21 jump street quote

Undercover as police officers…

Roy: Look, it obviously starts with… “You have the right to remain silent…”

Jason: *whispering* “You have the right to an attorney.”

Roy [to thug]: You have the right to remain… an attorney.

Thug: Did you just say “You have the right to be an attorney”?

Roy: You do have the right to be an attorney if you want to.

Jason: *groans*

  • Kieran: You punched me because I'm gay?
  • Julian: What? No, I… Oh, come on.
  • Diego: That's not cool, man.
  • Livvy: That is really insensitive.
  • Julian: I didn't punch him because he's gay, I punched him… and then he happened to turn out to be gay afterwards.
  • Kieran: I was gay when you punched me!
  • Diego: In a weird way it might have been homophobic NOT to punch you because you were gay.
  • Goro:  You don't look like thieves. You look like kids on Halloween.
  • Ryuji:  Do you want me to beat your dick off?
  • Goro:  You want to beat my dick off?
  • Ryuji:  Yeah I'll beat your dick off, both hands. Let's go.
  • Goro:  That's just sick.
  • Akira:  I think what he means is he is gonna punch you so many times in the genital area that your dick is just gonna fall off.
  • han sung: you're fucking cops? we partied together, man.
  • han sung: you bought is taco bell!
  • sun woo: han sung, honestly, that was a sincere gesture.
  • han sung: you made me this friendship bracelet...
  • ji dwi: well, he's not really your friend. he was pretending the whole time... so that was a fake brace-
  • han sung: *sobs* i'm going to fucking cut this off later!