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Today is the first day of Agni’s tribute week. From 4/21/2017 and till 4/28/2017 it’s all about our favourite butler. 

I’m looking forward for whatever you’ll come up with! Remember that all forms of creations are welcomed (art, edit, coloring, fics..etc) and the only rule is NSFW is not allowed

Tag your work with #RIPagni or tag me directly @nisaki-chan 

A very big thank you for the wonderful @t-stray for the amazing art work she’s done for the occasion.

Let’s give Agni the goodbye he deserves 

Voltron Ship Events-2017

Starting a new list for the new year (even though I’m a bit late). Previous post is here. Please let me know if I missed anything!

Current events

  • None right now, but keep your eye on the list bc they’re coming soon!

Upcoming Events

Past Events

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Making Today A Perfect Day (Elsanna Week, day 4, june 21)

Anna had made Elsa swear that she wouldn’t go over the top for her birthday this year. She had promised to take it easy. Yet, as the day neared, Anna saw Elsa less and less.

When her birthday came, she was almost surprised to see Elsa standing next to her bed. Anna rubbed the sleep from her eyes, “hey, Elsa, fancy seeing you here,” she yawned.

Elsa smiled apologetically, “I’m sorry that I’ve been absent the last few days, but I promise I didn’t over due it, and I’m fit as a fiddle” she leaned down and kissed Anna’s forehead, “happy birthday, Anna.”

Anna smiled, unable to stay mad at Elsa, “so, what have you been doing these last few days?”

“Getting everything ready. So get dressed and we can go!”

Anna dressed quickly, laughing when Elsa grabbed her hand and all but dragged her out of the castle and into the stables. Their horses were already tacked and ready to ride and a basket had been lashed to Elsas saddle. Anna couldn’t contain her smile, “Elsa, what is this?”

“Well, last year, you said that your best present was getting to take care of me, so that’s what I’m giving you,” Elsa spread her arms and a grand gesture, “me.”

Anna laughed, “I thought I already had you?”

“You do, but today, you get me all to yourself,” Elsa explained, “no gimmicks, no intensely elaborate plans. Just you and me. The first gift, letting you sleep until noon, and I figured the second could be a hillside picknick,” Elsa said as she mounted her horse.

Anna held a hand over her heart, “oh, Elsa, you really know the way to my heart,” Anna fawned, following Elsas lead and rode out into the fields.

They spread out their blanket under a tree and ate their small picnic. Sandwiches, apples and small little chocolate cakes.

Their picnic complete, the pair road along the edge of the fjord and up towards a waterfall. The sun was beginning to set as they dismounted once more. Elsa grabbed Anna’s hands and pulled her along, “hurry up, Anna! We don’t wanna miss them!”

Anna couldn’t stop herself from laughing, “miss what, Elsa?”

Elsa pulled Anna down to a patch of grass, held her close, “just wait for it, I promise this will make the perfect day.”

Shortly after the sunset, a series of loud pops filled the air, followed by loud cracks and bangs as bright colours filled the night sky. Anna’s jaw dropped in amazement and she uttered a litany of ‘Ooo’s and ‘Ah’s. it was one of the most beautiful displays she had ever seen. “They’re fireworks,” Elsa explained, “they arrived a few days ago from China.”

“They’re amazing, Elsa,” Anna snuggled closer.

“I haven’t given you your present yet,” Elsa said, shifting so that she could face Anna. She cupped her hands together, furrowing her brow in concentration. When she opened them, a small glittering snowflake on a thin chain of ice lay in her palm. “Happy Birthday,” she smiled as she put the necklace on Anna.

Anna responded with a deep kiss that had them both blushing, “Thank you Elsa, for everything.”

May 21 - 4 Kings / IGO

For Day 1 of Toriko Week, I drew Hana, an employee of IGO!

This guy has fascinated me since his first appearance….. it’s just so ironic that he’s missing an arm because he got hit by a train, not because he works in an incredibly dangerous research laboratory.

Dark Wizard? More Like Desperate Teenager

Zervis Wek day 4: First
Rated T

“So, how long are we gonna keep him here?” Laxus asked as he watched the dark wizard Zeref in an anti-magic cell rounded with runes that stated he couldn`t lie and he must always answer if needed.

The whole guild was in the basement where Lumen Historie was located before. Upstair, Warren and people from other guilds were trying to contact their comrades and in another room all the hurt and beaten were being tended to.

“I don`t know….” Mavis said as her eyes were stuck in Zeref.

“Excuse me, First Fairy Tail Master….” Jellal said as he steppe near the cell. “May I ask the dark wizard a question?” She nodded shortly “Zeref,..” Said mage raised his head to look at the bluenette. “Did my actions in the tower of heaven had any reprocautions in your being? Di it change something for you?”

“It just showed me that time changes rumors into palpable legends” He responded with a sight. 

“My turn!” Meredy shouted and raised her hand “Are you alergic to something?”

“Strawberries” A loud and overdramatic gasp was heard as a scarlet mage had her hand on her mouth in pure horror. “My skin itches and my eyes become watery”

“Did you ever went to school? Levy asked from other part of the room. 

“I was accepted in an university at the age of 7, so I guess yuo could say that”

“For how long have you been alive?” Freed asked him this time.

“521 years”

They kept on asking him questions, from historic doubts to personal questions. In a time it looked as if he was having fun. However, Mavis never let her eyes wonder. They were locked into Zeref as if she took her sight out of him, he would escape.

“Did you ever had a girlfrind?” Mira suddenly asked making everyone in the room start cat-calling.

“No.” Zeref said simply. “And my first kiss ended a life”

“Wait, the first was your first kiss?” Cana said asked. “A 12 year old looking girl? Talk about desperate.”

“He wouldn`t be such a loser if he didn`t mess around with thing he shouldn`t have…” Natsu commented.

“Okay first of all….” Zeref started saying. “I was born in a time were people married their cousins and had children with their sibblings, I wasn`t really a corcern for me her age. And second” He turned to Natsu with a pointy look. “You are an ungrateful brat, Natsu Dragneel”

you really shouldn't be here - luke

(I just reached my follower goal so I’m posting this! Thanks to everyone who’s followed me, and a shoutout to some of my favourite blogs @kinkhemmings @happiestluke @plainwhiteluke @bananashemmo @0kbutmichaelclifford and @2k15luke !! :-))

“You really shouldn’t be here, Luke.” You spoke as you stared, shocked, at the blonde boy stood on your doorstep, the wind whipping against his tall frame and billowing against his baggy hoody.

“I know.” He croaked out as he finally looked up from the floor, his beautiful blue eyes bloodshot and sore. “I just - I’m - I’m sorry,” he whimpered, lifting his arm up to wipe against his cheek with his sleeves, sucking in his bottom lip.

You hated to see him cry and you almost reached out to hold him, but you were still mad at him. You couldn’t take him back yet, could you?

“Luke, you don’t get to cry about this.”

He looked up at you, his sad expression just momentarily cracked with a hint of anger.

“I’m sorry,” he sobbed out again, “I’m sorry.”

Feeling another wave of tears prickling at your eyes, you shook your head quickly and went to move the front door to close. It wasn’t a good idea to let him see you cry.

He quickly moved to slam his hand against the door, making you jump back slightly in fright.

“No no, baby, please don’t do that. I would never hurt you, please.”

Taking in a deep breath, you moved back towards the door, looking away from the boy you still undeniably loved, begging your heart to just stop beating for him, even for just this moment.

“Luke, you ditched me twice, told me that you wouldn’t think about marriage, even though we’ve been together for 4 years! You slammed the idea of having kids, but then told my best friend you’d love to have them someday? If you didn’t see a future with me, you could have told me before my whole heart belonged to you!” You choked on a sob, covering your face with your sweater sleeves as he stood shocked before you.

“Do I-” he hesitated as he fumbled around with something in his pocket. “Do I still have your heart?”

Looking up at him, your chest constricted and you couldn’t deny how much you loved him, how much you yearned to be in his embrace, and how you still hoped for a future with him. But how could you if he didn’t want one with you?

“How can you ask me that?” You whispered, flinching as he reached up to brush the tears from your lips.

“Because you never stuck around to hear my explanation.” He spoke, his eyes full of hope and agony as he stepped back slightly, pulling his hands from his jumper pockets and dropping to one knee.

What? Your whole body was shaking as you moved back in shock, eyes blurring over even more.

“I’ve loved you for 4 years, 3 months, 21 weeks and 8 days, and I’ll love you for the rest of my life, y/n. I was going to ask you this last week, but you ended things with me before I could. I don’t blame you, but I only said those things so you didn’t see this coming. I wanted this proposal to be a surprise, and I wanted us to be together forever - I never wanted to hurt you. What I’m saying is, this week has been the worst week of my life, even worse than when my dog died, or when I had food poisoning, or when you were on that college trip in Paris for 3 months, and I had to sleep alone every night. It was worse because you weren’t there to help me through, and I couldn’t see a life without you anymore. It didn’t seem worth living. Please, y/n, I’m begging you. Marry me?”

Your lips were on his as soon as those words left his mouth, the mix of both yours and his tears blending together but this time your heart was beating for joy. It was reaching out and joining back with Lukes as you tangled your arms around his body and in his hair, his eyelashes fluttering gently against your cheeks and his thumb brushing over your arms and to your shirt.

“Yes,” you breathed out against his lips.

“Yes? You’ll marry me?” He stammered, pulling you closer to him as you nodded, a huge smile overtaking your face.

Another sob left his lips as he buried his face into your hair, his body shaking. He couldn’t believe he had you back, and this time, it was forever.

~ Makoharu Week 2016: Day 4,Favorite Trope ~


Slay me with Supernaturally Deaged!Haruka !!! 

For whatever mysterious reason, Haruka suddenly turns no older than 6 years old. (He doesn’t have any previous memories, except for those before his 6- years-old-age) so he’s feeling upset, scared and confused. 

Enter then: Canon!aged Makoto !! :D!
On one side baby!Haruka feels reassured that Makoto (in whatever form)is still around, but on the other he feels overwhelmed by the funny feeling he gets around older! and bigger!makoto <3.

Needless to say, Makoto lovingly takes charge of the situation. Making sure Haruka is properly looked after. Feeding, dressing, bathing and doting on Haruka. Taking him along wherever he goes, as well as making special time to take him on walks, the playground, the beach and of course: swimming. 

Older! Makoto’s constant attentions spur on Childish!Haruka’s feelings of possessiveness and jealosuy over his best friend. (But what can he really do to “protect” and “take care” of Makoto? Makoto is so big now and HE’S ONLY TINY!!!)

The days go by as Makoto and the others try to revert things back to normal and little Haruka attempts and utterly fails to concelal his constantly increasing CRUSH on Makoto :3 !!! 

jkafhzsfhsdkfkjsd! SEND HELP!

2016 Inktober Prompts + Prize!

The one simple secret to becoming a better artist is to DRAW EVERY DAY.
And this year we’re giving out a $10 itunes gift card to the person who submits the most entries (Hey, it’s $10 more than last year)! If we have a tie, we’ll have a sudden death match–that would be fun too.

So starting this October, just like last year, I’ll be reblogging any challengers who bring their own spin to these prompts.

The rules are simple: Draw/Paint your own take on each prompt in INK. Indelible, noticeable ink. And tag it with these two tags:

#afterhoursanimationschool and #inktober2016

That’s it. The challenge of course is really to do an ink drawing every day. Can you do all 31?

You can stick solely to what makes you comfortable, or use this as an excuse to draw characters, props and backgrounds you find to be more of a challenge. Try to think outside the box, but keep things PG, so I can share them. Good luck!

I’ll try to find you by your tags, but submit to the page if I miss you.

Warmup Week 1!

Day 1: A Rainy Day
Day 2: A Cuddly Animal Up past Its Bedtime
Day 3: “Can’t Breathe…”
Day 4: An Elemental
Day 5: A Tiny Soul in a Big World
Day 6: The View from Your Window
Day 7: A Killer Prop

Level Up Week 2!

Day 8: The Last Thing You’ll See before You Die.
Day 9: “So Much Fabric!”
Day 10: A Children’s Book Reimagined for an Adult Audience
Day 11: An Attic the Goonies Would Have Loved
Day 12: “This is a Kissing Story, Isn’t It?”
Day 13:  “The World Ended Years Ago.”
Day 14:  An Inanimate Object the Blue Fairy Brought to Life

Get Intense Week 3!

Day 15: Old and New Gods
Day 16: One Short Day in the (Insert Musical or Opera)
Day 17: A Weird Place to Sleep
Day 18: “So What’s Your Self Defense Plan?”
Day 19: A Beloved Childhood Book
Day 20: “I’ve Always Been Afraid of…”
Day 21: “Kids These Days Are So Into…”

Master Week 4!

Day 22: Film Noir
Day 23: The West Revisited
Day 24: Ukiyo-e
Day 25: “That’s Quite a Costume!”
Day 26:  “Hmm. It Needs More Pirates.”
Day 27: A Clockwork Fairytale
Day 28: First Song on Your Mixed Tape

Cool Down Week 5!

Day 29: Grandparent
Day 30: Obligatory Monster
Day 31: Favorite Food

Thanks to @jamysha,

I realized the wording I used before was confusing and wanted to clear up any misunderstanding: you don’t have to follow the prompts to participate in our page’s game and get reblogged. They’re just prompts to give you ideas. The only actual rule is to tag your posts #inktober2016 and @afterhoursanimationschool.

The purpose of this challenge (as far as I’m concerned) is to be a better artist on October 31 than you were on October 1, which comes about by drawing a bunch of new and different things. The point is to have fun, pace yourself, challenge yourself, and not stress over the details. This goes for everyone else too. If you get stuck on creating an idea for a prompt, don’t let it become a stumbling block that keeps you from drawing at all. Draw something else instead. So long as it’s in ink and you tag this blog, we’ll reblog it all through October!