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Awake, Arise, Or Be Forever Fallen: A Malec Playlist

Track 1All Too Well - Taylor Swift [Part 1/?]


“If you and I were right and something went wrong with the Governor’s caravan, I fear there is something even more unsettling we are about to face.”

Shitpost Saturday - Hey, These Aren’t the Lyrics!

Dear readers, I’m sure we are all familiar with the phenomenon of misheard lyrics. Why, after my siblings started singing ‘Chicken! Stand on me!’ instead of the proper chorus line from Better Days I haven’t been able to unhear it (and now neither will you). We trust the booklet-makers to have more sense, or at least access to the official version - yes there may be typos and small errors here and there, but surely they can’t be nonsensical? After all, Greg Lake certainly enunciates fairly clearly…

Tell that to these booklets from Japanese releases of ELP:

Here’s Take a Pebble…

There is something weird with Knife-Edge….

Lie…fetched….these lyrics certainly are a lie! 

I don’t want a bed of white faces….
(Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Emerson, Lake & Palmer (1987, Warner-Pioneer, Atlantic, Japan, 32XD-748)

Barbizona strikes again.

(Emerson, Lake & Palmer - The Best of ELP (1986, Atlantic, Japan, 32XD-397)

Tarkus? - Mass…more like Mess….

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Tarkus (1989, Warner-Pioneer, Atlantic, Japan, 18P2-2851)

This is getting awfully long…..

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Fairy Tail Episode 218 and Chapter 416

Lucy is writing a letter at the end of Episode 218

and I’m sitting here, having a flashback in my mind

And now I’m crying. 

anonymous asked:

Hii!! I'm a Hoseok stan and I was wandering if you knew some Hoseok fan sites. I found just a few :(

of course! these are the currently active ones that i know of

* Believe in hope
* 20nuna (all members but mostly hoseok)
* CANDYBTS (all members)
* STREET 218
* BTS_SWEETHEART (all members)
* 페가수스
*To J-hope
* LoveHOPE
* Dancing J’s
* Hopefully
* 도토리다람쥐 (rapmon/j-hope fansite)
* HONEYBUBBLE (suga/j-hope fansite)
* 밍까 (all members)
*Eternel Hope
* An
* HopeSmiling
* Gene of HOPE
*Honey Pokey
*First Crush

Haikyuu!! Chapter 218
When Hinata runs to Ushijima for advice but Goshiki hasn’t.

I always enjoy these seemingly unimportant little bits of the manga which inspire and motivate me :)

(this is my own partial translation of the latest chapter, Haikyuu!! 218. All rights belong to JUMP and the mangaka)

In Appreciation of Sam Winchester

To give a little backstory for this post, I started watching Supernatural about eight months back on the recommendation of a friend. I was instantly hooked and haven’t looked back. I have consumed all 218 episodes of the show since then. It will be an understatement to say that I am a fan. I am freaking crazy about the series, and everything in it. But Sam Winchester is my absolute and ultimate favourite. In the following lines, I will try to explain why. I’m sure the ‘Reasons why I love Sam Winchester’ trope has been explored countless times already by different people. I just wanted to add my own personal reasons to theirs:

1. He is everyman. Sam is not above making mistakes, sometimes huge ones. He can be selfish, gullible, frustrating and hurtful, but his heart is always in the right place. He is you and me, screwing up time and again, yet trying to do the right thing. And I’ll take a good man over a good hero any day.

2. His Faith is a thing of beauty. Sam believes in his brother, in God and angels, in humanity, in the inherent goodness of things with an almost childlike intensity. It doesn’t matter if he is often let down by the things he believes in. I find this unshakable faith to be highly inspiring in my times of despair.

3. He is the very opposite of weak. Who else on the show has demonstrated more psychological strength than the man who fought off and seized control from the Devil himself within his own mind? Who else endured nearly two centuries of unimaginable tortures in the Cage and still lived to fight the good fight? Sam Winchester has been put through the toughest sh*t for ten years on the show. He may complain sometimes but he has never said ‘I’m done’ in the spirit of giving up.

4. He chose action over destiny. Sam is ‘Free Will’ personified. He teaches you that you should be and do whatever you want, fate and predetermination be damned. 

5. He is the awesomest little brother in the history of little brothers. Sam loves Dean, so much that he considers letting Dean down to be his biggest sin. The Winchesters’ codependence is legendary. So the prospect of losing his brother often drives Sam to some extreme measures. I mean, unleashing a primordial Darkness upon the world to remove Dean’s deadly tattoo? Come on Sammy. Then again, you can’t not respect that level of loyalty and devotion. Plus I love both the boys and can’t say mad at Sam for long.

6. He saves the day with his big brain. A man who’s simultaneously good with numbers, computers, languages, symbology, mythology, hunters’ lore, legal know-how, investigation, interrogation, ammunition, deductive reasoning, all-round trivia? I can’t even.
7. He kicks ass literally. He is the second best hunter on the planet. Dean Winchester says so. Gordon Walker felt so too.
8. He makes me laugh. Sam’s witticisms are not a dime a dozen. He doesn’t try too hard to be funny you know. But the things that come out of his mouth sometimes! In 5.21, when the rest of the group is busy arguing over the ramifications of Bobby pawning his soul off to Crowley, Sam remembers to ask the right question: ‘Did you kiss him?’ In 10.05, as Dean finishes relaying his aggravations about Destiel shipping in the school play, Sam once again shows us that he has his priorities right. Shouldn’t it be Deastiel and would CasDean be an acceptable alternative? Adorable! And I still can’t get over the Sampala.
9. He nails the lovemaking scenes real hard every single time. Pun not intended.
10. He needs all the love he can get from us. This big, strong hulk of a man can radiate such innocence and vulnerability sometimes that I just want to wrap him, or as much of him as I can, in a hug and never let go. Since the beginning of Season 8, he has hardly had the time to recover from one ordeal before another was dumped all over him. People keep on kicking him while he’s still down. Hope all our love and best wishes can help him have a better run this coming season.

So there you have it folks. 10 reasons why I love Sam Winchester. There are many more that didn’t make it into this list, but I’m glad I was able to highlight some of the more pressing ones. They say affection defies logic or reason. I sure had fun making this list though. I hope you enjoy reading it too. -  TDatta

Feeling Nostalgic?

In four weeks, we’ll be starting the first week of the 20 (TWENTY!) week hellatus between seasons 10 and 11 of our beloved Supernatural! What are we gonna do? Well, besides read lots of fanfic and watch out for all the spoilers for the new season?

Or have you maybe been wanting to dive into the SPN world, but just haven’t had the time or motivation? Well, now’s the time to take the plunge.

How about we watch all 218 episodes at our disposal all together! Well, maybe we can skip Bloodlines…

We’ll be watching about 10 or 11 per week, tagging our thoughts and feelings with “Spn hellatus rewatch.” I’ll be reblogging episode related stuff for that week and keeping up the schedule here! 

We’re starting in four week, the week of May 25th, with the following episodes for the week:

  • Pilot
  • Wendigo
  • Dead in the Water
  • Phantom Traveler
  • Bloody Mary
  • Skin
  • Hook Man
  • Bugs
  • Home
  • Asylum
  • Scarecrow

Okay…maybe I could have picked a slightly better gif but you get the idea.

Complete bullshit from beginning to end. It is quite clear that you have chosen to watch this show through a haze of Fitz Derangement Syndrome and create a narrative that is acceptable to you (much like the writers of this fuckshit).

FACT: Fitz and Mellie were never about love. She allowed herself to be whored into an arranged marriage (218) in exchange for her own political future. She herself said they were never in love, but partners (202). It was simple: marry Fitz, get him to the WH, ride his coattails to a political career of her own. They were making a go of the marriage until the rape.

Instead of telling her husband or the police or cutting Jerry’s dick off, she chose to deal with it by blackmailing her rapist into supporting her husband’s political run—one that she wanted more than he did, as evidenced by her chasing down Cyrus in the shitpile that was 307. So she in fact did choose power over justice. You really tried it here, trying to lecture me about how rape victims cope—I already know firsthand how rape victims cope, so spare me. Then you tried to spin some pretend narrative about how her “love” for Fitz kept her from telling him because he’s such a delicate flower—something that has never, ever played out onscreen. So you are not only blaming Fitz for his father’s crime, but for her suicide attempt as well—which is just too moronic to be believed. Jerry and only Jerry is responsible for that shit. A year goes by, she’s had the baby that’s probably his brother, and has completely withdrawn from Fitz. It’s obvious from their convo that Fitz has been asking why for some time, and wants to know what he did wrong and how he can make it right. Mellie refuses to tell him, confides in Andrew & has an (emotional?) affair with him. You watch all this, and your take is that Fitz is a “self-absorbed twat” who just wants to fuck. Really? He’s not supposed to care that his marriage has changed drastically or ask any questions? Your bias is unreal.

Sacrifices, my ass. Mellie chose to give up her career and have kids she didn’t want (106) because it suited the role of supportive wife she wanted to project. Pretending is what’s real, after all (218). Getting Fitz where he wanted gets her where she wanted—nothing she did was for the love of Fitz. Mellie is simply a parasite doing what she could to preserve Fitz as her host, to ensure her survival. It is why, in the present, she is desperately clinging to a man who no longer wants her, has asked for divorce & has told her to her face that he is in love with another woman—instead of getting some dignity, self-respect, and a life. These are not “sacrifices”, these are poor life choices that she made, regrets, and needs to take responsibility for, instead for laying blame at Fitz’s feet. She definitely doesn’t get to hold A RAPE THAT HE DOESN’T EVEN KNOW ABOUT over Fitz’s head as a “sacrifice”. Again, she chose to deal with that as she saw fit, and has to accept responsibility for that has well. It is not a pass for all of the fucked-up things that she has done.

As for the Grant children, it has been shown that Fitz loves and cares about his kids, unlike the pretend version you’ve been watching. Mellie herself says she’s not maternal (217) and doesn’t like babies (213)—which is easy to believe since she risked killing Teddy by inducing a month early just to manipulate Fitz into stopping divorce talk (212). We’ve never seen J&K before 315, and Fitz has been shown spending time with Teddy for hours on end while Mellie watches, claiming she doesn’t know how he can stand it (214) and he keeps track of Teddy’s development (303). She, on the other hand, only bothers with him for photo ops, and hands him off to the nanny & Purrells herself to death once the camera is gone (213), and doesn’t even know that he can feed himself. Mellie admits that Teddy thinks Marta is his mother (303). Fitz was the one that didn’t want J&K in boarding school, either. So much for you being “pretty sure that he always looked miserable around his family”, and trying to make Mellie out as the better parent. Truly laughable, much like your post.

The only correct thing you’ve said is that they need a divorce.

—  Choclit98 exposing “Fitz Derangement Syndrome"  (via choclit98 )