Los Angeles | March 1, 2014

Taylor wore a lovely pair of Keds while out in LA earlier this month. These vintage floral-printed Keds are intriguing and yet extremely versatile due to their neutral grey hue. They can be worn with or without laces and are one of my personal favorite pairs.

Keds Champion Metallic Lace - $50

Also Wearing: Ray Ban SunglassesD&G Bag, and Wildfox Jumper

buckaroo-barnse  asked:

Hey! Do you have any fluffy fics that are over 10000 words? (the longer the better) Au or post ca:ws or whatever, doesn't really matter (although I am always a sucker for any high school or college au) anyway sorry for such a vague ask but thaaanks!

Do we have long fluffy fics? DO WE EVER:

One Caress (modern AU, explicit, 26K)

perfectly right wrong number (wrong number AU, teen+, 32K)

Critical Feline Mass (modern AU, teen+, 40K)

Infinite Coffee & Protection Detail series (post ca:ws, teen/mature, 109K)

To Be Vulnerable Is Needed Most Of All (comic artist AU, mature, 118K)

Dream of Caramel (post ca:ws, teen+, 17K)

Coffee, Humanities, and the Russian Army (professor AU, mature, 9K)

Sandwich ‘verse series (post ca:ws, mature/explicit, 60K)

four years of college and plenty of knowledge series (college AU, teen+, 52K)

Pahar series (college AU, explicit, 23K)

Kiss the Cook (restaurant AU, teen+, 13K WIP)

Hell On Wheels (roller derby AU, mature, 37K)

Just Say You Do  (fake marriage/college AU, teen+, 173K)

Schrödinger’s Romance  (fake relationship/college AU, mature, 183K WIP)

The Fourth Wall Isn’t A Real Wall At All (fanwriter/college AU, explicit, 67K WIP)

Shopping in Melbourne | December 12, 2013

It was a rare occasion earlier this month when Taylor showed off a little midriff in a sexy lace crop top from Kimachi Blue at Urban Outfitters. Taylor opted for the pink version and chose to wear it on her shoulders instead of off on both sides.

Kimachi Blue Lace Off-The-Shoulder Top - $39

Thanks Stacey! And merry Swiftmas!

Also Wearing: Matt Bernson Flats and a Tod’s Tote

Happy Accident
By Organization for Transformative Works

Author: shiptoomuch
Rating: teen
Status: complete
Length: 25K

Bitty meets Jack on a Saturday morning at approximately the asscrack of dawn about a month after he officially adopts Therese. He knows who he is, of course, was heartbroken when the Falconers were knocked out of the playoffs in the second round.

Any other day, he would be shocked and excited. Today, however, he’s too tired to really care who walks into the shop. All he cares about is the fact that Therese is still fussing and it’s seven in the morning and he still hasn’t had any coffee. “I’ll be right with you, just give me a minute to get this little princess calm.”

And apparently Jack Zimmermann is some sort of Disney prince, because he responds with, “Do you want any help? You look exhausted and I’m pretty good with kids?”

For Sentimental Reasons
By Organization for Transformative Works

Author: kissedxbyxfire
Rating: Mature
Status: WIP
Length: 20K

Steve comes back from a mission and it’s obvious something went wrong. Something went horribly wrong, it’s written all over Steve’s face, he’s pissed.

And Bucky is so fucking happy.


Steve is temporarily not so tall and muscular. After a mission Steve comes back looking like he did before the war, and Bucky is very excited about it.

Submit your own fic!recs :)

Shopping in West Hollywood | September 5, 2013

Taylor was spotted strolling the streets of west Hollywood with Hailee Steinfeld last Thursday looking like a boho beauty. I recognized the True Birds brand magnifying glass necklace from when she wore last year at a beach in Sydney.

Many, many of you have sent in requests for this lovely boho dress. I’m in the process of identifying and looking for it, I promise!

True Birds Magnifying Glass Pendant - $48

Also Wearing: Patrica Nash PurseTopshop Hat, and Black Swan Dress

Instagram Photo | October 3, 2013

Taylor goes back to her baking hobby with Kelly Osbourne and Clarie Winter. I immediately thought to look at Anthropologie when I saw these adorable matching aprons Taylor and her friends we’re wearing—and I was right

It reminded me of the other super cute Anthropologie apron she wore back in April of 2012. Besides, is it even possible to dislike a frilly apron with the name ‘Tea-And-Crumpets’?

Anthropologie 'Tea-And-Crumpets’ Apron - $32

Los Angeles | February 14, 2014

Taylor was spotted out on Valentine’s Day rocking an ensemble composed of American Apparel’s jersey t-shirt leotard in black. What most people consider as just dancewear, can also be put under skirts and shorts for a sleek and fashionable look.

American Apparel Cotton Spandex T-Shirt Leotard - $28

Also Wearing: D&G Bag and Ralph Lauren Loafers

Leaving a Dance Studio | February 17, 2014

If you’re a dancer, then we’ve got a bunch of chic dancewear identifications coming up! Taylor wore this stylish leotard with mesh sleeves from the company Stone Dancewear. When are we going to get to see her new ballet moves?

Stone Dancewear Intermezzo Leotard - $48

Also Wearing: D&G Bag and Capezio Skirt

Los Angeles | January 6, 2014

Taylor was spotted leaving yet another ballet lesson today in sunny Los Angeles. Most likely a souvenir from when she performed, Taylor wore a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2013 graphic tee. With all these dance lessons, I’m expecting some killer moves for the February RED Tour shows!

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2013 Tee - $45

Also Wearing: Ray Ban SunglassesTod’s Clutch, Capezio Balley Shoes

Leaving a Gym in Los Angeles | September 26, 2013

Taylor was spotted leaving a gym in LA wearing a limited edition pullover from Victoria’s Secret PINK. Although it is no longer available on their website, I was able to track down a couple being sold on eBay in size larges.

Victoria’s Secret Half Zip Up Track Pullover - $33

Also Wearing: Ray Ban Sunglasses and Christian Louboutin Bag

Club RED in Tacoma | September 1, 2013

Taylor hosted Club RED tonight in Tacoma wearing Modcloth’s ‘Countdown to Casual’ skirt. The marbled buttons, side pockets, faux-denim material—I can’t help but love it! She also wore this outfit before the show at the meet & greet.

Modcloth 'Countdown to Casual’ Skirt - $48

Also Wearing: Kate Spade Sweater

Browse all the Club RED outfits here

I've Been Closing My Eyes
By Organization for Transformative Works

Author: perfectpro
Rating: teen
Status: Complete
Length: 22K

“Jack Zimmermann? You worked with him and Kent Parson together? What happened?” Bitty asks before he can help himself.

Everyone’s heard the stories. Parse and Zimms, taking the world of dream share by storm, trained by Dominic Cobb himself. Ten years later, no one’s heard from either in two years.

Shrugging his shoulders, Shitty tries to think of how to phrase it. “No one comes out of Limbo the same.”