21st century church

Unfortunately for me, my biggest pet peeve about social media is the disingenuous virtue signaling everyone does. Imagine if a friend came over to your house, grabbed a soda from the fridge, sat down on your couch and said, “MEN HATE WOMEN IN STRONG ROLES IN FILMS. I DON’T THOUGH. I LOVE THEM. HERE’S A LIST OF ALL THE MOVIES WITH STRONG FEMALE LEADS THAT I LOVE!”
My reaction would be, “Bro, I don’t give a fuck. You wanna get some burgers?”

I don’t base my friendships on how outwardly noble and virtuous people pretend to be. This is 21st century church, this social media. This is dressing up in our Sunday’s best to show how functional and happy of a family we are to the rest of the congregation.

Except it’s 24/7, 365, endless. We don’t have a special social media day wherein we choose to pander to those which we think would judge us as heathens lest we show off our best possible selves. We do it non-stop. And it’s all fake.