21 piolets

One shot — Fight

Request: I was wondering if you could do a dean×reader based on Tear in My Heart by 21 piolets? The song always reminds me of Dean. Thanks dear!❤ (the lyrics don’t have to be in the fic)

Summary: What happens if Dean and the reader had a fight

Words: 813

A/N: This is dedicated to how I unterstood the song. I hope you’ll like it. 

You slammed the door and stormed outside the bunker. You needed some freedom now.

The bunker’s door opened again and you turned around to see Dean. “Yeah, run away, like every time,” he yelled.

“Fuck you, Dean! Just fuck you,” you shouted in response. And then you showed him your back, opened the door of your car and drove away.

Through the driving mirror you saw him throwing his hands in the air and shouting something before he closed the bunker’s door behind him.

Dean stamped towards his room. It always happened when he and Y/N had a fight that someone would leave the bunker.

“Is everything okay?” Sam stuck his head out of his room and raised an eyebrow.

His brother snorted angry. “Yes, everything’s alright. We just talked about the fact that I leave my gun laying everywhere.”

The younger Winchester disappeared in his room before the situation would become awkward.

Dean huffed and slammed his door so loud that it was able to hear everywhere in the bunker.

Even if Y/N wasn’t there, he laid his gun on the bed, except putting it at the place which was provided for their guns, for provocation.

You stopped the car in front of a bar and closed the car’s door, loudly. You had to blow off your steam before you’d return home.

It was early noon and the bar was expectedly empty.

You chose a barstool from where you were able to see the door and ordered a beer. You didn’t want to exaggerate because then Dean would have to pick you up.

After some sips from your beer you decided to play billiards. Maybe you could bring in some more money.

He was laying on his bed, big headphones on his ears and listening to his favourite music.

Dean always needed some music when they’d a fight. It helped him to calm down. And he wasn’t as angry as when Y/N had left yet.

He knew exactly where Y/N was. But he didn’t want to follow her. There was no reason. He knew that she’d return before the next morning.

After a while playing you noticed that a guy was checking you out. You groaned, quietly and eyed up the guy likewise.

He didn’t look bad. Dark black hair, tall and muscular.

But your were taken and for nothing in the world you would cheat on Dean. This wasn’t your thing. Besides Dean looked better.

However, you still could have a bit fun and maybe some free drinks.

You shot a lovely smile at the guy and he replied it. Yes, you would definitely get some free drinks.

Sam knocked against the door and opened it then. “Do you want to eat something?” He asked, ready to backtrack if Dean hadn’t calmed down yet.

He looked at his brother who was sitting on his bed and doing something on his laptop. “Yes, please. I’m starving,” he said at tapped against his tummy.

“I’ll go and get you a burger and something for me. Should I look for Y/N?”

Dean furrowed his eyebrows. “Why should you? She’s a big girl. She can take care of her by herself.”

Sam nodded. “Alright.”

It was getting darker. You should return home soon, you thought. But first you’d to fob the guy off.

You pretended a yawn and smiled at Jason, the guy.

“I have to head home,” you said and got your stuff. He got up with you too and you sighed, mentally. Even if he was nice he was a bit clingy.

“Should I drive you home?” You shook your head.

“No, thanks. I still can drive on my own.” You slipped into your jacket and gave Jason a last smile before you left the bar and headed towards your car. A very normal, not very old ford, which was a big contrast to Dean’s impala.

Dean’s face brightened up when he heard the key in the keyhole.

Just a few seconds later Y/N entered the bunker and headed towards him. He pulled her into a tight hug and placed a kiss on her hair.

You smiled when Dean hugged you. It was like always when you came home after a fight.

You both had blown off your steam and no one of you was angry anymore. Nevertheless you still had to apologize.

“I’m sorry that I leave my gun everywhere,” Dean whispered in your ear, still hugging you, and looked up to him.

“And I’m sorry that I overact sometimes.” He pressed his lips against your forehead.

“We all have our mistakes,” he said and placed another kiss on your forehead.

You stood up on your tiptoes to kiss him. Your lips moved in sync.

“I love you,” you breathed against his lips and he lifted you.

“I love you too.”

The best thing after a fight was always the make-up sex.

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