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SEPTEMBER 19: Tegan and Sara (1980-)

Happy birthday to Tegan and Sara!! The twin sisters that make up every lesbian’s favorite indie band turn 37-years-old today!

The duo’s latest album, Love You To Death, was released in 2016 (x).

Tegan and Sara Quinn were born on September 19, 1980 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. They were both musically inclined from an early age and began playing guitar at the age of 15. While still in high school, they formed a band called Plunk and recorded two demo albums using their school’s recording studio. They won the 1998 Garage Wars competition and used the reward of studio time to record their first album under the name Sara and Tegan, which was later changed to the catchier Tegan and Sara. To date, the sisters have released 3 full length albums and multiple EPs.

Both Tegan and Sara are out lesbians and have been heavily involved with various LGBT organizations and rights campaigns throughout the years. In 2013, they won the award for Outstanding Music Artist at the GLAAD Media Awards and performed at the Toronto Pride festival a year later. More recently, the two have spoken out against North Carolina’s HB2, the transgender bathroom bill, and performed at The Orange Peel concert where proceeds were donated to the Equality North Carolina organization. In December of 2016, the Tegan and Sara Foundation was created in order to fight for “economic justice, health and representation for LGBTQ girls and women.”


Ex-renaissance painter vampire in the 21st century embarrassed at people looking at their work from 600 years ago shown in a museum.

“I used the wrong brush”
“It’s just a doodle”
“I’m going to burn it”
“The anatomy isn’t even that great”
“Leonardo made me do it”


“For starters, there are people. People that I feel connected to, all over the world, that are innocent, yet they are locked up in prison. And they are trapped by circumstance or by things that have happened in the past. And then there are people without the privilege that we have and they feel threatened because they love a person who the world has decided that they shouldn’t love. It’s wrong. Terrible. (…) So am I supposed to pretend that I’m not upset? Am I supposed to pretend that this is okay? (…) This is the 21st century people, GET OVER IT!”

Endless list of favorite characters » Kala Dandekar (Sense8)

Imagine coming out as bisexual to the boys and Cas getting confused.

Chill, Y/n, chill, damnit! Racing thoughts. Pounding heart. Sweaty hands. Why was saying three little words so hard? This was surely enough to send you to an early grave.

No doubt about it, Sam and Dean loved you, but worry struck when the realization of who you were could change that. Honestly, though, it was (and still is) the 21st century. People are changing the norms of society. Get over it…but Sam and Dean were old school. They weren’t up to date with today’s culture.

“Hey, Y/n, snap out of it,” Dean laughed. “Lost you there for a minute. You okay?”

You managed a nod. A streak of courage ran through you less than a second ago, forcing you into the kitchen where the brothers sat saying, “We need to talk.” Now, those golden balls were shriveled up.

“Jesus, you’re pale as a ghost!” Sam exclaimed before shoving you into a seat. “Kiddo, what did you want to talk about?”

Well, screw it. This was your shot. As the Roman poet, Horace, said, “Carpe diem.” As your chest rose with a shaky breath, you closed your eyes. “I-I’m bisexual..” Expecting a horrible response, your eyebrows squinted down to your eyelids, but nothing happened.

“Really?” Dean laughed. “That’s what this is about?”

You nodded. “Why aren’t you guys freaking out? I thought-”

“Bisexual?” Castiel interrupted. “Bi means two. Sexual meaning intimacy. So…two partners at once?”

A loud smack sounded off the walls as Dean face palmed. “It means a person will date a female or male, Cas.”

The poor angel only cocked his head to the side. “And this is a big deal?”

“No,” Sam shook his head, “not to us.”

“Y/n,” Dean started, “look, this isn’t going to change how we see you. It’s just going to change the fact that now I’ll be seeing girlfriends and boyfriends.”

After a bit of silence from Castiel, he began to nod to himself. “Humans need to be loved…so I will find you a lover.”

“What? No, Cas, I’m-”

“What about the redhead, Charlie?”

The mention of her name sent your cheeks up into flames. “No!”

“The boy that delivered the pizza?”

“Oh dear god, no!”

“I am Castiel…You have me mistaken for my father.”

Soft, pleading eyes fluttered to the Winchesters for help but two bright smiles met them. “We’re proud of you, kiddo,” Sam smiled.

“And maybe we will call Charlie.” Dean smirked.

“What! Why!”

“Because she was the one who called it first!”

Requested by: @ohmystars30

OCTOBER 4: Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir (1942-)

Happy birthday to Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir, who was born on this day in 1942 and who became the very first lesbian head of government in 2009 when she was elected as the Prime Minister of Iceland!

After serving out a single term as Prime Minister of Iceland, Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir announced that she would not seek re-election and retired from politics once her term was out in 2013 (x). 

Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir was born on October 3, 1942 in Reykjavík, Iceland. She was born into a middle class family and grew up to study at a state-run vocational high school called the Commercial College of Iceland. After graduating in 1960, she became a flight attendant with the airline Loftleiðir. Over the years, she became heavily interested in the trade union movement and eventually became a member of the Board of the Icelandic Cabin Crew Association, the Board of Svölurnar, and the Board of the Commercial Workers’ Union. It was her work in the labor movement that lead to her start in politics, and in 1978, Jóhanna was elected to parliament as a member of the Social Democratic Party.

In addition to serving in the parliament, Jóhanna was also elected vice-chairman of the Social Democratic Party in 1984 and served as Minister of Social Affairs in 1987. In 2009, Iceland’s financial crisis resulted in the formation of a new government and due to Jóhanna’s high popularity with the people and her strong ties with the Social Democratic Alliance and the Left-Green Movement, she was voted in as the new government’s Prime Minister. This move changed the course of history, as Iceland became the first nation to ever have an openly lesbian head of government. She remained Prime Minister until 2013 and today is remembered for having lead the nation out of its financial crisis and for also having outlawing strip clubs across the nation, which resulted in many hailing Iceland as “the most feminist country in the world.”

Jóhanna and her wife Jónína photographed with their seventh grandchild (x). 

Jóhanna was married to a man named Steinar Jóhannesson in 1970 and the two had two sons before divorcing in 1987. After the divorce, she came out as a lesbian and entered into a civil union with her wife Jónína Leósdóttir, who is a well-known writer. Jóhanna and Jónína became one of the first same gender couples to be legally wed in Iceland after it was legalized in the nation in 2010.



So I’m on Facebook and this comes up. This is literally so disgusting. First of all, I am pissed off at “one issue…” like??? That is not an issue for every woman. Secondly, my mouth is on the FLOOR at these comments? Like it’s the 21st century and people are still cringing over someone else’s sexuality… y'all are no better than Trump IMO.

OCTOBER 8: Urvashi Vaid (1958-)

Happy birthday to Urvashi Vaid! The Indian-American LGBT rights activist and author turns 59-years-old today.

Urvashi Vaid’s social justice work spans decades and she has been influential in the areas of prison reform, financial equality for LGBT Americans, and HIV/AIDS activism. She was named Woman of the Year by The Advocate in 1991 (x).

Urvashi Vaid was born on October 8, 1958 in New Delhi, India, but she moved to Potsdam, New York with her family at just 8-years-old. She became interested in social justice activism at an extremely young age after witnessing an anti-Vietnam War protests when she was just 11. Urvashi would later go on to earn degrees from Vassar College and Northeastern University School of Law. It was while attending Northeastern that she created the Boston Lesbian/Gay Political Alliance, a group dedicated to advocating for local political candidates who support the Boston lesbian and gay community.

Urvashi photographed with her partner, Kate Clinton, in 2015 (x). 

She burst onto the larger radar of LGBT activism in 1995 with the publication of her book Virtual Equality: The Mainstreaming of Gay and Lesbian Liberation, which won a Stonewall Book Award in 1996.  Her most recent book, Irresistible Revolution: Confronting Race, Class and the Assumptions of LGBT Politics, was just released in 2012 and continues the conversation of LGBT equality relationship with racial and class equality in America. Urvashi is the CEO of her own company called Vaid Group LLC, and also runs LPAC, the very first lesbian SuperPAC. She has been named one of the 50 most influential LGBT people in the United States by Out Magazine and currently lives in Massachusetts with her partner, comedian Kate Clinton.


She Do This Often

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 1,900 (I have a problem, haha)

Request: Bucky just doesn’t like the songs of the 21st century. (part 2 here)

Warnings: It’s based off The Weeknd - Often, so language, obviously! 

A/N: Hello babes! the first request is here, this one was requested by the lovely @suchabigmesss, hope you enjoy, hun! Also, definitely listen to The Weeknd - Often while reading this one, I promise it makes it better. Hope you enjoy! lots of love to you all!  

There were many things that baffled Bucky about the 21st century: the rude behavior people had adapted to, the selfishness, the way men spoke to women, how women were spoken about and especially the nonexistent filter regarding physical intimacy, especially when it came to the songs in this century. 

The concept of dirty talk wasn’t a new one for Bucky, really, it wasn’t. But what was said and done in the privacy of the bedroom was one thing, saying the words out loud, for the whole world to hear, was a whole other thing.

Bucky grimaced at the song playing on the television and turned it off. Lying back down on his bed he let out a deep sigh. All the Avengers were out on a mission which Bucky had decided to skip. He hadn’t been feeling completely healed after the injury he sustained on the last mission and no one had obliged to the fact that he didn’t want to go. He had quickly regretted not tagging along anyway as boredom overtook him.

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Past the Point of No Return

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Summary:  You are Tony Stark’s party planner. After presenting this year’s Masquerade-themed Halloween gala, you and Loki have some words. He disapproves and undermines your ‘silly midgardian masquerade’ and tells you he’s not going. The night of everything is put together, and you meet a stranger that looks quite familiar to you.

Words: 2778

Read on Ao3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/12336300

“And we’ll be inviting the usual guests plus anyone you request, of course, Mr. Stark,” you said, nodding your head to your boss, Tony Stark.

“Put the Queen of England on the list,” Tony joked. Pepper responded with an eye roll. “She’ll have a good ol’ time with us.”

“Ignore him,” Pepper replied. “This year’s Halloween Gala looks incredible, Y/N, thank you.” Pepper almost always praised your work as Tony’s personal party planner. You had worked on a couple of his parties with a company you loathed. Tony hired you on because he admired your attention to detail.

“I agree. Great work,” he smiled at you. “Very different from anything we have ever done.”

Out of the corner of your eye, you spied two brothers walking in. Thor held a large traveler’s mug in his hand. He sipped at whatever was inside, and walked towards Tony. His brother, Loki, followed. Loki held a copy of Frankenstein in his hand. You silently nodded to yourself, admiring that Loki was reading Earth’s classic books.

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“In the 21st century, people awoke from the American dream. Years of consumption lead to shortages of every major resource. The entire world unraveled. Peace became a distant memory. It is now the year 2077. We stand on the brink of total war, and I am afraid. For myself, for my wife, for my infant son - because if my time in the army taught me one thing: it’s that war, war never changes.”

Unusual passion.

Word count: 1.645

Request: Yes

Warnings: Violence and pouts

“How are you doing it?”, “You are a girl! It isn’t right!”, “Is your boyfriend afraid of you?” were questions often thrown at you because of your peculiar hobby. Well, according to you, it wasn’t peculiar at all. What’s wrong with a girl loving boxing? Nothing. Maybe you were the only one thinking like that because other people, especially girls, were looking at you like you had three heads. Boys, on the other hand, were fascinated by your courage and determination but there would always be some who would feel intimidated.

One boy though, who was completely content with that activity of yours, was the exception. When Harry found out you were working out in the gym, he thought you were doing the usual exercises; yoga, stretches or the treadmill. When he had joined you at the gym and he saw you moving towards the boxing area, he was bewildered.

“Y/N, where are yeh goin’ love? This is not the right way”, he had chuckled at you and now it was your turn to chuckle.

“But Harry, this is where I am actually going. I am not lost silly boy”, you were so amused with Harry’s reaction that day, that you had felt a bit bad for him.

“Wait. So yeh are tellin’ meh yeh are into boxin? Damn Y/N”, he said and looked at you.

“Go on. You can say that it is not meant for girls and that I am an alien or something. I have heard those things so many times that I won’t be mad at you, I promise”.

“What? I was not goin’ to say this crap. Instead I am goin’ to tell yeh that I admire yeh. And I think it turns meh on too”, he winked at you and you moved closer to him.

“I am glad I have this effect on you. Now let’s work out”.

Deep down, you were relieved that Harry didn’t comment negative things on your sport because the only thing you wanted was someone who would be supportive. You were so bored of all those irrational remarks and you often found yourself feeling frustrated. Since when were people so judgmental? You thought you were living in the 21st century, when people would stand up for what they believe and for what others believe but no. It was another century of superstitions and prejudice.

The major reason why you chose boxing as your sport was the fact that it helped you relax. It eased your nerves. It felt good fantasizing the sack as the prejudice that was still present and you were the one who wrecked it. The sack felt like all those remarks made for you and you simply destroyed them; not because you disliked them but because they weren’t logical. When Harry had asked you what made you choose boxing that was your answer. Nothing else came to mind and nothing else was so close to your feelings. He was amazed. And he tried to show this part of you off the best he could.

“Y/N, are you sure you can eat all of this? Your plate is like a mountain!”, Gemma exclaimed and you laughed to yourself. It was Harry’s birthday and he had booked a table for four people at his favourite restaurant to celebrate.

“That’s true sweetheart. Your stomach will explode”, Anne agreed and you smiled at her.

“Don’t worry about me. I will be fine. Besides, I need protein”, you said and Harry grinned.

“That’s right. Meh girl has trainin’ to do tomorrow”, he said and his mom along with his sister raised their eyebrows.

“Oh what for? Stretching?”, Gemma said, picking up her fork and dropping it some seconds later.

“Boxing actually”, Harry answered nonchalantly and you started eating to avoid the stares.

“Really? Girl, I didn’t know you had it in you! Wow!”, Gemma said and clapped. You were glad she thought it wasn’t a bad decision and you replied.

“Thank you Gem. I really love it. And food”, everyone started laughing and Anne continued.

“It is so good you are doing something so different. It must be refreshing”, she said and her words encouraged you some more.

“You have no idea!”

“Harder!”, your coach yelled at you and you punched the sack more forcefully. Today was gym day so while Harry was lifting those bars, you were doing what you were there to do. Your coach was the definition of exhaustion. He never let you relax while practicing. “We have a twenty minute break for this reason” he would always say.

“One more!”, he yelled again and you punched. You loved the adrenaline and the rush you were getting. It made you realize you were a strong person who embraced their passion.

“I know you can Y/N! Punch!”, your coach persisted and you started punching a bit harder. Sweat was dripping down your face and your body but you couldn’t care less. This was the point of exercising after all.

Harry was finished with his exercising routine so he dropped by your gym area. He couldn’t help but look how passionate and determined you looked while punching and kicking. He did some boxing when he wanted to get in shape back then, but after an injury, he suggested he did something else. It was good to know you liked the same thing he liked some time ago and he cherished this similarity.

“Okay. We are done. Remember; drink a lot of water and of course provide your system with-“

“Protein. Okay coach thanks. See you next time!”, you completed for him and he chuckled. You knew what his next words would be because you had heard them so many times in the past they won’t leave your mind even when you pass away.

You grabbed your towel and wiped your forehead and neck. You were beyond tired and all you wished for, was a long bath and some food.

“Rough day?”, Harry hugged you from behind and kissed the top of your head.

“Not really. More like exhausting. I am really worn out.”, you remarked and he smiled.

“What about goin’ home, take a nice shower and eat somethin’? How does that sound?”, Harry offered and you turned around to kiss him.

“Sounds perfect. Wait to pack and off we go”, you said and Harry walked towards the exit of the small room. While you were putting your belongings in your bag, you heard a girl badmouthing someone. Her voice was coming from the next corner and you could perfectly hear what she was saying. Scratch that. What she was yelling about.

“She is a weirdo. I mean I still don’t know why he is with her. He is a keeper whereas she is a psycho who likes punching things. Imagine what she is like at home”, the girl said and you were sure she was talking about you. You lowly chuckled and proceeded to leave the place. You weren’t hurt. Not in the slightest bit. But she kept throwing insults and she said something afterwards, she would regret saying.

“I bet her parents beat her up when she was young and now it must feel like she is getting revenge. It doesn’t surprise me to say the least”, she said and you lost it. She crossed every line there was to cross. Who was she to talk about your parents like that? At this point, you didn’t care that she would understand you heard what she said, but she had it coming. You walked towards her and tapped her shoulder. When the girl noticed your expression, she backed away.

“What did you say about my parents?”, you inquired.

“Are you deaf or something? Since you decided to stay and listen to what I was saying, you might as well listen carefully. I said that they must have beaten you up. I mean since you like boxing so much, they must be monstrously violent and-“. She didn’t get to finish and your fist moved to her face. You were against violence, but when someone was rude about your parents or loved ones, you didn’t care. They had no right to talk about them like that; especially when they knew nothing about them.

“What are you doing psycho?”, the girl shrieked, getting up from the floor and holding her bloody nose.

“If I hear anything else coming from this mouth of yours about my parents, you will regret it for the rest of your life!”, you yelled and you were ready to punch her again if it wasn’t for Harry who had rushed to your side and was trying to hold you back.

“Y/N calm down baby”, you heard Harry say and as you were trying to steady your body, you elbow found Harry’s stomach. When you saw Harry’s pained expression you forgot all about that sickening girl, who needless to say had vanished, and you tried to help Harry.

“Oh my God Harry! Are you alright! I am so sorry! I didn’t mean to!”, you said worried and you grabbed your bottle of water and gave it to Harry.

“Drink a bit and breathe slowly. Are you any better love?”, you said and he looked at you, while drinking from the bottle.

“Yes, baby don’t worry about meh. Thanks fo’ the water. Are yeh okay though? Why did yeh punch that girl? This is not yeh Y/N”, Harry asked and stood up.

“I know, I know but that’s what happens to anyone talking bad about my loved ones. I will tell you all about it when we go home”, you shortly explained and Harry held your hand while exiting the gym.

“Am I included in that category as well?”, Harry questioned grinning and you laughed.

“Weren’t you in pain Styles?”, you playfully avoided the question and kept walking to your house with a pouty Harry.

This is the first time I find myself writing something like this! (I think we can all say so.) Anyways, let me know how you guys liked it and remember that requests are still open. Also, a new piece of writing is coming soon and I am so excited for you guys to read it! Thanks to that anon who requested this and feel free to send more! Happy reading!

There is gonna come a day when you all will need black women to come to your aid. Asking us to fix your mistakes and lead you into the right direction and I pray to god not a single black woman helps a single one of you.

You all are so fucking rude,disgusting and inconsiderate of our feelings, I’m just so tired of the shits. You all will talk about our skin and our features in the most disgusting ways possible, but still book your appointment at the tanning salon or admire and applaud someone recreating our look. You all will look down on us as burdens or being insignificant and stupid but expect us to protest for you, stand for you, protect you, fight for you. Y’all will treat us and talk about us like animals but expect us to not be angry.

I’m so tired of this “let me throw all my insecurities and anger on black women cause I know for a fact I’m less than but god forbid she continue to be a human being afterward” idea.

It’s the 21st century and you people still wanna use being black and a woman as a insult….

Fuck that and fuck you.

Creepypasta #1092: The Superkitchen

Length: Short

In the ruins of Detroit, they built a factory. A patchwork of abandoned auto plants and office towers, connected with a spaghetti tangle of corridors to keep the weather out. The Superkitchen, they named it, and even now it remains the largest food factory in the world.

The idea was simple. Instead of kitchens in every home, restaurants lining every street, supermarkets serving every neighbourhood, and farms crowding every countryside, they would consolidate all aspects of food production into one automated megastructure. It was a self-contained ecosystem and fed 11 million people a day.

There were vertical farms for fruits and vegetables, and flat factory rows of corn and wheat. Farming robots tracked along on the ceiling, tilling and sowing and harvesting, while maintenance robots patched damage both inside and outside. And if anything broke down, printers could churn out replacement parts in minutes.

Harvested food was shipped through the corridors to prep buildings, where seventy thousand cooking machines processed billions of orders annually. Ingredients funnelled in one end, packaged meals rolled out the other, each unique to the diet and preference of its customers. Then drones, buzzing like flies through Detroit and neighbouring suburbs, delivered hot food to precise GPS coordinates in minutes.

But the true genius of the Superkitchen was in meat generation. Vast herds of animals were packed tightly into its depths under a simulated overcast sky. Cows, lamb, pigs, chickens, and more produced manure, laid eggs, and gave milk, guided by robotic attendants. Robots bred them. Robots medicated them. And when it was time, animals were shepherded into a separate building where robots slaughtered them. The cycle was continuous, with meat sent up to the cooking machines as needed, and anything that went unused was recycled as feed.

Some criticized the process as genocidal. Activists chanted rhymes and waved signs, demanding that the everyman retain some awareness of how their meat was produced, lest they take it for granted. But by the early 21st century, 99% of people knew livestock only as the perfectly-cooked meals that arrived at their mouths, ready to chew. There was no going back for them.

So the Superkitchen was built.

Its architects speculated that, barring a major earthquake or hurricane, it could function non-stop for perhaps five years without human intervention. But the monstrous factory far exceeded their expectations. They watched as it operated error-free for one month, then six months, then a year. Their government declared a national holiday at 5 years. 14 years marked the end of hunger as similar automated factories blanketed the world.

Then, at 22 years, a plague. Born inside an over-medicated cow, the antibiotic-resistant superbug jumped to patient zero via a blue-rare porterhouse steak, proceeding to eradicate the human race in about 7 months.

But not the Superkitchen. With its self-replicating army of robots, it continued operating for 50 years. Hundreds. Thousands.

Breeding. Feeding. Slaughtering. Recycling.

Breeding. Feeding. Slaughtering. Recycling.

Breeding. Feeding. Slaughtering. Recycling.

Credits to: PunchMeat

Thoughts and Dreams

A Moon Lovers/Scarlet Heart Ryeo Fanfic

Goryeo Set - AU. Wang So and Hae Soo contemplate their impending marriage as they get ready to meet for the very first time… at their wedding. Fluff. No angst of any kind. Basically, what if Soo and So never met before, and fall for each other at first sight on the day of their wedding

“Do you know anything about him, Unnie?”

Myung Hee paused in the middle of packing the last of Hae Soo’s ribbons and hair ornaments in a pretty, carved box. “I’ve only met him a few times, Soo-yah. I know what everyone else knows.”

“He’s the fourth son of our King, grew up in Shinju as an adopted member of the Kang Clan, and has distinguished himself in battle,” Hae Soo recited. It was the same things she had been hearing since the King announced the marriage three months ago.

She knew there was more, things she had only caught in half whispers when she took lessons at the Damiwon with Court Lady Oh to learn palace etiquette.




“That’s right, a powerful man with two powerful clans behind him.” Myung Hee said in a tone that admonished Soo to remember that.

Like she could forget it when everyone kept reminding her of it. Queen Hwangbo barely spared her a glance when the announcement was made. Queen Yoo – Prince Wang So’s mother – hadn’t even acknowledged her when she had gone to pay her respects; and Princess Yeon Hwa threw it in her face that she wasn’t fit to join the royal family each time they crossed paths these days.

“I’ve asked Jung and Baek Ah and even Eun.” Soo said, naming the youngest princess, who most often were in residence in the palace and whom she had befriended over the years.

“Come here, let me brush your hair.” Myung Hee said when her cousin paused. Soo complied and sat on a stool before her. “And, what have they told you?” She asked curiously.

“Jung said he’s a good fighter and general.” Jung had said it in an almost detached, impersonal tone though the 4th Prince was his full brother. However, his voice held a hint of reluctant, begrudging admiration. “Baek Ah said he’s hard to get to know, but can be kind if a bit possessive of what he regards as his.”

‘Wait until you meet him, Soo-yah, give him time. He has seen and done things you and I can’t even imagine’, Baek Ah had added.

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APRIL 9: Kristen Stewart (1990-)

If you’re like me, you loved to hate Kristen Stewart in Twilight (which, let’s face it, is all around mind-numbingly awful), while (not so) secretly harboring a small (huge) crush on her (look at that, the old “I hate her so much” diversion technique).

And when rumors started spreading that she was, in fact, Not A Straight™, you sat back with your arms crossed, slowly nodded, and whispered: “well, duh.”

You may have guessed: today is Kristen Stewart’s birthday. The woman who has been described as Shane but for millennials was born twenty-seven years ago in Los Angeles, where she was raised. She started acting super early, and because of her schedule, was homeschooled throughout the end of middle school and high school. She already had several films to her credit, like Catch That Kid or Into the Wild, before appearing in what gave her international visibility - the Twilight franchise. Many criticized her performance, calling her wooden and too expressionless, but that didn’t stop her from making it into the top 10 on several “Sexiest Women in the World” lists in 2010.

Ever since then, she’s played strong, complex roles in many high-profile movies, and broken more than a few hearts along the way. Her sexuality was the source of many rumors over the past few years, and while she was reticent to talk about it for a very long time (which is completely understandable - and this is a reminder that no matter your level of fame or your sexuality, you don’t owe anyone an explanation about your identity), she did recently confirm that she wasn’t straight at all. It doesn’t look like she’s embracing any one label in particular, although it seems she jams pretty well with “bisexual”:

She found herself embraced as Hollywood’s most high-profile gay actor, a de-facto poster-girl for the LGBT community.                      

“Well, yeah,” she says. “And that’s been nothing but positive. I mean, it’s hard to talk about. I don’t want to seem presumptuous, because everyone has their own experience. The whole issue of sexuality is so grey. I’m just trying to acknowledge that fluidity, that greyness, which has always existed. But maybe only now are we allowed to start talking about it.”

“You’re not confused if you’re bisexual. It’s not confusing at all. For me, it’s quite the opposite.”

Right now, she’s dating Stella Maxwell, and her latest movie is Personal Shopper, a psychological thriller that looks intense and involves Kristen smoldering a lot.


Don’t get me wrong, I dislike Courtney and what she did, but I’m so glad that she told Clay exactly why she was afraid to come out even though it’s the 21st century. I think people belittle coming out so much because “it’s 2017,” but I’m glad that they gave her some actual legitimate reasons to be scared, and gave her the screen time to explain them.

(But also like what she did to Hannah was unacceptable and I don’t support it at all, just wanted to acknowledge that we all do still have things to be scared of. But yes, she absolutely should have handled the situation better)

Two native americans (Apasrokes - Crows) on horseback outside a tipi in a thicket of trees; snow covering area. - Curtis - 1908

The Crow, called the Apsáalooke in their own Siouan language, or variants including Absaroka, are Native Americans, who in historical times lived in the Yellowstone River valley, which extends from present-day Wyoming, through Montana and into North Dakota, where it joins the Missouri River. In the 21st century, the Crow people are a Federally recognized tribe known as the Crow Tribe of Montana,[1] and have a reservation located in the south central part of the state.