I need new bands to listen to!

Hey, guys. So, I’m a big fan of pop punk/punk/alternative music, but I’ve begun to hit a bit of a wall and started to listen to the same 6-8 band’s entire discography. I would like to explore new bands. If you have any similar to the ones below, please add them in a comment or message me any recommendations you may have!

If the band is listed, I’ve already listened to enough of them:

- blink-182

- Fall Out Boy

- Paramore

- All Time Low

- My Chemical Romance

- New Politics

- Panic! At The Disco

- +44

- Box Car Racer

- New Found Glory

- A Day To Remember

- Simple Plan

- twenty one pilots

- The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

- Three Days Grace

- Mayday Parade

- Gerard Way

- frnkiero andthe cellabration

- Tonight Alive 

- The Killers

- All American Rejects

- Imagine Dragons

Thanks, everyone!

me: hey have you heard this new pop song-

21p fan: pop music😤🙅? I only✔️👆listen🗣👂real music🎶 ukulele2️⃣1️⃣screamo😝its art🎨🎼clique👌as frick💯🙊depression❤️suicide💕💕stay street💪✌️