21st century classical

Marianela Núñez in Swan Lake, Royal Ballet, Royal Opera House, February 2015, © ROH, Alice Pennefather.

Nuñez confirmed her indisputable supremacy as the ideal 21st century interpreter of the classic. Her rendition of Odette’s sadness and fear is something that should be recorded for posterity. So is the powerfully elegant display of bravura of her Odile, even though she too played a tad too much with the seduction mime.

Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s 2018 lineup will include a 21st-century interpretation of the classic Rodgers and Hammerstein musical Oklahoma! featuring same-sex couples. The characters of Laurey and Curly will be played by women, while Ado Annie and Will Parker will be played by men.

Same-Sex Oklahoma! Will Be Part of Oregon Shakespeare Festival Season

Headcanon Time!!!

Back in the Milky Way, Vic was obsessed with Broadway, and had substantial talent, although she was very shy about this and preferred to focus on more ‘academic’ pursuits. 

Fast forward to Andromeda, and she keeps all of the 20th and 21st century classics in her visor, occasionally playing them over the speakers of her quarters. If the crew is lucky, they can overhear her singing along. Liam and PeeBee sometimes camp out near the door, and they get Jaal and Vetra in on it after a while. 

After Jaal and Vic get together, he makes the error of asking her what Hamilton, a recurring feature on her playlists, is.

Few things get Vic visibly excited. Ice cream, cuddles (in private), new challenges get her somewhat excited. 

But talking about musicals?

Tora tries to warn Jaal, and fails miserably. Jaal is stuck there for three hours as his normally quiet tiny girlfriend is animatedly describing 18th century human politics.

He is afraid. Very afraid. Especially when she starts rapping Guns and Ships. 

But look at how happy Vic is!