Unexpected Guest

    ••• Having just taken a hot shower, the clothing she’d been wearing were undesirable. They’d not been washed for at least a week, so with the remaining water left in the tub she threw them in. Hanging them to dry she wrapped the towel tightly around her thin frame and then moved out into the living room. Jax had said he wasn’t sure when he’d be back, which didn’t bother Sky at all. It gave her time to wonder around and explore. 

    ••• So with long strands of blonde clinging to her her neck she moved to the tv and began fiddling with the old set. After moving a few nobs and managed to get a station to come in. It still amazed her seeing how it worked, I mean they had one at the home but no one was aloud to watch it. It was strictly forbidden unless you were one of the keepers. 

    ••• Growing bored she moved back and sat on the sofa, her head resting against the arm as she curled up. The sounds flooded the loft, filling it with a quiet murmur that reminded her of the old school. Though the place had been a prison it was still the only home that she’d ever known. This world she was in now was foreign, weird, scary even. Still Sky found freedom to be much like a drug and like any drug she wanted more. 

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Doug had just finished his day and thought he'd go over and say hi to the new kid. "hey im Doug Penhall though i'd come over and introduce myself " He said with a goofy smile -fullerandpenhall

“Hi, Doug Penhall, I’m Vincent. Vincent Jamerson. It’s very nice to meet you.” Vincent wasn’t sure if he wanted to shake hands or what, but it was rather nice of him to greet him.

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      Officer Mears found himself in one of those times in his life when he had absolutely no idea of what he was doing. Figuring an informal interview would suffice. So he hoped, he’d never hired anyone before, and considering the circumstances, it made him somewhat uneasy to have a stranger suddenly be part of Lizzy’s life. But, it was necessary.

      Leaving his niece surrounded by toys in her walker, he went to the door and pulled it open. “Hi…” He greeted. “Are you— here for the interview?”