21 weeks 4 days

~ Makoharu Week 2016: Day 4,Favorite Trope ~


Slay me with Supernaturally Deaged!Haruka !!! 

For whatever mysterious reason, Haruka suddenly turns no older than 6 years old. (He doesn’t have any previous memories, except for those before his 6- years-old-age) so he’s feeling upset, scared and confused. 

Enter then: Canon!aged Makoto !! :D!
On one side baby!Haruka feels reassured that Makoto (in whatever form)is still around, but on the other he feels overwhelmed by the funny feeling he gets around older! and bigger!makoto <3.

Needless to say, Makoto lovingly takes charge of the situation. Making sure Haruka is properly looked after. Feeding, dressing, bathing and doting on Haruka. Taking him along wherever he goes, as well as making special time to take him on walks, the playground, the beach and of course: swimming. 

Older! Makoto’s constant attentions spur on Childish!Haruka’s feelings of possessiveness and jealosuy over his best friend. (But what can he really do to “protect” and “take care” of Makoto? Makoto is so big now and HE’S ONLY TINY!!!)

The days go by as Makoto and the others try to revert things back to normal and little Haruka attempts and utterly fails to concelal his constantly increasing CRUSH on Makoto :3 !!! 

jkafhzsfhsdkfkjsd! SEND HELP!