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21 Days Gratitude Challenge - Day 3

Write about something you feel grateful for in your life today…

Right now I am most grateful for opportunities to grow and the people and organizations around me that help me to grow.

This are a little on the rocks for me right now as it relates to work, but I am grateful for the fact that I have hope. I am grateful for the fact that I have persons around me who are helping me through the process in the best way they can.

Sometimes things happen and we convince ourselves that we have to do it alone, that there is no one that cares enough to help; that’s not true. We do not have to go through anything alone, and for this I am grateful.

As humans we were never meant to be alone, we just have to find persons worth being around.

Advice & Beyond

Day 1 Gratitude Writing Challenge


I decided to start this gratitude challenge even though it is over, because it is never too late to be grateful for the things you have.

I don’t have it all but I have a lot and I have known in theory and sometimes through practice, that being grateful and looking at the bright side helps you. You are able to be at peace, to be happy and also be kind to others.

Your life changes when you decide to give thanks for all the big and little things you have. You feel lifted and blessed, you have a glow that cannot be ignored and a spirit that attracts greatness.

This is I decided to do this challenge, so that I can actively give thanks for my blessings and hopefully encourage others to do the same.

“Gratitude begins in our hearts and then dovetails into behavior. It makes you willing to be of service, which is where the joy resides. When you are aware of all that has been given to you, in your lifetime and the past few days, it is hard not to be humbled, and pleased to give back.” 
― Anne Lamott, Help Thanks Wow: Three Essential Prayers