TitleWhere I Cannot Find You


Word count: 22,210

Rating: Mature

Summary: When Hamish is diagnosed with cancer, his parents have two entirely separate ways of coping.

Review: Absolute sucker punch. Read the warnings carefully, because damn. Read only if you are prepared to have your heart forcefully ripped from your chest and tossed in a blender. If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go read every happy fluffy fic in existence and never talk to anyone ever again.

the stumble and the fall by zoicite


canon, mature, 22336 words


The infatuation is understandable.  Arthur understands completely and quite honestly, he’s flattered.  Merlin’s feelings are not the problem. The problem - the thing that Arthur can’t quite figure out - is why Merlin has begun spying on him.


that was fun to read. Arthur, present of the gods for mankind, understands everything until he’s starting to assume things my be a little bit different. His first assumptions are priceless, I laughed really hard. Well written, with a nice magic reveal and some well thought inside views of our future king. Its season 1 after all the betrayal is not that big as it is later.

The wasting game by Polomonkey


modern au, mature, multichapter, 47027 words


Merlin stops eating. No-one notices, and then someone does.


this is a personal theme for me, so if you have dealt with stuff like this ever (yourself or friends of yours) be aware that this can be a problem. I’m critical with such themes because of personal reasons, but I must say, this one was really good. Its not too explicit but it focuses on all the bad things about eating disorders and their consequences. I thought it very interesting that you can also read from Arthurs pov, because as sad as Merlins fate is, sometimes seeing it through the eyes of someone who cares makes it so much worse. Its the helplessness of Arthur that got to me right from the start.