21st stage

  • Well the infamous question has finally been answered!
  • Army: how did Jikook go from hugs and hearts in 21st century girl stages, to rubbing on chests and spanking booty?
  • Answer: Min Yoongi spanked Jeon, Jimin didn't appreciate the lack if consultation before hand and made a few tweaks to their part to remind Jeon and anyone else that, that booty belongs to him. Jungkook enjoyed the sight of his Mochi getting all possesive of him, and agreed to the change.
  • But this is Jikook.
  • So it quickly evolved from Jimin trying to mark his territory, to Jikook full on flirting, "subtle" on stage confessions and so much touching.
  • So there ya go, Mystery solved 🔍😂

Chanyeol’s Birthday Countdown: The ABCs of Chanyeol
➥ Day 6 - U for Untouchable man

Cursed Child Stage Door - 21st May 2017

Well, the stage door was complete madness, a big ball of brilliance and was the best stage door I have ever done anywhere. We had 22 cast members, Jack Thorne and John Tiffany all come out to sign and do photos. I cannot be more grateful to each and every one of them taking the time to do this when the line of fans curled round from the stage door and right up to the box office.

You knew Jamie had come out to do stage door because of the massive cheer that went up down by stage door when he came out. He and Noma then proceeded to run up the entire line and begin signing there.

Managed to accidentally knock the zoom on my DSLR, but luckily the photo of me and Jamie came out fine. He was impressed by my poster print and was patient with me when I remembered I needed to turn on my camera.

Noma nearly reduced me to tears when she spotted me. She told me she had received my gift and had loved the photo. That meant the world to me as she has yet to write to me.

My photos with Alex have never come out well and I usually cut the top of his head off. So, I demanded he squat down for me this time, which he did so without complaint!

Very happy to have seen Poppy, Sam, Paul and Cherrelle one final time.

Made sure to let James know how impressed I was to see him come on unexpectedly and absolutely blow me away with his performance.

Jack and John, OMG, I bloody love them. They are both just so funny. My best friend has JKR’s auto in her script. John and her joked around like they didn’t know who had signed it. Jack spotted it and I mentioned that the book had been at mine for a while and I could have refused to give it back, but me being as nice as I am, did.

Spoke to James about the upcoming cast, admitted I was going to be in on Weds/Thurs all due to my irrational fears over how good the new cast were going to be. So when I asked, he told me all he could say was that he loved his new son!

Good to see Jack N, Martin, Annabel and Barry. And finally got to meet Jack B and Chipo.

Spoke to Chris about seeing The Exonerated and told him I had brought the books available at the play. That led to a piss take of how big the stack of books I have waiting for me to read.

Stuart was the other cast member who nearly reduced me to tears. When he saw my poster print, it didn’t immediately click who I was, so I asked if he liked the photo I had sent and he realised who I was. I told how much it meant to me for him to follow my photography account and he told me I took beautiful photos.

Good to see Jeremy and Esther one last time.

Matthew decided to take the piss when I asked him to squat down by standing back straight as tall as he could, which led to Tom Mackley asking if I needed him to take the photo. I said I would be fine and Tom was impressed I took my selfies with him and Matthew without a problem.

Tom Mackley is just the cutest thing in the world.

As for Tom Milligan, well what a shock it was to see him with shaved hair. I loved it, but he told me Alex Price didn’t!

Shall be framing the programme and shall post photo of signed poster once that is framed.

The best thing about this stage door was, despite how emotional it was for so many of us, cast included, the fact that it was just so happy and upbeat that it left me in a really great mood and not crying over the end of the original cast’s run.

Both me and my best friend agreed that this cast was, without a doubt, the nicest, most generous cast on the West End, with each cast member giving as much time as they could to speak with each and every fan who was at stage door, night in, night out!

I will miss each cast member who has left, but I shall be following their careers to see where it takes them next.


                                                            … performing a remixed version of SHE’S A BABY by ZICO
                                                                                                and BODY by MINO

» (1:11-1:38 / 2:14-2:40) vocal
» (0:010 - 0:55) dance 

May 21st - Yongsan District Open Stage

he hears about the trc competition from a classmate on the day it’s announced, and there’s not a shred of doubt in his mind as to whether he’ll be competing or not - even if purely for the experience and chance to get himself noticed, even if he’s not signed, he’s determined to make the most of the chance. that very day he sets about picking music, asking for his teachers’ advice in what songs fit him best out of the few he’s got scribbled down on a scrap piece of paper he had to hand. 

within days he’s got his two chosen songs with the times picked out and mixed into one track (thanks to a friend who knows a lot more about mixing music than he does). from that point on he refuses all help - he wants to do this on his own; show his skill, and his skill alone. this is a chance to show what he can put together on his own at this point in time. 

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Cursed Child 2016-17

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[Comeback Stage] BTS - 21st Century Girls, 방탄소년단 - 21세기 소녀 Show Music core 20161015

hoodiejungkook  asked:

ok idk how many requests one person can make but i love your gifs and am gonna request so many. 1) a jimin & boy in luv era. 2) tae & 21st century girl stage(s) - if you do this one would you also tag claire (got7peaches)? 3) jungkook & fire. 4) jungkook & save me stages. 5) jungkook & dope stages. lmfao i'm a total brat xoxo just pick whichever ones sound fun to you, you're a beautiful person thank you for all the hard work you do for the fandom for literally no compensation love you ang

love u mel, tbh I low-key wanted to pick more than one but just chose an older era because I haven’t really done gifs for it yet

here it is