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126 The Supporter

The 126 seeks out a life of intentional service to a cause or person that acts on what they believe in. The 2 provides the motivation to interact with the outside world specifically as a drive to help. In order to be helpful, the 126 will draw on the inquisitive and suspicious 6 as well as the drive of 1 to improve and project these intentions on the target of their help. The 126 is happiest being the loyal confidant and advisor of the powerful decision maker, but can sometimes become so focused on their own idea of what is right and best that they become oppressive rather than supportive.

(description by @naughty-nanny)

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Heartland rewatch/liveblog

Episode 214
-Ty’s profesional wrestler
-What trouble indeed?
-Those kids are jerks.
-Lou ain’t afraid of no snakes.
-Clint needs an epi pen. Wouldn’t someone with a peanut allergy carry one?
-Yes, make Mallory the riding instructor.
-They have to keep the kids over night.
-Ty isn’t cool with the kids.
-Jack is the sweetest guy. He’ll be there for Val, but he’s trying to get her to reconnect with Ashley.
-Tara is such a jerk to Mallory.
-Lou, you ARE a klutz.
-Mallory isn’t here for Tara’s crap.
-Tara is here for Ty though.
-Badger needs help.
-Jack loves Ty so much!
-Ty isn’t being open with Kit and she isn’t cool with it.
-Ty will be open with Amy though.
-Tara is not a good influence on Mallory.
-Badger really needs help.
-Ty is a good guy.
-“Duly noted.”
-“I think it might just be a phase.”
-Jack is such a sweetheart!
-Peter and Lou are going to talk.
-Ashley is really worried about her mom.
-Ty and Amy are spying on Tara and Badger talking.
-Those two just need to get together. It’s clear how much they care about each other. -“Hey you two! Get a room!”

Episode 215
-Free hay.
-Mrs. Bell technically can’t have Sugarfoot on her property.
-Tim opened his mouth and lost his money.
-That horse is really ugly.
-Jack and Tim going at it about the Hudson Derby is hilarious.
-Lou is trying to help Mrs. Bell.
-Oh yes…total chick magnet, Caleb.
-Ashley is so poor she has to do laundry at Heartland.
-Ty you were a little too obvious about Amy with Kit.
-Lou isn’t really helping all that much.
-Jack can’t let the derby go.
-Amy and Lou are giving Jack a hard time.
-Val came to see Caleb.
-Lou is resurrecting the Hudson Derby.
-Yes, that’s what happens when you
put your number on the news.
-Jack wants to race.
-Tim beat him to signing up for it.
-Neither Jack nor Tim are really up for racing.
-“I just hope when I’m your age I’m half as stupid as you.”
-Jack’s horse isn’t up for a race.
-I’d take all of those things, Ashley.
-Amy has a dilemma.
-Scott hasn’t forgotten about the derby either.
-Amy isn’t going to the rodeo.
-Kit’s horse is a race horse.
-Jack has a horse for the Derby.
-He has Ty helping him.
-Kit is jealous of Amy.
-Amy and Ty are both super competitive.
-Jack and Tim are both so stubborn.
-Lou is in trouble.
-Amy and Ty had a moment.
-Scott won the race.
-Tim and Jack tied, but that won’t end the grudge.
-Val is trying to get rid of Caleb.
-Mrs. Bell didn’t need help. Lou was being very ageist.
-Tim and Jack are ridiculous.
-So are Amy and Ty.

Episode 216
-That’s kinda spooky.
-Someone is watching Amy.
-It’s so awkward with Amy and Kit.
-Someone took Spartan.
-Ty must be a sound sleeper.
-They have been searching auctions for Spartan.
-Mallory is still all goth.
-Internet guy is sending lots of flowers.
-Ty bought Harley.
-It’s kinda like a motorcycle.
-They found Spartan at the auction.
-Wes bought him.
-Nobody knows who sold him.
-You can’t buy a horse right away to replace Spartan, Ty.
-Ty beat the crap out of Wes.
-Thanks for the beer.
-He probably thinks you’re a raccoon.
-Amy is planning to sneak out and get Spartan back.
-Husband: Don’t get between her and her horse.
-Smooth, Lou.
-Ty left without Amy.
-I’d go with that instinct, Caleb.
-Amy and Ty are risking a lot to get Spartan back.
-Ty got busted.
-The bone yard? Jack’s expressions are crazy.
-Lou doesn’t want anyone to know who internet guy is.
-Jack is super pissed.
-Ty is so in love with Amy.
-They know how Wes did it.
-Leave it to the grown-ups.
-Tim and Jack are unstoppable when they work together.
-Kit doesn’t understand Ashley.
-Spartan is back!
-Ty isn’t going to jail, but he does have to serve two months of community service.
-The community service idea came from Jack.
-Caleb took Val’s sponsorship.
-Mallory is back to her old look. Copper is happy.
-Ashley is sad to see Caleb go. She doesn’t know about what her mom did.
-Amy knew she’d get Spartan back.
-Does she know about Ty too?