TitleWhere I Cannot Find You


Word count: 22,210

Rating: Mature

Summary: When Hamish is diagnosed with cancer, his parents have two entirely separate ways of coping.

Review: Absolute sucker punch. Read the warnings carefully, because damn. Read only if you are prepared to have your heart forcefully ripped from your chest and tossed in a blender. If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go read every happy fluffy fic in existence and never talk to anyone ever again.

Song of the Mirror Maker

Written by #Tenandi (TSLJ)

Tenth Doctor (M) 40k.

Rose is transported to the Mirrorverse where the Doctor is known as the Overlord and his version of her is dead.

Song of the Mirror Maker : Review

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Genre: #Adventure #Hurt!Comfort #Angst #Whump #Horror
Hurt!Comfort Themes: #Injury
Whumpy Themes: #Gore #Abuse #OC’s death
Smut Themes: #Outdoor Sex #Water Sex #Telepathic Sex
Angst Themes: #Arguments
DW Themes: #Telepathy
Other Doctor/Rose: #Alt!Ten #Alt!Rose
Bonding Themes:

Possible Squicks and Trigger Warnings under cut:

Smut: Telepathic!Sex (Theta & Rose)
Violence: Death!Threat (Theta>Rose) Sword!Play (Armies) Attempted!Murder (OC > Theta & Rose) Slit!Throat (OC > Alt!Rose)
Gore: Blood!Spill (OCs) Descriptive!Death (OC)
Telepathy: Telepathic!Bonding (Theta & Rose)
Hurt!Comfort: Comforting!Affections (Theta & Rose)
Horror: Monster!Attacks (OCs > Army)
Injury: Stabbed!Scissors (Rose > Theta) Stabbed!Leg (OC > Theta) Slapped!Face (Theta > Rose)