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I’m Richard, or @you-had-me-at-e-flat-major , and I’ve been invited to @musicainextenso to talk about my own compositions as well as my composing process. Over this week I’ll be presenting 4 compositions. In general I like to explore different styles in my works, sometimes emulating existing composers, sometimes experimenting on my own. I’m afraid you’ll have to excuse the poor recording quality, all of the compositions I will present over this week use synthesised instruments in their recordings. That being said, I’d like to start with a piano piece, whose synthesised recording doesn’t actually sound half bad, called Cerfs-volants (French for kites).

My intention for this piece was to create an impressionistic piano piece based on the style of Debussy, and I chose to write a piece evoking the image of kites. The most difficult part of writing this piece was finding a beginning theme. In order to do this, I attempted to emulate some of Debussy’s trademarks. Debussy frequently used alternative harmony such as whole-tone scales and extended chords including major 7th and major 9th chords, which led me to base the introduction and first few themes on tetratonic scales (ex. D♭-E♭-G♭-A♭-D♭, bars 1-6) and major 7th and minor 7th chords.

The piece was written in a non-standard form: Introduction-A-B-C-D-Introduction-A1-Coda. The introduction and A theme were based on the tetratonic scale and 7th chords. The B and C sections serve as contrast. The B theme consists of various major 7th and later minor 7th chords, shrinking to 6th chords, major triads, suspended chords and augmented chords, all played over an ostinato, followed by arpeggios. The C theme is starkly different: it consists of very strong, ff arpeggios in C major. During this, the note A♭ is gradually added to facilitate modulation to Fm for the next section.

One difficulty faced was returning after much harmonic development in the B and C sections to the original tonic key of D♭. I achieved this by adding a slower D section of arpeggios based on F minor, gradually adding G♭s to facilitate modulation via an A♭7 chord back to D♭ for the recapitulation.

In order to prevent repetitiveness, I did not recapitulate much: only the introduction and a modified A theme. A coda followed: a series of arpeggios in D♭ and A♭7, ending with an elongated section of D♭ arpeggios with the pedal held.

Enjoy! - Richard B. ( @you-had-me-at-e-flat-major )

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Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s 2018 lineup will include a 21st-century interpretation of the classic Rodgers and Hammerstein musical Oklahoma! featuring same-sex couples. The characters of Laurey and Curly will be played by women, while Ado Annie and Will Parker will be played by men.

Same-Sex Oklahoma! Will Be Part of Oregon Shakespeare Festival Season

anonymous asked:

what would be the best programs for yuzuru, shoma, and nathan to skate with in your opinion? concept wise i guess like what matches with them and would make them shine ?

lol this is such a late reply but i really suck at coming up with music ideas for skaters most of the time

i’d like shoma to do something weird like “legends” again. that program stood out so much to me, and i think he never skated it to full potential; there’s a lot of space to keep exploring in that direction. i also wouldn’t mind if he did something softer for a competitive program like his “this town” ex. it’d be nice if he could do something about his facial expressions so he isn’t just glaring 99% of the time.

nathan’s good with traditional classical but i like the modern look on him even more. i’d like him to continue to skate to contemporary music, alt rock, hip hop. i think he’d be good with later 20th and 21st century classical music too. give him something with an unusual beat.

yuzuru…i don’t know lol. uh, avoid latin at all costs, i think he’d be terrible at it. i like when he skates to japanese music.

Marianela Núñez in Swan Lake, Royal Ballet, Royal Opera House, February 2015, © ROH, Alice Pennefather.

Nuñez confirmed her indisputable supremacy as the ideal 21st century interpreter of the classic. Her rendition of Odette’s sadness and fear is something that should be recorded for posterity. So is the powerfully elegant display of bravura of her Odile, even though she too played a tad too much with the seduction mime.


A Toronto 1970s brutalist modern home renovated for the 21st Century. Sculptural classics like the Norman Cherner armchairs, Eero Saarinen Womb Chair, Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair, and Sori Yanagi Butterfly stool, echo the spiraling staircase. And with Maarten Baas Smoke Chair, provide nice contrast to the interior’s strong and graphic linearity.

Architects: gh3
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Design Team: Pat Hanson, Anthony Provenzano
Structural Engineer: Blackwell Bowick
General Contractor: Jens Nielsen
Project year: 2006-2007
Budget: US $500,000
Constructed Area: 185.8 sqm
Photographs: Ben Rahn

It was a Friday night and Leo was surprised to discover one Jim Kirk still in their dorm room. Jim usually reserved Fridays for going out with his friends until late, so Leo was usually resigned to spending Friday nights alone with medical journals and a glass of bourbon. Which suited him just fine.

What was more surprising than finding Jim Kirk still in their room was the manner in which Jim was in said room. All of the lights were off and Jim was huddled in a pile of blankets in front of their small holoscreen, his head peaking out from his cocoon. 

“Jim, what the devil are you doing?” Leo asked in exasperation. “You do realize you’re going to ruin your eyes doing that.”

“Shh Bones, I need to hear where they are!” Jim hushed him, concentrating on the holoscreen. 

Leo focused on the holoscreen and realized that Jim was playing some sort of video game. A very old one, by the looks of it. The game appeared to be a shooting game of some kind, and Jim’s character was creeping around what appeared to be an abandoned building of some sort, with rubble and corpses strewn everywhere.

All of a sudden, voices started coming out of the screen. It just sounded like insane ranting to Leo, and then the lights in the game went out and Jim jumped as ominous music starting playing.

“Oh God, oh God, Bonesssssss,” Jim whined, burrowing into his blanket pile while somehow managing to be completely intent on the game.

“Jim, it’s just a game, don’t be such a baby,” Leo teased as he sat down by Jim’s nest. He really shouldn’t have been surprised when he was pulled into said nest and just let Jim rearrange him. Once Jim was satisfied with Leo’s arms around him, he went back to his game.

On the screen, Jim was being attacked by various enemies, all who appeared human but were covered in blood and wearing masks. The only part of the room that was lit was where Jim was standing, and enemies kept appearing out of the darkness. Finally, the fight was over and Jim was given instructions about where to go next.

“Darlin’, not that I mind, but what exactly is this?” Leo asked, nuzzling the side of Jim’s neck.

“It’s called Bioshock, from way back in the early 21st century. It’s a classic. See those people, they’re called splicers…” Jim went on to ramble about a city underwater and how it had fallen into anarchy and how his character had ended up there after a plane crash and now he had to find some way to get out. “And right now I’m looking for Dr. Steinman, who’s pretty much everything you’re not.”

“And that would be?” Leo inquired. Jim paused the game and turned to finally look at him.

“Well he experiments on people, for one thing,” Jim said distractedly, as he leaned into Leo’s chest. “Not a very nice doctor at all. You just like to stick people with hyposprays, but that’s hardly evil.”

“Mhm,” Leo hummed. “You wanna keep playing your game? ‘Cause I can think of a much better use for these blankets.”

Jim groaned and turned off the screen.

“As long as I can play it later. It’s not as scary with you next to me,” Jim admitted. “Not that I’m scared! It just gets a little startling sometimes.”

“Anything you want sweetheart,” Leo kissed the side of Jim’s neck. “I can’t think of a better way to spend my night. But first what do you say we give your eyes a bit of a rest.”

Jim just grinned at him.

“And just wait until you see the Big Daddies, Bones!”

Leo just rolled his eyes and dragged Jim down on top of him.