21st birthday planning


Above are the exact photos I showed him—


1) Yuuri Katsuki
Dad, confidently: “Oh, I know him. That’s Yuri.”
Me: “Age? Country?”
Dad: “Japan…um…17?”

2) Viktor Nikiforov
Dad, while laughing: “Umm…Yuri??”
Me: “Ok, (laughing) age and country?”
Dad: “Kasakstahn…19”

3) Yurio Plisetsky
Dad: “That’s a…that’s a Jill. Jill’s 14”
Me: “He’s a guy…they’re all guys…”

At this point, my sister, who had also seen yoi, and I are laughing hysterically.

Dad: “No way…ok, um…Jerome?”
Me: “…sure, dad”
Dad: “He’s got a big attitude…that’s and Australian. He’s thinking about throwing a shrimp on the barbie right now”

4) Otabek Altin
Dad: “That’s-uh…Miguel”
Me: “Ok lol where’s he from”
Dad: “…Spain…he’s 19”

5) Jean-Jacques Leroy
Dad: “That’s Spain’s(referring to otabek) brother…that’s Juan”
Me: “Country?”
Dad: “England”
Me: “Age?”
Dad, without hesitation: “37”

6) Chris Giacometti
Dad:“Whoa, Justing Beiber 2008”
Me: “Name and age?”
Dad: “That’s-uh…that’s Justin, he’s 20. Like, tomorrow’s his 21st birthday and he’s planning to get VERY drunk. He’s gonna get…lit.”
Me, dying of laughter: “And where’s he from”
Dad: “That’s a Canadian if i’ve ever seen one…Mr…frosted tips…”

7) Phichit Chulanont
Me: “Name, age, country?”
Dad: “…Dora from Venezuela…he’s 13. And those are his hamsters, ee-nie, mee-nie, and mine-nie.”


Me: “So, Dad, bonus points if you can tell me if they are gay or straight”
Dad: “I’m gonna give you a little spoiler…they’re all gay…they’re figure skaters.”
Me: “Ok, you have a point, but still…”

Yuuri- “gay”
Viktor- “Gay”
Yurio- “oh it’s jill, well i guess she’s straight”
Otabek- “gay”
JJ- “gay”
Phichit- “…gay furry”

Me: “Ok, Dad, final and most important question. Are you ready?”
Dad: “I’ve never been more ready”
Me: “Two of the characters that are gay are actually in a relationship. Which characters?”
Dad: “Yuuri…and…um, Viktor???”
Dad: “BOOM! NAILED IT! that’s worth 98% right there”

I think it’s pretty safe to assume that my Father has very little knowledge of Yuri!!! On Ice. If he got it right, it’s most likely because of him hearing my rants😂

The Fight

Requested imagine based off of these bullet points.

Your name: submit What is this?


“It’s not that I don’t want to go…” you trail off and Shawn interjects. 

“Yes, it is. You said you didn’t want to go." 

"Shawn, you’re not listening to me." 

"I am listening, you’re not listening.” His response comes, sharp and immediate.

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hate ?

a/n: a nate maloley imagine cause someone asked for one. I rewrote this like 3 times and I think it’s still a little sloppy, so sorry if it sucks.

Requests are open always. Hope you guys like it.


Growing up in Omaha led to you meeting your best friend, Emily. Although she was two years older than you, you guys were practically inseparable. And then, her brother was your age, so you became close with him too.

Then you met jack and jack, and instantly became friends with them. You guys always had a blast together. Yeah you and Sammy would flirt and joke around, it’s just how your friendship was.

Then you met Nate. The first time you met Nate was when you went out with Emily, meeting Sammy and the boys at a club. Nate was there, and you two got introduced, but he didn’t even pay you any mind, which didn’t bother you. You thought, well maybe his girlfriend doesn’t want him talking to other girls.

And at first, you two didn’t really have a problem with each other, you two were actually super close. Like you two were closer then you and Sammy were at the time, but then one night at a house party, you and Sammy hooked up, and it seemed like since then Nate had a problem with anything you did. So it was just your natural reflex to be pissed at him. Everything he did or said pissed you off.

So you two have had a problem with each other for like 2 years now. At this point it’s like you two did shit to piss the other one off.

Now here you were. Out with Em, Sammy, the Jacks, Derek, Swazz, and of course Nate was there too. You guys were celebrating Sammy’s 21st birthday at the club. Planning on everyone getting trashed. You had pre-gamed before taking the uber here, so you guys were all already having a light buzz.

After a few more rounds, nearly all of you were drunk. At least you and Em were, being lightweights compared to the guys. You had another drink and took your cup out on the dance floor, dancing with Emily. Then G came up and started dancing with Emily, leaving you to just dance by yourself. But then you felt two hands wrap around your waist, pulling your back into them. You felt the bulge of him on your butt and flushed a bit.

You felt their hot breath on your neck. Feeling pretty good right now. Then they spoke in your ear, their hot breath giving you goosebumps.

“you look fine as hell tonight” he breathed out. His voice so familiar, you turned your head to see Nate.

The alcohol you both had consumed, making you forget about how much you two hated each other. You just started grinding on him even more. He let out a low groan in your ear, and the sound of that was enough to make you wet.

You two left the dance floor and headed up to the bar. You guys sat and joked around, ordering more rounds and getting more trashed. You started getting really touchy with one another. Like he had his hand resting on your bare thigh, rubbing small circles on you inner thigh with his thumb. And in return you had your hand on his arm, rubbing it up and down, squeezing it every so often. Or switching it up and moving your hand down his chest, feeling his abs through his shirt.

He leaned forward and whispered in your ear.

“you look so fucking sexy tonight (y/n).” making you bite your lip to fight your drunken smile. You pulled back a bit and looked in his bloodshot eyes. You both started to lean in and right before your lips met you spun and got up, heading on the dancefloor, swaying your hips as you walked away. You turned and looked back to see him practically drooling over you.

You started dancing and not even two seconds later, Nate was right behind you, pulling you into him so you could feel him on you. He started to suck harshly on your neck and you couldn’t help but let out a little moan. You felt him smirk, so you decided to break out your best moves. You threw your arm around the back of his neck, your dancing becoming much more seductive and sensual.

Nate let out a low growl of a warning. Something like “don’t start something you’re not gonna finish ma.” And always up for a challenge you turned around and looked him dead in the eyes. You bit your lip and said as slow and seductive as you could ‘who said I wasn’t gonna finish?”

Next thing you knew your chest was flush against his, not even a piece of paper could fit between you two, and your lips met. It was everything you wanted in a kiss. Passionate, hot and full of lust. You two pulled away and he grabbed your hand and started pulling you through the dancefloor. You made it outside and into an uber.

Once you made it in the car his lips quickly met yours again. He pulled you onto his lap and you started grinding on him. His hands on your ass and moans filling the car. Both too drunk to care about your uber driver having to deal with you two.

Once you guys made it back to his place you had barely made it inside before he pushed you up against the wall, attacking your neck again. Moans filled the whole house. Clothes were flying as you made it up the stairs to his room.


You woke up the next morning your head pounding. You groaned and realized you weren’t in your bed. You lifted the covers and saw that you were naked, and you saw an arm draped over your stomach. You turned and looked at who you were with last night. You saw Nate’s face and flashbacks of last night started to flood through your head.

You couldn’t believe you had just slept with Nate. After all the shit he’s said to you. After how much you two hated one another. I mean, yeah if he wasn’t such a dick to you all the time, you could definitely see a friends with benefits thing with him.

But he constantly pissed you off. You got out of his grip and searched for your clothes in his room. Finding your bra and panties you put those on and searched for the rest of your shit. You were looking in all the clothes that he had thrown all over his floor and you heard a cough behind you. You turned your head and looked to see Nate sitting up in bed looking at you.

“don’t worry I was leaving.” You said getting up. “just trying to find my shit.”

“well, here. Let me uh, help you.” He groaned as he sat up in bed, searching for a pair of pants. His morning voice, all raspy was enough to make my panties wet, and I couldn’t help but stare as he stood up, his back to me. His bare ass showing, and by god, Nate’s ass was about to be my new religion.

And it was in this moment I thought, you know, maybe he isn’t that bad. Maybe this whole friends with benefits thing could work, if I got him to even consider it. I mean, I could tolerate this. He wasn’t a total ass.

Turning back around before he caught that you were looking you searched for your clothes. But then his shadow was standing over you as you had all fours on the floor, looking under dressers, other clothes, cause let’s face it, his room wasn’t the cleanest.

After he hovered over you for a minute while you searched you sat up on your knees and looked at him. He had an unreadable expression on his face.

“well are you gonna fucking help?” I asked

“I don’t know, I might just sit here and enjoy the view.” He winked. I scoffed and got up off the floor and stormed out of his room. All my previous thoughts about me and him just flew out the window. He was such a fucking pig. Going down the stairs into his living room, I found my tank top that I had on last night, searching for the black leather shorts I had on last night.

I looked up at the stairs where I heard a door close and saw Nate walking down the steps a smile plastered on his face. He chuckled as he hopped down the last few steps.

“I’m glad you find this funny.” I huffed, searching the couch.

“come on. Laugh. It’s kinda funny.”

“the only thing I’m laughing at is myself. I can’t believe I did this. I can’t believe I fucking slept with you. God I’m so stupid.” I rambled as I still searched for my shorts.

“seriously (y/n) chill.” I lost it. I turned around to face him. Getting a good look at him. I never realized how hot he looked in the morning. Pushing that thought aside, I exploded.

“no Nate, don’t tell me to chill. That’s literally the worst thing you could tell me right now. I can’t believe I slept with such a-such a dick. God I’m so stupid. Honestly. I can’t believe this. I’m so pissed.”

“seriously (y/n).” he spoke.

“Nate don’t. You don’t get it. You can laugh it off with the guys. Banging just another girl like it’s no big deal. They’re not gonna care that it was me. They’ll congratulate you, give you high fives all kinds of shit. And they’re gonna sit there and laugh at me. Everyone is. Laugh at how dumb I was to sleep with you. They’re gonna think I fell for your games finally. And that I thought I was gonna be different, but just another casual hook up.” I huffed.

“WHERE ARE MY FUCKING SHORTS.” I screamed. Nate got up and walked over to the dining room and picked them up off one of the chairs. He walked over and handed them to me and stepped back as I put them on.

I grabbed my shoes and reached for the door, but Nate grabbed my arm and pulled me back.

“what now? Not done rubbing it in? trying to get me to stay longer so you can just remember this moment? I know you don’t like me Nate, for whatever fucking demented reason you have, but seriously? This is taking it too far. You had your laugh. Now can you please let me go and leave me alone?” I had tears in my eyes, but not letting them fall.

I’ve never felt like such shit before. I mean, it was bad enough sleeping with him, but now he’s trying to keep me here longer just to rub it in? I get that he hates me. I have no clue why he started to hate me, but whatever I did, this must be my fucking karma for it.

“(y/n) will you fucking sit down, and listen to me for 2 fucking minutes.” He said, and when I looked up at him finally, there was a look in his eye that I’ve never seen in them before.

I huffed and sat down on the couch as Nate sat on the coffee table in front of me. I heard him take a deep breath, and he was fiddling with his hands, not looking at me.

“Nate ser-“

“do you remember the night we were all hanging out back in Omaha. And it was like 1 in the morning, and the Jacks, Sammy and Em were passed out. But you looked at me a-“

“I said, let’s do something wild and crazy.” I smiled, remembering the night like it was yesterday.

“yeah.” He smiled, letting out a little like, half laugh, ya know, the kind that’s real quiet and comes from your nose? One of those kinda little laughs.

“I remember thinking you were crazy. But the smile on your face, I couldn’t say no to that. So I told you to come with me, and we ended up driving to the lake.”

“yeah. We ended up camping out.”

“yeah, we were totally unprepared. I froze my ass off that night.”

“hey, you didn’t have to let me wear your sweatshirt.” I defended.

“no, but it stopped your complaining about freezing.”

“hey, I was cold and your fire that you built sucked.”

“well, maybe if someone hadn’t decided to jump in the lake at 2 in the morning.” He laughed.

“hey, if we wouldn’t have jumped in, it just wouldn’t have felt right.”

“right. But uh, I realized something that night.”

“what was it?”

“god, I’m such a pussy for this.” He said, shaking his head, avoiding looking at me.

“what is it Nate?”

“I don’t know what it was about that night, but that’s the night that I realized I wanted something with you. And then we hung out more and I felt this vibe with you, but then I hear that you fucked Sammy, and that just fucked me up.”

“that’s why you started acting cold towards me?”

“yeah. I was pissed. I didn’t feel shit for anyone until I met you. I wouldn’t even think about cuffing a girl before, but then you just fucking come in and fucking change my whole mentality.” I stood up, I couldn’t believe this.

“seriously Nate? You couldn’t just talk to me? You had to fucking push me away. You said so much shit about me?” I was pacing behind the couch now. Nate stood up and stood in front of me where I was pacing.

“(y/n) hear me out.”

“Nate, you know how ridiculous this is. You coulda just talked to me? I was so upset when you just shut me out. You know how much bullshit this is. And all the shit you said about me? Seriously Nate? You couldn’t fucking swallow your pride and just talk to me?” I yelled, facing him now.

“What do you think I’m trying to do?”

“Now? 2 years later and you’re trying to talk to me now? You spent 2 years talking shit about me, and you expect to just waltz in and talk about it now and I’ll be okay and we’ll go back to how we were?”

“(y/n) you don’t get it.”

“No nate, you don’t get it. 2 years of constant shit from you, and one drunken hookup and now you’re trying to talk to me. Is this some sort of joke to you? Are you hoping I’ll forgive you so you can just pull the same shit again?” I huffed. I was so upset at this point.

“(y/n) I’m trying to tell you something.”

“what Nate? What are you-“

I was cut off by him cupping my face and smashing his lips to mine. I was shocked. What the fuck was this? I just, what the hell?

I pulled away.

“(y/n)” he breathed out, his forehead resting against mine. I pulled away and looked at him.

“I uh, I gotta go” and with that I grabbed my shoes and left Nate standing there in the living room, probably as confused as I was.

Cons of my #SlummerSummer2k17 so far:

- Jobless for the second year in a row
- Near broke for the second year in a row
- 21st Birthday plans to go New York/Paris/On a trip with friends cancelled
- Extreme depression
- Lack of self esteem and motivation

Pros of my #SlummerSummer2k17:

- Wandering around has given me ideas to start writing my prose for my dissertation
- Taking care of mum whilst she’s recovering from her arm surgery has strengthened our already close relationship
- Getting used to being more of an independent soul - it’s okay to be alone and not have many friends
- Growing confidence in my self discovery of who I am as an adult
- Realising I shouldn’t aim for ideological purity and accept I have faults but that doesn’t mean I’m not entitled to be who I naturally am and not use the voice I’ve got 🤓🤓🤓

(Feel free to use any way you want as long as you credit me.)

The Sunday of Vegascon was my 21st birthday and my original plan was to buy a J2M and do this for that op but much to my disappointment; they were sold out when I got there so my friend and I decided to make our shared cockles op be my birthday op and do this.

So I walked up first and said enthusiastically “Today is my 21st birthday! So let’s celebrate!” now what they said in response is very vague because all I remember hearing was my friend Taylor yelling behind me “It’s her birthday! It’s her birthday!” but I think they both said happy birthday to me.

Anyways, I had one bag with two balloons and Taylor had a bag with two balloons. She wanted to be next to Jensen so she immediately went to his side. I had the party hats and handed the green to Jensen and blue to Misha cause..well..those colors are only fitting.

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o13. Tell 'Em It's My Birthday

“Okay, everyone!” Selena shouted over the voices of the people gathered at Lulu’s in West Hollywood. The girl had booked out the entire restaurant for Harry’s birthday and right now it was filled to the brim with his friends from Los Angeles and even some that had flown in from England, all to celebrate his 21st birthday. She had been planning it for weeks, even while she had been in Atlanta the past week filming her new movie. She had the weekend off to celebrate Harry’s birthday and it had been a trick and a half to keep the entire event a secret from Harry and the press. “Harry’s one block away so we are going to shut the lights off now. Everyone get into their hiding spots and when he comes in, we’ll turn the lights on and then scream surprise.” She was excited to finally see everything come together, and that the other boys could be there as well with their girlfriends.

Selena had one of the restaurant employees shut off the light and she waited by the door until a black SUV pulled up in front of the restaurant. She hushed everyone and then moved to hide beside Niall, excitement coursing through her as she saw Harry walking up to the restaurant through the glass front door. A few seconds after the doors opened the lights came bursting on and everyone jumped out of their places, shouting surprise at the birthday boy. A chorus of happy birthdays and applause rang through out the restaurant and Selena smiled from ear to ear as she ran over to Harry to welcome him with a hug and a kiss. “Happy birthday, babe!” The entire restaurant was decorated with balloons and streamers, bottles of champagne chilling on every table as well as a table with four different birthday cakes, all with a younger photo of Harry on them. “Are you surprised?”