February 16th, 2009. 

It is weird to think that in 50 days, it is going to be our 3 year anniversary. When I first started dating you, no one, not even me, thought it would last this long. But we have. And Dylan, I love you so much for it. People think it is going to be phase and after high school it will be over. but I am a 100% sure it won’t. We have held out through all the bull shit of friends, stupid bitches, etc. You dealt with my family, I deal with yours (which isn’t that bad at all because they are cool). We dealt with something hard today, & that was Babe, (one of your dogs) leaving. And seeing you like that today when she left to the vet. It broke my heart. It really showed how much I cared about you. I started crying a little bit, seeing you like that. I knew right when I hugged you, that this was it. I don’t need to be with another guy to test the waters, and see what I want. I already have what I want. 

I know, that sounds really “teen in love”, but I don’t give a flying fuck. I love my boyfriend Dylan, and I am so fucking grateful he loves me.