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DEMON AU is happening guys

A few weeks back, I said I was planning some Yoongi angst, but the more I thought about it, the idea didn’t sound as interesting or doable… It’s possible that I’ll revisit that idea in the future though. BUT BUT BUT in the meantime.

This Demon AU prologue one-shot will feat. angsty MIN YOONGI~ It’s my peace offering 🙇🙇🙇  And I feel like I write a lot of Yooooongi but tRUST ME ON THIS ONE! That’s all I can say right now lmaoo.

I’m hoping to have it posted on 2/21 0:00KST (I’m using KST bc yalls know the conversion for that already) but we’ll see how deceased I’ll be from Not Today… OT but I also want to do fake text reactions to the MV too! so much to do, so little time aaaaaah

But anyway, the Demon AU one-shot will be posted on @weloveyoubangtan so follow that blog if you’re feelin the vibe lol what am i saying… And then when it becomes a series in 13748239 years, it’ll be posted on this blog~! I hope that doesn’t confuse anyone LOL.

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REFUGEES FLEE US: A CBC reporter found a Somali refugee fleeing the US into Canada: “America is problem now.“

He is one of many refugees who have begun fleeing the US. http://bit.ly/2lrf4Jz

The refugee says he trekked for 21 hours in 0-degrees temps to seek asylum across the northern US border in Manitoba, Canada.

“How long have you been walking?”

“Since morning.”

“Do you know where you are? … Do you want to know? You’re in Canada.”

Athenian fighting ships

We’ve all heard about the powerful Athenian fleet. All that triremes… they had names. Throughout history, the owners of the ships used to give their boats a name, and Greeks were not the exception. This is a list of some of those from Tabulae Curatorum Navalium, a series of 4th century BC inscriptions, now in the Epigraphical Museum, Athens:


Charís: Grace

Comoedía: Comedy

Democratía: Democracy

Eiréne: Peace

Eleuthería: Freedom

Halcyón: Kingfisher

Hippárche: Cavalry Officer (female)

Léaena: Lion (female)

Lýcaena: Wolf (female)

Niké: Victory

Sálpix: Bugle

Sophía: Wisdom

Tragoedía: Tragedy

David Bowie, rated by the level of badassery and fun

Baby Bowie: he’s shy, he messes around with mime, he’s an ultra nerd. Still gets super many Valentine’s Day card and climbs out of windows after coitus. Pimply and already a music nerd. 2/10

Mod Bowie: still a music nerd, will never change, but now with a fashion sense. Sharp-ass hair line, smashes gravel on the floor of his vocal booth, makes gnome jokes with his only friend, Gus Dungeon. 3/10 but only for fashion sense.

Space Oddity Bowie: has a perm, which is always a mistake, pimply noodle, cries about his girlfriend and accidentally writes a hit in the process, is one hit wonder. Tries to make the stylophone popular but fails. Mmmhhhh 1/10

The Man Who Sold The World: Now he’s wearing dresses, gets a gun pulled on him. 7/10 THAT’S MY BOY

Hunky Dory Bowie: “I’m gay” but has wife + kid on the way A SOLID 10/10 MY FRIEND

Ziggy Stardust Bowie: oh boy where do I start all the glitter and that haircut and the sexy onepieces, and the everything, it’s all very uncool kid becomes hot over summer, he still falls off amplifiers and hurts himself accidentally, 9/10

Aladdin Sane Bowie: rad ass makeup, has lipstick on his face, will continue to inspire a ton of generations to put lipstick on their faces, too, and all while just existing on paper / sleeve. Schizophrenic baby and very unhappy. Not very cool bc I am sad for him. 2/10

Pin Ups Bowie: -1/10

Diamond Dogs: ahh yes we love censorship, also pissing off Mick Jagger, dog dick, 1984 fanfic, but in musical form and in a “jk jk stop screaming abt copyright” way. 10/10

Young Americans/ the Gouster: unhappy, but with a gf now, records an album that every executive hates. That’s always good. Also cuts off The DeepFreeze err I mean DeFries thanks to John Lennon his new homie. Bros for life. Also dares to be a bigger diva than Aretha Franklin by continuing to be pissed about not getting a kiss from her at the Grammys. Approves of NB people (“Ladies, Gentlemen, and others”). He’s petty and I love it. 7/10

Thin White Duke: he has a fashion sense but seems to be an asshole, I will fight him, he’s really uncool for almost dying, 2/10 and that is for STS

Berlin Bowie: chill, lowkey, has facial hair which makes for a good joke. Pisses off more executives who now want Young Americans II and want to give him a villa in Philly for it but nope. Pettyboi knows what he’s about. Loves Brian Eno. Art hoe. Iggy eats all his food. Still pretty lowkey. LOW haha! Mmh a solid but not good 4/10 there are barely any good fun stories?

Scary Monsters Bowie: didn’t want to make a hit album until 1983 to piss of Defries but accidentally made one “oops my hand slipped” Bowie, creates point of reference for his career, … apart from good music there’s the Elephant Man and Baal, which I am a slut for, but it’s just not? A very exciting time? Also he’s sad because John. Gets divorced and custody, both happy things. Still, afraid he gets 1/10 not very awesome

Let’s Dance Bowie: boy oh boy is a popstar never not funny esp when he never even wanted to be a singer? But for real he gets really hot and rolls around naked on a beach what more do I even want. Also a really good pop album. Rich as fuck, still very modest about how much he got for being EMIs newest bitch to bring home the bacon. Love it despite questionable fashion choices, 5/10

Tonight Bowie: Is very sad, mocks himself in the Blue Jean extended video. What kind of self-drag, that is so fucking next level, also Screaming Lord Byron is so out there I love it. Also Labyrinth and the Bulge falls into this era. Awakens whole generations of girls and boys. This is his informal legacy, his codpiece and goblins. Also “my cock is still raw”. REALLY FUN. 8/10

Never Let Me Down Bowie: lets everybody down. Is very sad, wants to quit music I will give him 6/10 though, for the entirety of Glass Spider, and his weird Pepsi-scientist

Tin Machine Bowie: fuck me left and right Tin Machine may be trash in other areas but in terms of stories it just seems so wild??? Popstar goes garage band. The interviews are super funny and Bowie essentially started it with Reeves to find himself again but I guess he found it really useful to piss people off too. Flirts with every journalist probably to make them blush and flustered, is really happy, has so much sex he gets F U CKIGN R R RRIPPED, hip moves, sax cunnilingus, err I lost track, 10/10

Black Tie White Noise Bowie: boring af in terms of stories sorry bby 1/10 the one point is for writing an album for your wife

Buddha of Suburbia Bowie: the guy who everybody forgets about but he makes good reasonable decisions like getting rid again of Rogers, getting Mike Garson back, loving music again. I will give it a 5/10 for the hilarious bush kicking and other fuckery in the Buddha of Suburbia video.

1. Outside Bowie: I will refrain from vomiting a bunch of words about sexiness here but like he is so witty? Art hoe? Loves Brian Eno and sex a lot? How can a sober person be so fucking fun?? Loves to piss off people, has a lot of OCs, but how many fun stories do I have for him? Well there’s the Minotaur jacking off thing, and the wallpaper designing, and the Andy Warhol imitations. Weird segues on the album, he gets points for that too, but overall he gets a measly for Outside 7/10, gotta stay objective here.

Earthling Bowie: HIS LOOKS ALONE ARE SO FUCKING FUNNY ASKHFJADJS, David Bonion/ the Bohawk ah god I love it, how he pissed off the one host by playing Scary Monsters despite being told not to and getting banned, is a even bigger dork, wears HORRIBLE suits, odd fashion choices, webchats like oh my god  9/10

‘hours…’ Bowie: he is this guy who wrote a snuggly album but also played Julian Priest, our MAILF, murderous artist I’d like to fuck, is a, I quote, “hot blooded male who is in love with Lara Croft”, … makes a video game and has self inserts of him AND THE WIFE!!!, fucking hilarious in interviews, really gives less shits than ever with every year that goes by… 6/10?

Heathen Bowie: he is very awesome with an ass that won’t quit and suits and god he just. Won’t. shut up about his daughter. Or wife. But have you heard about the human being him and his wife made. Kinkshames live on stage and tape, GET REKT, 10/10

Reality Bowie: my oh my fun stories? HOW ABOUT EVERYTHING THAT IS IN THE BEHIND THE SCENES MATERIAL??? He is just a fun kid, he releases albums like it’s nothing, boy is on fire, quick-witted… what are fun stories about Reality David Bowie idk he imitates a lot in interviews and is just overall a hoot 9/10

Gap Years Bowie: he gets 10/10 for the outfit with the big coat and turtleneck don’t judge also all the “questionable” (aka for the kiddo) movie choices, SPONGEBOB.

The Next Day Bowie: hi I am not retired you motherfuckers wake up wake up, is a really cute and genuine person, smells like perfection, but no fun stories. :( 3/10 for the super unexpected album drop like YOOOOOOO

Blackstar Bowie: THE CLOSET JOKE ASHFJDKAS also how he planned the musical before he got sick that’s a bloody good story, there’s just so much, like, how he made his death into art, into a project he always wanted to do, and managed to hide being sick for 1.5 years like???? How? Über-trickster, also how he died at 69, sung of his cock and made my day, … 11/10 despite the very un-fun death part

Análise Aprofundada: Camren no Ônibus

Oi amores. Nova análise! É de uma coisa que a maioria já sabe, um momento antigo. O post original foi deletado, então leia o reblogue aqui. Sei que já tem análises desse vídeo no YouTube mas eu vou usar alguns argumentos e também focar em outras coisas que eu vi no vídeo “Fifth Harmony Bunk Hangout” do canal AwesomenessTV. Vamos começar! 

Primeiro de tudo, nós apenas vemos a Lauren aparecendo no vídeo no início. Parece que ela está conversando/fazendo facetime com alguém.

Se você assistir o vídeo e tentar ignorar a voz de Ally, você pode ouvir a Lauren falando algo como: “Hey, está tudo bem babe.” (0:04) seguido dela sussurrando: “Eu quero fazer isso” (0:07). Vou continuar isso no final dessa análise.

Depois, nós vemos Ally perguntando a Normani se ela quer assistir um filme. Ally está muito risonha e parece uma criança no começo do vídeo (0:21). Note no vídeo como a Ally está (de propósito?) tentando bloquear a cama/beliche de Camila durante o vídeo inteiro, ou pelo menos tenta.

Então ouvimos um gemido (0:50) o que faz as meninas rirem. Observe como o tom de voz da Ally muda. Ela está tentando esconder algo? Também, antes de ouvirmos o gemido Ally tem um grande sorriso no rosto e as bochechas estão vermelhas. Constrangimento?

Essa é a reação das meninas depois de ouvirem o gemido. (0:50)

No minuto (0:53) você claramente vê um movimento no reflexo ao lado de Ally. Sabemos que é a Camila porque ela aparece atrás de Ally depois, o reflexo seria ela saindo de sua beliche. Em (0:55) você pode ver esse reflexo como mencionado.

Eu sei que é uma imagem de bosta, mas veja o vídeo para uma resolução melhor.
Mesmo que seja uma imagem ruim, você ainda pode ver uma silhueta de uma garota por causa do cabelo grande. Para mim, parece que a garota está no celular ou lendo um livro. Pode ser a Lauren?

Observe também que em (0:57) Ally faz, acho que você pode chamar de um sinal, atrás de suas costas e a Camila fecha a cortina após isso. Isso é como a Camila aparece atrás de Ally em (1:02).

Agora você pode pensar o que quiser, mas para mim parece que ela estava fazendo algo mais do que apenas ler como ela disse ter feito. Seu cabelo está uma bagunça e ela parece um pouco estranha. Importante dizer que ela cambaleia em (1:04) mas isso pode ser apenas Camila sendo Camila.
Outro fato interessante é que a Dinah diz: “Quem é você?” para a Camila (1:12), Camila ignora (ou talvez não estava prestando atenção). Lembre-se que Lauren estava na cozinha no começo, onde a Camila diz que está indo. Então isso significa que Dinah deve ter pensado que uma delas iria sair da beliche de Camila, e acabou sendo ela mesma. Será que ela sabia que Lauren e Camila estavam na beliche dela?
Outra coisa que acho estranho, porque Dinah não fica falando com as outras mas em vez disso fica no celular depois de ver Camila? Talvez Dinah estava mandando mensagem para Lauren?

Observe que depois de Camila assustar Ally, Ally diz: “Hey, e aí?” de uma maneira suspeita. Ela também olha para o pescoço de Camila, procurando uma marca talvez? Isso só prova como a Ally é péssima como atriz! Preste atenção também em como a boca de Camila está vermelha.

(1:15) Eu AMO a reação de Normani aqui. Isso é a reação dela quando Camila diz que está “lendo” e depois recusa a oferta do filme com as garotas. Normani fica com os olhos semicerrados e balança a cabeça para Camila.

“Estreitar os olhos pode indicar uma avaliação, possivelmente considerando que algo que alguém disse não é verdade. Pode indicar também uma incerteza.”

Há, obviamente, diferentes interpretações quando alguém estreita os olhos mas eu acredito que significa que Normani não acredita em Camila nessa situação descrita acima.

Agora, em outro vídeo chamado “What’s In My Bunk?”, Camila diz que ela já terminou de ler “To Kill A Mockingbird” (Talvez ela está relendo, mas ela realmente quer reler um livro que ela acabou de terminar um mês atrás?).

Depois disso, Dinah grita “Boring (Entediante)” e Mani diz o mesmo. Observe que (1:18) Ally se vira para Mani e diz: “Você está brincando?” com um sorriso no rosto. Também, é somente eu ou o tom de voz que elas usaram ao gritar “boring” parece muito com a pronúncia do nome Lauren? Não sei, apenas uma coisa que percebi e queria deixar aqui.

E Camila lendo? Hmmm, não estou acreditando. Se você prestar muita atenção no reflexo você pode ver que Camila pegou o livro depois e ela mantém o livro de cabeça para baixo antes de segurar com a outra mão.

Depois que Camila diz “Estou criando meu próprio filme na minha cabeça” em (1:22) e fazendo uma pose sugestiva, Ally ri e olha para o livro dela e Mani novamente lança esse olhar.

Sério, o que nós seríamos sem as expressões faciais de Normani?

(1:37) Camila sai e diz que vai pegar uma água, diz também para as meninas “se divertirem com o filme”. E a resposta de Ally é: “Obrigada, você também se divirta com sua água” seguido por uma risadinha. Que resposta é essa? Mani também responde, dizendo “aproveite o livro”. Veja a linguagem corporal de Normani e a maneira como ela diz isso, ela zomba. Dinah também ri!

E também, se Camila iria pegar uma água, pra que levar o livro com ela? Eu acredito que ela levou o livro para tentar provar que estava lendo.

Em (2:12) você pode ver a cortina se movendo na beliche de Camila (olhe atrás de Ally). Há também uma calça fora da beliche, e a camisa que Lauren estava vestindo no início também está no chão. (Isso não precisa significar nada sexual, talvez ela só queria mudar de camisa mas ainda assim é suspeito!). Há outros momentos em que a cortina se move, mas essa é a mais óbvia. Veja o quanto a Normani e a Ally fazem barulho, é mesmo necessário? Talvez para cobrir algum barulho?

Outra coisa importante de se notar é que você pode ouvir a Lauren em (2:04 ou 2:05) dizer “Parada!” ou algo assim.
Em (2:57) você pode ouvir alguém gemer “continue” em voz alta, seguido por um outro gemido (2:59). Eu acredito que seja a Camila, já que a voz é aguda e se assemelha com a sua voz. Há outro gemido em (3:00) mas eu acredito que seja da Lauren agora.

Em (3:08-3:10) parece que Normani está gemendo e Ally ri, provavelmente zombando delas? 

E por último, mas não menos importante: Em (1:58) nós vemos Camila abaixada. Ela aparece comendo algo e talvez conversando com alguém, então oferece para essa pessoa. Seria a Lauren? Desculpem pela qualidade, deixei o mais visível possível.

A pessoa com quem Lauren estava falando no início do vídeo era Camila? O que estava acontecendo com o comportamento das meninas? Dinah estava mandando mensagem para Lauren? No momento que Camila aparece comendo e possivelmente falando com alguém, seria Lauren?
Tirem suas próprias conclusões.

Üstadın ölümü doğduğunda başlamış ve dünyada görülmüş en uzun süren intihar olarak tarihe geçmiştir. Bugüne kadar yaşamış insanların arasında ölümü en acılı olanıdır. Çünkü yaşayarak ölmüştür. Yaşayarak intihar etmiştir. Yazarak. Hiç durmadan. Kitap yazması kendisi için fazla tehlikeli olmaya başladığında ise mektuplar yazmıştır. Binlerce sayfa! Sanki her biri farklı bir insanın kaleminden çıkmış binlerce mektup… Bazıları silahla, bazıları siyanürle, bazıları çatılarından atlayarak. Bazıları da yaşayarak! Ki sonuncusu en acı veren ve en yavaşıdır. İnsanın canı o kadar yanar ki birkaç yıl sonra hiçbir şey hissetmemeye başlar. Ama ufak bir hata, ufak bir çabuk ölüm arzusu bütün acıları yeniden başlatır. Ve beyin kabuğunu nasırlaştırmak yine yıllar ister. Üstadın intiharı ve yeryüzündeki can çekişi altmış sekiz yıl sürmüştür. Ben de baharda doğdum onun gibi. Yüzünü işlettim vücuduma. Kayra dışında dinlediğim tek isim. Belki de dostsuzluğuma bir çare. Yaşasaydık aynı zamanda belki de acırdı bana, küçümserdi. Hatta bir yerde, kaygılanırdı benim ve hayatım için. Belki de burnunu kırardım hoşuma gitmeyen bir laf ettiği için. Kışkırtmayı en sevdiği spor haline getirdiği için düşerdim tuzağına. Sinirlenirdim belki de. Öldürürdüm onu kendi ellerimle…

Böylesi daha iyi. O benim dostum. Sessiz. Hareketsiz. Her zaman benimle. Derime yapışmış yüzüyle. Yaşasaydı, derdi bana:

‘’Oğlum, bana iyi bak! Bir üstada benziyor muyum? Ben yazıyorum. Sen okuyorsun. Büyütme bunu.’’

Yalnız bir çocuğun yarattığı hayali arkadaşı gibi. Konuştum birkaç yıl onunla beynimde. Sonra büyüdüm. Anladım konuşulacak bir şey olmadığını. Onun ile benim, birbirimize anlatacağımız herhangi bir şey yoktu. Ağır kurşun yaraları almış ölmekte olan iki düşman askerinin birbirlerine dokunmadan yan yana yatmaları gibi. Hiç konuşmadan… Birbirimize en ufak yardımımız olamazdı. Yaşayarak intihar etmeyi seçenlere yardım edilemez… Bir stil meselesi. Ya ağzına soktuğun bir 38’lik ya da ölene kadar kendini oksijenle zehirlemek. Seçersin ölümünü! Çocuk oyuncağı kalır kendini asmalar, over dose’lar, 68 yıllık intiharların yanında. Gotik katedrallere benzeyen bu dev ölüm anıtlarının gölgelerinde kaybolur, yerde yatan ensesi delik cesedin yanı başındaki depresif intihar mektubu…

“Hepinizi seviyorum. Benim için üzülmeyin!” Yalvarışlarından farklıdır katedralin duvarında yazanlar. Değil sadece dostların, ailenin üzülmesi, bütün dünyanın ağlaması için yazılmışlardır. Gözyaşlarından okyanuslar taşsın diye. Binlerce mektup! On binlerce müsvedde sayfası doldurulur. Bütün dünya üstat öldükten sonra, yaşadığına pişman olsun diye yazılır o satırlar. Altmış sekiz yılda intihar eden altmış sekiz yıl boyunca da intihar ettirir!.. Bir stil meselesi. Hayat ve ölüm üzerine bir stil. İçeriğin zerre kadar önemi yoktur. Ne anlatıldığının, ne yapıldığının en ufak bir değeri yoktur. Sadece stil vardır.

Katilin kurbanını öldürmesi değil, kafasını kesip kesmediği hatırlanır.

Hakan Günday

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White people from Internet: OMG Becky, can you believe Leta Lestrange is black? How can it be? She’s a pureblood and a Lestrange. We ALL know that pureblood equals white supremacy. We, THE WHITE PEOPLE, are PURE and don’t mix. Leta must be a half blood or something.

Me (a white person who’s fucking pissed by the racism in this fucking world are you fucking stupid or what): Wizards give ZERO FUCKING FUCKS to skin colour. They just care about blood and the last time I checked, my fucking white blood isn’t different from black people’s blood. PLUS you’re talking about racism in the wizarding world when THE FUCKING QUEEN OF THE FUCKING MACUSA IS BLACK. ALSO have you ever read the fucking books? DO I HAVE TO GIVE YOU A LIST OF PEOPLE WHO ARE BLACK??? AND THE OTHER CHARACTERS GIVE THIS FUCKS: 0. The only act of racism we see in the books is when Draco (I think is Draco, correct me if I’m wrong) mocks Angelina because of her hair, her braids. But Draco mocks everyone. He’s a little twat even when he needs to be protected at all fucking costs. A FUCKING LAST THING:  DO YOU KNOW WHO IS BLAISE-I’M-A-BLACK-PUREBLOOD-AND-MY-MOTHER-IS-A-QUEEN-WHO-MARRIED-A-LOT-OF-FUCKING-PUREBLOOD-WIZARDS-WHO-DIED-AND-GAVE-HER-ALL-THE-MONEY-ZABINI?



“Fantasy is escapist, and that is its glory….

…If a soldier is imprisioned by the enemy, don’t we consider it his duty to escape?….

If we value the freedom of mind and soul, if we’re partisans of liberty, then…

..it’s our plain duty to escape…

And to take as many people with us as we can!”  

―    J.R.R. Tolkien


Request: I love your writing so glad you opened requests! :)  Could I ask for a Finnick X reader with “You’re the only one I trust to do this.” please? xx

Title: Love can be found in the strangest of time

Pairing: Finnick x Reader

Fandom: Hunger Games

Witer: Jupiter

The Games were cruel.

If there was one thing you had learned from you time in the Arena, it would be to not trust anyone around you, because before you would know it you would end up with a knife in your back as the other person would claim their victory. You had seen it multiple times on the TV, when you were still in your District with your family, and you had even see  it happen  in person. Because you, (Y/n) (L/n) from District 4, were the winner of the 69th Hunger Games, survivor of the Deathly Dessert. You had seen more death and destruction than anyone else from your District, and it were those memories from fallen candidates that had made you strong. The innocent person you had once been was gone now, the memories of a better time fading away with every life you had taken. That was what the Games did to you, they turned you into a killer.

‘But even killers and survivors have weaknesses,’ You realised as you groaned from the pain, your eyes sliding towards the knife that was sticking out of your middle. The spot around it was now covered in thick, red blood as you tried to stop the flow by pressing your hand against it. It wasn’t the first time you had suffered from an injury while being in the Arena, but that didn’t make the pain any less. You silently cursed yourself as you thought about how you had lowered your guard for a minute, just in time for another Tribute to stick a knife in your side and giving you an unpleasant surprise while doing so. It had been a stupid mistake, a mistake a Victor like you shouldn’t have made. But these weren’t the usual Games anyways. These were the 75th Hunger Games, which meant that you were now surrounded by Victors from previous years instead of greenies who had never even hold a knife before. And that exact the reason why you should have been more careful.

'You could have died back there,’ You thought as you pressed your hand a bit tighter against your wound, flinching while doing so. 'You would have died, if it hadn’t been for Finnick to show up just in time.’

It seemed the odds had been in your favour for once. The moment the tribute had stuck his knife in your side, his other hand grabbing your waist to prevent you from running away, your friend and ally Finnick Odair had come back just in time from his search for food and had thrown his trident straight into the back of the man. If he had only hesitated for a second, you would have been dead. But this was Finnick you were talking about, a man just as dangerous as you and every other trained candidate in here. But talking about Finnick…Why was he taking so long?

’'Finnick!” You called out, making sure your voice wasn’t loud enough for unwanted guests to hear. As you tried to sit up a bit straighter against the tree Finnick had placed you against before he had left to grab some bandages from your temporary resting place, you tried to focus your eyes on your surroundings to see if you saw a glimpse of your friend in the green vegetation around you. With a sight, you realised he was nowhere to be seen yet, and you really hoped for him to hurry up. Because with every second passing, you felt your body become weaker and weaker from the blood loss, and you decided to call out for him once more, your voice filled with irritation this time.


“Alright, alright! Calm down, princess, I’m on my way.”

You sighted in relief as you heard his familiar voice coming from behind the trees. Not much later, Finnick Odair stepped out of the green background, with a white bandage in his hands. He flashed you an apologising smile as he walked closer to you, even though his eyes were filled with worry at the sight of your with blood covered sight. In an attempt to lighten up the situation a bit, you threw him an annoyed glance.

“Leave it to Finnick Odair to take his time when his friend is laying here with a knife sticking out of her side. Thanks a lot, by the way.”

Finnick shook his head at your sarcastic comment, wondering how you managed to keep your wit even in a situation like this, while he kneeled down next to you.

“Sure, don’t thank the guy who put his ass in danger while trying to get bandages in order to save your life. Way to win a guys heart, drama queen.”

You tried to stick out your tongue as a response, but the movement your body made while doing so only caused a new flash of pain to rip through your side, causing you to whimper once again. You saw how Finnick’s eyes filled with worry while you did you, and you tried to flash him a small smile to tell him you were alright. Sadly enough, you smile only turned into a grimace as you flinched when you felt another sting coming from your wound.

“Just take the knife out of me already,” You told him eventually, while biting your teeth. The longer the thing would stick into you, the harder it would to heal eventually. From his place next to you, Finnick nodded as he reached his hands closer to the knife, trying to find the best way to pull it out without any unnecessary harm.

“Are you sure about this?” He asked you in a soft voice, his eyes filled with concentration as he placed the bandage next to him. “This will hurt more than anything else, are you sure you can handle it?”

You huffed in offense as you let your eyes glide over his posture. “Oh please, you do realise against who you’re talking to, right?”

Finnick let out a tense chuckle as he pulled back his hands, his eyes locking with your (e/c) ones again. The teasing glare had disappeared, leaving only a serious glare behind in his beautiful orbs. His glare made you aware of the seriousness of the situation, and you gulped nervously before opening your mouth again, your voice sounding more tense than before:

“Just do it.”

Finnick took a deep breath at your words, his long hands reaching for the knife once again. His next words however, caused a new feeling to flash through your heart.

“I don’t want to hurt you, (Y/n),” Finnick spoke in a soft but tender voice. His eyes looked down at the knife sticking out of your side, and you saw a glimpse of uncertainty in them.

“Finnick,” You said, your voice hoarse but soft. “If you don’t do this, I’ll die. It already hurts like a bitch anyways, so much damage you won’t do. Please…You’re the only one I trust to do this.”

Finnick’s eyes snapped up at your words as he noticed the seriousness of your voice. With a sight, he nodded in defeat.

“Alright than,” He whispered, giving you an apologizing look. “Be very still, princess. Here it goes…”

Slowly, his hands took hold of the knife, pulling it slowly but steady out of your middle. The sudden feeling of the sharp blade slashing through your flesh once again caused a whole new level of pain to rip through your body and you let out a raw scream of agony, as you tried your best not to move. Your scream caused Finnick to flinch a bit, but his trained hands didn’t tremble as he slowly pulled the knife out of your body, before quickly throwing it away and reaching for the bandage.

Silent tears ran over your cheeks as you bit your tongue in order not to scream again. The knife was out of you, but now the blood could flow freely. Luckily, Finnick was quick and in a swift motion he wrapped in bandage around your middle, stopping the blood from flowing out of your wound. In around a minute, your waist had been wrapped in a white bandage, even though it felt like hours to you. When Finnick was finally done, you let out a sigh of relief as you let your head rest against the three, while closing your eyes. It was over, thank god.

It was Finnick’s soft voice that caused you to open your eyes again.

“(Y/n)?” He mumbled, as he softly placed his hand on your cheek and leaned in a bit, causing a blush to rise to you face. “I’m sorry for hurting you, but you’re going to be alright now.”

You were finally able to give him a small smile back, looking into his beautiful eyes. Suddenly, you were aware of how close the two of you were right now, as you were even able to feel his warm breath on your face. Your eyes flicked to his soft, plumb lips for a moment as you felt butterflies in your stomach, something that felt a lot better than a knife.

“Thank you,” You whispered gratefully, not able to speak out loud. You saw how Finnick smiled at your words, a beautiful smile you had grown to love, before he suddenly leaned in and kissed you. His lips felt as soft as you had imagined them to be, and you couldn’t help but kiss him back immediately. His lips tasted a bit salty and even a bit bloody because of the things the two of you had crossed paths with, and you were sure your face wasn’t any better, but despite that it was a perfect kiss.

When the two of you finally pulled apart, you were both panting from the lack of breath, but your eyes were shining for the first time since you had entered the Games. As you gave Finnick a small smile, you didn’t care about the fact that there were probably multiple camera’s watching you. Maybe the two of you were even projected on a huge screen in the Capitol, who would know?

It was the shot of a canon that ripped you out of your fairytale like situation and brought you back to the reality of the situation. Finnick took a hold of your hand and helped you to get up, which you did with a grim face because of the pain. Finnick gave you a look of concern as he squeezed your hand, scanning your surroundings while doing so. You gave him a nod, indicating you were alright, and he answered with a smile. In a swift motion, he grabbed his trident from the ground as he started to lead you forwards.

The situation surely wasn’t perfect, and the Games didn’t become any less cruel, but at least you had now found an anchor to which you could hold on when things got rough. And yes, you were aware that you might lose him, but right now he was with you and that was all that mattered. So with a small smile on your face, you forgot your pain as you followed Finnick back into the woods, away from the place you had been sitting minutes ago.

“Alright, let’s go.”

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