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A bizarre tale of comeuppance is that of the mysterious murder of Ken Rex McElroy, a local intimidator of Skidmore, Missouri; referred to as “the town bully.” For years, McElroy had committed crime after crime and had been indicted on more than 21 different crimes including child molestation, rape, attempted murder and burglary. His reign of terror came to an abrupt halt on 10 July, 1981, when he was shot and killed in broad daylight outside of a local bar - a murder that at least 40 people witnessed. Regardless of the abundance of witnesses, not one called an ambulance for McElroy and all refused to confess to who had fired the fatal shots, non surprisingly. The town has kept it’s silence ever since; they feel as though they owe nothing to a man who vandalised and terrorised them relentlessly for years.

People of color make up only 14% of drugs users in the United States, but 56% of people in U.S. state prisons for drug offenses. People of colour are 3 times as likely to be searched during a traffic stop than white people motorists, 2 times as likely to be arrested, and almost 4 times as likely to experience the use of force during encounters with police. Once convicted, people of colour receive sentences that are 10% longer than white offenders of the same crime, are 21% more likely to receive mandatory-minimum sentences, and are 20% more likely to be sentenced to prison, non-violent drug offenders of color serve virtually the same amount of time in prison as white offenders do for a violent offense.

Bellarke: Season 1 Statistics

A comprehensive list of all smiles, touches, significant/meaningful looks, and noteworthy conversations shared between Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffin

Hey guys! As some of you may know, I recently decided to go back and watch the show from the beginning (because what better time was there than right before finals when I should’ve been studying instead?). Like the total nerd I am, though, I decided to start keeping a record of certain things I believe could prove to be interesting and insightful regarding the development between two of our favorite characters. I originally planned on putting all three seasons into one post, but seeing as this task was already turning into a monster only halfway through season one, I’ll break it up into each season and then possibly give a grand summary following the Season 3 finale.

I did my very best to stick to what I saw being portrayed on screen in order to give the most unbiased information I possibly could. Although this is obviously subject to error I believe I was fairly successful in doing so. In fact, even though I noticed several bits of additional information this time around in comparison to my first time watching, I found that my original viewpoints on nearly everything stayed almost exactly the same.

I’m sharing this information with all of you, for one, because I know how obsessed all of us are with anything and everything Bellamy/Clarke related. Also, if you’re anything like me, you probably feel much more secure by validating your own opinions and arguments through the support of specific examples and concrete facts.

I really hope you find this information to be informative and useful. And now, without further ado, let’s get started!

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