TitleWhere I Cannot Find You


Word count: 22,210

Rating: Mature

Summary: When Hamish is diagnosed with cancer, his parents have two entirely separate ways of coping.

Review: Absolute sucker punch. Read the warnings carefully, because damn. Read only if you are prepared to have your heart forcefully ripped from your chest and tossed in a blender. If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go read every happy fluffy fic in existence and never talk to anyone ever again.

promises to keep by archaeologist_d


canon au, teen, 47124 words


What if Merlin had reached Avalon in time? What price would he have to pay to save Arthur’s life? 


Yeah I know right now, its seems like I’ve been easily excited, BUT ACBB has brought such amazing new stories, that I just cant do something else besides recommending them. I’ve finished this one an hour ago and needed some time to calm down, because I was crying like 5x13 all over again. So, be aware of massive tears streaming down your face while reading it. Starting with Camlann, and since I’ve seen that episode only twice and still can tell every single second of that damn episode, I was breaking again an again and again while reading those events. She follows the original plot, twisting it in a brilliant way by Merlin sacrifising himself for Arthur. But of course its not that simple and so Merlin might die but Emrys is not able to die, as we know. So he lives in a different form, with all his memories, with all his feelings, mourning for what he’s lost and I was aching, actually aching for him. The whole Hunith part had me in tears, I was sobbing violently and couldnt stop reading, feeling all that pain, all that hopelessness. Really, I feel deeply about that story. Going back to ARthur, never being able to tell him, he’s there, seeing him suffer and impossible to stop this madness is the most painful thing ever. I love Merlin, I really do, theres no other character I care so much about and seeing him suffer is something that belongs to him, but also makes me want to scream and protect him the whole time. The end, gosh, I was a mess. A real mess, besides things being beautiful and okay, I still was crying and even now I feel so broken about it. The last lines, gosh read the last lines and suffer with me. You need to read this gorgeous fic with all its brilliance and sad moments and though you smile from time to time, seeing Merlin determinded to bring magic back is brilliant, the most part of the story you’re just a broken mess.

Tangled Web

Written by jaxin88 on FFTS

Tenth Doctor (T) 25k. 

Part 3 of The Phoenix Verse - The Doctor and Rose get a warning that Torchwood is hunting them, and they join forces with old friends in an attempt to defeat the organization.  Along the way new friends are made and the Time War ends once and for all.

Tangled Web : MasterPost

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The wasting game by Polomonkey


modern au, mature, multichapter, 47027 words


Merlin stops eating. No-one notices, and then someone does.


this is a personal theme for me, so if you have dealt with stuff like this ever (yourself or friends of yours) be aware that this can be a problem. I’m critical with such themes because of personal reasons, but I must say, this one was really good. Its not too explicit but it focuses on all the bad things about eating disorders and their consequences. I thought it very interesting that you can also read from Arthurs pov, because as sad as Merlins fate is, sometimes seeing it through the eyes of someone who cares makes it so much worse. Its the helplessness of Arthur that got to me right from the start.

pieces of us by dentedsky


modern AU, multi-chapter, mature, 22244 words


Morgana is pregnant and doesn’t know who the father is, Gwen sleeps around with all the wrong men, Merlin meets Arthur and thinks he’s a tool, Arthur is getting married to the wrong person (who knew!) and it is possible Arthur is, actually, a complete tool after all. Or: Wherein Morgana Hires Merlin to Pretend to be Her Boyfriend So Arthur Doesn’t Find Out She’s a Big, Big Slutty Person.


I liked Arthur in this one very much. Besides the whole complicated situation its a really lovely story about people who are destined to be together no matter what. And pregnant Morgana is epic.

Cupboard Love

fandom: Teen Wolf
pairing: Stiles/Derek
length: 32 682
rating: Teen
summary: He’s carefully balancing the sandwiches and the two biggest tupperware containers he could find that both had functioning lids when the front door opens and he almost drops everything right there in front of the stupid fountain. If that’s Derek Hale, he’s definitely not a mountain man.

The Order of Avalon: The Emrys Quest

by kriadydragon


All Merlin ever wanted was to be a mechanic in peace without anyone giving him grief for the magic he was born with. But his life is flipped upside down when he is sucked into an epic adventure alongside the famous protectors of the realm, The Order of Avalon, as they set out in search of the mysterious Emrys. Magic, mechanical dragons and swashbuckling abounds.


This was such a cool verse. It didn’t feel like a fic at all, more like a whole new story with the same characters. Really entertaining.