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I just realized people might be interested in a translation of this, because it’s very relevant.

This is Isayama’s blog post for August 9. Meaning he posted it on the same day as the Japanese release of ch 84 and the ANSWERS guidebook.



“Shingeki no Kyojin ANSWERS has been released.

There are bonus pages inside that I drew, and I want to talk about how fun that was.
It is a fantasy of ‘What if the SnK world was an American high school?” It was a lot of fun to think about.

Why an American high school?
There are two things that influenced me.

The adventure game, ‘Life is Strange’.
It was so good! A masterpiece!
It’s a well-made video game as well as a film
And above all, it is one-of-a-kind Yuri!

[TN: Yup, yuri as in girlxgirl, as in ymir/historia, that kind of yuri]

The setting is an American school in the coutryside
The student’s outfits are wonderful.
I used them as reference in my own illustrations.

To begin with, the whole ‘school caste’ prejudice. Categorizing people and forcing them to fit in. It’s not a nice way of thinking. Not at all.

But it’s entertaining.

A phenomenon where without consent, people are classified into groups depending on how you look; your attributes, your clothes and your body.

Of course, if you get to know the person, you would know that they are one of a kind. But there are an unlimited number of people in this world that you would never get to know on that deep level.

And during the time you don’t know them, you can’t help but categorize them.
And tend to hold on to prejudices more or less.

In this game, the main character transfers to a new school, and without becoming very familiar with others, she tends to have prejudices against the people around her. But as the story continues, she grows and learns that people aren’t that simple.

In the process of understanding people on a deeper level, to a certain degree, prejudice is needed. Taking that stance, I drew the bonus pages while forcibly affirming the school caste system.

In ‘Life is Strange’, the main character finds out that every time she rewinds time, her every choice affects her life in a butterfly effect.

The unbearable losses and partings in our lives.
The story is about whether or not we can accept them.
Frankly, this month’s chapter is greatly influenced by it.

And more than anything, it’s Yuri! Yuri is the best! Life Is Yuri!

The other influence is ‘21 Jump Street’.

This one involves the 'school caste’ theme as well, but it’s not the typical school caste system. This one has a high level of awarenesss, a bit like 'glee’… that’s the kind of film it is.

If the previous one was Yuri, then this one is a chrysanthemum. 

[TN: chrysanthemum basically means BL. Yaois. Gays.] 

Namely, a bromance!

Channing Tatum is jealous of Jonah Hill’s girlfriend!

[TN: wtf Isayama you fucking fujoshi]

The sequel '22 Jump Street’ has an even richer bromance…
So rich that it is heavy on the stomach.
It’s insanely funny! I wasn’t particularly influenced by it.

But I wonder how long the series will continue…”


To summarize, on the same day as the release of ch84 and ANSWERS, Isayama decided to rant about Yuri and BL on his personal blog.

What a fucking twat (I love him)