21 pounds

Kind of a crappy quality photo, but one of my co-workers asked me how long I’ve been at this whole working out/trying to get healthier thing as we were walking to our cars tonight. So, I decided to check out my progress.

It’s astonishing to me that it’s only been 14 months since I made a somewhat serious commitment to my health. Tonight, after a long 13 hour shift on my feet in the PICU, I did my measurements. I’m 21.8 pounds and 27 inches down in just over a year. Those numbers mean very little when compared to how much I can physically do that I simply couldn’t do before, though.


This is the difference that 3 years, a loving relationship and a renewed dedication to my health looks like! In the first picture I was 21, and weighed 248 pounds. I am 5 foot 2, and while my blood pressure/sugar was abnormally normal for my size and weight I was dangerously close to hypertension and open-sore lesions on my feet and legs due to diminished circulation.

The second picture I took just now, at 25 years old and 188 pounds. I have extra skin, and I will never have a tight tummy, but I know that this body is healthier and I can love it no matter what it looks like, because it is me. The only me I have.

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Every question that ends with 1 !

1-I have atypical anorexia, in plain speak, habits of an anorexic but I don’t have the weight to qualify me as one

11-My ultimate goal weight is 95 or 90 pounds

21-Sometimes I wish I didn’t have an eating disorder, but most of the time I’m glad I do. It gives me a control I can’t find other places

31-I’ve binged a few times, but it’s not a regular thing. I go over calories a lot, but my only true binges have happened three, maybe four times

41-As of yet my eating disorder has ruined no relationships, thankfully. I hope to keep it that way

51-I’m terrified of the holidays. I don’t generally gain weight during them, but I’m scared I’ll lose control one year and gain

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Oh Susie I'm really struggling... I managed to lose 7 pounds in January and it's like as soon as February hit I put on 2 pounds, I fell off the diet plan and have zero motivation to exercise!!! Help!! I need to get my motivation back, I need to be 21 pounds in total down by the end of March - is this even possible?!

Sure it is.  Just buckle down.  Throw away all the shit food you bought (if you bought any) and just keep your eye on the goal.  Remember what it felt like to lose that 7 lbs.  

What keeps me in line is remembering how much I hated walking into bathrooms because I’d have to walk by mirrors sideways.  And glancing in the mirror you could always see my pregnant belly.  I HATED it.  Now when that happens it’s gone, it’s a completely different feeling.  So when I reach for a bag of potato chips, I remember what it felt like to walk past a mirror and be disgusted with myself.

You can do it.  Start today.  If you need to send me updates about it please feel free.  My inbox is always open.

So I’m down 9 pounds total post liposuction and still going. Dedicating myself to my job, my boyfriend and the gym. He’s done an incredible job at motivating me and instead of “hey babe lets go out or let’s go drinking” it’s “lets go eat something healthy” or “let’s go to the gym” and I think that’s pretty incredible. It’s a new hobby that benefits us both. Anyway, down 9 pounds and going to knock it down some more. Starting at 212lbs now to 204 and will eventually work my way down to 145 and heathy. Love my support system ❤️ and getting ready to start my 21 pounds in 21 days juice from It Starts with Juice!!

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i was at my heaviest when i was 16 and 275 lbs. I am now 21 and 150 pounds. 

I know what it’s like to be bullied and friendless simply for my appearance. Severe depression is what caused me to over-eat and I could have really used some friends when I was a teenager. But I was always made fun of instead. I hated myself so much. I would cut myself on a regular basis. And no, I didn’t think I deserved it. I hadn’t done anything wrong. I was just desperate for attention. My family life was a mess. My dad was working three jobs, my 4 sisters were all struggling with their own mental health issues and my mom was usually passed out drunk before I’d even returned from school. Nobody noticed me. Nobody wanted to be there for me. Or maybe they just couldn’t. Either way, I felt so broken and so alone.

now all of that is behind me. my mom has been sober for three years, my dad is down to just one job and my sisters are all doing great. I lost 130 pounds in a year and a half and it’s shocking how much my life has changed because of it. 

Now, people don’t just talk to me, they want to be my friend. I get attention from people I don’t even know. it’s funny, i always wanted to be seen as beautiful. or hott. or sexy. or whatever. but now that i am, i hate it. i actually hate it. because i have no idea if people are genuinely interested in me as a person. at least when i was an obese, braced face girl with no sense of style, when people talked to me, i knew they really meant what they said. and know that people saw me as more than a body or more than a face. because i have a heart and a soul and a mind. and i’d like to believe that i have some good things to offer this world. i am the same girl i was when i was 275 lbs and I had nobody. I think that’s so unfair.

you will never hear me call someone fat. if you really believe the size of someone determines their worth or even their level of beauty, please unfollow me. that is complete and utter bullshit. everyone is beautiful. inside and out. i truly believe that. if some of your bits jiggle when you run, there is seriously nothing wrong with that. as long as you are happy and healthy, what’s the problem? do your thing and fuck what anybody else says about it. you are all beautiful and so precious to this world <3 

Hungry? Wild African penguins eat close to 14 percent of their body weight each day. For a 150-pound (68-kg) person, that would be like eating 21 pounds (9.5 kg) of food a day!

(Thanks to staffer Emily Simpson for the fintastic photo!)