21 cup

Thunder Cake

A storm spell. To help you connect with the storm’s energy. Or to honor the storm. Or to ask for protection.


Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees.

Cream together one at a time:
1 cup shortening
1 ¾ cup sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
3 eggs, separated
( blend yolks in. Beat whites until they are stiff, then fold in.)

1 cup cold water
1/3 cup pureed tomatoes

Sift together:
21/2 cups cake flour
½ cup dry cocoa
11/2 teaspoons baking soda
1 teaspoon salt

Mix dry mixture into creamy mixture. Bake in two greased and floured 8
½ inch pans at 350 degree for
35 to 40 minutes. Frost with chocolate butter frosting. Top with


Begin baking after hearing thunder. Meditate. Feel the storm around you. Listen to your house creaking in the wind. Turn off the lights. Burn a white candle in your biggest window and place a slice of cake next to it as an offering. Sit across from it and enjoy your own piece of cake, as if you are eating with an old friend. Sit and watch the storm until you feel it’s time to get up. Leave the candle and the cake until the storm passes.

Table Cloth goes on Stage. (kind of)

Today I had the pleasure of going to a random event. They didn’t have anyone entertaining at the stage so I roleplayed one of my many NPCs… Rurumi Rumi.

[0:17]Table Cloth: “I was told by the lovely lady over there that tonight has been a rather empty night, for this stage at least. So I thought I’d fix that!” she said with a loud voice.
[0:17]Table Cloth: “It’s been many years since I’ve done anything on a stage, so I might be a little rusty. Hopefully not too much, just a bit dusty.”
[0:18]Table Cloth: The Lalafell turned, giving her back to the public, stretching and breathing loudly like she was preparing. “SO!”
[0:19]Table Cloth: The Lalafell began using a dramatic tone on her voice, sharp like a blade she began to talk!

[0:19]Table Cloth: “Today I bring you a little story,”
[0:19]Table Cloth: “You must know, it’s mandatory!” she turned with a sharp move, a big smile on her face!
[0:20]Table Cloth: “You might have heard about the legend.”
[0:20]Table Cloth: "Pledge and might; she’s just the devil!”
[0:20]Table Cloth: The lalafell moved to the side looking at the Roegadyn in flashy green clothes.
[0:21]Table Cloth: “Many look down on her; not many look up.”
[0:21]Table Cloth: They think she’s a clown; or just something for their cup.“
[0:21]Table Cloth: The entertainer beings waving her arms like she actually means what she says!
[0:22]Table Cloth: "Some take her in, like she has a place to belong.”
[0:22]Table Cloth: “Once within, she just wants to get along!”
[0:22]Table Cloth: “That sounds odd, like an act of god.”
[0:22]Table Cloth: "Or is that just the devil, just another rot.”
[0:23]Table Cloth: “She’s not a saint, nor the devil.”
[0:23]Table Cloth: “She’s just a faint reflection that you bedevil!”
[0:23]Table Cloth: The Lalafell made fun faces for the couples out there, she was missing something on her head.
[0:24]Table Cloth: “This is what they say, as they look for a prey.”
[0:24]Table Cloth: "or could it be? Another reason to pray!”
[0:24]Table Cloth: "As you listen to my story, I can only wonder….”
[0:24]Table Cloth: “How crazy I sound, loud just like a thunder!”
[0:25]Table Cloth: She was suddenly just raging words!
[0:25]Table Cloth: “But I thought I’d just tell you more,”
[0:25]Table Cloth: “About the one and only thing I adore!”
[0:25]Table Cloth: "She might just exist in my mind, or perhaps not!”
[0:25]Table Cloth: “Just a story to unwind, or a train of thought!”
[0:25]Table Cloth: “But rest assured, I’m just a guard.”
[0:26]Table Cloth: “That was lured into becoming a bard!”
[0:26]Table Cloth: “A little risky for a glass of whisky. They know me by Rurumi Rumi!”
[0:27]Table Cloth: The lalafell bowed awkwardly as she ended her performance.

This all happened at “The Sultana’s Cup” located on: Plot 54, Ward 10 of The Goblet. I hear they organize events weekly, be sure to follow @lunae-lux for dates of when they take place!

Thanks for the roleplay everyone, I had fun! And sorry for my bad rhymes, they were made on the spot!

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Favorite drinking game?

Hrmmm I do love Boom and various forms of Pong (edge goes to 21 Cup). And Slapcup!! All about the table games.

South American Football v Europe the numbers:

We began this blog as a group of Argentineans who wanted to inform non- Argentineans on our league. Football world-wide seems to centered around Europe, but don’t be fooled that has much more to do with money and marketing than quality of football. However, people have the idea that the only large clubs and teams are in Europe. And so we would like to point out the numbers, because in comparison there is nothing that says Europe should be the center of attention anymore than South America. 

In Competitions:

Champions League v Copa Libertadores:

Most won Champions: Real Madrid 10

Most won Copa Libertadores: Independiente 7

Intercontinental Cups: 21-21 (What is now the Club World Cup)

Most Titles: Peñarol (URU), Nacional (URU), Milan (ITA), Real Madrid (ESP), Boca Juniors (ARG)

Most successful clubes in local tournaments:

Paraguay- Olimpia 40

Argentina- River Plate 35

España- Real Madrid 32

Italy- Juventus 31

Chile- Colo colo 30

Germany- Bayern Munich 24

Colombia- Atletico Nacional 15

France- Saint-Étienne 13

England- Manchester United 13

Brasil- Palmeiras 8

Club with the most international trophies (Europe and South America):

España- FC Barcelona: 20  

Argentina- Boca Juniors : 18

Italy- AC Milan: 18

España- Real Madrid: 18

Argentina- Independiente: 17

World League Ranking:

South America has never not had a team in the top ten (Since there has been a ranking 1991-2016)

Best positions: 1998, Brasil 2nd Best League in the World. 2008, Argentina 3rd Best League in the World. 2011, Brasil 3rd Best League in the World. 

Average: Brasil & Argentina in mid table. 

Currently: Argentina 4th, Brasil 6th. 

Players: A very important point, South America has only South American Players for the most part. How about Europe?

Top Ten European Teams: 67 South American players 

Barcelona: 9 South Americans 

Real Madrid: 6 South Americans 

Bayern Munich: 3 South Americans 

Manchester United: 5 South Americans 

Chelsea: 5 South Americans 

Arsenal: 4 South Americans 

Porto: 7 South Americans (Plus 4 Mexicans)

Juventus: 8 South Americans 

Benfica: 13 South Americans 

Atletico de Madrid: 7 South Americans

Top Ten Teams in South America: 0 Europeans

River Plate: 0 Europeans (All South American)

Peñarol: 0 Europeans (All South American)

Boca Juniors: 0 Europeans (All South American)

Emelec: 0 Europeans (All South American)

Barcelona (Ecu): 0 Europeans (All South American)

Indepenidente del Valle: 0 Europeans (All South American)

Nacional: 0 Europeans (All South American)

San Pablo:  0 Europeans (All South American)

Bolivar:  0 Europeans (All South American)

Caracas FC:  0 Europeans (All South American)

The Best Players of All Time can be debated, however there are some that undoubtably are the biggest names in the sports history:

Diego Armando Maradona

Edson Arantes do Nascimento “Pele”

Alfredo Stéfano Di Stéfano

Leonel Andres Messi  

Garrincha, Cafu, Kempes, Enzo Francescoli ect.

What would the sport be like without these players? What would the sport be like without the clubes who form them? Or more importantly what would European clubes be like if they couldn’t import so many players?

Next time you hear, or say yourself, that South American clubes cannot compare to say Barcelona or Real Madrid, remember the numbers. There is more to say about our football, like the unforgettable matches and moments, the incomparable fans and support, and so on but lets just leave it at the tangible and comparable. 

At 15 Maria Parson was in love. At 16 Maria Parson would have done anything for her boyfriend. At 17 Maria Parson was alone with a newborn baby. At 5 Kent Parson loved his mother and his step father, and knew they loved him. At 9 Kent Parson met his father. At 24 Maria Parson taught her son you don’t have to do anything for love. At 9 Kent Parson knew his mother and step father would never leave him. At 9 Kent Parson promised himself he’d never fall in love. At 15 Kent Parson met Jack Zimmerman. At 15 Kent Parson knew this boy would be important for the rest of his life. At 16 Kent Parson had a crush on his best friend. At 16 Kent Parson had his first kiss. At 16 Kent Parson was terrified. At 17 Kent Parson was in love. At 17 Kent Parson would have done anything for Jack Zimmerman. At 17 Kent Parson was still scared of love. At 18 Kent Parson learned why you love anyways. At 18 Kent Parson was happy. At 18 Kent Parson would do anything Jack Zimmerman asked. At 18 Kent Parson found Jack Zimmerman, nearly dead, on a bathroom floor. At 18 Kent Parson knew why love was terrifying. At 18 Kent Parson slept on the floor of a hospital waiting room until a nurse made him leave. At 18 Kent Parson went back to the same hotel room, and tried to look away from the bathroom floor. At 18 Kent Parson put on a suit he hoped he wouldn’t have to wear to his boyfriend’s funeral. At 18 Kent Parson went first in the draft, and smiled for the cameras. At 18 Kent Parson skipped his own after party. At 18 Kent Parson was told his boyfriend did not want to see him. At 18 Kent Parson would still do anything for love. At 18 Kent Parson got on a plane to Las Vegas and tried not to look back. At 19 Kent Parson left 7 hours of messages on Jack Zimmerman’s phone. At 20 Kent Parson won the Stanley Cup. At 21 Kent Parson was Captain of the Las Vegas Aces. At 23 Kent Parson was still in love, and still willing to do anything for Jack Zimmerman. At 24 Kent Parson thought he needed to do something for Jack Zimmerman. At 24 Kent Parson showed up already buzzed at a frat party. At 24 Kent Parson was too scared not to love. At 25 Kent Parson saw his boyfriend on the ice again. At 25 Kent Parson was picked up like a little rat on the ice. At 25 Kent Parson met Alexei Mashkov. At 25 Kent Parson called Jack Zimmerman drunk for the last time. At 25 Kent Parson called Alexei Mashkov for the first time. At 25 Kent Parson started to move on. At 26 Kent Parson and Alexei Mashkov went on their first date. At 27 Kent Parson was spending more time at Alexei’s home than his own. At 27 Kent Parson knew he was in love. At 27 Kent Parson heard his boyfriend say “I love you so much that it scares me.” At 27 Kent Parson wasn’t scared anymore. At 28 Kent Parson was one of the first openly gay NHL players. At 31 Kent Parson married Alexei Mashkov. At 35 Kent Parson and Alexei Mashkov adopted their first child. At 35 Kent Parson was in love. At 35 Kent Parson wasn’t scared. At 50 Kent Parson was in love. At 50 Kent Parson wasn’t scared.


Today was Mother’s Day so we picked and processed 21 cups of Dandelion petals for wine (will make about 3 US gallons of wine) . At this point it’s kind of a tradition. We’ve been doing it every Mother’s Day for four years. We messed up the last 2 batches though so we were extra careful this year. No green at all and everything ready to mix before we started picking. Hopefully today’s wine will be like the first couple batches we did. They were amazingly good and well worth the work in processing. Everyone has there own method for processing petals but I like to pinch and twist the end off between my thumb and finger. It goes fast and keeps the green out. Even at that it can take a few hours to process that many petals. Still it’s a relaxing way to spend an afternoon.

BTW I have listed my recipe in previous posts.
Happy Mother’s Day



Alright kiddos, time to pull out your game guides because we’re breaking out the Pokemon trivia. Poffin were a treat introduced in Generation IV of the series, specifically Diamond and Pearl. Like their predecessors Pokeblocks, poffin are fed to your Pokemon to raise their beauty, toughness, cuteness, coolness, or intelligence (I’m not putting “smartness”, that’s a verb for suffering or feeling pain). I can remember many-a-night staying up late, DS shoved under my blanket, chasing my brother around in the underground and having contests of who could find the largest gems. He had Pearl, I had Diamond (Dialga all the way!) . Still have them in my dresser drawer actually, along with a few Mystery Dungeons and an original Gameboy Color Silver. This game is what really introduced me to ranged multiplayer (having 4 controllers hooked up to the Nintendo 64 didn’t count), and we took advantage of it to not only have digging competitions, but also make poffin. As children excited about making digital food, we had the batter overflow more often than not. At least we never burnt them!. 

To make these specific poffin, you will need an ebelskiver pan. it’s a specially tool that makes tiny round baked goods- while you may think you wont use it much, I personally find I made ebelskivers often enough on the weekend that it’s good to have. I guess if you don’t have an elebskiver pan you can just make pancakes. at least you don’t have to spin these poffin and risk spilling the batter!

Recipe is below the cut.

-MJ & K

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