21st birthday

21st Birthday!!

So in about a half an hour I “technically” turn 21 years old. This is a day I’ve been waiting for since I was 16. I always dreamed of it, finally being a real adult who does adult things and can legally purchase and consume alcohol. But even though I look forward to all of that, that’s not what really matters during this birthday. Everyone says it’s a big birthday for the reason that you can buy alcohol and “go crazy”. And sure, I’ll do my own share of partying, but that’s not all 21 means. 21 means a new chapter in life. It means that you finally have to mature and take hold of your life. I’m graduating college soonish and then I’m going to be thrown out to the real world, and it’s terrifying. Luckily I have many people who love and care about me by my side, otherwise idk how I would survive getting older in this world.

My two cents is to not look to the future for milestones such as purchasing alcohol, or driving a car. Take it as a chance to improve yourself, mature gracefully, and be the person you want to be and chase your passions and dreams.

In Virginia you can buy alcohol the day before you turn 21 so I picked up this bottle in preparation for tomorrow. I should have put it on my bucket list so I’d have something to check off right away. Day 9 of the August challenge by @journaling-junkie. Cheers everyone!