Anti starter pack checklist (feel free to add)

✅ “you’re disgusting if you like this”
✅ “sweetie :)”
✅ under 21
✅ doesn’t know how to use blacklist
✅ “this is wrong and obviously im smarter than u so i have to tell u why ur wrong, ugh”
✅ “i dont care that youre a survivor”
✅ “relive your traumatic experience by telling everyone online or you arent valid”
✅ “kill yourself”
✅ “get hit by a truck”
✅ everyone is a racist
✅ everyone is a pedophile
✅ fiction = reality
✅ :)
✅ ;)

Tips for young trans boys going on HRT [From two dudes already going through it]

Ok so since not everyone is actually fortunate enough to go through an actual Gender Service, I’m going to write some Will and Probably Won’t things that come with going on T. For ref, I’ve been on T a year and my bf has been on for two. Let’s start;


You’ll wake up one day and sound like Morgan Freeman. 


Going on T will deepen your voice. 

For some people it may happen quite suddenly, for others gradually. Most likely you’ll sound like you have a bad cold for a while and then it’ll even out and be different. If you like to sing, be aware of voice cracks and suddenly being unable to sing as high as you used to. Some guys get lucky and still retain singing prowess, but be aware there’s a high chance you won’t. 

Each person’s vocal change is different. My voice cracked literally after the first injection, whilst my bf had to wait a while for changes. Don’t be worried if it appears your voice isn’t changing and be aware it may not go incredibly deep. It will probably be more noticeable to others than you and eventually it’ll feel like your normal voice. Your pets will recognise your voice, they will always come to know you. 


Face shape will change drastically to become more masculine.


After a while on T, you may experience some change in face and body shape. 

A lot of trans boys I know seem to believe they’ll wake up one day and just have the perfect masc face. Everyone is different, I can’t stress this enough. You may experience a huge change in the face, you may experience almost nothing. My bf always had a very round ‘moon’ face and his cheeks have started to slim down but his facial shape is more or less the same. As for myself I’ve not noticed anything too considerable yet. 

The same goes for the broadening of the shoulders. If you’re very slender to begin with, you’re probably never going to be Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, but you might experience some changes. Again, don’t be disheartened, everyone is different. 


The fat in your breasts will break down from going on T and make you look a lot more flat, if your chest is small you may not even have to wear a binder.


If you have A cups, then maybe the breakdown that happens with T will mean you don’t have to bind. However, the breakdown from T alone is very small unless you’re on it for years. Also be aware that a lot of the fat in your body in general is going to start focusing on your stomach. It’ll become easier to gain muscle once on T, but if you don’t exercise, the weight you lose from other areas will go to your stomach. But also, muscle weighs more than fat, remember that. You may drop clothing sizes, which can be a pain if you’re already quite small and have trouble finding masc clothes to fit you, trust me I know. 

Also a note on binders: Do not use bandages or cheap binders. Do not. Binders can cause damage after prolonged use when you’re using a proper binder nevermind anything else. Bandages are made to contract and not let in moisture, they are not good for being tight around the chest! Cheap binders are also usually not breathable and will hurt more than they should! It could cost a lot, but forking out for a proper binder from places like lesloveboat is really going to be worth it. There is the sports bra method if you can’t get a binder because you’re not Out yet and couldn’t justify getting a binder to your parents etc but even then it’s not as safe as a proper binder.

Any binder shouldn’t be worn for longer than recommended, and will most likely rub especially when the T starts to make you sweat more. There’s also going to be an increase in acne on the chest around where the binder fits. If your chest ever really starts to hurt, find somewhere to take the binder off. I don’t care where you are, if you’re getting huge chest pains, take the damn thing off. If you damage yourself the chance of being able to get surgery reduces drastically, not to mention a whole lot of health problems you don’t want to deal with. It’s harsh, but it’s a lot better for you. Get a binder in the next size up and try again.


My periods will stop immediately and I’ll never have them again.


Eventually your periods will stop, though you may spot occasionally whilst you still have the necessary organs.

Though everyone is different, don’t be disheartened if you still have a period or two after starting T, you’ll stop eventually. You could also go a while without a period and then spot before stopping again. If the spotting continues for a while, or if you start to experience severe cramping, go and see a doctor


I’m going to get angry and aggressive a lot when on T!


Your emotions will be doing a whole lot of different things. Your may get angry, and you may also find your sex drive increases. You might also get upset more often or at things that never upset you before, or aren’t necessarily sad. I cried listening to that Chick Chick song, it’s ridiculous. It won’t last forever, be patient with yourself, there’s nothing wrong with you it’s basically just puberty (again).

Last things - 

Hair growth all depends on the person, the face being the last place that will probably grow hair and even then you’ll probably only have a tiny fluff for a long time, unless you’re lucky. My bf is experiencing hair in places now that I started growing extremely quickly right away. It could be to do with my having dark hair and him being a redhead tbh. But you will grow hair, all over. All over. Be prepared for that. You will get hair in places you never had much if any hair before. I have hair on my chest now. Not a whole lot but it’s there. The stomach is another hotspot for hair growth on T.

You will get acne, you will start to stink, sweat more and you may get growing pains. Look up Male Puberty, seriously, it’ll give you a good idea of some of the stuff that will start happening to you. Until your hormones calm down, your acne will not ultimately improve even with skincare. If you’re under 21, you might grow a little and the pains will be considerable. I gained like maybe an inch so I’m still short af but that’s something.

Your clit will start to get bigger. I know talking about the female genitalia we have is a big dysphoria bomb for a lot of us, but you need to read this. Your clit will get bigger, maybe considerably, maybe so much that the lips won’t hide it any more (if they ever did). It will rub against your underwear and/or your packer. For me it’s just mildly irritating, though for my bf it actually hurts (stings) him. It will be really sensitive either way. Be aware of that. 

Some people you don’t see every day or aren’t very close to may not recognise you when considerable changes occur. Use this to your advantage! Reintroduce yourself! 

If you self-inject, be prepared to mess up. There will be pain, swelling and bruising. If you have a nurse to inject you (like we do) there’s a change that they too might occasionally catch a nerve and you may bruise. Do not inject directly into a vein.

It’s perfectly fine to cry because of growing pains, pain from rubbing etc. You can be a man and still cry and complain but at least be aware of what to expect. 

Most changes will be so gradual that you’ll never look in the mirror and see a stranger, it’ll be like this was always the way you were.

If you do however, start to become really distressed by the changes or start to see nothing but a stranger in the mirror, please reconsider whether HRT is the right thing for you. The last thing you want is to be stuck with changes that are actually distressing you. It’s ok if you thought you wanted/needed this but then realised you didn’t/don’t. 

Last (gosh this was long). Every guy is different. Some changes come fast, some don’t. Some may be huge changes and some only small. Don’t compare yourself to other trans guys especially your own friends/loved ones. Every guy is different, be proud of your changes as they come and don’t let anyone bring you down just because those changes aren’t ~*significant*~  to them.

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What's the deal with 21:21 ?

What’s the deal with-


oh dear sweet anon

let me take you down season 3 symbolism lane

do you remember this iconic clip?

Well the title of this clip waasssss - you guessed it

What does 21:21 mean?

a couple things -

firstly 21 is an angel number which symbolises that your ideas and beliefs are becoming a reality and that changes are coming into your life. - I think this could be the thing that made Even go “are you serious? we’re going” when Isak told him this time because….to him it was practically a sign that he needs to make his dreams become a reality right now with Isak….

Second - in the bible (which was a major theme in Isak’s season because of his mothers messages and connection to religion) genesis 21:21 is literally The Birth of Isaac. i am not kidding

you would also be aware that water itself is a symbol of birth… so many of us believe that the use of 21:21 and Isak and Even having their first kiss underwater is symbolising that Isak is being roborn. He is finally becoming the person he was always too afraid to be. The real Isak has just been born the moment he leaves with Even at 21:21 and kisses him under water.

The thing that makes this interpretation super obvious in this clip is the fact that Even is literally dressed as god lol.

and then of course the reveal that


so yeah rebirth of Isak alright.

and then finally

21:21 doesn’t just mean something significant for Isak…or for Even it means something special and important to the both of them. Together

which is why when Isak posted this on the 21st of May 2017

we all died, because this was a reminder from Isak that it is 21:21 right now in this universe….and guess what? Him and Even are together. Right now at 21:21 the Isak and Even lying together in each others arms in this universe are together and safe and happy and loved.

the fact that his background is very universy further emphasises this.

they are together and happy in this universe at 21:21 and Isak wanted to share it because dear god isn’t it beautiful?


Paladin Cocktails #1

I expect to do a few variations on this sort of post as alternate ideas are presented or folk recommend modifications to the recipes. These are all alcoholic and therefore not intended for fans under 21. There is one in the works for some of our alien characters as well.

These are strong drinks because that’s how mod likes her drinks. Please feel welcome to tag @vldquizsnacks​ or submit pics to us if you make these and take pictures!

Detailed cocktail recipes under the cut!

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“i wish there were more non-bar lgbt spaces”

me, nodding: ok, good, alcoholism is a big problem in our community, plus not everyone drinks + under 21s can have a hard time finding places to meet

“…bc the lgbt community is so ~sexual~/gay bars are Dirty/it’s gross :(/it’s acephobic/they’re harmful to children”

me, recoiling: bad fucking content,

Patater Week - Day 3

Feb. 8 - Fake Dating/Secret (?) Relationship - (2K)

“I don’t care, it’s not weird, I’m going to sit on you,” Jeff says, shifting all 200 pounds of his body onto Kent’s lap.

“I wish you wouldn’t,” Kent tells him.

“That’s pretty gay,” an Aces teammate says from where he is sitting on the ground, demolishing his bowl of popcorn that he stole from Kent’s cabinets, even though Kent had specifically told him to not touch his cabinets. “And I have a boyfriend.”

“Shut up, I’m so scared, I’m so fucking scared,” Jeff says, burying his face in Kent’s neck. “Did they make it out of the hallway?”

“I don’t know, why don’t you watch the movie?” Kent says through his teeth as he shoves Jeff off to the side, which is rather difficult considering that Jeff is insistent that he turn into a human-sized suction cup for the occasion. “Seriously, could you let go? I can’t breathe.”

“Why did you pick a scary movie if you’re afraid of them, Jeff?” a rookie asks. He’s lounging on the carpet, his head using Patrick’s lap as a pillow as he scrolls down his phone.

“I’m not scared,” Jeff says, then curses as the woman in the TV screen turns a corner in her hallway and the music grows more ominous. “This is for a team bonding exercise for the rookies.”

“Which you hosted. At my place,” Kent says flatly. “Without consulting me.”

“You’re the captain,” Jeff says. “It should be at your place.”

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OITNB Season 5 spoilers !! Don't read if you haven't finished the season yet

Okay, I just have to make this post to get it all out of my system.

First thing, I wanna talk about Bailey going to visit Poussey’s father. This is after he’s cried for help from his parents, two of the old guards, and even attempting to turn himself in and kill himself. This guy is all kinds of fucked up from what he did. I cannot stress enough how upset I was while watching the episode that Poussey died in. She was great, but so is Bailey. The poor guy was 21 years old, under trained, in the midst of a protest going ary. He was just trying to hold her down cause that’s what he was supposed to do but he was also getting punched like crazy by Suzanne. So he unintentionally was putting more and more pressure on Poussey while trying to face Suzanne to block her fists. Should he have tried to stand up and deal with Suzanne full on? Yes, there are many things he could have done differently. But never the less, it WAS an accident and clearly from all the aforementioned things he feels H O R R I B L E about it. Now, back to my initial point of wanting to talk about him visiting Poussey’s father. I understand his reasoning behind going there AND I also understand the way the father reacted. I know that if I had a daughter and I was looking in the eyes of the man that looking in the eyes of the man that killed her, I wouldn’t wanna hear a single word he had to say. But my god.. the look of UTTER devastation on Bailey’s face as the door was being closed on him.. I wanted to hug him so god damn badly. Should he be charged in some way for what happened? Absolutely, fact of the matter is despite it being a total accident he DID kill someone.

Second thing, Piscatella. I know that he doesn’t like Red, she hasn’t exactly been polite to him. And I don’t agree with the homophobic slurs she used against him throughout his time of being a part of the show. But holy fuck, what he did to her in episode 10? That was some SERIOUSLY fucking twisted ass shit. I’m all about horror films, gore, and so on. I can take that. But maybe it’s cause I’ve had a long time to see Red as a person idfk but it got me feeling NAUSEOUS. That was so over the top I needed to take a breather to cuddle my cat and watch a little bit of Family Guy so I could calm down. Like I seriously don’t understand what exactly his problem was with Red that caused him to feel justified in doing anything remotely close to that. What I felt would have been reasonable was getting her sent to max. But Jesus… I can’t really say I’m GLAD he died. Cause the fact is after everything he did decide to peacefully walk out of that room. But he was a fucking monster.

And here I am scrolling a moment ago through the oitnb season 5 tag on here and NO ONE is talking about it. 90% of the posts are about fuckin Flaritza. Claiming how iconic they are and how heartbroken they feel that they got separated at the end. They’re two of the most vapid girls I’ve ever seen in my life. They give absolutely no fucks about anyone but themselves. Only getting upset about things when it directly affects them. Fuck that

This show got me feelin some kind of way, and idk where they’re going next with it. But damn, I’m gonna NEED this year till the next season to recover

Mystic Messenger Fool’s Day DLC: April Fool’s Guide

End 1 Happy End: You need to “be the normal person” and take Zen’s side. You should reach this ending as long as the majority of the answers you picked are siding with Zen.

End 2 Normal End: You need to play along with the craziness of the others, so “don’t be normal. You should reach this ending as long as the majority of the answers you picked are siding with the others.  If it’s easier for you, you can always think of it as aiming for one character’s route and pick their answers (as long as they aren’t Zen’s).  In my case, I went for most of Jumin’s answers.

End 3 Bad? End:


Chat Times:

00:00 Today is…

3:29 Zen’s Birthday


7:07 Can’t leave!

10:26 707, the cardboard


12:31 This is all a dream


14:06 Cardboard 707 and cat oven

16:21 Suspicious Jumin



18:13 Traveling Anarchist

19:47 Banned plaster bust


Good End:

21:19 Messenger Under Maintenance


Normal End:

21:19 Am I the weird one?

23:50 Flow of dimensions

Bad? End: 


Welcome to Borussia Dortmund, Maximilian Philipp!

Borussia Dortmund have signed Germany Under-21 international midfielder Maximilian Philipp from Freiburg for a reported €20 million fee. Dortmund announced the 23-year-old’s signing on Wednesday, with Philipp having agreed a five-year contract for Peter Bosz’s side.

He played 25 times for seventh-placed Freiburg in last season’s Bundesliga, scoring nine goals including one in a 3-1 away defeat to Dortmund in September.

“BVB are one of the biggest clubs in the world. It is an honour for me to be able to play here,” Philipp told the club’s website. 

Source: Goal.com

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jerejean in the rain?

you come…..to my house….ask for rain and jerejean………….when u know FULL WELL they live in drought city, U S A … and my weakness is dampness. good god u anons are good

Jeremy is an athlete, which means he wears a watch with a timer no matter how nerdy and ugly it is; and he’s a college athlete in his senior year, which means he has a Google Calendar more packed than one of his suitcases when he needs to fly home. In other words: Jeremy keeps track of time to the minute at least. He’s not organized in other parts of his life, but in this one, knowing when and how long, he’s basically a walking bullet journal.

All of which is to say: Jean has been in L.A. for six months, fourteen days, six hours, and twenty-three minutes when Jeremy blinks during lunch with the team and realizes he’s staring. 

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Here’s a WIP version of my first Highspecs art good enough to be shared. 😄

(I started digital painting on my ipad. There are so many things I have to learn about this…)

Today I read chapter 21 of Water Under the Bridge by the talented @unsteadygenius. It made me cry… 😭 So I decided to post my art of Ignis and Aranea.

Tag : @swabin10 & @blindbae

D&D 5e: Homebrew Cursed Magic Items

Cursed Wand of Magic Missile

Wand, requires attunement

This wand functions like a regular Wand of Magic Missile, but every time you use it it empties all of its charges and every single missile attacks the wielder, making a guttural burping noise with every missile hit. If the wielder is under the effects of a Shield spell, any missiles that hit the shield instead make a soft farting noise.

Cursed Spell Component Pouch

Regular Ole’ Item, attunes to anal-retentive Gumption Masters

This pouch causes you to actually need to keep track of spell components. Like for realsies. You have to go out and find pieces of copper wire, gather bits of bat guano, and make ointments out of peach syrup and cinnabar. And if you don’t have it, you can’t cast it. Not in the bag, get a red flag.

Cursed Sword of Withering

Any Sword, attunes to all editions

Using an Encounter power causes one of your Healing Surges to move creature up to 5 feet in any direction, dealing 1d7 temporary holy points unless you Will Save them.

Cursed Apparatus of Kwalish

Wondrous Item, attunes to its own beat

Each lever in the Apparatus serves a different function:

  1. The apparatus walks forward or backward
  2. A goblin enters the rear hatch
  3. Destroy target aura
  4. The apparatus gains +2/+1 until end of turn
  5. Draw a card, then discard a card
  6. Target wizard gains denimwalk and protection from sleeves
  7. Summon a 7/7 germ token
  8. Search the archive for a basic bland card, then put it onto the grid tapped, then destroy the archive
  9. Counter target nonapparatus spell
  10. 6d6 Storm Crows fly from the mouth of the apparatus to attack your foes. Each crow obeys your mental commands but will not attack Mark.

Cursed Umbra Staff of the Red Robe

Staff, attunes only to tex-mex

The item spoils the entirety of The Adventure Zone podcast but tells the story in a really unappetizing way, causing the Player Character to never truly find it funny but still understand the references.

Cursed Arrow

Any Arrow or Bolt, attunes to muscular men

Once per day you may activate Curse Arrow to- wait, is this a Jojo reference?

Cursed Grappling Rules

Wondrous Item, requires attunement by a graybeard

For each point of DEX the attacker has, they gain 1%. If the defender of the grapple has padded chain, then this is reduced by 20%. With a movement of 3 or greater, they gain +3% for every 3 moves. If the defender has a visored helmet, they are immune to the pummel unless the attacker has a slotted spoon helm, in which case per point of STR modifier each short rest causes a healing surge to halve the incoming damage. To overbear the opponent, you need a minimum of polar and a maximum of moon. If determining the first initiative of the nonlethal weaponless headless combat, be sure to adjust the dice with the special damage table below (wood glue already applied):

  • Under 21: Waist, 2d6
  • 21-40: Bear Hug, 3d4
  • 41-55: Suplex, 66
  • 57-70: Finger Trap, 84
  • 71-85: Cookie Cutter, elevensies
  • 86-95: Head Butt, It’s Hamtaro Time
  • Over 95: +2% per psi point discipline

Cursed Boots of the Hedgehog

Wonderful Item, Attunes to Amy, no one else

/ You have to go fast /

/ Faster than a Mountain Dew /

/ Fast go to have you /

Cursed Preview of D&D 6e

Crowd-sourced Item, requires attunement by an editor

As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic insect. He was lying on his hard, as it were armor-plated, back and when he lifted his head a little he could see his dome-like brown belly divided into stiff arched segments on top of which the bed quilt could hardly keep in position and was about to slide off completely. His numerous legs, which were pitifully thin compared to the rest of his bulk, waved helplessly before his eyes. What has happened to me? he thought. Aftur sexing tey both not happy. bulma not smile and vigta not smile. tey both not say nothin cos bad sexing. vigta scream so loud ten walker to bathroom. Was quiet. then. “NOO IS NOT RIGHT!” screamer vigito. mulba gotter up quicly and ranner to bathroom. “WAT!!!!” screamer bulma. vigita cry really fast and say sad “MY DRAGONBALLS!!1! TEY GONE!!!!!” he screamer once more loudest.

Cursed Mantle of the Wolf

Unsettling. Do not attune

(<w<)  (>w>) (OwO) what’s this? within 60 feetsies of u, a kreatur u kin c gets glomped *rawr XD* by a good boy :^) 

You cannot use this ability again until you finish a long rest.


Glorious Item, attunes only to you

 ̸̲̫́R̸ë̸́b̷̓l̴͋ô̴͈g̴̦͇͛ ̵͚̭̓͘t̷̯̔ẖ̶̏i̷͈͇̐s̵̠̀ ̸̨̼̾p̸̞̄͠o̷̠͍̒͋s̵͈̬̉̔ẗ̵̢̩̚ ̷͔̼̌a̶̗͘n̴̙͇̅̓d̸̟̀͑ ̶̪͂ş̵̏̆e̶͕̾n̶̮͎͛ḍ̵̈̃ ̵̼̾į̴͂t̸̩͓̽ ̴̱̱̊̑t̸̲͐̈o̵̺͔̓̆ ̴͇̀ͅ1̵͍͙̒̿3̸͚̺̀ ̸̡̋p̸̖̋̚͜e̴͖͊̕ó̶̫p̵͇͌̓l̴̰̍e̷̩̰͐ ̴̥͉̋o̵̙̖̔͊r̴̻̉̊ ̸̹̃Ä̶̮ṣ̶̖̏͐m̷̩̫͑ọ̸̎ͅd̸̲́̀ĕ̷͓̰̾ǘ̷̩s̵͙̙̀͑ ̶͈͎̎w̸̰͋î̵͕l̷̖͘͝l̵̟̎͠ ̶̖̏̄ç̴̖̾̅a̷̳̟̋s̷̫̘͠t̵͚̦͐́ ̵͚̜̏̇y̷͇̦̆͑ợ̶̫͘ǘ̵͕̪͘ ̷̲̕ḭ̷͐n̶̤̈͂t̵̬̓̈́o̶̘̽̇ ̴́͜ṭ̵̻͋̾ĥ̵̦e̸̜̓̍ ̶͕̓S̵͛̇͜t̶͓̒̉y̷̲̓g̸̦̀͜i̸͙̊a̶̤̲̐͊n̴̝̈́͝ ̷̣̫̈́̕W̷̳̄͊ả̴͔̼s̵̛̟͋ṫ̴͙̮́e̶̯͕͑̐s̷̳͊͝ ̸̪̓t̸̡̪͑͘o̸̯̩͒͑ ̶͖̱́b̷͇͋̕ȇ̴̙͍ ̴̛̮̞f̴̭̃͋ṛ̴̓͝ȏ̷͓͎͑z̴̩̹̀́ê̵͚͓n̷̙̭̎́ ̸̜͠ũ̴̙ṉ̷̽̓ċ̸̫̳͂o̵̥͐́m̶͔̩̀̚f̵̛̛̣̖o̷̻̿r̶̺̉̊ṱ̴̿a̶̬̭͊b̵̢̝̄̂l̵̼̅ỳ̶̬̌ ̸̰̇̅ͅc̷͕͇̋l̵̘͎̾͒ö̵̖́͠s̵͉̦̄e̸̞̽ͅ ̶̱͝t̷̗̎̽ô̸̞͝ ̴̢̉L̴̯͗͐e̴̝̝̋v̷̪̆i̶̧̾ș̵̔t̶̼̤͐̀u̷̝̿s̶̩̪̊̏ ̶̫̔̒ψ̴̜̠͆̌ ̷̩̝͑☠̴̙̳͗͘ ̴̹̎̄⛧̷̳̍ ̷͈̀ͅψ̶̤̐̍ ̷͛́ͅ☠̷̧̭͒ ⛥

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So is he serving prison time?? I'm a little confused


Please note that articles were mistranslated earlier.

As per the prosecutor’s recommendation, It is 10 months in prison and 2 years suspension. HE HAS NO SENTENCE YET. It’s up to the judge if they will follow the recommendation or not.

(((Probation also means he will be under the police watch BUT HE IS COMPLETELY FREE. and If ever, the 10 months prison will only be applicable if he committed any violations again during those 2 years. And because the penalty is under 21 months, that means that during those 2 years he can serve and finish military service.))

Consider everything we have right now as only the possible penalties he may have. We shall wait until 20th July (1:50pm KST) for the court decision and from there we will know what will really be his sentence.
Chemistry | Part 1 | COLE SPROUSE X READER

Description: When Camila hosts a viewing part for the season 1 premiere of Riverdale, the reader find out that the fans ship her and Cole together on and off screen. So she decides to have some fun with it.

Word Count: 1972

Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Chemistry isn’t something you can fake no matter how good of an actress or actor you are. You either have it or you don’t and I’ve yet to find to a way to create it if it’s just not there.

I’m pretty sure the main reason I got my job on Riverdale was because of the chemistry I had with my co-star, Cole Sprouse. I auditioned for the role of a girl who played his character Jughead’s love interest on the show, so it was important to the casting director that whoever played this character got along with Cole.

Cole was in the room reading lines with the people auditioning for the role and it became inherently obvious within the first 20 seconds that we had great chemistry and similar interests.

I walked into the room wearing dark wash jeans and a black and white flannel with white converse. Cole stood up straight off of the table he was leaning against and looked me up and down. He too was wearing dark wash jeans and a black and white flannel with white converse, though he made it look one hundred times better than I did.

Cole broke out in a grin and chuckled. “I like your style…” he trailed off not knowing my name.

“(Y/N),” I supplied him with a smile of my own. “And thank you I like yours as well. Great minds think alike and I have a great one,” I said with a wink.

The people in the room all let out a laugh at my response. Cole walked up to me and reached a hand out. “Well nice to meet you (Y/N) I’m Cole Sprouse and I’ll be one of your co-stars if you get this role.”

I firmly grasped his reached out hand and shook it firmly. “Nice to meet you too Cole though I already knew your name. I don’t live under a rock.”

And the rest as they say is history.  I got a call the next day saying I got the part and showed up to set the following week. That was a year ago.

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