21st century enlightenment

Untitled No.3

@emersonbarrettartwork I thought you might appreciate this. It did come from the thoughts I gained from your artwork. Please, enjoy ~

Let live the existential Age of Enlightenment. Hear ye, hear ye, a message from the 21st century revoluntionary. I present to you the deepest pooling depths of my mind. The newfound, newly written energies and intense philosophy of a new age fire within. My soul has been brought to its highest form and given its entire potential of self-seeking. I see you there, your eyes like suns of their own, burning for knowledge, hungry for answers. You won’t stop until you’re satisfied, and the fuel is poured on the fire within your heart. So lift up your body and raise your mind to its newest level of proficiency. We are programmed only to function and procreate, procrastinating our very existence and seeing ourselves as more than mortal. You are anew, allow your mind to seep away, to feed itself full of the embrace of this world, and further yourself into an existence of profound divine nature. Open your soul to the entirety of life and seek every crevice of life you can find. I have been given the torch of consciousness, and so I pass it along among ye who seek higher existence, who wish to let philosophy run rampant on sheets of paper. I give to you the very conception of your own edification, and sacrifice my very soul to guide your famished minds to a terrible, pure, magnificent energy of revolution among our generation. I present to you the nethermost minutiae of my own enriched perception of the sanctity of human consciousness.




This is happening.