Champagne Gold Chrome


“ I bomb the blacks, Pakis, degenerates. I would have bombed the Jews as well if I’d got a chance.“
- David Copeland

David Copeland is a neo-nazi white supremacist who is responsible for three separate bombings in April of 1999 which claimed three lives and injured at least one hundred and fifteen others. The “London Nail Bomber” targeted a supermarket in Brixton in his first attack on the 17th, Brick Lane in East London the 24th and a popular gay pub the “Admiral Duncan” on the 30th. 

Copeland constructed the bombs himself and filled them with four inch long nails. Though there were only three fatalities, of those hundred injured, four had to have limbs amputated and many were left with permanent disabilities. It is remarkable that more were not critically injured. 

Court psychiatrists diagnosed Copeland with paranoid schizophrenia but that did little to sway the jury and he was sentenced to life imprisonment. He stated that he desired to start a “race war” and that he had targeted racial minorities because “I don’t like them, I want them out of this country, I believe in the master race.


Everyone has been asking me to try the silver chrome powder for nails… HOW ABOUT RAINBOW CHROME INSTEAD YAASSS