21 years I think

Sangwoo’s Mystery Age

I’m tagging you @attackontitantea because I’m sure you can make use of the information and whip up a theory out of thin air. 

Also, this is based on English translations and I’m including Korean age (which you add one year to international age). 

HOW OLD IS SANGWOO?! I yell to myself at the top of my lungs. So, I asked one of my good friends on how this works. 

Me: Oppa! Question! Can 18/19-year-olds go to the military?

Him: Yep! But 18-year-olds can’t go.


Me: 3 years ago, his parents passed away (high school student), now he’s a college student, and he went to the military. How old is he now?

Him: Hmm. If you said his parents passed away 3 years ago when he was in high school, he should be around 21~22-years-old? I think he’s probably 22-years-old, or around 21~23-years-old.

Me: But isn’t military service around 21 months?

Him: It can be 21~24 months and then he explained how different military service required different times. 

Me: 3 years ago (high school student) + military (21 months and he’s a university student) = 21~23 (years of age)?

Then my friend said that if his parents died 3 years ago and if the person (Sangwoo) immediately went to the military after graduating high school, then he would immediately come out so it’s possible his age is young.


Didn’t Sangwoo go to university at first? And that’s how Yoonbum found Sangwoo?

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You’re right so he can be older if he was drafted into a military service that’s longer than 21 months so maybe 24-years-old at max? 


Sangwoo might be around 21-24-years-old. 

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Yes. I mean Why is so special for u?

I love his personality. His wit. His sense of humor, because he is really sarcastic and stupidly clever. I love his silly/lame jokes and subtle comments that are so ON POINT. I love his charm. His charisma and cheekiness. I love his magnetism. I love his coolness. I love that I can’t take my eyes off of him regardless of how many people are around him. I love how he carries himself. How he lights up a room. He’s so aware and confident., but never cocky. I love that he can also be a little unsure and awkward. I love his vulnerability. His compassion. I love how he wears his heart on his sleeve and that he isn’t afraid to show emotions. I love how inherently silly he is sometimes and how he doesn’t take things too seriously. I love how he treats the people around him. I love how he tries to see the good in everybody, even if they haven’t deserved it. I love how protective he is. How much he genuinely cares. I love how good he his with kids. I love how he appreciates his fans. His patience and how he tries to make them all happy; by way of hugs, pictures and autographs, in all situations where it’s doable. He’s always the last one to leave the fans. I love how he’s never rude to paps even when they try to get a reaction from him or some sort of controversy. I love how he never falls for their cheap tricks. I love that even though he’s one of the most sought-after young men in the world and “everybody” wants a piece of him, he never complains about the extra pressure and the extra attention that he undoubtedly copes with. And you know it can’t always be as easy to deal with as he makes it to be… I love that he’s always humble and thankful. I love that he never shows off in an off-putting way. He’s ridiculously wealthy, hangs out with a lot of amazing people and does a lot of incredible things but he Instagrams pictures of his knees and doors and tweets completely unrelevant, odd things. I love that he uses proper spelling and grammar. I love his taste in music and movies because it’s so ridiculously similar to mine. I love his speaking voice, it’s the sexiest sounding voice I know of. I love his singing voice. It’s the epitome of what I like to listen to; deep, raspy, comforting, edgy, cashmere-like, full of texture and it continually gets better and better. I love how he changes up the notes during live performances. I love how he performs, how passionate he is about it and how he tries to do his best every single night. I love how you can tell how much it means to him. I love how much he’s smiling when he’s up there. His moves. EVERYTHING about the way he is on stage. He’s a total rockstar, born for this life, and I honestly can’t think of another 21-year old with as much stage-presence as he has. I love how much he interacts with the crowd. How he’ll even stop his verse to blow a kiss to somebody. How sometimes one kiss isn’t enough, and he’ll blow nine kisses just to make sure. I love it when he imitates the fans, and treats them like they’re his friends. I love how he tries to make them all feel seen.

I love his face, he’s gorgeous and he gets better looking by the day. I love how effortlessly sexy he is. His dimples, green eyes and pink lips. Jaw. Smile. Hands. Collarbones. Arms. Thighs. Legs. It’s all too good. I love that he keeps gaining muscle and getting bigger and broader. I love that he’s tall. I love his hair, whether it’s in a bandana, ponytail, slick, bun, casual or disheveled, curly or straight. He pulls it all off. I love his walk. I love that he genuinely loves fashion. For my taste and liking, he’s one the best dressed guys out there because he dresses exactly how I like guys to dress. I love how good he looks in black jeans and a simple white tee but also how he pulls off a suit. I love that he stays true to his style, but that he isn’t afraid of more quirky pieces. If he likes it he likes it, be that glitter boots or obscenely large hats. He always does his own thing and rides with that, and I have so much respect for that. I love his tattoos. I love that some of his tattoos mean seemingly nothing, but that he also has tattoos that holds connotations to his friends and family. I love his mannerisms. The way he talks, his intonation, accent, subtle little quirky things he does. I love that he’s a total sweetheart but also a dirty fuck. I love his mass-appeal. I love that even though somebody says they don’t listen to One Direction, they’ll admit to liking Harry. They all know who Harry Styles is. I love the impact he has on people. I love the way he looks at people, unwavering, and how they’re all that matters in that moment. I love that he’s an old soul and a true gentleman. I love how he shakes hands and greets everybody and treats everybody equally and with respect. I love how competitive he gets when they’re playing games or getting quizzed. I love his maturity and how he always takes the high road when people try to put him down or have some fun at his expense. I love how ridiculously cool and smart he is when it comes to handling the media and the fans. I love that he’s himself 100% through and through. I love that he drives motorcycles. I love that he can’t be mean even if he tries to. I love how much love there is in his heart. Yeah, that’s some of the things I love about Harry Styles ;)

Don’t Tell People You’re a Virgin

I am twenty.
I’ve spent a whole twenty years on this earth.
I’m a virgin.
That’s right I’ve never had sex.
And somehow those two things about me
Get roped into one
The twenty year old virgin.
Like it’s something I should whisper.

I’m not ashamed
Or proud.
It’s not a religious thing
It’s more of a
I’ve never had the opportunity
And even if I’d had
I’m not sure if I’d have wanted to.

But when people find out I’m a virgin
They get this pitying look on their face
And girls, they ask me why?
Or even more sadly
And I think they see me as smaller
Innocent, something to protect

That’s fine
But I’m not innocent
Guess what
I’ve managed to have
Without the presence of another
I get more frustrated with men

Because they look at me like a prize
Like I’m somehow elusive
Or playing hard to get
I think what they really want
Is to piss on me
And say look, I got here first
Like all the other girls
Who’ve had sex are somehow less

My life could have gone a thousand different ways
I could have slept with 100
People by now
I would still be the same person
I am now
Sex doesn’t make me more
Or less
At least, it doesn’t to me

I’ve never jumped out a plane either
I want to
I’m a bit scared to
But I know it will probably be great
As long as I’m safe
And with the proper partner
And it’s what I want to do

But I think what people really hear
When I say I’m a virgin
Is that I’ve never been loved
But I have so much love
My family
My friends

And believe me
I once thought having more than one person
Who wanted to be my friend would be a struggle
Now I have so many
I feel love pouring
Out of my every breath
I am not unloved

I’ve just never made
My sexual debut
I’m hoping one day I will
When I want to
When I feel like it
And then I can drink more at
Never have I ever games

But until then I’m happy
And I’m trying to stay happy
Even though I’ll turn
21 soon
And I know people
Will start thinking of me
As the 21 year old virgin

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Hello, I was wondering how old the boy and the wolf are supposed to be?

Hi ! I feel like I answer this question every single day haha. The Boy is around 17 and the Wolf is 21 years old. I think ? :D 

PSA to new (and old) langblrs.

Many of you have probably encountered and been sold the old “Learn X language in X months/weeks” lie and for those of you who have recently taken on the task of learning a language; it is a lot harder than all these companies, ego-driven (cough benny lewis) people and adverts will have you believe.

A language learing journey is not something that you complete in a few months - think about your native language. I am 21 years old and I still encounter English words every few weeks that I’ve never seen before; why would it be different for a target language? We spent the first year of our life purely taking in language and not producing any at all; most of us didn’t achieve our current level of writing ability until finishing high school.

I’m not trying to dissuade you or say that language learning takes 16 years (it doesn’t) but don’t be misled by these people who are shoving overly-optimistic lies down your throat. It took me 1.5 years to get to B2 level and it will probably take me another 2 years to get to C1, and lord knows about C2. Language learning is really, really hard (there are some people who spend years in their target country and can never get the grasp of it; it’s not easy) and youneed to be in it for the long run.

But I promise you, it is worth it, every milestone you reach brings you indescribable joy and the years of effort will be worth it.

@tweendoriru thats kinda what im saying- that namco overkills trying to reemphasize how adult idols are old by constantly doing things only ‘adults’ do: being age-conscious and drinking being the biggest two. like half of the idols 21+ are treated like “wine-moms” even if it isnt apart of their initial personality/hobbies

usually the only things adult idols seem to bond over is drinking and talking about their age. which is understandable to bond with topics your age group can understand (especially in a job where 20+ is considered old) but i think namco overwrites it because they just want to emphasize how “old” they are. like i pick Marina for an example because even if she is included in the “adult” bonding bubble from time to time, it doesnt feel like her character is being overly restricted to point out that she is “old”. like she fits a 26 year old because it doesnt feel like most of her character is BUILT around being 26 years old.

(i mean, it doesnt bother me that much- like nana and mizuki are top favs partially for how being an “old idol” idol plays into character but i think namco tries too hard to make some of the idols seem like a thousand years old)

i guess my tl;dr point is that i dont think namco should try to emphasize age for every adult idol unless they are literally going for idols like nana/mizuki where it actually plays into their character. but it’s anime idols and emphasizing age is like…an appeal point for ppl i guess

So i’ve been reading some REALLY GOOD FANFICTION and it sort of rekindled all my love for otp and jumpstarted my long-lost creative drive so I dug this old picture up because I still really like it, and finally finished it. 

So. team switch. Please consider…White Knight Sena…Devil linebacker Shin…2nd year sena vs 1st year shin. Sena inspiring Shin this time around…THe possibilities r ENDLESS!!

i just saw my ex who is 40 and he is dating another 23 year old now and he used to date a 21 year old and i think thats so fucked lol girls need to coordinate with each other and make sure that dudes arent getting more pssy/attn than they deserve tbh

I remember years ago I read a God!Castiel fic that bothers me but I didn’t know why

it was about Castiel providing everyone with food and stuff so there won’t be world hunger

but then the author wrote that humans ended up relying on Castiel too much

and then as I sit here on my floor, years later as a 21 years old I realized

that’s what rich people think would happen if poor people get help