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A - AGE: 26

B - BIGGEST FEAR: losing my mom or my cat



E - EVERY DAY STARTS WITH: cuddling the cats

F - FAVOURITE SONG: that’s too hard ;_; Wings by Birdy is an all time fav tho because it never fails to give me ereri feels

G - GHOSTS, ARE THEY REAL: I’m leaning towards no and I don’t wish to be proven otherwise

H - HOMETOWN: small town close to Munich, Germany

I - IN LOVE WITH: summer

J - JEALOUS OF: people with good self-esteem


L - LAST TIME YOU CRIED: 2 weeks ago



O - ONE WISH: that I and everyone I love stays healthy


Q- QUESTION YOU’RE ALWAYS ASKED: how long have you been drawing?

R - REASON TO SMILE: coming home from work and seeing my cats wait behind the glass door

S - SONG LAST SANG: Boystyle - Kokoro no chizu



V - VACATION DESTINATION: Tokyo used to be my most visited destination… I miss it ;_;

W - WORST HABIT: procrastination and losing interest/focus too quickly

X - X-RAYS YOU’VE HAD: one or two of my teeth

Y - YOUR FAVOURITE FOOD: strawberries, broccoli, fresh veggies and fruit in general, smoothie bowls, pizza, potatoes and everything made out of potatoes, chickpeas…. I could go on forever, I can’t pick one favorite


Four U.S. states sue Interior Department over coal leases on public lands


Four U.S. states have sued Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, the Interior Department and the U.S. Bureau of Land Management to block new leases of public lands for coal mining, according to papers filed on Tuesday in Montana federal court.

State prosecutors for California, New Mexico, New York and Washington are arguing new coal extraction would exacerbate global warming and violate the federal government’s statutory duty to use public lands “in a manner that will protect the quality of scientific, scenic, historical, ecological, environmental, air and atmospheric, water resource, and archaeological values,” according to the filings.

The move was one of several recent attempts to block a broad pledge by U.S. President Donald Trump to roll back environmental regulations put in place under former President Barack Obama. The former president placed a moratorium on new coal mining leases on public lands more than a year ago, in January 2016.

On March 29, Zinke, whom Trump appointed Interior secretary, formally lifted the ban.

The prosecutors argued in addition to harming the environment, more coal mining on public lands would burden state and local governments with expenses related to healthcare, flood control and other infrastructure needs related to potentially harmful effects of nearby mines.

They also argued the United States’ “outdated structure” for collecting royalties from mining companies meant the government was not obtaining as much money for the leases as it deserved.


☆゚.*・。゚KYY’S COMMISSION INFO.*・。゚ ☆゚

Hello everyone! It’s finally time to open a new commission batch! This time I’m aiming to have them as my main income since I’m still unemployed and my family economy situation is steadely becoming worse :’)
I’ll do my best to have better drawing times! So please, all reblogs are more than appreaciated! ♥ Tell any friend you’d think would be interested! ♥

  • OPEN FROM September 13th until October 31th 2016 (For now. If I can mantain an steady rhythm, I’ll be able to open them again not long after!)

More info and prices under the cut!

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anonymous asked:

Is it true that students are paid in Sweden?

everyone 0-15 gets a child allowance which is the same sum only presence in school doesn’t affect it at all. (this goes to the parents account and its basically an extra sum to afford food and other necessities) 

after the age of 16 + entry of high school u are given a student allowance each month of 1050 sek which is like 127 dollars as long as u are present in school. 

the reason for this is mainly because student’s aren’t able to work that much due to being so busy with school so it’s an economic solution especially for students w/ families that can’t really afford to give them money

but until u turn 18 it’s your legal guardian who gets the money on their account 

also u can use the money for whatever but i mean public transit is p expensive depending on where you live, and if u don’t live too far away from school you have to pay that yourself at least where i live.  so ya we get paid but its not a bragworthy amount of money 1050 sek is roughly 50 sek per day if youre in school for 20 days each month (4 weeks) and public transit back and forth costs at least 20

u feel?


Ok, so- Guys, hello again! Summer vacations are around the corner so I’ll finally be able to draw again! This time I’m saving up for a trip to Tokyo I’m having with friends in March ♥

“If you’re traveling half-across the world, why do you need to take commissions?” you’d ask, but truth is that my dad offered me this trip as a graduation present, since I’m finishing my career in Fashion Design this year! And the final runway show we worked hard through the whole year left a hole in my wallet, really- My only income for something like this is from commissions!

So, nobody in my family needs urgent surgery and my bills will get paid (hopefully, I’m not sure), but I have no other source from where I could save up for a trip like this (considering how bad the economy in my country is ugh).

I really hope you could help by getting a few drawings from me, or just reblogging this post so it’ll reach even more people! ♥ Help me enjoy this one-in-a-lifetime trip with the people I love the most ♥

Details, prices and contact info under the cut!

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I’m offering commissions like the ones above (at print resolution if that’s the kind of thing you’re into!) for a base price of $20US! Cool!

(for more examples, here’s my art tag)

Here are some things to know

  • I can draw humans and animals and in-betweens, although I would much prefer if the subject matter were kept PG13
  • complex backgrounds (i.e. detailed machinery, busy buildings, etc) might run you a few dollars extra– check what you want with me and I’ll give you a more detailed outline
  • extra characters are +$5 each! 
  • Paypal only!

Hit me up at cerigart@gmail.com with a rough outline of what you want (or a wildly in depth one!) (or just say hi, that is also fine!!) (just email me god I am so alone)

love you xoxoxo

(I will almost definitely end up updating this post a ridiculous amount as I remember obvious stuff that I’ve forgotten so bear with me. I promise I will keep you updated!)


Black and white with accents. Traditional mediums on postcard or ATC size paper. Will mail originals.

Will draw: anything romantic or grotesque, bust, full body or couples with borders / specific motifs.

Will not draw: anything hateful.

for inquiries:

👉bluevenom_0 at hotmail dot com

reblogs are greatly appreciated!