A picture began circulating in November. It should be “The Picture of the Year,” or perhaps, “Picture of the Decade.” It won’t be. In fact, unless you obtained a copy of the U.S. paper which published it, you probably would never have seen it.

The picture is that of a 21-week-old unborn baby named Samuel Alexander Armas, who is being operated on by surgeon named Joseph Bruner. The baby was diagnosed with spina bifida and would not survive if removed from his mother’s womb. Little Samuel’s mother, Julie Armas, is an obstetrics nurse in Atlanta. She knew of Dr. Bruner’s remarkable surgical procedure. Practicing at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, he performs these special operations while the baby is still in the womb.

During the procedure, the doctor removes the uterus via C-section and makes a small incision to operate on the baby. As Dr. Bruner completed the surgery on Samuel, the little guy reached his tiny, but fully developed hand through the incision and firmly grasped the surgeon’s finger. Dr. Bruner was reported as saying that when his finger was grasped, it was the most emotional moment of his life, and that for an instant during the procedure he was just frozen, totally immobile.

The photograph captures this amazing event with perfect clarity. The editors titled the picture, “Hand of Hope.” The text explaining the picture begins, “The tiny hand of 21-week-old fetus Samuel Alexander Armas emerges from the mother’s uterus to grasp the finger of Dr. Joseph Bruner as if thanking the doctor for the gift of life.”

Little Samuel’s mother said they “wept for days” when they saw the picture. She said, “The photo reminds us pregnancy isn’t about disability or an illness, it’s about a little person” Samuel was born in perfect health, the operation 100 percent successful. Now see the actual picture, and it is awesome…incredible….and hey, pass it on! The world needs to see this one!By: Sean Keeling

We have a thumb sucker!!

Our anatomy scan went well. She’s still a girl! Haha. Everything is growing on track, my due date is still the same, Sept 10 - I always consider them “guess dates” because who really knows. She was kicking like crazy and I found out my placenta is anterior which explains why this week is the first week I can REALLY feel the movements. Her feet were tucked in the left corner of my uterus which I had guessed because it’s the spot I feel the most kicks in! She was so cute, September can’t come soon enough!! Keep cookin, little honey bee. 💘


Ultrasound went great! Zuri is a healthy girl (she was being a little stubborn so the tech could only say 90% sure on the ‘girl’ parts lol). Very active, loves having her hands up by her face/sucking her thumb. Saw all 4 heart chambers, etc. Ultrasound tech said she was an active little thing with piano playing fingers lmao. Measuring ahead at 22 weeks exactly today- which would put us due on July 28th, Kevin and my 8 year anniversary. :) We shall see! Love my baby girl so much<3

What I Wore | Spring Morning

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WhatIWore: Greetings from beautiful Bloomington! It’s been a gorgeous weekend and morning and I feel like I’m practically radiating happiness! Celebrating this warm morning with a new peplum style top that's not maternity and will definitely be worn in spring and summer seasons to come. I did, however, finally bite the bullet on getting maternity jeans and I wish I had done it sooner.

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