21 days of sj

twenty-one days of sawyer and juliet || day six || favorite suliet moment in season five

Okay, so yeah I totally skipped season 4 because they barely interacted in season 4 and they had two fucking interactions and one was the obvious favorite.

The graphic’s really, really crappy because of the stupid lighting in the first three rows and the fucking motion blur.

Anyway, at first I was like, “Really? Are you honestly making me choose my favorite scene in season FIVE?”

I absolutely adore every Suliet moment. Period. But if I had to choose, I’d take all of those moments where they were running around all sweaty and dirty with the physical contact (HANDS!) and the getting each other’s backs and following each other all over the place and the guns and the caring about each other and trying to save each other and the “wiseass” and the “James.” UGH.  

I like to think that the best moments of a ship are the moments before they’re canon. The development of their relationship, the things they do for each other before anything is actually established, the subtlety and with Suliet everything was executed so perfectly. You could truly see how they went from mutual distrust/awkward stalemates blah, blah, blah, to getting each other’s backs to eventually falling in love. I think these little moments did a good job in showing that.

I also love that they’re based on friendship. And they accepted each other based on who they are and not who they were. Because, like Juliet said, it was the only thing that mattered.