Better With You

Characters: Steve x Reader.

Summary: Steve Rogers pushed you away and now you both have to figure out a way to co-exist which is easier said than done.

Word Count:  2128 words

A/N: This is part two to You’re Happier Aren’t You? For all those of you who wanted a fluffier ending.

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You had put this moment off for as long as you could.  Standing in front of Avengers Tower you took a deep breath and replayed the words of Fury back through your head, hoping just the memory of his tone would scare your feet into action. “You’ve had an extra month on this and Murdoch isn’t gonna budge now get your ass back here or find yourself another job.”  Blinking rapidly you steadied your nerve and opened the door just hoping you could avoid crossing paths with Captain America for as long as possible.

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what we’ve learned today with our Scientific Research^TM:

Clarke Griffin was born September 20th, 2131

Lexa kom Trikru was born July 1st, 2128 (shout out to the anon who gave me that info a few days ago)

Clarke is a Virgo and Lexa is a Cancer and the stars say they’re soulmates

thank u for ur time

Secrets Don’t Make Friends Ch3

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olicity || explicit || smut || 4620 || more fics

summary: Felicity stumbles upon the lair after getting drunk at Verdant. She meets the Hood, but it doesn’t go as she expects. (prompt by @geniewithwifi)
chapter word count: 2128
chapters: 3/?
a/n: i got asked for some blindfold smut…. so who am I to say no ;) this is also the first chapter with some Oliver POV

[ch1] [ch2]


“Package for you, Ms. Smoak,” a young boy from the mail room handed her a medium sized, brown paper wrapped package.

“That’s… weird,” she muttered, taking it from him.

It was heavier than she anticipated.

He had her sign before he scurried off to keep delivering mail. She undid the wrapping and revealed an equally plain looking box. It took a moment, but she popped the box open. Inside lay a battered laptop, a usb drive, and a note.

                                                   Ms. Smoak,

                                  I need information off of this laptop.

                        Put it on the usb drive and leave it on your desk.

                                 There will be something in it for you.

The Hood signed it with a small arrow.

Felicity bit down on her lip. If his incentive was anything like the previous times then she was definitely inclined to help him. What did that say about her? Probably a lot of things, but she didn’t want to think about any of them. She was going to help him and feel good about that. And feel good later too. Really good.

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Wednesday (2128) (on the edge)

I love you. There, I’ve said it, and there’s no taking it back. I love you, I love your heart, I love your compassion, I love your drive. I love your insecurities, I love your flaws, and I love how real you are.
Know this.
Know how much I love you.
Know why.
And the next time your demons wake up, remember it.
Because it damn well better be worth something.

Brighter then the sun

Okay it’s been a really long time since I wrote fanfictions at all. But after reading so many soulmate AUs I needed to get my hands on this topic. And therefore I’m back into my huge Star Trek flash (thanks to my upcoming cosplay group - damn I love these guys and I know we’ll be awesome) I wanted to write about it. 

Please let me know if you like it and I’m sorry if my English isn’t correct all the time but it’s only my second language and I’m not perfect at it.

Pairing: Chekov/Reader

Warning: non specific yet

Word Count: 2128

Part: 1/?

When you were just a little child your mother has told you stories of princesses who found their princes and lived happily ever after. You’d loved these stories even though you’d known that they weren’t real. But she also told you stories of real people who’d lived life better than any fairy tale. People who said they’d found their soulmates. When you were just a little child you’d believed in these stories even your father had laughed at you and told you on and on that the were just modern fairy tales people had started to tell because they had got tired of the old ones.

When you got older you had started to believe your father. You started to see that people fall in love and also fall out of love. No one said that they’d found their soulmate. Some spoke about their love of their lives but nothing more. You realized the story of finding your soulmate was just another fairy tale your mother told you as bedtime story.

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*Trigger Warning* Failed Masterpiece

Summary: You are being haunted by dark thoughts in your head and you act on impulse.
Type: Angst, *Trigger Warning* Self-Harm
Length: 2128 Words
Members: Jungkook x Reader (reader focus)

Sorry guys, I just don’t have time to write a request oTL I need to focus on my studies and lab report, I promise requests will be back on Friday!

This is actually the writing I attached to my application for the admin position. I wrote this over a course of two or three hours while on my trip in Malaysia and I was feeling homesick and gross and disgusting in general (and some bits of it apply to me but most of it does not).

- Admin Au ( u x u )

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You don’t know what time it is when you drift from the bedroom to the living room, you can only register that the purple hues swept across the beginning of the sky, blending into watercolor oranges and reds are connected to ‘evening’. The scarlets are just as pretty as the red of my blood, you tell yourself, then remember that you can’t account for this - after all, you are too scared to make art of your skin, too scared to even imagine your canvas turn into a bloody masterpiece. Could it even be called art at all? Your eyes flicker to the walls covered with paintings bought from the shop two miles away - Monet, van Gogh, other artists whose names will be lost in history - and you agree with your subconscious. Anything you create will never be good enough, not even if you used your tears to mix with blood as paint, your torn-out hair as the tips of brushes.

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What We’re Reading - June 2016

There are so many great Shadowhunters fanfics out there and there are new ones popping up all the time. It can be a daunting task trying to decide which one to read next. But we want to help!

Here’s a list of some of our betas’ favorite fics this month. Hopefully you can find something here that you haven’t read!

The Avengers Initiative by Lecrit

Magnus/Alec, Simon/Isabelle, Clary/Jace, Mature, 117213 words
Recc’d by @tothebitterbetterend :
“It’s a Thief-AU! which is super duper amazing cause all of them are badass mofos :’) The writing sets a good pace for a long fic (>100k)… the characters are on-point…there’s enough action so you won’t get bored…what’s there not to love? Also, Malec tension is beautifully written!”

Fake Date Me, Alexander by mininoot

Magnus/Alec, Simon/Raphael, Clary/Jace, Clary/Isabelle, Explicit, 44731 words
Recc’d by @magnusbane-daily​ : 
“Relationships. Relationships. Relationships. Magnus doesn’t do them. Alec doesn’t do them.  But when a ‘real’ date is the only thing standing in between Magnus and a spectacular party, who else to take than Alec. Things don’t quite go to plan and before they know it things are a lot more permanent and confusing than they intended to be.”

I am Fire. I am… Drunk by Lecrit

Magnus/Alec, Simon/Raphael (minor), Mature, 9504 words
Recc’d by @major-titli-superhero :
“This series is comprised of two works written by Lecrit (who is freaking fantastic) about drunk Alec. Enough said.”

In the Rain, I’ll Give You Sunshine (WIP) by OneHundredSuns

Magnus/Alec, Mature,  28812 words
Recc’d by @baneslair :
“Everyone who is a sucker for Angst!Malec should read this fic. Basically, the wedding took place, Magnus left the city in order to find a way to wake Jocelyn and the meantime, Alec got a son. After more than a year, Alec and Magnus finally reunite and everything has changed. This fic contains a lot of Jealous!Alec.”

In the Sin Bin (WIP) by otppurefuckingmagic

Magnus/Alec, Simon/Isabelle, Explicit, 80685 words
Recc’d by @aleclightwoodisbetterthanyou :
“You’ve probably heard of this one. It’s pretty popular, but for good reason. It’s an amazing slow-burn fic where Alec is a closeted hockey star who gets screwed over by his financial team and ends up losing lots of money and needs a new agent. When he gets matched up with Magnus, they basically hate each other. Eventually, they work through it, but there’s a lot at stake for both of them, so nothing is easy. Also features my absolute favorite portrayl of Max Lightwood.”

Magnus Bane’s School For Young Warlocks (WIP) by Insomiak

Magnus/Alec, Clary/Isabelle (background), Mature, 52366 words
Recc’d by @buddyley :
“Magnus operates a private school for warlock children in Brooklyn. Alec is the head of the institute and father of 2 boys, Rafael (a shadowhunter) and Max (a warlock). As Max becomes attached to Magnus, Alec tries to fight his growing attraction (and fails.). Drama ensues.” 

Rumours (WIP) by alphabetcities

Clary/Izzy, Past Clary/Jace, Mature, 2128 words
Recc’d by @alineblackthorne :
“It’s a classic inter-social class forbidden love. Only one chapter so far, but I’m very excited to see where this leads.”

Simon Can’t Even Think Straight (WIP) by sandssavvy

Simon/Raphael, Magnus/Alec, Jocelyn/Luke, Teen and Up, 14890 words
Recc’d by @theindigorose :
“After being turned into a vampire Simon has to deal with the aftermath of his transformation and also with his recent discovered bisexuality. (I’m a beta for this fic for awhile now.) It has a Latino-Jewish Simon, but that actually has to deal with conflicts due to his religious beliefs x vampirism. Simon and Raphael are extremely well written and in character. Also the Simon x Magnus friendship is really sweet and really well developed.”

we let our battles choose us by oh_la_fraise

Magnus/Alec, Clary/Jace, Teen and Up, 11797 words
Recc’d by @carstairsbane :
“Magnus and Jace bond when they are thrown through a portal. I love this fic because the plot is interesting, the dynamics between all the characters (especially Magnus and Jace) are so well written and even though it has serious parts, there’s still a lot of humour.”

We hope you enjoy these fics as much as we do! <3


Ümmetimin sonunda giyinmiş oldukları halde çıplak olan, başlarını deve hörgücü gibi bağlayan kadınlar olacaktır. Bu kadınlar cennete girmek şöyle dursun, kokusunu dahi almazlar. Halbuki onun kokusu uzak mesafeden duyulur.

- [Müslim, Cennet 53, (2857), 52, (2128)] 


MILW F-M H-16-66 524 by Chuck Zeiler
Via Flickr:
Milwaukee Road F-M H-16-66 524 at Escanaba, Michigan on November 9, 1975, Kodachrome by J. H. Nixon, Chuck Zeiler collection. There is conflicting information about this locomotive, the following is from the book, ‘Faribanks-Morse Locomotives In Color’, by Jim Boyd: The Milwaukee Road was one of only four customers to buy the H-16-66 Baby Trainmasters from Fairbanks-Morse. They were delivered in two batches, numbers 2125-2127 ( later 550-552 ) were built during August-September 1953, and 2128-2130 ( later, 553-555, later still 547-549 ) were built during September 1953, and all were classed 16-FRS-6 by the Milwaukee. Somehow, the second batch had lower construction ( serial ) numbers. The book does not connect this road number to any previous number, but the book, “Milwaukee Road Locomotives, Volume Three”, by Thomas J. Strauss, states this locomotive was built in September 1953 as 2128 ( c/n 16L693 ), renumbered to 553, then 547, then 524, equipped with MU connections at both ends, no dynamic brakes. Only 60 H16-66’s were built, with the C&NW owning 50, the Milwaukee owning eight, Alcoa owning one, and TVA owning one.