okay but imagine this happening

It’s midnight of March 22.

You’re on Youtube, re-watching some random video that you’ve seen a million times. You click on a link to the next one, but then you see it. A new video has been posted.

To the My Chemical Romance Youtube channel.

You find this weird, since MCR had never mentioned anything about a new video. The video is titled ‘Surprise, Killjoys.’ You find this odd, probably some sort of promotion for iTunes or whatever, so you start to watch it.

The video starts with Frank, Mikey, & Ray geared up in their Danger Days outfits. You smile when you see this. You miss how it was back then. But something seems… off. Gerard hasn’t turned up, howev-

There he is. The camera turns to him in the distance, emerging from a cloud of dust. He grins & says, “Sorry I’m late, guys. I brought back-up.”

Then it hits you. This isn’t some promo or fan prank. This might even be-

You almost scream when Brendon Urie, Tyler Joseph, Josh Dun, Patrick Stump, Pete Wentz, Joe Trohman & Andy Hurley step out from behind him. They have their own custom outfits & guns.

Gerard turns to them & says, “Ready, boys?”

Brendon flips his gun & blows on it. Pete smirks & says, “As ready as we’ll ever be.”

Then Gerard looks at the camera then says, “Then let’s do this.”

The screen goes black. You’re left there thinking what the hell is going on when the video comes back. A voice in the distance calls out, “Don’t you forget about us!”

Brendon drops his gun. It’s Ryan Ross, followed by Spencer & Dallon.

The video officially ends & a link pops up.

A link to buy tickets to a world tour of MCR accompanied by Twenty One Pilots, Panic! At the Disco & Fall Out Boy.

You almost collapse.