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Abeshiya Week will take place from December 19 to December 25, 2016 (JST). It will center on creating fanworks of the pairing Abeno x Ashiya/Ashiya x Abeno. Abeshiya Week will also coincide with Ashiya’s birthday (December 21st)! We’re inviting everyone to join and have fun! (o´ω`o)ノ

Please check our Rules and Guidelines for more information ε===(っ≧ω≦)っ

Prompts for each day can be found here (ㆆᴗㆆ)*✲゚*。⋆

If you would like to join and help us, please send a message ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Please reblog and help us spread the word! (≧人≦●)

We would love to see what people can come up with as a tribute for this ship! We will really appreciate it even if you do only one day. Thank you and we hope to see everyone! ☆⌒(≧▽​° )



Running from the 15th to the 21st of august, we invite you to take part in a celebration for everyone’s favourite gutsy gumshoe!

But how can I contribute, you ask? 

Simple! All forms of art, be it digital or traditional drawings or paintings are accepted, however, so too are playlists, fanfics, poems, songs, sprite edits, cosplays, and fan theories are more than welcome!! Simply tag them with #janeweek when you post, or @ this blog!

This isn’t about skill, It’s about showing love to one of the most endearing, strong, and wonderful, yet underappreciated characters in Homestuck! 

Monday 15th - Canon redraw/write! Any canon scene that features Jane can be chosen!

Tuesday 16th- Shipping! Any otps involving Jane! Bear in mind that your ships don’t need to be redrom; all four quadrants are accepted, and encouraged! Please do check the FAQ for our limitations however. 

Wednesday 17th - AU’s! Detective AU, non-sburb AU, coffee shop AU’s! Anything goes and we’d love to see how creative everyone can be!

Thursday 18th - Nanna! Show some love for a character who’s had to deal with so much; Nannasprite and young Nanna deserve some appreciation!

Friday 19th - Alt Janes! For all of Jane’s various forms; Crockercorp, Trickster, her dreamself and her fantroll self!!

Saturday 20th - Postgame Jane! Feeling let down by Jane’s treatment in act 7? You aren’t alone! Tell us through your chosen medium what you see our favourite hero of life doing in her new world!

Sunday 21st - FREE SPACE! If your Jane idea is so wild, so revolutionary that our other points don’t accommodate it, then now is the time to wow us!

For any more information, see our FAQ, or send a message! We hope this can be a great event for the fandom as a whole, and we hope you have a wonderful Janeweek!

Wildest Dreams - Calum Hood Imagine (Smut)

It was your friends Alison’s 21st Birthday party, she invited you and a couple of other friends to celebrate with her at one of the best bars in town. You and your friends decided to get ready in Alison’s house before and leave to the bar together. You quickly put some more rosy blush on your cheeks and fixed your red lips, as you run out of the Alison’s house with the other girls to the car. It wasn’t long until you arrived at the bar.

This was one of the most extravagant and expensive bars in town and it wasn’t a place that you would afford to come to often. It was really hard to get into this bar but since Alison has reserved you a space you were able to get in. The bar had two parts,  a VIP part upstairs and a normal bar downstairs. Only members of the bar and important people could get into the VIP part,  so Alison’s birthday celebration was happening in the bar downstairs. You, Alison and your four other friends entered the bar and followed a waiter who directed you to your table. The bar looked like a renovated palace, walls were painted white, the bar part looked very modern with a line of people ordering drinks. There were square tables around the room with white leather couches, which were taken up by fancy dressed people. Each table had a candle lit on it and you could see waiters carrying fancy looking drinks to the costumers. The lights were mainly blue and pink, the music was loud and there was a dance floor area on the other side of the bar with a DJ.

You sat down by your table and the waiter passed you the menu of drinks. All of you looked at the menu and one of the girls asked “So what drinks are we getting girls?”, you looked at the menu a couple of times as you said “Should we let the birthday girl choose her first drink”, Alison laughed and the other girls cheered. Alison ordered her drink first , as all of you order drinks just after her. You didn’t wait long until your drinks arrived, all of you sat there, talked and listened to music as you saw one of the staff of the bar coming towards your table.

“Sorry is it your birthday today?” he turned and asked Alison.

“Yes it is” she replied quickly.

“Well, I’m Adam and I’m the manager of the bar” he replied with a smile “Would you and your friends maybe like to celebrate your birthday in the VIP part of the bar?”

You all looked around at each other in a shock, not one of you knew anyone that have ever been in there, only people that were members could get in.

“Are you serious?” one of the girls asked.

Adam laughed and replied “Yes, I mean you’re 21 today!” he looked at Alison.

“This would be amazing, but don’t you need to be a member or someone important to get in?” Alison finally replied.

He laughed “You are important today!”. You felt like Adam was clearly flirting with your best friend.

“Thank you” Alison smiled and we all started to get up.

“Great! Come after me girls and I’ll take you upstairs” Adam replied.

We all followed Adam upstairs to the VIP bar, which had two bodyguards waiting at the door, Adam whispered something to one of the bodyguards and tuned around to you,  “So girls welcome to the VIP bar, hope you’ll have a great time and the first drinks are on me so pick the best once” Adam walked out to a different part of the bar.

The bodyguards put blue wristbands on your wrists with the name of the bar as we walked in. “Wasn’t that so nice of him!?” Alison said to you.

“Yeah,  he was clearly flirting with you” you gave Alison a smirk.

“Oh stop it, Y/N of course he wasn’t” Alison blushed.

“Yeah he was!” all the other girls agreed.

This bar was way more fancy than the other bar. It had the same style, but there was more space and the tables and couches were bigger. The bar area was surrounded by were elegant looking people. There was a balcony area with flowers all around. There was also a dance floor area and a DJ, it was very busy.

You followed the girls to the bar as you all ordered drinks and decided to go on the dancefloor. You danced to a couple of songs, when a group of four guys started to dance with your friends. They seemed to have fun,so you told Alison you’re going to get a drink and you’ll be back , which she agreed to with a smile. 

You ordered a drink and wanted to get back on the dancefloor and you saw that most of your friends were already dancing with someone and it seemed pretty steamy so you didn’t want to interrupt. You werereally interested in the balcony area,  so you decided to go out and get some fresh air. There wasn’t anyone there so you decided to stand there and look out on the city for some time. The view was incredible from there,  you could see all of the city and even the coastline. When you saw a tall, dark haired, handsome guy standing next to you. He was wearing black skinny jeans and a black band t-shirt. He stood near you on your right and took a packed of cigarettes out of his pocket. He tuned his head towards you and your eyes met.

“Sorry, do you want one?” he offered you a cigarette, his voice was really deep and he had a strong Australian accent.

“No thanks, I don’t smoke” you replied as you watched him put the packet back in his pocket.

“Nice, view isn’t it?” he asked as he looked out at the city.

“Yeah, didn’t know it was this beautiful here” you replied.

“I’m Calum” the dark haired guy introduced himself as he moved closer to you and smiled.

“Nice to meet you Calum, I’m Y/N” you replied and smiled “So do you come here often?” you asked him as he took a sip of his drink.

“Well, just when me and my friends are in the city,  we usually come here for a drink” he replied “Do you?”

“Not really it’s my friend’s birthday so she invited us here”

“Are you not celebrating with them?” he looked at you confused.

“I was until she found someone else to celebrate with her” you rolled your eyes and laughed.

“Oh I get it he” he chuckled. “What do you say we get away from here, away from this crowd” you felt him moving closer as you felt his arm touching yours.

“Like now?” you asked as you looked at his eyes, his skin looked and felt so soft and his hair looked so fluffy that you just wanted to run your hand through it.

“Yeah” he replied “Are you up for it?” he looked at you and waited for your answer.

You smiled and replied “Yeah let’s do it”.

He grabbed your hand, it felt so warm against your hand “Let’s go”. You followed him out of the bar through the back door. A black car was already waiting, he opened the door for you and let you in, you sat down and Calum sat down beside you and closed the door behind him.

You and Calum sat at the back of the car,  when Calum told the driver where to drive , you two talked as you drove around the city to his hotel.

“This is my place” he chuckled as he pointed to the hotel “Well just for tonight” you two laughed as he put his arm on your shoulder as you two walked through the hotel door. The wind made you feel really cold but Calum’s heat made you feel a lot warmer. He made you feel safe.

You two got the lift to the fourth floor, his arm was still around your shoulder. He walked with you to his hotel room. He opened the door and let you in “You’re such a gentleman Calum” you said as you walked into his room.

“Thanks, well I guess I have to be for a girl like you”

You sat down on his bed as he sat down next to you and your shoulders brushed again, your eyes met again.

“Y/N your eyes are so beautiful” he said as he ran his hand through your hair, his hand stopping at your neck as you bit your lip, he pulled you in closer and kissed your lips softly. His soft, plump lips touching yours as you kissed him back. He ran his hand at the back of your head and the other on your waist pulling you closer to him. You could feel his leg press up against yours.

You slowly moved away from each other as your foreheads rested on each other’s and you both let out a small chuckle. You glanced over to Calum’s bed and a saw a polaroid camera on his bed.

“Calum, we should take a polaroid together” you said cheerfully.

“Yeah let’s take one, should it be a cute one?” he took the camera and took his arm out ready to take a photo.

“Yeah” you kissed his cheek while he made a cute face for the photo while keeping his arm around your waist.

“Yay! That was so cute” you said.

“You are the cute one here” Calum said as he said the camera down.

“Stop it! You are the cutest person here!” you replied.

He brought his head closer to yours as his lips were again yours again. Your lips started to move against his. You brought a hand up to his cheek, holding him closely. Your hand went through his hair as your arms went around his neck tightly.

He pulled you up so you sat up on his thighs. He kept a firm grip on your hips as you touched his biceps and felt his muscles tense and then relax under your palms, tracing over his tattoos. You took his t-shirt off. You started kissing his neck as he moaned at the feeling. While leaving a trace of your red lipstick satins all over his body. You left little love bites all over his neck and collar bones while he focused on pushing you up in order to touch him where he needs you the most. You took off his shirt and pampered little kisses all over his chest while slowly rocking your hips back and forth. As his warm hands squeezed your hips tightly.

“You’re beautiful baby” he said “stand up”.

You looked at him confusingly and did as he told you so as he sat at the edge of the bed and you stood in front of him.  

“Strip for me Y/N” he said looking up at you with a smirk.

You did as he said. First you took your dress off slowly as you threw it on the ground. He gasped when he saw you in that black lace bra. You turned your back to him and unclasped your bra, knowing that you’ll tease him a little. When you turned around, he was closer to the edge of the bed.

“Stop all the teasing and come here” he said.

You walked over to the bed and stood between his legs. He lifted his hands and palmed your breasts as he then kissed your stomach and brought his lips down to your hips, biting gently at your hip bone.

He slid your pants down your legs. Shivers ran through your body at the presence of his warm hands between your thighs. He glided his hands up and down your thighs, inner thighs slowly approaching the place you wanted to feel him. He rubbed your clit slowly, teasing you, as you gripped his shoulders scared to fall if you lose your balance.

“Don’t worry I’ve got you” he said softly.  

He then pushed his middle finger inside of you, keeping his thumb on your pubic bone. He seemed to loved seeing you like this. You let a few moans. Your legs shaking from pleasure but since you were standing you tried your best to hold onto his shoulders to keep balance.

“Faster Calum” you said.

“You gripped my shoulders baby and it’s hard to move my hand fast in this position” he smirked, he took his finger out and laid back on the bed.  

"Come over here baby” he smirked and laid his head down.

You quickly climbed over him you kissed him all over his body, taking his skinny jeans and boxers of and throwing them to the ground next to the bed. You pressed my lip against his and he started to kiss you back.  

He grabbed your waist and laid you on the bed slamming his lips into yours and pulled your bottom lip between his teeth. You moaned softly.

“No one has to know what we do, right?” he asked. You smirked and chuckled.

He attacked your neck leaving love marks on your skin. He spread your legs even more and put your arms beside your body, making your head fall gently into the pillows.

He put his arms beside your head and thrusted his hips forward, entering gently into you. You both moaned together at the sensation as he picked up his speed.

“Calum” you moaned.

Your hands were running through his soft dark hair, his muscles protruding from holding his weight, thrusting forward and pulling almost all out, then slamming in again.  

“Y/N” he moaned as you scratched his back.

“Faster Calum please” you whimpered and gripped the pillows.

He intertwined your fingers and buried his head in your neck, as you felt his soft warm skin against yours. He rolled his hips into your, hitting every spot you needed him to. You were both covered with thin sheet of sweat your skin smacked together. You opened your eyes and looked at his face. his eyebrows were scrunched together, deep groans and moans were coming from his mouth.

“Calum, I’m gonna-” you started, but he cut you off.

"Come on baby, cum for me, I know how much you want to cum for me Y/N” and that was enough to send you over the edge.  

"Calum” you yelled wrapping your hands around his neck and your legs around his waist to bring him closer to you.

“Baby” he moaned in your neck, with a few more thrusts to ride your orgasm and to cum himself. He lifted his head and leaned it on your forehead. He came with a loud moan.

He pulled out and collapsed beside you with hand on his chest. You both looked at each other and smiled. You both laid next to each other, as you cuddled and fell asleep.


Next morning you woke up the next to Calum, he laid beside you still asleep. He looked so adorable when he was asleep, he looked so innocents. But you needed to leave. You got out of bed slowly leaving a soft kiss on his lips. You wanted to stay in bed with him forever.

You put your clothes back on as you found the polaroid of you and Calum that he took last night, you looked at it and smiled. You found a pen and on the polaroid you wrote “Say you’ll remember me”, you left the polaroid on his bedside table.

You looked at him for the last time and smiled. You didn’t want to make it longer as you knew how hard it was to leave, so you opened the door and left the room and took a last glance at sleeping Calum.