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Ask Me Cute Questions ✎

So I decided to make this a thing on my blog, since last time it was so popular!

Theme: Cute/Aesthetic (Type theme and number in ask box.)

1. Do you sing when alone?

2. Favorite pastel color?

3. Hearts, or stars?

4. Cute thing you do?

5. Favorite thing cats do?

6. Favorite cute word?

7. Butterflies, or dragonflies?

8. Stargazing, or watching the sun rise?

9. Do you make wishes?

10. What songs did you like when you were young?

11. Write 10 words to describe your personality.

12. Can you dance? Do you dance?

13.  Favorite animal?

14. Polka dots, or stripes?

15. Do you wear make-up? When?

16. Do you watch cartoons?

17. Thing you still do that only kids are supposed to?

18. 3 qualities you like about yourself.

19. Do you smile a lot?

20. What dere type are you? (Yandere, Tsundere, Kamidere, Dandere, etc.)

21. Favorite model?

22. Layers or nah?

23. Favorite nail polish color/name?

24. Come up with a name for a crayon!

25. Describe your year so far with a gif.

26. Favorite kind of candy bar?

27. Gummies, or chocolate?

28. Do you blush?

29. Favorite flower?

30. Mermaids or fairies?

31 Which planet do you like the most?

32. Favorite Disney Princess?

33. What would your magical girl name and power be?

34. Favorite cereal?

35. Are you good at hide and seek?

36. Are you quiet?

37. Do you post cute aesthetic stuff? If not, do you want to?

38. Best kit-kat flavor?

39. Dream job when younger?

40. Do you doodle?

41. Favorite childhood store?

42. Favorite childhood book, show, or videogame?

43. Do you dream a lot? Do you remember your dreams?

44. Have you ever lucid dreamed?

45. Do you keep a journal?

46. Do you have deep, dark secrets, or are you an open book?

47. One color to describe your personality?

48. Do you swear? When did you start swearing?

49. Do you paint your nails? When?

50. Do you wish you were a kid again?



  I love to draw Reinhart, and his Coldhart skin is challenging to draw. But then I came up with the idea { also for my “Giant” concept practice for my drawing class } : is Halloween, why not make him like a Giant ghost knight ? [aw man please don’t nag me about this matter, is big too no ? ] And the battle between the creature hunter McHelsing and HanzOni ( Demon Hanzo) :DDD. YES !! NAIL THAT IDEA AND DONE THIS CONCEPT !! 

anonymous asked:

could you do a tutorial for this gifset please? Coloring and how to make it maybe? post/145719590637/theres-nothing-a-man-can-do-that-i-cant-do

okokokokok. Sorry this is a late reply, I’m really busy at the moment. Right the whole gifset was based on tutorials that i had found and used them as a base and the colouring was done using a psd. I will link the psd and and the tutorials and then under the cut i’ll show you how i personally did it. Also i don’t have the original frames or gifs for that gifset so i’m using different frames that i randomly had in my folders, if thats okay. 

psd triple effect back to back 


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I follow waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many non-simblr blogs (I follow like 500 people but only actively interact with like, 20) and I think it’s time to Purge

because it’s hard to keep up with people’s stories when they’re buried under 21 layers of crap