21 degrees celsius

Got7 Reaction #14 - Their s/o wraps themselves in a blanket burrito

anon said: got7 reaction to finding their s/o in a blanket burrito ( XD cuz its winter~ )

Mark: “You wanna come out of that burrito and snuggle your adorable boyfriend for warmth instead? Or should I just join you in the burrito?”

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Jackson: *Pouting because you’re being cute without him* “I’m right here, why don’t you cuddle me instead of cuddling by yourself in all those blankets?

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Jaebum: *when you refuse to come out of the blanket burrito to eat a healthy meal* “Fine but you’re going to have to pee eventually Y/n, and when you do I’m stealing all the blankets and hiding them until you eat a proper meal”

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Jinyoung: *alseep in his own burrito right next to you, your heads resting right by each other and both of you have one of your hands out from the blankets so you two can hold hands while you sleep*

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Youngjae: *thinking to himself* They’re so cute… How can one person be so cute? I really need to try and be quiet so they can take their nap in peace. They look adorable and so content… Must be quiet… *bumps into kitchen cabinet and 20 metal pans come falling out noisily as possible*

Well so much for being quiet.

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Kunpimook: *probably thinking of 100 different ways to prank you while you sleep or how to wake you up the funniest way…You will never get peace while dating this boy. Never.*

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Yugyeom: (please ignore the subtitles) “I will snuggle you one way or another Y/n. If you’re wrapped in fuzzy blankets then that’s just a plus. Scoot over and let me love you” *squishy sunshine wants love and attention*

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A/N: IT WAS FREAKING ALMOST 70 DEGREES (Fahrenheit, so about 21 degrees Celsius) WHERE I LIVE BUT NOW IT’S BACK DOWN TO 20 DEGREES (-6 in Celsius) AND IT HAPPENED OVERNIGHT AND I JUST WANT THE WARMTH BACK *buries self in blanket burrito until summer awakens again*


21/100 || 2.2.2017 || -3 degrees celsius, cloudy

left school for a few lessons (we had sub teachers, where we wouldn’t do anything anyway) to sit down in my local café and work on my geography notes for monday’s test. definitely worth it, i feel prepared and ready to ace it next week.

Tech could harness warmth from sewers to heat a city the size of Glasgow over winter, study says

Sewers in Scotland are home to enough discarded and natural heat to warm a city as big as Glasgow for over four months per year, according to new research.

In a news release on Thursday, Scottish Renewables said that 921 million litres of wastewater and sewage were flushed down toilets and plugholes in Scotland daily.

With water in U.K. sewers potentially as warm as 21 degrees Celsius, the environmental group said capturing its warmth could stop over 10,000 tonnes of CO2 entering the atmosphere.

Figures produced for Scottish Renewables by Scottish Water Horizons showed how the energy potential of sewers could be captured using technologies such as heat pumps and waste water recovery systems.

“These new figures show the enormous scale of the energy we are literally flushing away every day,” Scottish Renewables’ policy manager, Stephanie Clark, said in a statement.

“Water which is used in homes and businesses collects heat from the air around it, as in a toilet cistern, or is heated, as in dishwashers and showers,” Clark added.

“That’s in addition to the energy that it gains from the sun when stored in reservoirs. Technology now exists which allows us to capture that energy, and waste heat can play an important role in helping us reach our challenging climate change targets.”

Scottish Water Horizons’ business development manager, Donald MacBrayne, said that water flushed down the drain at homes and businesses represented a significant source of thermal energy.

“Usually, this heat is lost during the treatment process and when treated effluent is returned to the environment,” he said. “By tapping into this resource using heat recovery technology we can provide a sustainable heating solution which brings both cost, carbon and wider environmental benefits.”

Happy to see me by EllenCuylaerts I visited the springs in Crystal River during Florida’s cold snap last February. Manatees from the Gulf of Mexico seek shelter in the springs to be able to keep their core temperature. When the water gets colder than 21 degrees celsius, they can get cold stress: their digestive system blocks and their life is in danger.
Last February, even in Florida it was cold and the females were resting on the bottom of the springs to preserve energy. This little male calf though….was happy to see me ;-)! An image that’s very dear to me! Happy it makes you smile!