and I (Cara) are a long distance, lesbian couple. And we have been together for almost two years. Despite 600 miles between our homes in Ohio and New Jersey, we’ve maintained a relationship that is one of the most important things in each of our lives.

Regardless of our near full time jobs, and our determination, we’ve only been able to see each other on three occasions. But we’re hoping desperately to see each other this summer. And that’s where Tumblr comes in.

I’m not one to look for others’ help, but this is the last resort if I want to be able to go to Ohio this summer to celebrate two years with the dyke I love<3. So I’m reaching out to thousands of followers I’m hoping can assist. We all know the things Tumblr can accomplish.

Our FundraiserOur FundraiserOur Fundraiser

Indiegogo is a website where you can easily contribute money to, share, like, and follow a fundraiser, like the one I’ve set up for Megan and I. You have no idea how much it’d mean to me if any minuscule amount was donated towards me being able to see Megan again. Literally anything helps. 

If you can’t donate, please reblog this post to spread the word, get peoples attention, and help me get to Megan. The fundraiser is only 60 days long.

My blog: http://chaeronea.tumblr.com
Her blog: http://ijustad0reyou.tumblr.com

Thanks so much, <3Cara&Megan.