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Maddie Josh Dun and love

Josh was rushing through the road to get to the house of his best friend Maddie.
He had recieved a phone call earlier in the day and he did not like how Maddie sounded on the other line, not one bit.
He was filled with anger, but not for her, for the jerk that decided to play with her heart like a toy and walk away like nothing.
“Motherfucker…” He muttered through clenched teeth, his grip on the steering wheel tightening, causing his knuckles to turn as white as paper.
It seemed like centuries had passed, but he finally reached his good friend’s house.
As Josh stepped out of the car he hauled ass to the front door and knocked like he never knocked before.
In less than two seconds, Maddie opened up, and her appearance made the man’s heart shatter.
Her eyes were super puffy and red as well as her nose, she just looked completely broken, crushed, like somebody stabbed her chest a million times, Josh had never seen the poor female this down.
“Maddie…” He cooed, his eyes filled with worry and sadness.
Maddie didn’t respond, all she did was rush into his loving arms, crying her eyes out into his chest.
“Shhh, it’s okay sweetheart, I’m here, everything is going to be okay…come on, let’s go inside and you can tell me all about it okay?”
“Mhm…” She sniffed as she leaned away from him.
Moments later Maddie got to talking about the asshole who broke her heart….
“And then he told me that he wasn’t even interested in me in the first place…that he only made me feel all special because he was trying to make his ex jealous…man and I was really falling in love with that guy…”
“That fucking dumbass, I can’t believe he did that to you! I should kick his ass!”
“No!” He exclaimed, standing up from the couch and facing her…
“Maddie you didn’t deserve that type of bullshit happening to you! This guy is an idiot! He’s full of crap! Any guy would be lucky to have you be with them! I bet you would’ve made an amazing girlfriend! You would’ve been so loving and loyal and not to mention you are so damn beautiful! You deserve a lot better than a jackass! You deserve someone like me!”
Josh’s eyes went wide, he went from feeling anger to regret in just seconds, he never thought that he would blurt out something that he has been keeping as a huge secret for years.
Maddie slowly stood up from the couch, her watery eyes wide as well.
“What did you say?…”
“I didn’t say an-”
“Josh come on…don’t lie to me…” She softly begged.
He let out a heavy sigh before speaking…
“I love you Maddie…I really love you…I always have ever since middle school…and seeing someone hurt your feelings like this gets me pissed because…you’re the most amazing girl in the world.”
She was left speechless, it took her a while to form words again.
“Howcome you never told me?”
“Because I knew you wouldn’t feel the same way.”
“And how exactly did you know that?”
Josh’s expression became highly confused at her reply, his heart even began racing a bit.
“What do you mean by that?”
“Josh…I have felt the same way about you too…but I lost hope when you got together with that one chick Debby….you were head over heels for her remember?” She inquired.
“But that was so long ago Maddie.”
“Not that long ago…that’s the only reason why I got hung up on this guy…except it went downhill because I actually did end up developing feelings for him.” Maddie confessed.
Josh couldn’t help but chuckle and shake his head…
“So you’re telling me that this whole time we could’ve been in a relationship?”
“Yeah….pretty much…”
He took a few steps closer to her and looked deeply into her eyes, Maddie doing the same.
“Listen, Maddie, I know it’s going to take some time for you to heal but…if you’d like maybe I can…take you on a date?”
A smile tugged up in the corner of Maddie’s lips, follow by a slight nodd…
“I would love that.” 💕

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