Open the slits in your face and start your day
You don’t have much time to make your slits look just right
I’m in your mind
I’m singing
I’m in your mind
I’m singing
La da, la da, la da, la da, la da, la da 

i miss them so much, the show was such an incredible experience and to know it was the last of the era makes it feel even more special. who knows if blurryface is over or gone, whatever it is, i’m excited to wait for their upcoming album, tour or whatever the hell they decide to do. as long as they’re happy and that they’re enjoying what they’re doing. i love them so much

But seriously when someone says “Hey you should listen to this song, I think you’ll really like it” you totally should. Because even if you don’t like it, the song means something to them, and they care enough to share it with you.

  • Person: *looks at me*
  • Me: they're looking at me because they found my tumblr blog and they've seen all my posts and well I guess it's time I deactivate my account it was nice expressing my demon but everything good must come to an end unfortunately
Best Moments During a Concert

*Before the main act even comes on stage, there is usually that interlude of music to help pump the fans up

*The first slow song that causes everyone to turn on their lights and wave their arms

*The song(s) that literally everyone in the audience knows so you can clearly hear everyone singing along. This makes it even more special when the artist stops singing for a moment but the audience is able to keep it going

*The (first) ending, before any thoughts of an encore are mentioned

*The encore. The crowd and musicians are already so amped up, it’s just a perfect way to end the night.