Happy Birthday Chanyeol!

Our Happy Virus, Teeth Rich, and Nation’s Dried Fish ; Park Chanyeol. Up until now, I still don’t know how you became my ultimate bias. I wasn’t even sure if this is because of your extremely dorky side or your deep and sexy voice. Its just so hard to believe. Don’t be embarrassed about your ears or maybe even your dancing. Who cares if you’re not that good of a dancer? You’re the main rapper, you got the height, the perfect teeth, the ability to play different instruments, the part of the boy in SNSD’s Genie PV… the list goes on, you’re such a lucky giant ♡ You’re perfect just the way you are! You annoy the members too much at times and it just makes me want to cry tears of blood because how much of a dork you are in a cute and adorable way. Please never change and continue to spread your virus to the rest of the EXO members, they need it haha. Enjoy your day, you flawless human being~ c: