“Un dernier mot, une dernière chose, trois fois rien.

A la veille de cette élection, si vous vous dites que dimanche vous avez mieux à faire que d'aller voter parce que bah, déjà il va faire très beau ou alors tout simplement parce que vous ne savez pas pour qui voter. Ou peut-être parce que vous trouvez que la campagne n'a pas été à la hauteur, ou peut-être que la campagne a été honteuse, parce qu'ils n'ont peut-être pas dit la vérité ou parce qu'ils ne méritent pas vos voix, bref, vous m'avez compris.

Si vous ne voulez pas faire un détour de trois minutes à peine par votre bureau de vote, je vous propose de réécouter cette personne que nous avons croisée hier :

“J'ai 78 ans et je trouve que la vie est formidable et qu'il faut être tolérant pour tout le monde. Ça va, je sais pour qui je vais voter, je sais pour qui je ne voterai pas. 

Je souhaite que la jeunesse prenne la suite de notre vie et que tout se passe bien pour eux. Voilà.

La vie est belle. On est dans un pays démocratique. Tout le monde peut être heureux.”


Oasis 21 - Nagoya, Japan (2002)

“The roof is a large oval glass structure that floats above ground level. It is filled with water to draw a pattern of uncountable ripples of light and to cool down the temperature of the shopping area and the public space for various events known as “Milky Way Square” below in the summer. A walking path surrounds the glass roof, allowing people to enjoy a stroll in the air 14 meters above ground. The axis of Spaceship-Aqua points toward the Nagoya Castle.”


» It’s time for Robin and Superboy to take a stand!
(Why’s your name first? – I’m older. – I’m taller. – Shut up.)

aesthetic asks:
• send me a fandom/character/etc. and i’ll make a picspam/graphic.
anonymous requested platonic Super Sons (Damian and Jon).

The ladies of S.H.I.E.L.D. and FitzSimmons! (…And Spider-Man.)

Me as Jemma, @daisy-in-the-skye as Daisy, @bribuzzz as Bobbi, & @gabitachiquita as Spider-Man.

I was never much of an explorer when I was younger. I only explored what I knew would be safe: my mother’s side, my father’s side, and, sometimes, my grandma’s side.

There’s a beach ten minutes away from my house. On this beach, there’s the obvious water, the sand, and a great expanse of rocks. The first time I climbed the rocks that divide the beach and the open ocean I was probably 20 years old. My parents were not around.

The Sun was beating down on me and my friend and her friend, but I was determined to climb up despite my parents’ warnings.

It was slow, they kept going up, and I tried to keep up, but I wanted to make sure I was stepping into safe rocks. With every step as we ascended, I swore we were closer to the Sky.

I didn’t reach the very top, too many more daring explorers had been swallowed by the ocean, and the ocean is unforgiving to trespassers. But as I turned and saw the rest of the people sunbathing and tiny bodies playing volleyball, I closed my eyes.

The wind cradled me and silenced everything except the secrets of the waves inviting me to play. I bore my arms to the Sun, and for a second I knew what Icarus felt inching closer for a taste of the tantalizing star. Every centimeter of my brown skin was merged with all the elements. I breathed in the ocean spray.

I didn’t need to be by my family’s side to feel.

Standing on that rocky expanse,
in a corner of the Atlantic,
I finally explored
what it meant
to be alive.

caribbean icarus // a.m. (April 21st, 2017)

another prompt from @hiddenpolkadots who asked for “warm Caribbean sunshine” ☀️🌊

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If Shuichi, Kaede and Kiibo got all their names localised, they'd be... Kaede Akamatsu = Katie Arrington Shuichi Saihara = Sheridan Sahara Kiibo = Keebo (already localised) More poorly localised names coming soon

Nice to meet you, I’m Katie Arrington, this crazy story’s protagonist.