Synopsis: A policeman named Tom Campbell is on patrol when he witnesses a jewelry store robbery. The thieves get away in their vehicle, so Tom runs to the nearby police box to call for backup. When he gets inside, however, he finds that he’s inside Dr. Who’s Tardis. Overwhelmed, he passes out. When he wakes up, Dr. Who introduces himself, along with his granddaughter Susie and his niece Louise. Before he can consider what’s happening, Tardis lands back in London, but in the year 2150.

The city appears run-down and destroyed. The four travelers get out to explore, but Susie accidentally steps on a lose board and causes the worn-out structure above Tardis to collapse, blocking the door and preventing their escape. Dr. Who and Tom go off to see if they can find a crowbar, but instead find a dead man in a warehouse wearing a strange robotic helmet.

Susie and Louise are, meanwhile, found by a man and whisked away to a safe place. They meet an underground rebel group led by three men named Wyler, David and wheelchair-bound Dortmun. Dr. Who and Tom go looking for the girls, but are accosted by a group of those same men in the helmets, who seem to behave like robots. They try to escape towards the Thames, but they are surprised when something rises from out of the water; a Dalek! The Daleks have taken over the planet Earth and enslaved the population, transforming some of them into “Robomen” to work for them.

Dr. Who and Tom are taken aboard their spaceship, where they are locked in a cell. Dr. Who is easily able to figure a way to get past the magnetic door, but it turns out that this was an intelligence test that they have passed. Their reward is that they will be turned into Robomen. They are locked in the machine and the process nearly completes, but suddenly the ship is attacked by the rebel forces, including Louise. Dr. Who manages to escape with David, Tom and Louise stow aboard the ship, but everyone else except Wyler is killed or captured.

Dortmund, Wyler and Susie decide to flee to Watford, where there are other survivors. Susie leaves a message for her grandfather, but he misses it when he returns to the base and instead heads for Bedford, where the Daleks are operating a gigantic mine. Tom, meanwhile, has to blend in with the other Robomen with a disguise to avoid getting caught, and eventually reunites with Louise.

Dortmund is killed by a Dalek patrol, but his sacrifice gives Wyler and Susie enough time to escape. The Dalek spaceship destroys their van, but they are unharmed and continue on foot. Dr. Who and David are captured by a slave smuggler Brockley, but they convince him to lead them into the mine, which is a lot easier than getting people out. Tom and Louise escape the ship and also reach the mine, where the two pairs meet up.

Wyler and Susie, however, find a hut run by spinsters who repair clothes for the Daleks’ slaves. They take shelter there, but the women turn them over to the Daleks in exchange for extra food.

The others learn from the slaves that the Daleks are drilling down to the Earth’s core and plan to drop a bomb inside to eject the core, after which they will replace it with a motor and turn the Earth into a gigantic spaceship. Looking at plans of the mine, however, Dr. Who has a plan. Louise and David are tasked with creating a diversion while Tom and one of the slaves head into the mine.

Dr. Who is turned over to the Daleks by Brockley, but he says that he expected it and planned for it. The Daleks lead him into the mine, where he reunites with Susie and Wyler, and they encounter the Dalek leaders. Dr. Who buys time by talking with the Daleks and when they’re distracted, he issues a command through to the Robomen to attack the Daleks. This creates mayhem that allows everyone to escape.

The Daleks drop the bomb down the shaft anyway. However, Tom has been moving planks of wood in the mine that will redirect the bomb from the shaft and into the original mine, where there is a convergence point between the north and south magnetic poles. Once it’s there, it detonates and unleashes powerful magnetic energy. The Daleks, all made of magnetized metal, are forcibly sucked down the shaft to the Earth’s core and all destroyed.

With the crisis finally over, Dr. Who and his family agree to send Tom back a couple of minutes before the robbery happens. Now prepared, he is able to knock them all out and use their own vehicle to deliver them to the police. The time travelers wave goodbye to him as he drives off.

Thoughts: So, this was a sequel to that strange, earlier movie we took a look at that was based off of the Doctor Who series. To quickly recap, it features a human scientist named Dr. Who who builds a machine named Tardis in his back yard that can travel in space and time. He travels with his pre-teen granddaughter named Susan, but called Susie, and newcomer Louise, his niece.

The movie, as you can probably tell, is based on the second Dalek TV story. However, we both found it a lot better than the first movie. While the first one was an almost exact scene-for-scene recreation of the first Dalek serial, this one is only based on it and there are lots of differences. Instead of a weird expy of Ian, we have a new traveler in Tardis named Tom.

Tom is played by Bernard Cribbins. Does that name sound familiar to anyone? Cribbins would later play the part of Wilfred Mott, Donna’s grandfather in the revived series. Tom was a great companion who felt like an everyman thrust into a frightful situation, but with bravery and smarts to carry him through. Louise, on the other hand, was a very boring character with no personality whatsoever. My opinions on Dr. Who and Susie haven’t changed since the last movie.

There seemed to be a pretty good budget for this movie, with lots of fantastic looking sets and props, as well as wonderful explosions. At the end, the gigantic Dalek spaceship crashed and exploded, and what a spectacle that was. The design of the outfits for the Robomen was a lot better than the TV show, with good-looking helmets and leather suits that gave off a metallic look. The movie was also comical at times, with a slapstick scene entirely devoted to Tom blending in with the Robomen.

It’s still hard to understand what exactly these movies are and why they were made, but there were no more after this. They are most definitely not in canon, but they are still a rather interesting experience. And at least this one didn’t have random lava lamps all over the place.