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I don’t think my sex drive is even unusually high for a 21-year-old lesbian tbh, I just think a lot of people feel pressured to shut up about it. But guess what *SJ voice* if you can’t handle me at my “hasn’t eaten pussy in way too long and is therefore unable to think about anything else” you don’t deserve me at my “sexually satisfied enough to focus on other things.”


Sailing by Orion’s Star by @kcrabb88

It all began with 6-year-old Enjolras and 21-year-old Javert crossing toy swords beneath the stars on the deck of an EITC ship. Years later, Les Amis use the sea as their revolution against destructive colonialism in the Caribbean, all under the tutelage of a certain escaped convict and his family, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. Paths cross and the past arises, all swirling up from the depths of the sea.

I feel like if I were to ever have the chance to come across Benedict, I would cry because I’m too insecure to ask for a picture. He’s perfect, and I’m a 21 year old that still breaks out like a 15 year old and I cry just thinking about it because I can just imagine him cringing when he sees me and my god I’m pathetic.

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Hi please help... I am a 21 year old girl and I've always had a strong relationship with Jesus. In college it's only grown stronger and I'm so happy. But I have a boyfriend and lately I've been considering having sex before marriage. Both of us are virgins. I can't believe I'm even saying this, it's so not like me! I always planned and WANTED to wait. But now I don't. I almost feel like this is God's plan for me, even though deep down I know it isn't... Any advice?

1 Corinthians 6:18-20 encourages us to “Run away from sexual sin. Every
other sin people do is outside their bodies, but those who sin sexually sin against their own bodies. You should know that your body is a temple for the Holy Spirit who is in you. You have received the Holy Spirit from God. So you do not belong to yourselves, because you were bought by God for a price. So honor God with your bodies.”

it feels very exciting at first because you’re curious but believe me none of it will matter in the end because that is not what the Lord has planned for your life. God is not down for fun or sex instead, He is down for pain because He already knows all the consequences you’ll be facing and suffer if you do not wait.  “‎True love isn’t expressed in passionately whispered words an intimate kiss or a embrace; before two people are married, love is expressed in self-control, patience, even words left unsaid.” ― Joshua Harris

I am praying for you. I know by the Grace of God you can get through all of these. 

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What do you think of a girl who is still a virgin at 21 years old? I saw that some guys are ok with it but don't get like how can you still be a virgin at this age and all... I see so much misunderstanding around it and some people make fun of it I'm a Virgin but doesn't mean idk my body or what I like how I feel Just wanted your point of view about it Thanks, have a nice day

I have never ever understood teasing someone because they’re a virgin. “Haha, I’m so much better than you because other genitals have touched mine.” It literally makes no sense to me.

So what you’re still a virgin? It hasn’t happened for you yet or you haven’t met the right person or you just don’t fuckin wanna and that’s not even a little bit of anybody’s business. Being a virgin or not being a virgin have absolutely no effect on who you are as a person.

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Ok it took me some time to do this because you're such a amazing and talented person and I don't feel worthy of your time?? But anyways, I just really love your art, it's so beautiful and inspiring! (Bless your Thace and Sendak art-- I love them----)

JOIERJGIOREJGOERjgIrojg pleaSE pleASEEEE Don’t treat me like some celebrity??? I literally am just a 21 year old girl behind a computer that likes to draw things for fun. I go to school, I get sick, I have friends, I have a family. I am a person.

Don’t think just because I draw a lot or because I sometimes get a lot of notes on my art that I am someone you can’t talk too??? People think because I am “popular”, they can’t talk to me. And it makes me sad because I love meeting new people and making friends.

Frankly its why I stream so much. Because people rarely talk to me off anon.

Still hopeful

19 male, daddy

Name: Eli

Looking for: A little one to call my own, to take care of and cherish. I love with all my heart and expect the same in return. Preferably a cutepie and 17-21 years old.

About me: I’m 6'2 white, I love to cuddle and to watch baseball and basketball, and I like to play basketball a lot too. My friends and family are the most important to me. I’m very protective and posesive. Very monogamus lol.

Location: northern Illinois

Contact me on tumbler or kik: Eli27oh

I’m an open book hmu!
Thanks and good luck to everyone :)

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Misaki Takahashi x Usami Akihiko (Junjou Romantica) 2.“I’m still mad at you.” please? :c

Hope you like it anon :)



“Misaki, please.”

“I said no! I’m still mad at you.”

Misaki Takahashi, 21 year old, employed at the Marukawa Publishing Company, cohabit and lover of the popular author Usami Akihiko, sat currently on top of the large pink couch which stood in the living room of their huge apartment, arms crossed over his chest with a pout on his face. The owner of the luxurious apartment also sat on the couch, but not next to his lover like he wanted to but next to his giant teddy-bear Suzuki-San which Misaki had pushed between them and who now had the function of a wall instead of a plush animal.

“If you just would eat what I have cooked for you then we wouldn’t have this discussion now, Usagi-san.” said Misaki who sounded like a parent who scolded his kid.

“But there were green peppers in it”, retorted the author and threw his arms into the air as a clarification for his frustration. It wasn’t fair that Misaki got angry at him for not eating all of his meal when he put green peppers in it. Usagi’s expression eclipsed as he realized that these stupid vegetables were at fault that his lover was angry at him, which didn’t really help to reduce the author’s dislike for them.

Usagi got pulled out of his thoughts when he noticed that the smaller man had stood up and grabbed a pen which had laid on the couch table in front of him and then walked over to the kitchen. He then started to write something down onto a small paper.

“What are you doing?” asked Usagi who also got up from the couch and went over to the counter where his lover stood.

“I write a grocery list so I can go shopping.” answered Misaki shortly and Usagi winced inwardly at the cold answer. It seemed that Misaki was really angry at him and Usagi knew that he had to do something to clear the mood between them.

Misaki yelped when he suddenly felt a well known weight leaning down on his shoulders and the feeling of long arms circling his waist and pressing him into a large chest.

“Misaki, please don’t be angry anymore.” whispered Usagi in his lovers ear and hugged the smaller man from behind. He placed a small kiss under Misakis ear in order to calm the still angry teen down. Misaki blushed a bit at the kiss but then huffed, not willing to forgive the other this easily. He knew that he was being childish but sometimes Usagi-san’s behavior just irked him too much, to let everything the older man did just pass without any consequences.

Usagi started to draw little circles on the green eyed mans waist, still hoping that he would forgive him soon and hugged him even closer.
Misaki’s body twitched at the feeling of fingers lightly tracing his skin and he had trouble hiding the tiny smile which started to form on his face. He tried to play it off by simply ignoring the taller man and continue with adding things on the list but he soon lost his cool when the fingers wandered in direction of his stomach and the tingling feeling grew stronger and stronger. He tried to grab the hands that were making it hard for him not to squirm in his lovers hold and push them away but Usagi-san just wouldn’t let go of him.

“Misaki?” asked the taller man a bit confused when he suddenly felt the small hands of his lover trying to hold his own in place but soon smirked when he heard a tiny giggle escaping his lovers lips and put two and two together. He knew from experience that Misaki had a rather sensitive body but he hadn’t thought that it also affected his lover in this kind of way.

“What’s wrong Misaki?” asked Usagi with a teasing voice and slowly let his fingers dance over the teen’s tummy. Misaki who couldn’t hold it in anymore at this point and started giggling when the ticklish feeling from his midriff wandered up into his brain and he started to squirm in Usagi’s hold.

“U-usagi-san s-stohohp.” laughed Misaki when the teasing hands wandered up to his ribs and dug in between, tickling up and down, letting him squirm more than before and he soon had to lean into his lovers chest when his knees started to get weak from laughing so much.

Misaki could hear the deep chuckles from his lover over his own laughter when he started to sink to the ground, his legs giving in.

“Nohoho U-Usagihi-sahan, stohohop”, pleaded the giggling teen who was now laying on the kitchen floor, Usagi-san hovering over him and smirking down at the squealing and giggling mess that he affectionately called his lover.

“We could make a deal Misaki”, whispered Usagi as he bowed down to the teen’s ear. “You will not cook anything with green peppers in it for let’s say a week and I get a kiss from you, then I stop.”

“Aharehe you crahazy? Ahahas if I wohuhld say yehes to thahahat.” said Misaki trying to glare at the man over him but his smiling face and his cute laughter took all the venom of his glare.

Usagi grinned at the answer, not expecting any different from his lover and smirked down at him.

“Well if that is your answer then I see myself forced to do this.” With that he straddled the younger mans legs and pinned him to the ground. He then bended down and started to nimble at Misakis neck and his collarbone and Misaki sweared that he didn’t know till now that having someone licking and carefully biting your neck could tickle this much. When Usagi then started to pepper his face and neck with kisses and blew tiny raspberry’s on the sensitive skin, while simultaneously kneading his sides Misaki gave up.

“AHAHA U-Usagi-saaan! Ahahah I gihehve! I give uhuhup. Pleheahase.” he screamed trough his laughter and tried to push the taller man away but it was to no use. Usagi smirked against his lovers skin when his plan succeeded. He stopped with the tickling and lifted his head to look at Misaki’s face and his smirk turned into a fond smile at what he saw.

Misaki’s hair was tussled from the trashing and squirming, his cheeks colored in a light red that either could be fault of the nearly endless amount of kisses or from laughing so much -Usagi wasn’t really sure which it was-, his breath was fast and let his chest raise up and his eyes seemed to sparkle from the tears that had started to form in them due his laughing. To Usagi the man under him looked absolutely gorgeous right now.

Misaki just laid there, exhausted and still panting when he feels how Usagi got up from him. He then looked up at the taller man who smiled down at him. Misaki blushed but then also got up from the ground and wanted to make his way out when he got pulled back, this time his front was pressed against Usagi-sans.

“Didn’t you forget something?” asked Usagi-san and smirked when he tipped with his index finger on his lips, making clear what he meant. Misaki blushed once again but then gathered up his courage, raised himself on his tiptoes and quickly pecked a small kiss on his lover’s waiting lips.
Usagi smiled and let go of the teen who quickly walked out of his reach and threw his coat over.

“I’m going shopping.” he said, still a faint blush on his face and stepped out of the door, stopping half in the progress to turn back at Usagi-san.

“I-I’m off” he said and then escaped out of the apartment, letting the author alone.

“He really is the cutest”, thought Usagi as he made his way over to his study. He just got an idea for a new novel…

like what more proof do I need that my mother thinks of my 21-year-old, college-degree-having ass as a child than when she found out I was playing Pokémon GO and started warning me about pedophiles

Here’s the final version of adult Yuu in a AU world.

The uniform he’s wearing belongs to Guren. His whereabouts are unknown as well as his squad and Shinya, the only thing Guren left to Yuu was his uniform, so he can use it when he grow up.

Here he’s 21 years old, and he along side Shinoa’s squad, Mika and Narumi are trying to make JIDA a truly organization who helps the world along side some vampires who decided to coexist.

Shinoa Hiragi 21 Years old comming soon!


Today is my birthday! I’m 21! I’ve been drug and alcohol free for 3 years, 11 months and 3 days and I will not be breaking by sobriety because I can now legally drink in the states, I’m content.
Happy birthday to me 🎎🎎🎊❤️!

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