Harry arriving at LAX Airport (21.07.2014)

Cái sự học thật vất vả mà. Ngồi máy tính canh đăng kí học từ 7h sáng đến giờ không dời mắt. Thời gian di chuyển chỉ tính bằng phút. Nhịn ăn nhịn uống nhịn ái nhịn ịa vì sợ nới lớp mà không đăn kí được. Học mà cũng chăm chỉ quyết tâm thế có phải tốt không.
Giờ thì nghỉ giữa hiệp. Mai chiến đấu tiếp.
Nhức đầu, đau mắt vì nhìn máy nhiều.
Đau vai, đau lưng, đau cổ vì ngồi máy lâu.
Chai cbn mông vì ngồi ghế gỗ. Chết vì tội ghế hỏng không chịu thay.
Giờ chỉ muốn có người ôm với xoa lưng để mình ngủ. :(
Thấy pc bất tiện lắm rồi. Xin đổi lap thôi.


July 14th-July 21st:
I went on holiday to Cape Verde with my parents and Reece. This holiday was such an amazing experience to prepare me for the course I could potentially be studying at university, as the island is very under-developed and suffering in extreme poverty.

While incredibly beautiful and relaxing, this holiday was also hard hitting. The existing population have no access to running water or electricity, and as a result rely heavily on the provisions from tourists (we took pens, pencils and notepads for the children to use in schools, left all our remaining toiletries to go to the local centre and left the dregs of water in our bottles at the airport to be collected by locals at the end of the day). 

The coastline here is home to the world’s third largest loggerhead population. During my trip I volunteered with the turtle foundation to experience a night patrol to monitor nesting turtles and relocate the nests to an area where they wouldn’t be at risk from poachers and the ever changing beach profile.  

The resort we stayed in was absolutely beautiful, and the beach here is listed among many lists of the top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world, and I can only agree. At night, the waters edge is illuminated by bioluminescent phytoplankton, and by day the white sand and blue sea is like something from a postcard.


Heute habe ich mal richtig ausgeschlafen. Mein Vater hat mich so gegen 11 Uhr geweckt. Wir sind einkaufen gefahren und danach haben wir zu Hause zusammen Mittag gegessen, ein wenig gezockt und danach ist er zur Arbeit gefahren. Ich bin dann in mein Zimmer und an meinen Laptop. Nach einer Weile habe ich dann angefangen etwas zu lesen. Dann kam bald meine Mutter von ihrer Arbeit. Wir haben Wäsche gemacht und dann zusammen Abendessen gegessen. Danach saß ich eine Weile allein einfach ein wenig in der Küche rum, weil ich nicht wusste, was ich machen soll. Danach bin ich wieder in mein Zimmer und an meinen Laptop.


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