She [Suzanne Collins] told me she was working on a retelling of the Theseus myth – a story that became The Hunger Games. And she did it beautifully. In the Theseus myth, Crete is the evil empire. They have subjugated Greece, and every year as a show of fealty, the Greeks must send fourteen tributes – seven young men, seven young women – to the Cretan capital to descend into the Labyrinth and fight the Minotaur. None ever return, until Theseus breaks the cycle. Why does The Hunger Games resonate? Because Suzanne did a marvelous job reworking an ancient story that speaks to every age – an oppressive government with unreasonable demands, a conquered people trying to maintain their dignity, a hero who must decide to risk everything for a cause.
—  Rick Riordan about reading myths, Suzanne Collins and The Hunger Games

I looooove Feilong’s long hair, but I’ll admit that the short ‘do works too. he may have given up on life, but he’s still got the skills, which are literally saving his ass

baller move from Yoh. obviously, he’s only there to protect Feilong because Asami told him to, but going barehanded against a blade is taking it to extreme

Feilong only woke up from his 'my loved ones are dead and I’m in jail so I hate everything’ trance only because of Asami. is it weird that people are going to Asami in order to revive a Chinese organization? maybe because they think Asami brought it down?

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anonymous asked:

do you have any sizzy fic recs?

Here’s a list of Sizzy fics I’ve recently read and enjoyed:

Love Bites

A Wolf in Geek’s Clothing


Heart skipped a beat

I love you

I should tell you


Of course there are many more on fanfiction.net :)

I’ve also written a few Sizzy fics, you can find them here.

Tina’s Sizzy fic about their first time, still a WIP. Or two others here and here.

I think Jess has also written a few Sizzy fics.

stevenngerrard-deactivated20150 asked:

TAG, you’re it! The rules are to state ten random facts about yourself! Then send this to the fifteen nicest people on tumblr.

I knew you’d send me one, Mona!

Okay then …

1. I’m almost done with my homework and I’m looking forward to finishing it because I’ll have time to start re-reading City of Bones.

2. My family is very tall. I’m 5’10”, my dad is 6’2” and my twin brother is 6’4”. Some of my dad’s cousins are 6’7” or taller.

3. My feet are cold although I’m wearing socks.

4. I went to bed at 11 pm yesterday and got up again at 9 am.

5. Yesterday I was eating out and our waiter reminded me of Magnus Bane.

6. I love ice cream.

7. I have dozens of unread books. :(

8. My The Hobbit DVD will arrive tomorrow.

9. I’m reading Requiem at the moment but I can’t really get into the story.

10. I’m wearing classes right now, they have a Burberry pattern.

The strawberry dessert recipe (for around 8)

You need:

2.5 kg strawberries, raspberries work as well

100 g meringue

500 g mascarpone

125 g whipped cream

1 tub of this. In Germany it’s called Schmand.

100 g powdered sugar

250 g cream quark

1 cl almond liqueur

white chocolate (one bar or 1.5)

You break the meringue and the chocolate into little pieces.

You mix everything else expect the fruits into a cream.

Almost done!

The layers:

Strawberries/raspberries -> cream -> meringue -> strawberries -> cream -> strawberries -> chocolate.