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Look, i don’t want to start any fights here, but there’s just a few things i’d like to point out about the ShiroxAnyone ships.

First of all, the description of the show itself is “Teenagers transported from Earth become pilots for robotic lions during an intergalactic war.”
Shiro is one of the pilots, meaning Shiro could very well have been 18 when the Galra captured him.
In addition to that, the fandom seems to believe that Shiro either graduated very young or was sent on the Kerberos mission very soon after gratuating, so he’s probably younger than he looks.

Secondly, the Garrison is a military school. If Lance and Hunk are roughly 17/18 when they starts their simulators and battle training im going to assume that the Garrison trains cadets until they’re about 20/21. (If shiro went to kerberos immediately after graduating that puts him at 22 maximum with the year he spent in the empire. If we assume that he did actually graduate early he’d be 21. That gives us a max difference of 4 years, which is pretty reasonable)

Thirdly, Shiro in general is younger than we often portray him as. Especially with the whole “Space Dad” thing we have going. Shiro is a military man. And he JUST escaped being a POW. That shit does things to you. Suddenly he’s dealing with PTSD, the aftermath of his failed mission, plus whatever he went through in the arena (dont tell me that doesn’t haunt him), and he feels responsible for the lives of the other paladins. He doesn’t have the time of freedom to kick back and be a kid. He’s been forced to grow up almost overnight (the stress may have been what caused his hair to go white, who knows). He knows that if he lets his guard down too much someone could die, so he’s on full alert almost 100% of the time.
Sometimes we do see his youth come out in his personality a little bit, like their early training sessions, and some of his interactions with Coran, and when he squabbles with Allura about the gun in ep 11, it was a youthful (almost childish) way to phrase his point.

On the same note, i think we often think of Pidge as being way younger than she is. Yes, Pidge is much smaller than the other paladins, but she’s young and female. She probably has another growth spurt in her before she hits 18. Pidge is a student at the Garrison, meaning she’s likely in the 15-18 age range like the others. Yes, she used a fake identity to get in, but i think someone would notice if a 12 year old was trying to pass for 16, regardless of gender. Pidge is most likely betwewn 15 and 17, which doesn’t put her in the safe grey area for Shiro ships (except on the high end), but she could very well be shipped with the other paladins with no problem.

While im glad to see the fandom taking an active stand against unhealthy relationships, let’s not villify anyone until we have solid numbers.

ELLO FELLOW GAYS, So me and my girlfriend Kirsty are travelling around southern Africa, (where homosexuality is illegal) I’m from The North East of England and Kirsty is from London. We plan on having many exciting adventures, There’ll be pictures of African wildlife as well as pictures captioning our illegal love yeahhhh BREAKING THE LAWW, BREAKING, BREAKING THE LAWW! If you’re interested on following our awesome adventure then please do, feel free to ask questions or message us :) although our posting may be quite intermittent due to limited wifi, we’ll keep you all updated as often as we can :D #Africa #Zimbabwe #Malawi #gay 

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Ok guys so here's what happened

As most of you know the show at reading was interesting to say the least and highly unpleasant for most involved.
Firstly there was too many people in that tent. I was near the front and was being crushed so that I couldn’t move my arms and had two people crushing my chest at one point. This is when I decided that I had to get out. Security were working so hard to pull people out of the crowd including many small children for who it was their first experience of a TØP show.

Then the show began, if it wasn’t crushy before it sure was then bc I had to get pulled out before the first song had even started. I was terrified and shaking, the worst experience I had ever had.

After a few songs the power on the lights cut out and they made the decision to carry on in the dark with only the projections behind them to light it up. The first few crowd interactions went well with Tyler running people over with his hamster ball and Josh playing on top of them during ride. But then it got to car radio. When Tyler tried to get to the pole in the middle he was pulled in instead of pushed up. I don’t want to know the kind of stuff that crowd were doing but it took him so long to get to he point that he missed the end of car radio and the beginning of the next song. Josh looked worried as heck. When Ty eventually did get to the middle his shirt was torn and most of the front was missing and grimy. He ended the show there and then and didn’t even bow with Josh.

Not every one is to blame here, it’s easy to point the finger at everyone at the show but that’s just not true. The amount of people I saw leaving saying ‘you’re gonna die if you stay at the front’ or being carried out in tears by security was frightening and for all the clique members in the crowd being helpless towards Tyler. The clique wouldn’t do this. We need to have more faith in our fandom bc blaming others is just going to tear us apart and make a toxic community that no one wants. It only takes a few in the crowd who have no respect for the band to turn a show bad and hurt the members. As the clique we understand how much each show means to them an we wouldn’t want to hurt Ty or Josh or treat them like meat.
The general environment at the festival was similar all day and they should have been on main stage to avoid the crushing.

After the show I (and I’m sure many others) just wanted to go up to them and give them a hug apologising for the disgusting way they were treated.
So Tyler and Josh, i am so sorry for the way you were treated because it was completely unacceptable and horrible. I hope you aren’t too put off coming back to the UK in future because it would be a huge loss for the clique but if you don’t want to then it’s completely understandable.

Also as I am not a huge blog, could you reblog this so it reaches as many people as possible, thank
Ranty Rant Rant D:

Alright, so here’s a little rant at 3AM about the recent incident at Reading Festival with Tyler Joseph.

1. Tyler Joseph is important. Tyler Joseph is a wonderful angel and we need to treat him with respect, because he goes out of his way to make sure we, the clique, are happy. He puts us first on so many occasions, and we need to put him first at concerts.

2. Josua Dun is important. Joshua Dun is a wonderful angel and we need to treat him with respect, because he goes out of his way to make sure we, the clique, are happy. He puts us first on so many occasions, and we need to put him first at concerts.

However, I’m tired of people on Twitter and YouTube saying we, the clique, let him down.

If you don’t know, you should by now, Reading Festival is a get together where a whole bunch of teenagers get together, get drunk, get high, and have fun after exams and stuff.

Many, many, many artist were there. Everyone in the crowd was not part of the clique, some people might have been hearing Twenty One Pilots for the first time in their lives at that show.

We can’t blame the clique at Reading Festival for what happened to Tyler, because we all know (or I hope we all know) that we, being the loving clique we are, would never do that to neither Tyler nor Josh.

Also, its not even the fact that Tyler is big and famous and everyone wants his shoes, its that no human being on this planet deserves to be treated like that. We can sit here all we want and say “I’m so sorry” but the truth is, we don’t know what was going through his mind at the time when going across the crowd. We don’t know what was going through Josh’s mind when he saw his best friend and band mate go into the crowd to just low key kinda vanish. We’ll never know what it felt like, but we can start treating people like people and not do that anymore.

So, without further a do:

Respect Tyler Joseph.

Respect Joshua Dun.

Respect all singers and bands and artist that take their time to go out on stage and perform for you.

Respect the people that get up at 6AM and set up the stages for the singers to perform for you.

Respect singer’s and band’s and artist’s wives, husbands, and partners. 

Respect everyone, please.


No more of this:

A lot more of this:

No more of this: 

A lot more of this:

End of rant.