21 octobre

I was tagged by bluelunaphotography to produce a square made of 9 photos made  in a day ..Then i take my time to be on the good day .. full of lovely evenements .. day is  vendredi 21 octobre 2016

1 ..8h  beautifull  sun waking of on   the east ( trie from west ! )
2   8h05 .. in my “canapé” looking to the last photos  on Tumblr
3   petit déjeuné 
4   8h30   my idea not to be afraid  of the blank page  “ 
5   repertory where to  find your painting 
6  .. going to garrage to take my son car ( sun 2)
7   12h eating the rosace 
8   afternoon work .. another painting attitude ?
9    the best moment of the day … two new inhabitants of the earth

hello my friend
trie to play to the square day .. you are taggeg