21st stage

I was listening to Cypher pt4 when I suddenly realized something…And I wanted to share it with you..so..yep. You’re welcome.


Chanyeol’s Birthday Countdown: The ABCs of Chanyeol
➥ Day 6 - U for Untouchable man

  • Well the infamous question has finally been answered!
  • Army: how did Jikook go from hugs and hearts in 21st century girl stages, to rubbing on chests and spanking booty?
  • Answer: Min Yoongi spanked Jeon, Jimin didn't appreciate the lack if consultation before hand and made a few tweaks to their part to remind Jeon and anyone else that, that booty belongs to him. Jungkook enjoyed the sight of his Mochi getting all possesive of him, and agreed to the change.
  • But this is Jikook.
  • So it quickly evolved from Jimin trying to mark his territory, to Jikook full on flirting, "subtle" on stage confessions and so much touching.
  • So there ya go, Mystery solved 🔍😂

c-cygnus  asked:


  1. the iconic backhug dancing at the new years’s eve party 
  2. when jungkook keeps repeating “i want you” to jimin in the middle of a photoshoot
  3. the neck grab/kiss at fansign
  4. this fucking thing
  5. q: “jimin really likes the golden maknae jungkook. why do you like him?” jm: “it’s not that i like him, i just think he’s really cute.”

bonus (bc i can)


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